Taiwan Hardware Companies

Mapsuka Industries Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Mapsuka, founded in 1980, has more than 30 years of experience as a professional manufacturer of tooling, metal stamping and electronic assembly for telecommunications, medical, test equipment and other industries.Our products includes sheet metal stampings, cutom enclosures, CNC parts, CompactPCI (cPCI) front panels, PMC bezels, FMC bezels, XMC bezels, VME front panels, PXI front panels, VPX front panels, AMC front panels, cPCI ejector handles; 1U pizza boxes, 1U/2U/3U/4U/5U/6U/7U/8U/9U subrack, cPCI chassis, VPX chassis, cPCI power supplies, cPCI backplanes,  uTCA chassis, card guides, chassis handles, front panels with ELMA, Schroff, Rittal, Southco ejector handles, fan tray, captive screws, sleeves, etc. Customization is our specialty. 

YU-CHIA International Co Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan>>Kao-hsiung shih

YU-CHIA International is ISO9001:2008 certified. We are capable of designing manufacturing process to accomplish massive production of the custom parts by multi-stage cold forging or CNC Turing Lathe machining. YU-CHIA International., is making custom cold forging parts. All fasteners are made by drawing or customer requriements. We supply to niche market such like automobile/motorcycle parts, lock, industrial and engineering components. Please contact us if you looking for high-end quality fasteners. 

Enneco enterprise co., ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Enneco is a Taiwan based fastener manufacturer & metal parts supplier since early 2000. We provide a wide range of fastener & metal part products and have been in the business over a decade.      Enneco's fastener products include self-drilling screw, self-tapping screw, stainless steel screw, machine screw, sems screw, washer, multi-stage cold forging screw and special screw. Assorted by function, we have window screw, roofing screw, container floor screw, long screw, and etc. Our fastener products range from standard items to OEM custom items.       We provide metal part and screw machine as well as fastener. We carry various kinds of multi-stage cold forming parts, CNC parts, lathe parts, and screw machine.       Enneco, dedicated to quality service. We welcome your inquiry.

ATOP Technologies

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Connectors, wire harenesses, turnning parts, car head light enhancer, optical electronics, computer parts and accessories for distribution and oem/odm Tantra therpy, meditation, and religious activities, worldwide agents wanted, Address: Taiwan - Taipei

Welltron Technology Corp.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Welltron Technology Corp. is located in Taiwan, our key products with good support and strong sourc are as follows, 1.Module (Original, ETT, UTT, and FT) 2.Chips 3.Memory Card Micro SD, SD Card, UFD (Flash, Pen drive) OEM service available. We sell DRAM worldwide. Address: Taiwan - Taipei

Biostar Microtech Netherlands B.V.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Biostar Microtech Nethrelands B.V. is Biostar european branch. Biostar Group is established from 1986. We are professional motherboard producer. The whole group is around 2200 employees and with 8 branch office worldwide. Address: Taiwan - Taipei

Chi Zong Machine Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Chi Zong Machine Co., Ltd. is the number one professional manufacturer of winch & hoist in Taiwan. We developed a leading quality of Taiwan brand "STRONG" and our exporting brand name is "DUKE". Our company established in 1979 and we producing excellent quality of hoisting equipment for 30 years. Products range are: Electric mini chain hoist, Electric mini wire winch, Electric wire winch, Electric chain hoist, Stage hoist DC power: OFF-ROAD winch.. We also produce related peripheral products, such as steel rack, elec.... Address: Taiwan - Taipei

Te-Yen Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Te-Yen Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializes in design and general of Chassis / Rackmount and wide range of Metal Case to Customer specification for below industries. *Industry Computer *Computers *Data Networking *Telecommunications *IT Industries *Electronics *OEMs. Te -Yen is a quality accredited ISO 9001 Taiwanese company, based in Taipei City. We have a fully integrated operation capability including R&D, engineering and in-house manufacturing and supply-logistic and overseas.... Address: Taiwan - Taipei

Dean Jang Enterprises Co Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

With 18 years of OEM experience, we produce a variety of locks, computer security products and other security solutions for worldwide export. Buyers like IBM, Siemens, HP and Acer purchase over US$ six million in security solutions from us every year. Strong manufacturing capabilities Our Taiwan ISO 9002 approved manufacturing facilities have 11 production lines and over 80 workers creating a total monthly production capacity of nearly two million units. We source 90% of our materials and components right here in Taiwan, as well, to save... Address: 3F, No. 1, Lane 163 , Hsin-Yi Road, Taiwan, China[, POSTCODE/ZIP: 220 Tel: 886-2-29647466 Fax: 886-2- 29647277

Ontop Technology Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Founded in 2007, Ontop Technology Ltd. comprises Ontop Technology Ltd & CoreMax Microelectronics Inc (Canada) and specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative and stylish USB Flash memory drives and memory cards. Address: Taiwan - Taipei

Rong Cing Precision Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Rong Cing Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, engaged in hardware components, power tool components and auto parts, focuses on the development of new products and quality production. Over the past few years, research has been done and the company has introduced Japanese technology and improved the productivity and equipment. Our company has produced a series of auto parts, made with high quality, superior technical skills as well as efficiency, so that we have established a good reputation in the market. All of our products are auto part,decelerator, hardware,power tool,cold forge,power window gear,impact drill hammer,lock ring,hex key holder,output shaft,spindle,extension bar,socket,pneumatic tools,screwdriver,gears,shaft,hammer,camshaft,ratchet head, process,manufacture,ect; the variety and high quality of our products makes them unbeatable. In addition, we can supply custom made products to meet all customers? requirements. Due to our specialized experience, good quality, reasonable price, creative technology, and our sincere service, we promise you the best deal. Address: No.638,Yongda St.,?Dali?DistTaichung, TaiwanT Tel: 886-4-24924699 Fax: 886-4-24924799

Come Best Screw Industrial Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Come Best Screw Industrial Ironware Co. Ltd., established in 1985, is a manufacturer specializing in customized multi-stage screws, nuts and fasteners .With the best production techniques and high-standard quality control, Come Best has earned clients' praise for special fasteners in the past few decades. The vertical integration of production from raw material procurement, cold forging, thread rolling, heat treatment, surface finishing, packing to the final product delivery, which does not only make production lines more flexible but also reduce lead time under the processes; moreover, we always offer full-dimension layout by our precision-testing equipments and professional inspectors. With well-experienced manufacture, our great capacity is available for mold creating and design, experienced technicians, strictly passage quality control and humanization of corporation culture, and that is why we have built a solid name to supply the steadiest fastening to our customers. Come Best is confident to offer competitive prices with high quality. We are at our most sincerity to provide best service and support for our customers at any time. Tel: 886-4-7556890 Fax: 886-4-7560074


Location: Asia>>Taiwan

  Company : Giant Rong Industry Co., Ltd.   Tel : 886- 975920909     Fax: 02-29064659  No.36 LN.188, SEC. 1 WENHUA RD., BANQIAO CITY, TAIPEI COUNTY 22041 TAIWAN R.O.C. Address: 22041 Tel: 886-2-22092330 Fax: 886-2-29064659

Shih Feng Inc.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

  [Company Profile]   The firm has owns more than ten years of experience in production. We specialize in producing various hydraulic hose fittings, various fittings for vehicle hoses, stainless steel fittings for chemical hoses, brass fittings, etc.   [Product Characteristics] Spindles are made of high carbon steel and machined by CNC lathe, can be clamped and are not prone to deforming on the inside to affect flow and matching. The forged one-piece housing is not prone to breaking and is highly plastic to enhance the overall outlook.Machined by forced toothed-clamps; features close fitness and high safety (does not becomenot getting loose even under high pressure) 3-piece forming reduces costs.The company also has plastic injection forming machines to make for making all kinds of plastic parts, fittings,plugs, etc. We have rich experience, sound machininge equipment, professional talent, and the highest commitmentmatchability to design and manufacture with you to meet your needs. Moreover, we can make fast delivery and offer the most competitive price to keep you ahead of the competitionothers. We are confident that we can become your good partner! Address: No.8, Lane 52, Jiandong Rd., Dali City, Taichung Tel: 886-4-24929260 Fax: 886-4-24928772

E Hong International Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan>>Kao-hsiung shih

E Hong is a worldwide operating marketing company active in the area of all kinds of Screws and Nails, including Stainless steel and Annealing Wire and Rod & Black Wire Annealing Wire and Rod, Carbon & Alloy Steel Wire Rod  ,steel wires for screws and nails. "The containers and packi ng of medical drug category and biotech category and beverages. ", especially in supply of Pharmaceutical packaging materials and beverages PET preform.   We also provide "The containers and packing material of health food category and Industrial category. especially in supply of Rigid Plasitc Film and Sheets, Flexible Plastic Film and Sheet...   Sincerity, Efficiency, Reliance, and Proficiency in the global human happiness field are our corporate mission. To be able to service our customers worldwide is the ultimate goal of our company. We are prepared and eager to pursue partnership, distributorship and strategic alliance with foreign companies. Address: 36-35, Bao Jian Street, Chia Yi City Tel: 886-5-2788680 Fax: 886-5-2750071

Ya Chao Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Ya Chiao Enterprises Co. Ltd. specialize in wire mesh fabrication, precision sheet metal manufacture, and pipe bending processing. Our semi-finished products can be used in houseware, toy, auto parts, sports goods, garden, stationary, building materials etc. Our company was established in 1978. In 1994, for the expansion of our business, our China factory-Big Mountain Holdings Ltd.-was formed, which mainly deal with the local and oversea business and diverting investment for USD$3,000,000. We have purchased the land of 8,862 square meters in Guang Dong, China, for setting up factories with occupied territory for 10,000 square meters. Regarding our production quantity, we consume 1500 tons of iron wires, and 1000 tons of iron plate and 1000 tons of iron pipes to manufacturer our products, and OEM/ODM are also welcome. Concerning the production capability, hydraulic within 300 tons with plate thickness under 12m/m; stamping 200 tons with plate thickness under 12m/m and iron pipe/elbow with O/D under 42m/m, and iron wire within 12m/m are available. squirrel feeder, bird feeder kit, fan guard, display rack, hardware parts manufacture, heating plate, kitchen wire rack, bathroom wire rack, wine rack, wire CD rack Address: 3F, No. 117, San Min Rd.Changhua,500 Taiwan Tel: 886-4-7271328 Fax: 886-4-7272013

She Song May Plastic Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We are the professional manufacturer of plastic/rubber molding products. Our products include plastic products for sporting, medical, food and toy; rubber products for machine, hardware components, medical equipments and exercise equipments. Catalogues are available at your request. Please do contact us for more details. Plastic/rubber, molding products,machine, hardware components, medical equipments,exercise equipments Address: No. 1, Lane 1066, Sec. 2, Fong Shie Road, Fong Yua Tel: 886-4-25722577 Fax: 886-4-25722020

Handy Man Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We are a specialized suplier of chains, pet snap and buckle, wire rope accessories, marine hardware, turnbuckle, pet accessories, dog chain and collar lead for horse &dog & cattle, grade 80 drop forged hook & liffting & sling, horse accessories, steel, chain s accessories, aluminum key chain hook, wire rope clips. chain, pet snap, buckle, wire rope accessories, marine hardware, pet accessories, dog chain, collar, lead, grade drop forged hook,liffting, sling, key chain Tel: 886-2-88113035 Fax: 886-2-88113033

Lih Her Industrial Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We are a manufacturer specilizing in cold rolled steel, hotrolled steel, galvanized steel, color steel, steel slitting, steel levering, shearing, hardware items, loudspeaker accessories (anti-magne tized cover), poly carbonate sheet. With high quality, reasonable price and quick delivery, please contact us for more details. Cold rolled steel,hotrolled steel,galvanized steel,color steel. Address: P.O. Box 30-330 Taipei,Taiwan R.O.C. Tel: 886-2-23628423 Fax: 886-2-23628424

Chen Yu Foundry Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Specialize in manufacturing all kinds of aluminum alloy die- casting products including the component parts of motorcycles, hardware, tools, electronic, household electric appliances� etc. aluminum products, automobile & motorcycle spare parts, household electric appliances, electronic products, mechanical and electrical products, tools, die-casting Address: No.171, Jungluen, Anding Shiang, Tainan, Taiwan 74 Tel: 886-6-5933804 Fax: 886-6-5930810

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