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Shan Dong Intco Recycling Resources Co.,Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Intco Environmental Framing is a United States solely invested company in China. We are a professional manufacturer & exporter of polystyrene mouldings & wall decoration products like photo frame, picture frame and mirror frame. 90% of our products are for overseas markets. The characteristics of our products are on the recycling of the plastic scraps & materials. We are making scraps into fancy wall decor products by applying the high-tech, which was certificated as "Environment-Friendly" by government. Intco Environmental Framing has two big manufacturing bases in Shanghai and Shandong.We own 100 PS moulding production lines & 30 finished products assembly lines, our monthly output reaches 300 x 40 foot containers.With a professional & hardworking team, we've been the largest manufacturer of PS moulding & wall decor products, with a goal of continuous manufacturing a quality product, at a competitive price, with wide range of selections and on-time delivery to meet the demands of your business. Address: Qingtian Road 18#, ShandongChina 

ChunWoo Medical INC.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>mon

"<b>CHUN WOO MEDICAL</b>" has been starting from manufacturing and supplying the high quality medical products since its establishment in 1997 and not only has steadily grown but also recently rankea as a top and leading Korean menufacturer for environment. As a superior manufacturer, Chun Woo is providing a continual flow of Medical equipment. We have a factory the areas of 1500m?in the land of 3700m?with state-of-the-art equipment and precision machinery, and making a lot of investment of seeking a overseasmarket of products and every effort to be a business partnership with you through the world wide network. <p> We have developed reliable and safe various items with help of the latest technology including quality management and newest computerized automatic facilities in every stage. By the technical experience and every effort to develop our technology in medical Supply industry, All family of Chun Woo will strive to be the leading specialized enterprise in quality medical products field, through continuous improvement and innovation. <p> All these effo rt was successfully progressed through ou "campaign", "Creation of the world best quality". Address: #1147, Yangjang-ri Mongtan-kun Jeollanam-do 534-8 Tel: 82 - 61 - 2829390 Fax: 82 - 61 - 2829399


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment Address: 3A, office 2, Street Kronshtadtskaya 198096 St. Pe Tel: +7 812783 36 13


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Water retreatment - equipment and installations Address: Ul. Neftezavodskaya, 51 644040 Omsk[] Tel: +7 381264 44 85


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Water retreatment - equipment and installations Address: 3-Rd Floor, Str.1, 20 Marksistskaya Street 109147 Tel: +7 495363 38 54


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment Address: Ul. Pervomayskaya, 104, Ofis 416 620149 Ekaterinbu Tel: +7 343374 01 81


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Water retreatment - equipment and installations Address: 42 Kavalergardskaya Ul. 193015 St. Petersburg[] Tel: +7 812274 16 79


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Waste treatment and recycling - machines and installations Address: 13 Gusarskaya Str. 196602 St. Petersburg[] Tel: +7 812467 00 66


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Water softening - systems and equipment Address: Str.17, 25 Smirnovskaya Ul. 109052 Moscow[] Tel: +7 495234 03 20

ShanDong XINGHUI Mechanical and Engineering Co.,LTD.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Shandong Zibo XingHui mechanical engineering Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise which is specialised in providing high-quality electromechanical equipments with manufacturing,debugging and maintaining services. Founded in March 2006,it is located in the northen heavy industrial city, the Qi ancient capital, the hometown of LiaoZhai tale, the birthplace of world football---Zibo, ShanDong province. Address: No.7 Peoples west road of ZhangDian district of Zi, POSTCODE/ZIP: 255000 Tel: 0086-0533-6203909 Fax: 0086-0533-6203909

Allied Power International Holdings Limited

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Based on ozone technology, Allied Power International Holdings Limited is a new high-technology enterprise which specializes in the line of ozone generation mechanism, ozone application, ozone material research and ozone equipment making. With an experienced Research & Development team, the company creates and produces the full series of ozone equipment based on the advanced technology and the right market location.Allied Power has the intellectual property of the whole series of ozone equipment core accessories. In a full range from the inverter to ozone discharge system, the company applies a series of patented technology; it solves the matching problem between the power supply and discharge system to the full extent; it advances the efficiency and concentration of ozone generation. Then, the overall system of ozone generator has been recognized and appreciated by a lot of customers for its excellent reliability. Address: No.666, Beijing East Road, Huangpu District,Shangh, POSTCODE/ZIP: 200001 Tel: 86-021-53080381-107

Shanghai worlds Environmental Engineering Equipment co.,ltd

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Shanghai WORLDS environmental engineer equipment Co.,ltd ( held by famous water supply and drainage enterprise-shanghai liancheng (Group) Co.,ltd) has been committing to the development of new technology in environmental area all the time.New Shanghai WORLDS Co.,ltd is a substitute of shanghai liancheng environmental engineering equipment CO.,ltd, which was built on at April 2002. Leaned on group’s super advantages in R&D, production and marketing network, New Shanghai WORLDS has made rapid development in R&D, production, marketing, and is the key cultivated and listed high technology enterprise by shanghai Financial Office and shanghai Technology and Science department, and also the leading company in environmental industry.With 3000 billions will be invested in environmental field in the National 12th Five-Year plan and Group’s diversified development and leaping development strategy, Shanghai liancheng environmental engineering equipment co.,ltd aims at realizing 5billions turnover in five years. Based on the original share structure, Shanghai liancheng environmental engineering equipment co.,ltd undertakes split share structure reform and adds capital to 30 millions, in addition, it is authorized to named as “Shanghai WORLDS Environmental Engineering Equipment Co.,ltd” WORLDS owns two production bases: Phase I project lies at Liancheng Group Industry park while Phase II project places at Environmental Technology Park in Yixing City, also the R&D center of 30000 square meters is under construction in Taicang City near shanghai.WORLDS always insists on the principle of market oriented; speeds up the transformation industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, gradually establishes national wide marketing network. The business area includes iron, municipal projects, chemical industries and so on, providing environmental equipment production service, environmental consultation service, technology development, project design, construction and Address: Adress:9#,XinFu road,(Jiangqiao),shanghai,China &#, POSTCODE/ZIP: 201803 Tel: 86-21-59118029 Fax: 86-21-59118019

Newone International Trading Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Newone International Trading Co., Ltd. focuses on textile and plastic recycling resources business.We have a powerful team with many years' global experience in textile and plastic recycling industry.Now we mainly import waste and off grade textile & plasctic material from America and Europe.Welcome to contact and visit us at anytime you are convenient. Address: Rm.3011,218#,South Xizang Rd.,Shanghai,China, POSTCODE/ZIP: 200021 Tel: 86-21-61712530 Fax: 86-21-51714559

Shouguang, Shandong King Lam shade Net Factory

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Address: Shouguang City, Shandong, China Weifang Guangling , POSTCODE/ZIP: 262733 Tel: 86-0536-5873395 Fax: 86-0536-5873395

Livemac Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>mon

I truly wish to appreciate all of you for visiting our homepage of LiveMac today. We, LiveMac, have the firm commitment to protect the natural environment by applying all our gains from business activities in producing the excellent products for various business activities.  We, LiveMac, always put all our efforts for the highest quality of products.  In addition, on the basis of our accumulated experience and know-how, we try our best in production and manufacturing of diverse products. LiveMac is a company that has the finite touch to uphold the valuable opinions of our customers. Today, we are here and ready to attest that we can be your reliable partner, and we promise you that we will always do our best to meet your demand. Address: 106-37 Mongsan-ri, Mankyong-eup, Gimje-si, Jeollab Tel: 82 - 31 - 2748356 Fax: 82 - 31 - 2748355

Simon Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>mon

The company, Simon co., ltd, is the one of the leading players in not only Korean, but also the world plastic pipe market.  We produce various types of plastic pipes, such as PE water supply pipe, PVC pipe for industrial and agricultural applications, PE pipe for electrical cable, PP communication pipe, and PE sewage pipe, PE industrial gas pipe. Every single product is in compliance with ISO. The Simon has awarded lots of times for the excellent quality of the products. The Simon has contributed to environmental preservation. Address: 161-18 dangsan dong 2 ga Youngdeungpo Seoul Kore Tel: 82 - 2 - 20680129 Fax: 82 - 2 - 20680139

Dongil Paper MFG Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>mon

With the Best Quality Products, To be a Blue-Chip Company in the 21th Century We Take a Step Forward. For the past two decades, Dongil Paper has achieved remarkable growth as a manufacturer of base paper for corrugated cardboard.As we grow, we have made strenuous efforts to be a contributor to an advanced society, creating a new business culture, upgrading employees' welfare, expanding investment in the environment and developing new products to benefit customers. In particular, we produce the base paper for corrugated cardboard from recycled waste paper. Thereby, we play a role in environmental conservation and have acquired some world-first technologies in the paper industry. To remove any cause of pollution in the first place, we collectively run a three-dimensional system consisting of water quality, air and waste sectors. We take full responsibility and do our best as an eco-friendly business. We operate with integrity and sincerity to produce quality products, which we believe is the best way to benefit customers as well as develop ourselves. In this regard, we spare no effort to analyze the characteristics of raw paper material and to develop products by utilizing those analyses. We do our best to provide better base paper than ever and to meet customers' new demands. Dongil Paper promises you that our creative way of thinking and pioneering spirit will continue, and we will make continued efforts in research and development in technologies to live up to your expectations. In the near future, we will be a blue-chip company of the 21 century thanks to your support of and affection for us. We hope for your great encouragement. Thank you. Address: 492-1, Mongnae-dong, Danwon-gu Ansan-si Gyeonggi-d Tel: 82 - 31 - 4910010 Fax: 82 - 31 - 4910023


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

The Main Introduction of Shunxing Company Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co., ltd. is a private limited-liability company, situating in GaoMi city, between the Kites City WeiFang and beautiful seaside city Qingdao .The city of Gaomi possesses geological advantages in Shandong Peninsula The company's main products are cotton processing machinery, agricultural machinery, and textile machines and forging industry It now possesses eight series of products, 50 kinds of cotton-processing machines. The company is able to design, produce, install and serve More than 30 agencies have been set up all over the country at the same time. All the agencies are equipped with all kinds of facilities and convenient accessible, Our products are very popular not only in China but also in Australia, Painstaking, Mongolia, Viet and the frontier areas. Address: miaoling, Qingdao, Shandong, China, POSTCODE/ZIP: 266017 Tel: 86-0532-88987380 Fax: 86-0532-88987380


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Recycling Global Organisation Limited is a scaled scrap reclaiming and recycling factory. Founded in 2003, it was a factory reclaiming and disposing electronic and hardware scraps in the mainland. Now, it established a reclaiming company in HK, which deals in used batteries.     Strictly adhering to the environmental protection criteria and other relative national and local stipulations and holding the principle of Yield, Resources and Harmlessness, we have been endeavoring to the research of recycling technology to recycle used batteries for new products of mini-diamond powder, mini-nickel powder, new batteries, non-lead jointing materials, etc.     On the other hand, we donate some of the reclaimed second computers to schools and some other institutions. That is to say, we have been making efforts for environmental protection and resource recycling. Address: luocun Foshan Guangdong China Tel: 86 - 757 - 81800890 Fax: 86 - 757 - 81800891

Greys Recycling Ltd

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>mon

We are looking to buy waste wood briquetting machinery with magnetic seperator to remove nails. Capacity should be 500 kgs per hour. Machine should be certified as per canadian standards. Complete supply of plant is desirable. Address: 9160, yellowhead trail edmonton alberta T5B 1G2 Ca Tel: 1 - 780 - 4547397 Fax: 1 - 780 - 4542393

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