Yeast Companies

Bereke Trading Co,

Location: Asia>>United arab emirates

We are Turkish Company specialised supplying,exporters cube sugar,shape sugar,wrapped single&double sugar and stick sugar.We produce double&single, brown regular shape sugar cubes individually wrapped sugar cubes with your lable. Willing to deal directly with buyers importers for long term business with well established companies.Best Regards,Rasim

Khouzestan Yeast Manufacturing Co.,

Location: Europe>>Switzerland>>Uri

Khouzestan Yeast Manufacturing is Baking Yeast producer and is among the pioneer in the country. We are regarded as modernized manufactuuring enterprise with advanced development, mass production and marketing concept. We have developed a highly innovative product for the baking industries. Our research indicates that our formula and invention is a result of implementing FRING;s fermentation technology of Austria, which is among the uniques process technology, as european fermentation technology offers significant advantage over all available similar and competing instant dry yeast. The company maintains technical quality, quality assurance reputation and credibility. Khouzestan Yeast Manufacturing Co. plan covers an area of 7,300 sq. meter. Plant produces 4,000 tons of edible baking instant dry yeast. The output value is 8 million us dollar. We have in place 95 employee from mid to high level professiona; and technicla personnel. Our quality and standard meet standard export requirements. The Company has been certificed by TUV NORD EN ISO-9001:2001 of food safety management and Quality management system. Our instant dry yeast's presentations are as follow: Instant dry yeast 80gr., 100gr., 500 gr. , 10kg. Our products ingredient: Sacchromyced Cerevissiae Rehydration agetn & Other materials Certifications: Health certificates TUV NORD EN ISO 9000:2001 Address: Flat 3, Bldg. no.12, 1st. Ave. Gandhi St.,Tehran,& Tel: 98-21-88775437 Fax: 98-21-88662514

GT Inc.

Location: Africa>>Cameroon>>East

I am looking for a source for red rice yeast, whole not ground, not heat treated - I need a sample for testing? Tel: 847-913-2619

Modhufool food products.

Location: Asia>>Bhutan

Its from Bangladesh.Do you have any sale agent in here?If not I want to import your high suger yeast.I am well known whole seller in port city Chittagong.Thank you. Tel: 880-031-632533

mozumder trading international

Location: Africa>>Cameroon>>East

Dear sir I want to import 1FCL instant dry yeast High sugar . Pls give me CNF Price chittagon Mobile: +8801712732293 MSN: Email: Tel: +88027315989

yeast copanines

Location: Africa>>Cameroon>>East

i need four yeast compaines please :)im do this for my school homework and i need your help please,please,please for this homework and it's due in at school on monday next week please,please,please xoxo :) Tel: 02086996624 Fax: 9990064

Ningbo Newsource Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

Ningbo Newsource Ltd. is possibly one of mainly supplier of Store Fixtures, Edible Fungus and Fermentation products. in China. Our product can be found in the U. S. A., all European countries, as well as other countries around the world. Our product quality is excellent, and because of volume, we are able to offer all of our products at very competitive prices. We can supply our own products or produce according to your Samples & Drawings. If you are looking for a supplier of these items in China, please consider joining with us. The potential is unlimited. Our Product Name 1. Storage Racking System ( Light & Heavy duty ) 2. Shopping Carts, Storage cages, Clothing Racks, Garment Rack, Display Shelf. 3. Edible Fungus, Fermentation products and Red Yeast Rice(Lovastatin high than 3%). Address: Room309, No. 2. 835 Lane, Fuming Road, Ningbo, Zhe Tel: 86-574-87886090 Fax: 86-574-87880787

Shum Ting Enterprise Inc.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Our company can supply many types of yeast extracts and peptones. The application can be food seasonings, healthfood ingredients and bio fermentation medium. YE, Yeast Extract, Peptone, Enzyme, Meat Peptone, Casein Peptone, Soy Peptone, Soya Peptone, Tryptone, Bacteriological peptone, Bile Peptone, Brewer Yeast Address: 4F-15, No. 108 Sanmin Road, Songshan Tel: 886-2-27676767

Cangzhou Universe Feed Additive Plant

Location: Asia>>China>>Hebei

 All the products manufactured by DAFENG such as Choline,Betaine and Ethoxy quinoline etc. is under the supervision of ISO9001 along with its advanced eauipment and modern control system.Our products has been sold very well domestically and overseas,In 2004,Uniwise Group established Shanghai Uniwise international Co.Ltd which enable us to approach world market more closer.   choline chloride, betain, yeast powder Address: xizhangzhuangzi industry park,cangzhou,hebei,China Tel: 86-0317-2052170 Fax: 86-0317-2189488

Sinochem Hebei Import And Export Corporation

Location: Asia>>China>>Hebei

Sinochem Hebei Corporation is a subsidiary wholly owned by China SinoChem Corporation, one of the Fortune 500 enterprise in the world. We mainly supply ingredients and raw materials for nutritional,health care,pharmaceutical,cosmetics and food industry. Should you have any inquiries,please do not hesitate to contact us. MSN:sinochem6 API,Vitamin,amino acid,pharmaceutical,nutritional,health,food, additive, ingredient,intermediate,cosmetics,chemical,extract, Antioxidant, Acidulant, Emulsifier, Enzyme,Food Coloring,Hydrocolloid,Malt Extract, Preservative, Protein,Seasoning,Spice,Sweetner,Yeast Address: 707 Lianmeng Road,Shijiazhuang, Hebei,China Tel: 86-311-85028635 Fax: 86-311-85028808

Strand Biotech Company Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

Strand Biotech Co. Ltd. is Sino-US joint-venture, which was founded in 2002. It is a company with a total capital of over 20 million RMB. Strandbio focus on replacing and reforming traditional Chinese medicine and health care products with biotech and sustained high-tech, specializing in discovering efficacy but low-side anti-cancer drugs, cardiovascular medincines, anti-infectious medicines, anti-diabetes medicines, gene engineering medicines, drug delivery systems and so on. Our dominant products are Functional Red Yeast Rice, Air Purifier, Essencial oil, Cardiocare Capsule, Jambulol Capsule and etc. Address: 8th Floor Yuhua Building, No. 1 The 3rd Zhuye Stre Tel: 86-13192389191 Fax: N/A

Yi Pin Xian Biochemical Science & Technology Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

Yi Pin Xian Biochemical Science & Technology Ltd. is a fast-developing biochemical corporation which produce nutritious and functional food ingredients with bioengineering technology in recent years in China. It is the first Chinese high-and-new technology enter-prise which uses fresh baker's yeast as raw material to produce natural flavour-enhancer-yeast extract. 4000 tons series of Yi Pin Xian brand natural flavour-enhancer of yeast extract and 1200 tons meat flavounings is produced per annun, which make it the Chinese biggest and the world main manufacturer of yeast extract. For techincal, gross sales and export value, it ranks forefront in the same trade across China. Yi Pin Xian Biochemical Science & Technology Ltd. is a international flavouring food corporation, with its business spreading around the world and its headquarters is located In one of the Chinese biggest base of international manufacturing industries Dongguan city, Gunag-dong Province. Address: Zhongtang, Dongguan, Guangdong[Zip/Postal Code:523 Tel: 86-769-8812123-3674 Fax: 86-769-88810728

Shandong shenxian Lukang Food Co. Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Shandong

Yeast & mould < 200 per Gm E.coli=0 Tpc total plate count < 100.000 100 Mesh(US Standard)0.15mm Moisture: Less than 6% Garlic flake: 1) Colors: Normal white or light yellow 2) Broken rate: 5% max. 3) Thickness: 1.6 - 1.8mm 4) Moisture: 6% max. 5) SO2 content: 30ppm max. 6) Supply period: All year round Packing: 20kg/ctn, with double plastic bag inside Garlic granule: 1) Specifications: A) 8-16 mesh: B) 20-40 mesh: c) 40-60 mesh: D) 60-80mesh 2) Moisture: 6% max. 3) Supply period: All year round packing : Inner packing: 12.5kg/2aluminum foil bags Outer : 25kg/ctn Inner packing: 10.21kg/2 aluminum foil bags Outer : 45lb/ctn Inner packing:5lb/6 aluminum foil bags Outer : 30lb/ctn or at buyer's option Garlic powder: 1) Specifications: 120 mesh up 2) Color: pure natural white, no obvious spot 3) Moisture: 6% max. 4) Supply period: All year round packing : Inner packing: 12.5kg/2aluminum foil bags Outer : 25kg/ctn Inner packing: 10.21kg/2 aluminum foil bags Outer : 45lb/ctn Inner packing:5lb/6 aluminum foil bags Outer : 30lb/ctn or at buyer's option We can do according to customer. garlic flakes, garlic granule, garlic powder, dry chilli, chilli granule, chilli powder, ginger flakes, ginger powder, onion granule, onion powder, carrot granule, radish slices, celery granule Address: West of South Ring Road , Shenxian ,Liaocheng ,Sha Tel: 86-635-7358001 Fax: 86-635-7358871

Zhejiang Ruian Youfeng Carpet Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

Zhejiang Ruian Youfeng Carpet Co., Ltd., that is corporation on producing specialitily crartworkcluster fine hair carpet. It is qualified excellent product-equipment, rich technology power, speciality stylist, carry out computer-plate making, simulate match colors. and it is possession of powerful sell network. It base on excellent product, twopenny price to base oneself upon the market, be concerned with market competition, to make company take high famous in the market of the country. We product mainly eyeball(third) glue back carpet, bath three-piece suit, five-piece suit, auto seatmat in our company. Our products sculpt are beauty, taste, hue elegance, pattern various, quality high. Its have the excellence on  defending-slip, easy-wash, keeping using, no shrink, no denude and so on. Its are the same wity all kinds of middle-high concourse, carpet home. Product are selled farforth apiece crties within country and occident, soutyeast and so on, it is deeply favour by within-out country. Youfeng people straightly pursue "taking friend to meet Shang, to win the market on high product and low price", in ordre to create first-rank economy benefit to client. Address: Fanrong Industrial District, Yunzhou, Rui'An, Zhej Tel: 86-577-65587727 Fax: 86-577-65587722

Hangzhou Twin-horse Natural Pigment Co. Ltd

Location: Asia>>China

our company specializes in producing high-quality red kojic rice and natural pigmeng series,which has the advanced producing equipment and powerful one of the big-sized enterprises producing red kojic in china,its yearly output amounts to 2000 tons. red yeast rice/red kojic rice Tel: 86--

Dinatec Inc.,

Location: North America>>United states

DINATEC, (Diversified Nutri-Agri Technologies Inc.,), a leading international company with dynamic approaches to product research and biotechnology development supplies profitable solutions through specialty ingredients and proven feed additives for pet, poultry, pig, cattle, equines and aquatic species. Excellent quality, global distribution, and superior technical service ability makes DINATEC your supplier of choice. Result: Healthier animals, better performance and increased profits. enzymes, probiotics, pellet bindera, toxin binders, egg shell, mold inhibitors, yeast, active yeast, sanitizers, disinfectants, salmonella, feed additives, aquaculture Address: 1456 Heritage Rd. Tel: 1-770-5380181

Qingdao Promising Century Co.

Location: Asia>>China>>Shandong

we provide redwood furniture, walking stick for the blind, redwood cane, fishing tackle, food additive, feed additive, shrimp shell meal, beer lees, beer yeast. redwood furniture, walking stick, fishing tackle, food additive, feed additive, shrimp shell meal, beer lees, beer yeast Address: No10 Hongkong Middle Road,Qingdao Tel: 86-532-5028270 Fax: 86-532-5026880

Bio-Sugars Technology Co., Lit.

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

We are professional supplier Arabinose, Calcium L-Threonate, 2-Deoxy-D-ribose, Lyxose, Tagatose, D-Arabinose is a reducing sugar. It is a pentose analog of D-ribose that is a constituent of mycobacterial cell wall arabinogalactans. It is also a substrate for D-erythroascorbic acid synthesis in yeast. Synthetic uses; preparation of 3, 4-O-isopropylidene derivative and oxidative cleavage; Synthesis of 2-deoxy derivative; Selective 5-deoxygenation. Address: Meijiang Lanxi, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China[Zip/Postal Tel: 86-579-8556788 Fax: 86-579-8556787

Ningbo Halobios CO.,LTD

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein  ---  We take soy bean meal as the raw material. We adopt the technlogy of enzyme hydrolyzing ,and the enzyme is produced by ourselves. Yeast extract ,which is a ki nd of concentrate. It?s a new type amino acid sauce and tastes very fresh, solubility in water, with lots microelements,improve the value of nutrition. Kelp powder(food)  take the kelp as the raw material ,adopt the most excellent in the world sea food maching process.has a good taste  fragrant smell and comfortable feeling ,with 30 kinds of the microelements and nutrition parts.without 3-mcpd,3-monichloro-1,2-propane-diol. Fish flavor --- we adopt biology project such as enzyme hydrolyzed technology.complete nature sauce.the raw material from east chinese sea.after MSG chicken essence ,fish sauce is the third generation on high-level health complex widespreads in Japan Kereal Southeast Asian ,and take place MSG and Chicken essence. Fish sauce --  which takes live fish and shrimp as the raw material ,thro ugh  ferment , at last get flavor sauce.contains 17kinds of amino acid , in which eight amino acid is must needed. Has rich  protein. Foreign citizen of chinese origin would like to  mix fish sauce with some food to make it fresh and delicious.since 80 ages of 20th century , it has ever been sold to America. Address: RM.7FB3 Donghai shuguang Tower Zhejiang Province N Tel: 86 - 0574 - 87728886 Fax: 86 - 0574 - 87330982

Cangzhou Xindewei Animal Medicine Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Hebei

Cangzhou Xindewei Animal Medicine Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise specialized in medicinal production, research, management, trade and service. The company has workshops built in accordance with the GMP standard, and a staff of 180 members including 40 technicians and 10 senior engineers. The company's products are produced with the latest technology and advanced production lines which are all computer-controlled. Meanwhile, the fine checkout equipment and methods ensure its products of high quality. Products made in this company include animal medicinal addictives, Chinese medicinal herbs preparations, and feed addictives such as choline chloride, microorganism preparations, complex microecological active bacteria preparations (CMABP) with enzyme, intensified CMABP, complex enzyme, growth-accelerating yeast, etc. The company's annual production capacity is as follows: 15,000 tons of 75% choline chloride emulsion, 18,000 tons of 50% choline chloride powder, and 6,000 tons microorganism preparations. All the above products, produced under a strict quality control system, meet both the national standard and the enterprise standard. Under the guideline of "high technology and product quality, laying emphasis on management and service", the company, with its eternal sincerity and reputation, will cooperate with you for mutual benefit and a bright future. Address: No 618, 307 Coutry Road Of Xihuan Road, Changzhou Tel: 86-317-4958865 Fax: 86-317-2053760

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Sweeps and with many years’ experience behind me, I can provide you with a complete professional chimney sweeping More Details Codsall Staffordshire Chimney Sweeps Tel: 01782 460324

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