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Medici Marble & Granite

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Address:Unit 1, 84 Distinction Road, Wangara, Western Australia, 6065 Phone:+61 8 9303 2697 Email:medici@iinet.net.au Website:https://www.medicimg.com.au Description:We're specialists in Marble, Granite and Stone for both residential and commercial applications. Visit our website to learn more or drop by our Wangara showroom in to see the range in person. We can manufacture any design using marble, granite or engineered stone including kitchen benchtops, bathroom benchtops and vanity tops, spa surrounds, staircases, fireplaces, splashbacks, flooring, wall cladding, tabletops, desktops, bar counters, bespoke furniture and more.  List of Services:Stone Benchtops Marble Benchtops Marble Granite Payment Methods:Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Invoice Business Hours:Mon-Fri 7:30 AM TO 3:30 PM Sat: 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Sun: Closed Year Established:2000 Number of Employees:10

Go Shop Malaysia

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

GO SHOP is an exciting new way to shop, hassle-free in the convenience of your home 24 hours a day. We offer an exciting array of electrical, electronic, home, kitchen, fitness, beauty, fashion accessories and other products, through our 24 hour home shopping TV channel. Our vibrant hosts will introduce you to a new immersive world of infotainment, showcasing our products while demonstrating features that make these products suitable for our Malaysian lifestyle. All you need to do is tune in to Astro Channel 118.

888 Migration Services

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

888 Migration Services was founded with one idea in mind – Great Service. We know what constitutes great service and how to treat a Client, we will offer tailored advice, quickly and effectively manage your case and we will never keep you guessing as to what is going on. As Registered Agents we have direct access to the Policy Advice Manual (PAM), this is the document which interprets the Legislation and cites examples and guidance and is invaluable in resolving complex cases.

Venture Outdoor

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Description:Venture Outdoor is a well established family owned outdoor renovation business servicing all areas of Perth Western Australia. We specialise in all aspects of outdoor renovation including patios, carports, sheds, guttering, re- roofing, decking etc. We will come to you in any area! discuss your ideas, overall scope of works and provide you with costings in line with your budget. Venture Outdoor can provide the best solutions to fit your lifestyle and property.Telephone:0409980776 Email:ventureoutdoor@outlook.comWebsite:http://ventureoutdoor.com.auBusiness Hours:Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Sat: 7:00 AM - 12:00 PMList of Services:Patios Carports Sheds Guttering DeckingPayment Methods:Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Invoice, ATM / Debit, Personal CheckPhotos:

Shenton Avenue Medical Centre

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Address: 3A/94 Delamere Avenue, Currambine, Perth, Western Australia, 6028 Phone: 0893053232 Fax: 0893040334 Mobile: 0893053232 Email: reception.samc@outlook.com Website: https://shentonavemedical.com.au/ Payment Methods:Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Personal Check Business Hours: Mon: 7.30 am–9.00 pm Tue: 7.30 am–9.00 pm Wed: 7.30 am–9.00 pm Thu: 7.30 am–9.00 pm Fri: 7.30 am–9.00 pm Sat: 8.00 am–6.00 pm Sun: 9.00 am–5:00 pm Year Established: 2015Number of Employees: 20 Shenton Avenue Medical Centre based in the suburb of Currambine in Perth, provides a comprehensive range of services by a team of dedicated family doctors. Services include general practice, physiotherapy, pathology, minor surgery and more. Dedicated to providing quality, affordable medical care to the community.

Butler Boulevard Medical Centre

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Address: Unit 1/175 Butler Boulevard, Butler, Perth, Western Australia, 6036 Phone: 08 9563 1661 Email: samklade@optusnet.com.au Website: http://butlerboulevardmedical.com.au/ Description:Butler Boulevard Medical Centre, based in the suburb of Butler in Perth, provides a comprehensive range of services by a team of dedicated family doctors. Services include general pratice, physiotherapy, pathology, pediatrics and more. Dedicated to providing quality, affordable medical care to the community. Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, ATM / Debit Business Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat - Sun: Closed Year Established: 10 Number of Employees: 2017

Gronbek Security

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Gronbek Security 28 Welshpool Road Welshpool, WA 6106 Ph: (08) 9433 3311 http://www.gronbeksecurity.com.auAbout Us:Family owned Master Locksmiths, Safe and Security Technicians keeping Perth safe for more than 30 years. As one of the largest residential and commercial locksmith businesses in Perth, with 8 fully stocked service vans, we have a range of services and products to safely lock up homes and businesses. Our extensive industry experience and comprehensive knowledge of Perth has lead Gronbek Security to offer a quality product range we know will suit your needs.  

The Financial Advisors Geraldton

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

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We have the very best financial planners in Geraldton, who have thorough experience in all things finance. 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Hyundai Heaven

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Address: 1742 Albany Hwy, Kenwick, Perth, Western Australia, 6107 Phone: 08 9459 5999 Email: hyundaiheaven@outlook.com Website: http://hyundaiheaven.com.au/ Description:Hyundai Heaven is a local wrecking company based in Kenwick, Perth that stocks over 50,000 parts for all Hyundai, Kia and Holden models. As members of the Hotline syndicate, we can source any part you want from our affiliates if we don't have them in stock at our yard. Whether you're a collector, enthusiast or just want to maintain your car, we can help you find the right part. Call us for quotes. List of Services: Hyundai Spare parts Kia spare parts Holden spare parts Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, ATM / Debit Business Hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Year Established: 2003 Number of Employees: 4

Rockingham Carpet Cleaning

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Carpets looking a little shabby? Give them a steam clean and freshen up with the team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning! We offer a professional steam cleaning service that is second to none. Whether it be stain removal, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery or mattress cleaning we have all the equipment and experience to get the job done right the first time.Address: Suite 107, Unit 7-9 Goddard St, Rockingham, WA 6168, Australia. Phone: 1300 495 757 . Website: http://carpetcleaning-rockingham.com.au/

Browns Plumbing

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Description    :    When you need the best plumbing services that Perth has to offer, you call the professionals at Brown’s Plumbing. Call today to learn more. Address        :    Unit 2 Number 2 Pitt way Perth WA 6154 URL        :    http://www.browns-plumbing.com.au/ Phone Number    :    08 9330 5786 Business Hours    :    7am to 5pm Category        :    Plumber Keywords        :    24 hour Plumber Perth, Emergency Plumber Perth, Browns Plumbing 

Perth Phone Fix

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Welcome to Perth Phone Fix! We take care of a wide range of phone repairs for androids and apple including the latest Samsung and iPhone. Our repairs include, screen replacement, water damage, data recovery and even battery changes. Our service doesn't stop there though; we can even fix your laptop, computer or tablet/iPad as well. We aim to give you an extremely fast turn around time to get you back out there with a working phone ASAP.Address: 1, 1020 Wellington Street, West Perth, WA 6005, Australia Phone: 1300 718 811 Website: http://perthphonefix.com.au/

OFS Mechanical

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

 OFS Mechanical is an auto mechanic based in Osborne Park, Perth. We are one of the few auto workshops that can service & repair cars, 4WD as well as trucks of any make or model. All our mechanical services and auto electrical work including air conditioning repairs, clutch & brake, auto tuning & engine diagnostics analysis are carried out in-house by skilled professionals. Call us or book online. Address: Unit 4 / 115 Howe Street, Osborne Park, Western Australia, 6017Phone: 08 9242 5299 Fax: 08 9242 5298 Email: info@ofsmechanical.com.au Website: http://www.ofsmechanical.com.au/ List of Services: 4 x4 service Brake Service Auto Electrical Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express Business Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4:30pm  Year Established: 1992Number of Employees: 13  

Acorn Bookkeeping

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Address: 5B Yeo Ct, Rockingham, Western Australia, 6168 Phone: (08) 9528 4776 Mobile Number: 0411 563 037 Email: eagle50@bigpond.com Website: http://www.acornbookkeeping.com.au   Description:Bookkeeping Services Rockingham for small business accounting and basic bookkeeping services. Tax accountants for small & medium businesses including payroll accounting and BAS services Acorn Bookkeeping are certified BAS Accountants. Bookkeeping and Accounting. We provide bookkeeper services and tax accounting for small business from a fully qualified accountant and registered tax agent in Rockingham WA. our services include bookkeeping for small business. Expert bookkeeping and accounting. List of Services: Bookkeeper Services, Registered Tax Agent, BAS (Business Activity Statements), payroll accounting, Tax Return Rockingham Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Personal Check, Invoice   Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM–5:00 PM Year Established: 1972   Number of Employees: 2    

Trophy Specialists

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Address: 19 Colray Ave Osborne Park WA 6017Phone: (08) 9444 9977Website: http://www.trophyspecialists.com.auTrophy ShopHere at Trophy Specialists we design, create and manufacture custom trophies, awards, medals, plaques and more. Our team is dedicated to producing the highest quality workmanship possible. We also sell off-the-shelf trophies, related products, and provide engraving services.

Dermedica Perth Cosmetic Clinic

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

State of the art Cosmetic clinic in Perth offering on surgical treatments using dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers/anti wrinkle injections, cool sculpting, therapy, IPL hair removal and much more. A boutique cosmetic clinic in Scarborough Perth, Dermedica Cosmetic Clinic has helped hundreds of clients since 2004 to look and feel good about themselves without the risks and pain of plastic surgery.

Statewide Demolition

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

StatewideDemolition.com.au is a expert demolition company operating in Perth, Western Australia. Call us for a free quote. Statewide Demolition is a leading demolition services provider operating from Perth, Western Australia. Call us for a free quotation. Statewide Demolition are a expert demolition services provider operating from Perth, WA. Contact us for a no obligation quotation. Statewide Demolition is a expert demolition company operating in Perth, WA. Call us for a no obligation quote. Statewide Demolition are a leading demolition services provider operating from Perth, Western Australia. Contact us for a no obligation quote.Address: 2/130 Cutler Rd Jandakot, WA 6164Phone: (08) 9417 4728Website: http://www.statewidedemolition.com.au 

WA Solar Supplies

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

 Address: Osborne Park, Western Australia, 6017 Phone: 08 9244 2668 Fax: (08) 9244 1087 Email: energy@wasolar.com.au Website: http://www.wasolar.com.au Established in 1987, WA Solar Supplies is one of the first pioneering solar companies in WA, Australia, specializing solely in renewable energy, having 30 years of vast experience. Besides being one of the largest stockist of renewable energy products in WA we also operate a modern technical service center so we can provide backup support & assistance to our customers. List of Services:solar panels, solar grids, batteries, battery chargers, Inverters Payment Methods:Visa, Mastercard, ATM / Debit, Invoice Business Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm Sat – Sun: Closed Year Established: 1987 Number of Employees: 10

Ezy Wall Removals

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

Address: 1/9 Gibberd Road, Balcatta, Western Australia, 6021 Phone: 0498 545 036 Email: info@ezywallremovals.com Website: https://www.ezywallremovals.com/Description: Ezy Wall Removals is a local business based in Balcatta, Perth that specialise in wall removals if you want to extend parts of your house to create more space or want to create a private space for an office, studio or gym. We can knock down non-load bearing walls using specialised equipment & the experienced team will ensure that the end result is nothing short of spectacular. Call us for quotes.Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Personal Check, ATM / DebitBusiness Hours: Mon: 7:00am–5:00pm Tue: 7:00am–5:00pm Wed: 7:00am–5:00pm Thu: 7:00am–5:00pm Fri: 7:00am–5:00pmYear Established: 2017Number of Employees: 6  

Grease Traps Perth

Location: Pacific>>Australia>>Western australia

At Grease Traps Perth, we strive to bring customers the the best in all things grease traps. From repairing of your old units to installation of new, we have you covered in the Perth area. Find out more onsite today!Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 7:00am-5:00pmWe are located at 73 Katanning Street, Bayswater, Western Australia 6053 Australia.Call us at 0498 110 038.Visit: greasetrapperth.com

Tropical fish exporter,freshwater tropical fish, aquatic plants supply from Thailand

Bangkok 10510 Thailand. email : sale@grandaquatic.com , g.aquatic@gmail.com Mobile / SMS/Whatapp +6681 9317413 , Office Tel / Fax +662 9144491 Lind Id : grandaquatic Facebook page : https://goo.gl/hiadXS Google Map : https://goo.gl/dy9YUu Visite our company

©The Groomer's Mall - Detangling, Dematting, Antistatic and Scissoring Sprays

Ultimate Detangling Spray Groomer's Mall Introductory Price $7.50 8 oz $10.95 16 oz $49.95 Gallon 8 oz 16 oz Gallon Qty: Call Us at 800-537-7361 Crown Royale Grooming Products Crown Royale Magic Touch Grooming Spray Formula #1 Groomer's Mall Introductory

Hammel Jewelers in Decorah, Iowa

below to see what styles and brands of jewelry we offer. You can also visit us as 108 W. Water Street in Decorah, call us at 563-382-8440 or send us an email at hammeljewelers@mediacombb.net , and we'll be glad to help you. Mens watches Womens watches

Karate Hamptons maritial art center, East End Riverhead Hamptons NY

school is the right place for you. our Location Sportime NY East Quogue, 2571 Quogue-Riverhead Rd. East Quogue, NY 11942 phone: 631 878 2469 Schedule MONDAY 7:30 - 9:30 PM WEDNESDAY 7:30 - 9:30 PM FRIDAY 6:30 - 8.30 PM copyright Privacy Policy Tang Soo

GRIT Programming | GRIT-Inclusive Early Childhood Program in Edmonton

July 5, 2017 A Huge Thank You to the Tetra Society, Edmonton Chapter view all 12852 141 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5L 4N8 Phone: (780) 454-9910 Fax: (780) 455-1806 Email: gritprog@gritprogram.ca Copyright The GRIT Program 2017 Charitable Registration #131527723RR0001

Needle Punched Filter Material,Needle Punched Felt,Polyester Needle Punched Felt,Polyester Needle Punched Felt Manufacturer,Supp

Synthetic Fiber Series Contact Us ZHEJIANG SUITA Add: No. 27 East Youyi Road, Pingqiao Town, Tiantai County, Zhejiang, China Tel: 0086-576-83661894 Tel: 0086-576-83665898 Fax: 0086-576-83661878 Fax: 0086-576-83665299 Home | About Us | Our Equipments

About Us - GrindleWeb

experts which not only makes your site look great but makes it so everyone can find you. Send us a note or give us a call at 720-253-4794 and we can look at upur goals or business plan and discuss how we can make YOUR BUSINESS GROW! Our specialization

First Day of Fall Programming | GRIT-Inclusive Early Childhood Program in Edmonton

July 5, 2017 A Huge Thank You to the Tetra Society, Edmonton Chapter view all 12852 141 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5L 4N8 Phone: (780) 454-9910 Fax: (780) 455-1806 Email: gritprog@gritprogram.ca Copyright The GRIT Program 2017 Charitable Registration #131527723RR0001

1000 Islands Attractions Gananoque Ontario Canada

cruises. Check this link Gananoqu e Boat Lin e TOLL FREE: 1-888-717-4837 http://www.ganboatline.com/ Rockport Boat Line TOLL FREE 1-800-563-8687 1000 Islands Cruises Rockport Discover exhilarating panoramic views and the rugged nature of the 1000 Islands

A Mental Health Day In The Workplace | Fusion Occupational Health

A Mental Health Day In The Workplace | Fusion Occupational Health Call us on: +44(0) 333 241 3082 Home About Us Accreditations The Team Services Absence Management Health Surveillance Work Health Assessments Health & Wellbeing Drug & Alcohol Testing Manager