Taiwan Electrical Equipment Supplies Companies

Taiwan Oasistek Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan>>Taibei shih

Oasistek offers wide LEDs for a Displays that meet your applications and requirements. The key development: LED Display,LED LAMP,SMD LED,High Power LED,LightingLED,7 Segment Display,LED lamp,dot matrix,lighting,led display,led smd,osram,light bulb,ceiling lights,outdoor lighting,led strip lights,digital signage,LED light bar,High power LED,LED manufacturer,LED Package,HUDhttp://www.oasistek.com.tw/

Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan>>Taibei shih

Meicheng is one of the leading companies in audio video specialist market in Taiwan. Our business specializes in audio video equipment to fulfill the needs of organizational and private sector clients. At Meicheng we continue to deliver professional yet affordable applications for our clients to explore their audio video solutions. Meicheng is insisted on quality and customer services has granted its widespread recognition; many internal customers has bought our products. All inquiry are welcome and be assure of competitive price from us. Address: 13F, No. 2, Jian 8th Rd., Jhonghe Dist., New Taipe, POSTCODE/ZIP: 23511 Tel: 886-2-82280311 Fax: 886-2-82280319

Youeu Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Youeu Enterprise Co.,Ltd Threadless Steel Conduit Tubes, Box Connector, Coupling, Elbow, Flexible Conduit, Flexible Conduit Conduit, Outlet Boxes, Sealing Fitting, Readucing Couplings, Conduit Fittings, Conduit Clamps, Duct Seal, Thread/Joint Lubricants, Connection Nodule, Combination Connection Module, Distribution Box, Communication Equipments, Insulating Tape, Wire Puller, Tools, Terminals(Cable Lugs,Cable Lugs 1-Hole,Cable Lugs 2-Holes,High Voltage Butt Splice Connectors), Wiring Accessories Address: 46. Jiao Yang street, Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C. Tel: 886-7-3218317 Fax: 886-7-3219770

Chunde Technology

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

It's not by chance that Chunde has a superior position in the field of power regulators and solid state relays. With strong designing and developing ability, we have experienced phenomenal growth by being a true partner with our customers and have earned a good reputation in the international market. And you can find Chunde's products are ve ry popular in market, specially for clean room of technology company in Taiwan, because of we have steady high quality ,customer trust us through high quality. We have series of space vector for high quality power regulators and solid state rela ys. The complete line of models with different features to meet industry demands. Thus, the application of our products is very wide popular on markets. Our products are used in heat treatment furnace, high temperature kilns, ceramics kiln, IR dryer, thermal air controller, plastic making machine, injection blow molding machine, printer machine etc. Not only we build cu stomer trust through high quality products, prompt delivery and good after-sales services. We are a professional and manufacturer in designing and manufacturing a full range of high quality SCR & SSR , and concern the every order and indications of our customers and do our best to match the every possible requirement. For details, please contact us for any and more information, Chunde is your best choice. Address: No.182, Chongcing St., Sanmin District Kaohsiung Tel: 886 - 7 - 3221777 Fax: 886 - 7 - 3157301

FTB Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We are a manufacturer of pressure gauges both digital and dial liquid-filled pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, digital pressure gauge, digital pressure switches, digital pressure switch, liquid filled pressure gauges, glycerin-filled pressure gauges, glycerin filled pressure gauges, glycerine-filled pressure gauges, glycerine filled pressure gauges, pressure gauges, compound gage digital pressure gauges, digital pressure gauge, digital pressure switches, digital pressure switch, liquid filled pressure gauges, glycerin-filled pressure gauges, glycerin filled pressure gauges, glycerine-filled pressure gauges, glycerine filled pressure gauges, pressure gauges, pressure gauge, gauges, gauge, gages, gage, ABS case pressure gauges, diaphragm seal pressure gauges Address: 69 Dungnan Road, Dali, Taichung Tel: 886-4-24968658 Fax: 886-4-24968659

Aec Connectors Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Aec Connectors Co., Ltd. Address: 13, Alley 38, Lane 478, Sec. 1, An-Ho Rd., Tainan Tel: 886-6-2456295 Fax: 886-6-2456265

Taiwan Misaki Electronics Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Taiwan Misaki Electronic Co., LTD. was found in 1979 as a Japan-Taiwan joint venture. We have built up our reputation in the field. Nowadays, we have 3 overseas manufacturing subisdiaries located in Penang(Malaysia), Shanghai and Shenzhen(China) with the workforce around 1000 people worldwide.The product lines consist of: Switches, Jack, Encoder, Potentio- meter,and so on. switches: tact switch, push switch, lever switch, and so on. jack,potentiometer,encoder Address: No.88, Nan-Feng Stree , Taoyuan City Tel: 886-(0)3-3612183-5 Fax: 886-(0)3-3623889

Ginvanix Electronics Corp.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Founded in 2000, Ginvanix Electronics (GVX) is a value provider of quality passive components and industry standard magnetic to major OEMs worldwide. To be the vital link in the supply chain that connects electronics component manufactures to the OEMs & contract manufacturers through our wide range of value-added services. Let GVX show you how superior quality, rapid production and first-class service in design, development and manufacturing of a total INDUCTOR solution can help you achieve success in the products that bear your name. Don’t risk your reputation less than the best! Power Inductors, Chip Inductors, Lan Transformers, RJ45, Common Mode Chokes, DC/DC Converters, EMI Filters Address: 180, Mingshen St., Hukou Tel: 886-3-5999899 Fax: 886-3-5901484

YCL Electronics Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

YCL Electronics Co. Ltd. is currently one of the leading global telecommunication and networking component manufacturers in the world. With over twenty years�experience in the field, we specialize in the production of LAN magnetic components, XDSL splitters and microfilters, transformers, DC/DC converters, customized switching power supplies, and LTCC RF components. Over the years we have built an impeccable reputation as a reliable and dependable supplier of quality components to major organizations around the globe, including AT&T, Chunghwa Telecom, British Telecom, France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Belgacom, Swisscom, Telefonica (Spain), UT Starcom, Alcatel, NEC, 3M, Krone, Ericsson, Sony, OKI, Matsushita, Lucent, Nokia, D-link Taiwan, ASUS Taiwan, Accton Taiwan, ECI, Siemens, Airspan and Alvarion, among others. ADSL splitter/microfilter, LAN components, Switch power supply, Transformers, converters , LTCC RF components Address: 95, Feng Jen Road, Tel: 886-7-7458587 ext 3305 Fax: 886-7-7458502

Taiwan Heng Yin Electric Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We are the well-experienced manufacturer of transformers motors, we was established in 1983 and ISO 9002 Certified. Our transformers are being used by manufacturers world-wide in computers, communictions equipment, medical electronics and many other commercial and industrial products;Our mote products lines have been used by manufacturers world-wlde in residential and commercial refrigerators and freezers, space heaters, unit coolers, water coolers, condenser packages and vending machine. motor transformer, contactor, relay, class 2 transformer, unit baring motor, 3.3 inch diameter, definite purpose contactor, switching relay, power transformer, custom transformer Address: 10F-8, No. 736, Chung Cheng Rd., Chung Ho City, Ta Tel: 886-2-8226-1400 Fax: 886-2-8226-1401

Hsiu Chiang Ent. Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

HSIU CHIANG ENTERPRISE COMPANY LIMITED originated to designate services in line of supplying new and remanufactured Starters and Alternators for Units and Components parts worldwide since 1978. For over twenty years on line of expertise on technical assistance and professional services to customers, Hsiu Chiang conveys the competency of developmental designs and leading to the most reliable market source of automotive. The company holds ISO 9002 certification and is committed to providing quick and efficient service. Small motors are available and open for development with OEM samples. Reasonable quotes for high quality parts. DC/AC starter motors, Solenoid switches & Cap, alternators, Wiper motors & blades, Ignition control module, Voltage regulators, Rectifiers, Armatures, drives, brush holder, Frames, Housing, Pulley, Fan, Cover, Diode trios, Gaskets & Seals, Connector, Repair Harness, Bushing, Terminal, Shift Lever Address: No. 12, Lane 170, Sec. 1, Chang Shui Rd., Chiu-Shu Tel: 886-4-7691688 Fax: 886-4-7695086

Makoto Technology(M)Sdn.Bhd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

MAKOTO: POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE DC/AC :24V-240V TIMER /COUNTER /TEMPERATURE/ SENSOR /ELECTRONIC/IC/ CABLE/ FA & PLC / CASTERS / ROBOT/ COMPATIBLE /INK/ CARTRIDGE/ ATS/ I.M.M.I / S.S.R / RUBBER(NBR)/. WHEN KNOWLEDGE ,EXPERIENCE,EXPERTISE,AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION IS ESSENTIAL.......... For many years MAKOTO has been the forerunner in the design , manufacture , and distribution of a wide range of quality timers , relays , temperature controllers , and other products. MAKOTO is backed by well organized staff ,and facilities. The staff and facilities of MAKOTO keep us at the cutting edge of research ,design ,and development .Our experienced engineers are continually working to develop new products to meet the demands of present and future markets ...... Timers, Counter, Sensor, Temperature, Transducer, I.C, PE Bearing, Fiber Cable, S.S.R., Rubber (NBR), TOP-Angel Address: No, 247-375, Chu-Tsai Chieo Shin-Hwa, Tainan, Taiw Tel: 886-6-5800871 Fax: 886-6-5904681

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Shihlin Electric is one of the world’s leading companies in manufacturing heavy electric equipment, electrical automotive components, circuit breakers, switches, capacitors and factory automation equipment. In every market we serve, we strive to provide the best quality products, services, and overall customer satisfaction. During your visit to our web site, please take time to learn more about Shihlin Electric’s world-class automation and electrical products, our sales and manufacturing factories and, our efforts towards making the world a better place. Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and to share our vision. Contactor, MCCB, MCB, Breaker, Magnetic Switch, DPC, 接觸� 電磁開關, 斷路� AUX Contactor, Capacitor, Relay Address: 14F, No 88, Sec. 6, Chung-Shan N. Rd, Taipei, Taiw Tel: 886-2-28342662 Fax: 886-2-2581-0705


Location: Asia>>Taiwan

MADE IN TAIWAN HIGH QUALITY ISO 9001 CNS MARK IEC 60947-2 CNS 14816-2 TAIWAN QUALITY SYSTEM NO.R31268 MALAYSIA SIRIM QAS 斷路�NFB.MCCB) BH/HBH 斷路�br /> 經濟� SC系列(Economical series) 標準� SB系列(Standard series) 高容� SA系列(Heavy-duty series) 可調� HBE系列 電磁開關(Contactors and Thermal Overload Relays) NFB, MCCB, MS, breakers, BOX , ELCB , CIRCUIT BREAKER , Contactor , Terminal Block , Motor Starter , Switch , Thermor Relay Address: No. 81, Mingde Rd., Wugu Shiang, Taipei, Taiwan Tel: 886-02-22929156 Fax: 886-02-22927524

Rue Ewg Machinery Co., Ltd./Yong Gin Machinery Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We specialize in import, export. trading, installation, and maintenance of marine diesel engines, and auxiliary engines, generators, Nico reversing gearboxes and electric generator sets for industrial use. All of the equipment, marine engines and generator sets directly exported from Japan. We have sold high medium, and low speed engines of all brands from Japan, Europe and America for fishing vessels such as NIGATA, HANSHIN, AKASAKA, FUJI, DAIHATSU, YANMAR, YAMAHA, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, ISUZU, C.A.T, VOLVO, CUMMINS etc. used diesel marine engine and generator, reconditioned marine engines, generator sets for marine use or industrial genera or high speed, medium speed, and low speed marine engines marine spare parts, Yanmar, Niigata, Hanshin, Daihatsu, Mitsubish, Yamaha, Akasaka, C.A.T, Cummins, and Isuzu Address: No. 31, Hsw Tu Rd., Chian Chen Dist, Kachsiong cit Tel: 886-7-8133278 Fax: 886-7-8133269

Riye Electric Co.,Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Who are we? RIYE was founded in 1991, a leading provider of power protection products.RIYE designs, manufactures, markets and services Regulators , Transformers,UPS and other power equipments for the stabilization and continuity of electrical power,with constant evolution and development of new products --many of which are deployed by a broad range of busines and industry worldwide. Our products cover a huge gamut of power solutions: �AVR systems �UPS systems �Transformers �Frequency Converters �DC power supply �other power equipments We develop and manufacture our entire line under one roof. All products are manufactured according to ISO9002 standards. This is the way in which RIYE bets for the future The main lines for the future expansion and projection of RIYE are based on seven fundamental pillars.This includes: �Product design �Development of new power related technologies �Engineering - mechanical, technical and human-factor �Manufacturing and testing �Quality control �Sales and marketing - domestic and international �Fast and efficient service This means that all aspects of RIYE`s expertise join forces to create a high quality product in the shortest time frame. What we believe We believe that you know about this more than we do,only products with continuously development and high quality of services,could improve your business competitiveness and increasing your company’s income as well. Taiwan,台灣,China,中國,大陸,製造商,manufacturer,日野電機專業製�穩壓�穩壓電源,電壓穩定�電壓調整�電力調整�不斷電系�不斷電設�不中斷電源系�變頻�變頻電源,直流電源供應�直流設備電源,直流設備,諧波濾波�諧波改善設備,變壓�K級變壓器,伺服�電子�磁飽和式,共振�感應�無觸點式,AVR,UPS,Transformer,DC Power supply,Frequency Converter,Harmonic Filter,k-factor Transformer,Harmonic Improve Device,Stabilizer, Line Conditioner, Regulator, Induction Volatge Regulator,UPS, AVR,Frequency Converter,等各類型電源系統設備� Address: No. 65,Sec. 2,Nankan Rd.,Luchu Hsiang, Taoyuan Hsi Tel: 886-3-322-2299 Fax: 886-3-322-9199

Jentex Industrial Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We manufacture a wide range of switches to be used in electrical appliances such as electric fan, ventilator, juice mixer, hair dryer & curler, electric heater fan and vacuum cleaner. Switch, switches, push button switch, rotary switch, pull string switch, slide switch, light switch, collective switches,jentex Address: No.19-3, Lane 520, Sec. 1, Sheng Lin Rd., Ta Ya Hs Tel: 886-4-2568 0911 Fax: 886-4-2568 0913


Location: Asia>>Taiwan

We JYH SHINN was establised since 1976 and the professional in the field of cable tie, wiring accessories & plastic injection modling. We understand your requirement and could do our best to solve your problem. cable tie, wire tie mount, cable clamp, cable glands,wire duct,wire connector, terminal,wiring accessories..etc. Address: No. 31, Lane 190, Chengnan 1st St., Tel: 886-6-2535238 Fax: 886-6-2535239

A Plus Buy Interenational Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Always Mind Interenational Co. Ltd. Is one of the leading exporter of IC products in Taiwan who is specialized in music IC and sound controller ICs system design and marketing, as well as MP3 Player and CPU Cooler. All of these make Always Mind the best partner for IC design companies and customers. We would like to introduce you to some of our products that we have developed over many years; these products are sold in the USA, Europe, Australia and China. And because of our success in these countries we think that our products maybe suitable for your company. One of our products Baby Sound Controlled Music Box - An amazing sound controlled music box, which responds automatically to baby's sounds! Sound Sensor ""hears"" baby's sounds up a noise level 75 decibels & automatically responds by playing music. Play a mix of four natural sounds and a lullaby with light. Plays up to 7 minutes of continuous music, and the tune gets slow down gradually until stop. Feature - 1.Four pre-recorded natural sounds and lullabies 2.To stimulate baby's visual sense with soft lights. Music enhance auditory skills. 3.Sound and night light 4.Strap to attach to baby's cot or crib 5.Operates using 4 x AA batteries (not included) 6.Give your baby something entrancing to focus on in the crib. Address: 14-15F, No2, 340 Lane, Fu Ke Road Tel: 886-4-24621134

Aquatech Life-Science Inc.

Location: Asia>>Taiwan

Aquatech Life-Science Inc. is a reputable manufacturer in Taiwan. We produce and sell Magnetic (Pi) Water Generators, which is innovative in the world, and has gotten the patent rights in U.S.A., Taiwan, China, and Germany. electro-magnetic, magnetic water, π water, pi water, magnetized water, active water Address: Bld.A, 11F, No.58, Sec.1, Ming-Shen E. Rd., Taipei Tel: 886-2-25711615 Fax: 886-2-25605707

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within 2 to 4 week (most of the time within 2week) . For more information or to b ook free design visit please call us BEDFORD 01234 860818 | LONDON 0207 0961860 , email : info@kleiderhaus.co.uk or simply fi ll designer visit form HERE . Let's plan your

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