Taiwan Personal Care Companies

Visgeneer Inc.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Visgeneer is one of the worldwide leading biotechnology Blood Glucose Meter and skin care manufacturer that aim to improving life of people by provide advance, accurate and affordable medical solution. Our territory has been expended rapidly over 50 countries with our high quality glucose meter, unbeatable price and on-time delivery. Being a professional contract manufacturer, we have been certified by ISO 13485:2003 and has obtained full authorization for CE and FDA. We are now seeking new distributor and OEM/ODM contract business in South Africa and it will be our pleasure to invite you as our priority customer. We are aiming for life-time relations, not just a deal or few deals. In our company, every individual including director is deeply involved in all steps those are essential to keep customer happy and satisfied. We guarantee to offer not only various choices of product with competitive prices but also timely customer service. Address: No. 188Hsinchu, TaiwanTaiwan 30069 Tel: 886-35-1601111


Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Company description: We are a cosmetic manufacturer and company with creative and innovative R & D capability in growth of stability in Taiwan, named “ Endold Bio- tech Company Limited”. As for we have an intelligently R & D team with sufficiently and abundantly capability of creativity and innovation, we have been supplying to our cooperated clients omnipotently creative, innovative, functional and efficacious cosmetic beauty & health cares products in OEM, OBM and ODM under their own brands & their own design. we suppose to build a cooperated relationship with importing companies which are interest in our therapeutic-grade cosmetic beauty & health cares products. We also attend to involve with a cometice counter cooperation with the companies which are interested in buillding a OEM, OBM or ODM (under their own brands & their own designS) cooperated relationship. Our strengths are constantly creating breakthrough must-have products on cosmetic beauty and health cares for consumers. Our products are in therapeutic- grade (the highest-class) which obtained us double affirmatively approved, “ The Gold Medal of Excellent Enterprise Customer Satisfaction in the 13th of Economic and Trade Development Association of Republic of China " and " The Flagship Award of Commodity Consumers in 2010". It has been deeply receiving the trust and praise by the beauticians of the professional beauty market. Because of the capability of research and development team could be called sufficiently in the professional market, so capacities of the products have been researched and developed to launch a series of π (Pi) products into the markets, the functions and effects have been seen obviously. In the professional beauty market of mainland China, one of our therapeutic- grade health care products, "Meridian Elements π" has been spreading popular since 2003. Until now, the professional beauty market is still circulating the words, " If the supplier does not have the Meridian Elements π, which does not deserve to be the supplier ". It shows the effect of our product has affected the entire professional beauty market. We are enthusiasticly looking forward to receive your contact and show us your interest about importing our products or cosmetic counter cooperated proposal. Once we receive your interest and confirmation, we will go on your requests and have a further progress to you. <a href="http://business-listings.com">BUSINESS-LISTINGS</a>.COM is an International <a href="http://business-listings.com">Business Directory</a> and <a href="http://company.fm">COMPANY SEARCH ENGINE</a> Address: No. 286, East Area 40149, Dong Ying Road, Taichung Tel: 886 + 4 + 22110070#219 Fax: 886 + 4 + 22134191

Hariri Company

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Privately held company manufacturing medicines, cosmetics and antiseptics. Importing pharmaceutical, cosmetic and antispetic raw materials. Distribution No. 1 of pharmacetucial raw materials in Syria Medicines, Cosmetics, Antiseptics, Personal Care, Body Care and Skin Care products. Address: Azizieh, Aleppo Tel: 886-021-2118330 Fax: 886-021-2118333

Favrile International, Inc.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

In developing for nature and healthier product, a joint-venture with top Japanese laboratory since 1994. First serif of nail product reached the mature level and marketed in 1998 with great success in Japan and Europe. nail care, Cosmetic, beauty supplies, Make-up, coloring, lacquer, personal care, skincare. Tel: 886-4-5265706 Fax: 886-4-5267811

Darway Innovation & International Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Darway innovation & international Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. We aim for the selling of nonwoven patent Versatile Fabric. The detail is as the following. * ingredients: Polyester and rayon nonwoven fabric * characteristics (1) vf contains both rough and fine sides. The rough side is made from a polyester Fabric for a thorough scrubbing effect; the fine side is made from a rayon fabric for water absorption. (2) vf is made from normal fabric without any chemical ingredients. (3) vf fabric can be used as a towel, glove, or as all purpose cleaning tool, thus the 2 in 1 structure makes your life more convenient. * uses (1) personal care & bathing use A. The rough side of vf is used to exfoliate the callus, and to scrub away dead or old skin off for a thorough cleaning. This is ideal for personal hygiene and for professional spa use. B. The fine side of vf can be used effectively to spread body shampoo, cream and lotions over the body to enhance the cleaning and preservation of the skin. C. The vf can be included in any set of beauty skin products, making the products more effective and adding additional value of them. (2) home use A. Vf can be used for cleaning kitchen appliances and dinning ware The rough side can clean household appliances such as a gas stove, microwave oven, and toaster oven. It can also clean dinning ware and cooking ware without scratching the surfaces; the fine side can absorb water. Vf is more convenient than scouring pad. B. Vf can also clean fruits and vegetables The rough side can be used to clean and remove any chemical residue off of fruits and vegetables without ruining the outer textures. C. Vf is also usable to clean bathroom surfaces The rough side of vf will be able to wipe away any mildew or mold off the smooth surfaces of the bathroom sink, toilet, bathtub and tiles. (3) the single finger cloth Vf can be used as a disposal toothbrush for human and or pet use. (4) other uses of vf Vf is also versatile for being a disposable floor mat, or the interlining of a Shoes and filter. Please link to our web-site for more information. nonwoven, bath gloves, towel, personal care, bathing, spa, massage, scrub, versatile fabric, breathable film Address: Room 1510, No. 205, Dun Hua S. Rd., Sec. 1, Tel: 886-2-87717000 Fax: 886-2-27118611

Hang Yang Chemistry Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We are a leading Natural and Herbal Cosmetics Manufacturer Founded in 1984, Hang Yang Chemistry Co., Ltd. is a leading Natural and Herbal Cosmetics Manufacturer and Exporters in Taiwan that manufacture, package, and label skin care and cosmetics items for her OEM/ODEM distributors and wholesalers. With strictly selected raw material from key European countries and toughest QC criteria, we are proud of our top quality products you can count on. Our lines of cosmetics are made to suit all types of skin such as Anti-Aging / Whitening / Moisturizing / Anti-Acne / Anti -Allergy with Gel, Lotion, Cream, Clay Pack, Essence including Body Care ( body and bust ) as well. Hang Yang provides a fully integrated Scientific Resource Center dedicated to quality in product and service through strict adherence to the highest quality standards. Our Supplier Reliability program insures the quality of the cosmetics ingredients and packaging components we receive as well as aggressively researching alternative raw materials to lower costs for our customer's personal care products. Please feel free to let us know what you need and we will be doing our best in terms of pricing and custom-design. Free samples are available for testing and product list / price list will be provided upon request. cosmetics, skin care, anti-wrinkle. anti-aging, natural and herbal products, whitening, moisturizing, anti-acne, cream, lotion, toner, gel, sliming, bust, mask, eye, body. Address: 6F-6, No. 266, Po-Ai Second Road, Kaohsiung Tel: 886-7-556 6044 Fax: 886-7-557 8791

Posha International Company

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Posha International Company is a joint partnership of hardward foundries, misting systoms manufacturers, beauty products manufacturers. We have over 30 years in OEM products for our customers around the world. Our own production lines are all in Taiwan. We join together for service you directly with high-quality products, quick services and good price! misting system, misting nozzles, brass parts, stainless parts, vicky shower, skin care device, misting pump, Address: 8C-3, #228 Wu-Chang St. Tel: 886-4-22030548

Chenchic Incoporation

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Chenchic Inc has been in beauty business for more than 10 years. We are converged the biotech information and offering wide range skincare products, including daily maintain to skin treatment . Our purpose of Chenchic Incoporation is dedicated to enrich people’s life by created the skin's beauty and most excellent cosmetic OEM & ODM service. We use most innovative ingredients, apply these research results and technologies on cosmetic and medical fields. We also successful develop and create a plentiful of skin-care commodities, including many series of cosmetic products, such as Whitening, Moisturing, Awakening, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-eye dark circle, Anti-acne �..etc. Meanwhile, be a member of Taiwan’s Biotech enterprises, we desired to create the appendix valuation and to assist the up-grade of new business on the biotech market. We welcome your inquiry. Whitening, Moisturing, Awakening, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-eye dark circle, Anti-acne , skincare, personal care, cosmetic, bottles, jars Address: No. 1, Lane 231, Lee Der Street, Fanshang City, Ka Tel: 886-7-7963038 Fax: 886-7-7963094

Kouwell Electronics Corp

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Kouwell Electronics Corporation was established in 1980 as the representative agent for components and peripherals. In 1988 , Kouwell devoted itself to manufacturing computer  add-on cards with its own brand . Besides ,  Kouwell is cooperating with many worldwide well-known companies as supplier of OEM and ODM. Our main pr oducts are IEEE 1394 and USB Combo Series , IEEE 1394 Series , USB Series , Communication Series , Security Series , PCI Express / Express Card , Multi I/O Series , SATA ATA I & II Series  and Cardreader Series .  Kouwell's experience and expertise, with high quality and competitive products, will keep continue to support all of our customers in the world. We are the best partner to value-added your PC systems. Address: 7F , No.99 , Sec.3 , Nangang Rd., Taipei 115 Ta Tel: 886 - 2 - 27831166 Fax: 886 - 2 - 27835500


Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Our products including: (1) Household cleaning product (Wash powder, detergent ) (2) Body care product (bath & clean accessories, Shampoo,Lotion,Tonner,Uv white care product, Dieting care products ) (3) Cosmetics product (Nail Polish, Lipstick, Body Glitter, Twinkling Power, Foundation, Eye Shadows, Party Make Up kit ) cosmetic, glitter, lip stick, nail polish, cosmetics Tel: 886--

High Class Art Intl Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We, HIGH CLASS ART INTL CO LTD, are a company specialized in supplying high quality and competitive price products, which includes Cosmetic/Personal Care/Skin Care/Make Up/Fine Fragrance/Nail Care/Pharmaceutical Packaging, Finished/Private Label Products, Fashion Accessories......etc. Our major competitve advantages: *High Quality Product *Competitive Price *Fast Inquiry Response *Sample Availability *Delivery On Time *Strong R&D Team *Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Our products are not only high class, but also artistic. Our only goal is to make people be more confident, positive, and be a peculiar delightful living art. Plastic/Glass Cosmetic Packaging, Cosmetic Container, Cream Jar, Pump Dispenser, Airless Pump Bottle, Skin Care Product, Cosmetics, Nail Polish Accessories, Lip Gloss, Closure, Fragrance Bottle, SAN, Acrylic, ABS, PP, NAS, PET, PETG, Metal Jar, Aluminum, Essential Oil, Dropper, Crimp Pump Address: No. 53, Lane 6-16, Sec. 2, Dacing St., South Distr Tel: 886-4-22637543 Fax: 886-4-22637543

Ming Yu Ent. Co.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We are one of the most professional manufacturers of all kinds of pliers, such as Long Nose Plies, Combination Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, End Cutting Pliers, Water Pump Pliers and precise electric pliers. All of the pliers we produced meet with the standards both in ANSI and GS. In addition, we obtained GS brand Certificate as well. We are qualified to offer OEM and ODM services to the clients all over the world. Welcome to have your inquiry and instruction. Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Linesman Pliers, Combination Pliers, Water Pump Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Cable Cutter, Circlip Pliers, End Cutting Pliers, Plastic Cutting Pliers, Mini Electric Pliers, Address: No. 466, Cheng Kong Rd., Taiping City, Taichung Hs Tel: 886-4-22785142 Fax: 886-4-22772285

SurePin INT'L Trading Company

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Dear Sir & Madam: It's SurePin INT'L Trading company. Thanks for reading my company's brief introduction on commerce online. To our believe, we will be your best helper for your needed goods. And it is our pleasure to give our best service for you. If any question, please email to let me know. Sincerely yours, SurePin INT'L Trading Company cosmetics, skin care, digital photo frame Address: 15F-5 No.38, 2nd Sect. XingSheng North Road. Tel: 886-2-25410010

Star Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Incorporating Star Glory Company has constituted the most significant Part of my personal career. In the more than three decades of operation, My social responsibilities and pressures have taught me that one's Life is limited but enterprise is permanent. Therefore, to create a lasting Industrial life, I have committed myself to cultivating in-house talents, Continuing RεD for new products, expanding sales, and exposing all Members of this company to my enterprise operating concepts. All the these Efforts are for achieving joint involvement in this business to build up An big business family. Within this family, each member is able to be Responsible for himself, for this business and for the whole community. Particularly in recent years, the market for Feathers has indicated diversification Due to keen competition of market pricing and severe quality Demands which are challenges to this trade. To cope with such challenges, In addition to setting up a sound quality control system, this Company Keeps introducting the most updated production technology and equipments As well as innovative training programs to ensure the products from This company are meeting the demands of our clients and satisfying our Consumers. Research and development as well as responsible operation are what we Believe in moving ahead with our company, and we want to share the success With our clients. This success will be achieved by me personally, by All the members of this company, and by you, our customers. WASHED GOOSE (DUCK) DOWN, DOWN (FEATHER) QUILT, FEATHER PILLOW, SLEEPING BAG, FEATHER PRODUCTS, Small-Feather, Greyduck down, Grey Goose down, White Duck down, White Goose down, NATURAL AND WARM PRODUCTS, PURE, CLEAN, ODORLESS AND BACTERIA-FREE ARE FEATURES OF OUR PRODUCTS Address: NO. 25, PU DA RD., 2 LANE, PU YEN SHIANG, CHANG HU Tel: 886-4-8816666 Fax: 886-4-8814598

Ch-Sail Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

CH-SAIL Co,. Ltd. Establish in April of 2006, mainly combine the electron and two kinds of technology of plastics, offer the customer to save the production manufacture of the cost most efficiently. Our products include DVD Player, Portable DVD, MP3 Player, PDA, DBT-V......ect. Mail office is in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and factories in China. DVD PLAYER, MP3 PLAYER, MP4 PLAYER, FLASH DEVICE, LCD-TV, CAR DVD PLAYER, MIDI KARAOKE DVD PLAYER, DDR RAM, PC, NOTBOOK Address: No.16-13, Wulin,Neighborhood 36,Wulin Village, Lon Tel: 886-3-4097081 Fax: 886-3-4097062

Lian Mei Button Factory

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Jey Ye Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional button supplier, based on Lian Mei Button, with the unique patterns and the combination made by various materials. The manufacturing space of Lian Mei Button, including Factory I & II, is over 1,000 square meters filled with many different functional equipments and machines from Italy, and with 30 people in. Poly and its combination , ABS and its combination , Acrylic and its combination,Special coating on the button , button factory Tel: 886-6-2726292 Fax: 886-6-2726678

Vital Essence Cosmetic Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We are the manufacture of cosmetic products which included natural plant soapberry cleansing products, skin care and make up. Taiwanese company are looking for partners within another countries to form world-class alliances in the fields of the cosmetic marketing. We are ISO9001 certificated and hapo we can OEM, ODM for your company. Cosmetic, skin care, OEM, Lotion, Cream, Perfume, Essence, Shampoo, Salon Shampoo, Soap, Soapberry, Face Cleanser, Foundation, lipstick, nail polish etc.. Address: NO. 22 LANE 22 GUOGUANG RD. , SOUTH DISTRICT., TAI Tel: 886-4-22265999 Fax: 886-4-22261818

Saffron International Inc.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Saffron is a company that specializes in manufactruing color make-up products, such as lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, nail polish, lip gloss...and so on. Since 1991, we have been dealing in international trade. With facility in Taiwan, we not only manufacture and sell products with our own brand names, we also offer a complete program for private label that is based on customers' design. lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, compact powder, liquid foundation, loose powder, blusher, nail polish, nail care, make up kit Address: 3F, No. 91 Kung Yi Road, Tel: 886-4-23052250 Fax: 886-4-23022016

Totalife International Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

TOTALIFE is the combination of Western technology and Chinese health philosophy of " Purification Nourishment ", this is a unique concept that balances the body system through a multiple, integrated regimen. Our products combine these two principles have proven to be highly effective in alleviating ailments, reinforcing the body immune and generate god health. The results are a range of Slimming, Health, Beauty, and Personal care products. diet, slim, fat, health, nutrition, skincare, beauty, organic Address: 11F, NO33., SEC.2, Chien-kuo North Rd., Taipei, Ta Tel: 886-2-25019811 Fax: 886-2-25019101

Koan Cho Machinery Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

KOAN CHO MACHINERY CO.,LTD,was established in TAICHUNG City,Taiwan, in 1976. Specializes in making and expot various kinds of Durability Product Line,CNC, Vertical Machcining Center,Lathes,E.D.M.and Milling.Machine. 1976--Established in Taichung City,Taiwan. 1976--Starting to max production Lathes. 1990--Starting to max production Milling Machine. 1993--CNC , and Machcining Center. Vertical Machining Center,Vertical Milling Center,Graphite Milling Cener,CNC Rigid Bed Mills,Toolroom CNC Bed Milling Machines,CNC Combi-Lathes,E.D.M. Address: P.O. Box 20-30 Taichung, R.O.C. NO.217, Tatun 7th Tel: 886-4-24759927 Fax: 886-4-24759936

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reception and let her attention to detail and expertise make your special day one to remember. To Organise Your Wedding Call (02) 4474 2300 and ask for Louise or send an email to events@moruyagolfclub.com.au To make a booking enquiry please click here

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Mozart Residence Mozart's Birthplace Mozart's Birthplace Getreidegasse 9 A-5020 Salzburg Get directions Tel.: +43-662-84 43 13 Fax: +43-662-84 06 93 mozartmuseum@mozarteum.at Opening hours Daily: 9 am – 5.30 pm July / Augst: until 8.30 am – 7.00 pm (last

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actuales Biblioteca Empleo Pagos Contacto : info@cce.org.co Agencia Free Press : prensa@cce.org.co Skype : cccelectronico Tels : +57 (1) 300 4537 / +57 (320) 425 8673 Bogotá D.C. - Colombia Se encuentra usted aquí Inicio Noticias Diplomado “Nuevas Estrategias

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actuales Biblioteca Empleo Pagos Contacto : info@cce.org.co Agencia Free Press : prensa@cce.org.co Skype : cccelectronico Tels : +57 (1) 300 4537 / +57 (320) 425 8673 Bogotá D.C. - Colombia Afíliese Inicie el proceso de afiliación a la CCCE. Conozca el

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scuba diving, professional anglers and more. You can enjoy these from either our catered or self-catering options. Telephone: 071 602 1803 Cape Town based Travel services. If you require a Travel service simply follow the links to the below services.

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actuales Biblioteca Empleo Pagos Contacto : info@cce.org.co Agencia Free Press : prensa@cce.org.co Skype : cccelectronico Tels : +57 (1) 300 4537 / +57 (320) 425 8673 Bogotá D.C. - Colombia Afíliese Inicie el proceso de afiliación a la CCCE. Conozca el

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and give advice on restoration, for which we are renowned. 34 Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, London. W1J 0QA. Telephone Phone: 020 7499 6337 send a message view their website view more details Globe-Trotter Globe-Trotter is a modern heritage brand established

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business intelligence, SaaS e-commerce software, and content marketing solutions. Northstar offers unparalleled… Phone: +1 201-902-2000 Website: View website View Partner Meet Middle East Published: 4th January 2017 Category: Media Publications

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8217; opportunity and a Holiday Drink (must be 18+ years to feed). ** Child rates are for 12 years and under. Call to RSVP (619) 659-8078 option 2 or buy an event ticket below. Member Non-Member VIP Member VIP Non-Member Download our Holiday Flyer to