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wuhan lilaser co.,ltd

Location: South America>>Colombia>>Valle

Wuhan lilaser Technology Co., Ltd is a famous laser equipment manufacturer, committed to R & D and manufacture of laser equipment. The main products have solid, CO2 marking machine and welding cutting machine, with independent import and export right.。 Wuhan Lilaser is a high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province, builds long-term partnership with Huazhong University ,South China University, Hefei Optics&Fine Mechanics and the other famous institutions. combined with the first-class international enterprise cooperation, like Germany, the United States, Britain and other world-renowned laser parts suppliers, from software development , hardware design,system testing to technical support, each device pays attention to technology innovation, scientific design and elaborate manufacture, according to the ISO9001 strictly to check production process. ensure every equipment with stable performance .Partial products have CE certification, and through the global batch purchasing, to ensure product performance and quality Address: Room 507, Block 5,Optical Valley headquarters of t

Wuhan Chuangheng Laser Equipment Co., Ltd

Location: South America>>Colombia>>Valle

Wuhan ChuangHeng Laser Equipment Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Wuhan East Lake Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, with headquarter located in the Optics valley Headquarters International -the heart of ?Wuhan-Optics Valley of China.? We have a modernized manufacturing base and a high quality team; the scientific and technical personnel account 80% of the workforce, the number of senior technical staff accounts for 30%. Over the years, our company has established partnerships with many domestic research institutes, insisting on the policy of scientific and technological innovation, customer satisfaction. Since foundation, with strict management and innovative spirit, we have successfully developed a number of advanced expertise. Our products include Fiber laser machines, CO2 laser machines, Diode pump laser machine series, as well as the whole set of production solutions of on-line laser marking machines designed for clients. Currently, our products have been exported to India, S Korea, Spain, Slovenia, Pakistan and more. They are widely used in electronic components, manufacturing, machinery, internal combustion engines, auto parts, medicine, food, household industrial and defense industries. We not only provide clients excellent satisfying equipments but also timely lifetime services, like technical advice and after-sales service. We are glad to cooperate with the clients from all over the world. To find out more, contact us today. Address: No 62, Optical Valley Headquarters International,


Location: South America

Project machine reverse electrodialysis, I offer the technology, flow diagram, drawingmachine in SolidWorks, I can build the machine in your city. giving your company the chance to have a patent of the most coveted market. technology that has only a few companies have in the world. Machine highly effective in treating salt water and brackish water. We are two technicians in specialized or EDR. contact for more information. We will give every assistance in person. ???????? ???? ?????? electrodialysis, ??? ????????????, ?????? ????, SolidWorks ??? ???????????, ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???. ???? ????? ?? ???? ?????????? ????? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??. ????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ???????? ?? ?????? ??? ??. ??????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ????? ??? ??????? ????. ?? ????? ?? EDR ??? ?? ???????? ???. ???? ??????? ?? ??? ?????? ????. ?? ??????? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ?????. Address: Niteroi Rio de janeiro Tel: 552191106809

Kids Korner

Location: South America

Providing a child day care environment where children from Amherst, Williamsville and Lancaster flourish. Offering Infant care, toddler care, preschool, kindergarten and before & after school care.Providing a child day care environment where children from Amherst, Williamsville and Lancaster flourish. Offering Infant care, toddler care, preschool, kindergarten and before & after school care. Address: 2655 Wehrle Drive Tel: 716-565-5437

Location: South America>>Guyana

SEEA mette a Vostra disposizione un'esperienza di oltre trent'anni nell'ambito della saldatura. Per una consulenza tecnica, per trovare soluzioni innovative per ogni materiale ed applicazione, oppure semplicemente per ottenere ulteriori informazioni, contattateci all'indirizzo e-mail     Address: via Sienna 5 20017 Rho Tel: +390293501287 Fax: +390293508044

ADN Ingenieria

Location: South America>>Guyana

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Vanxuan JSC

Location: South America>>Guyana

  Van Xuan Joint Stock Company is a company operating in the field: Supply, Service, Installation, Repair, Consulting and machinery and industrial equipment; Currently Van Xuan Company is the official distributor of air compressors, air dryers of its Wuxi production line technology by Atlas Copco, Ally Win with the compressor GHH - Ingersoll Rand.Genuine Parts as well as OEM: SOTRAS - Italy, ROTARS - DUC for all its air compressor. We are committed to providing equipment and after sales service a perfect harmony in the whole territory of Vietnam.   With a team of engineers are highly qualified, specialized in air compressor, Ingersoll Rand especially, AtlasCopco, trained professionals with indigenous peoples will provide your company a best service  . Wuxi compressor systems, Ally Win proven brand all over the world in general and Vietnam in particular through the cement industry, steel, shipbuilding capabilities through activities durability, stability long time.  More important is to reduce production cost savings in electrical energy than other products.   In addition, to dominate the competitive price the compressor on the market, Wuxi, Ally Win will give customers the right choice. Otherwise, our company also offers customers the following services: installation, repair, replacement parts and routine maintenance air conditioning systems, air compressors for all models: Ingersoll RAND , Atlas Copco, Hitachi, Kobelco, Hanshin, Fusheng, ...   With the aim of building brand and company image with "BEST-sale service" will surely bring satisfaction and customer convenience in the use of products and services of the Company We I We sincerely thank the trust and long-term cooperation of your company. Address: P612-CT5-DN3-My Dinh II - Tu Liem Tel: 04-85873111 Fax: 04-37870286


Location: South America>>Guyana

SISTEMAS ARMAZENAGEM empresa fabricante de estruturas , Companhia especializada em estruturas para armazenagem e móveis de aço, aprimorando constantemente nossos produtos e serviços. Estamos plenamente preparados para atender às necessidades do mercado, desde o projeto até a montagem final, nos mais diversos ramos de atividades e através dos mais modernos conceitos de armazenagem, logística e tecnologia de produção. Nossa proposta é fornecer ao mercado produtos de alta qualidade, através de constantes pesquisas e controles durante o processo de fabricação, utilizando sempre materiais de primeira linha e de acordo com a finalidade a que se destinam, sendo submetidos a um rigoroso processo de proteção e acabamento Address: Spain Murcia 30007 Tel: 47-33606319

LDPE virgin Prime

Location: South America>>Chile

We are from Morocco we need to import LDPE LLDPE , HDPE, Film for extrusion PVC resin for pipes (MFI , density and pictures are very convinient). to Casablanca port could you send uour offer for 16mt each Best Regards Bachir Address: bd chfchaouni km11.5 Tel: 0522666768

representation en tunisie

Location: South America>>Ecuador

IRT 28 AVENUE DE France BEN AROUS TUNIS – TUNISIA Tel : 00216 21235301 Fax : 00216 71932024 Bonjour monsieur le directeur général Nous sommes une société de représentation, nos grands clients industriels en Tunisie ont besoins de vs produis , on peut vous implanter dans le marché tunisien, notre relation est très bien avec tous les grands responsables techniques des grands industries tel que les groupes chimiques, les cimenteries, la compagnie de phosphate etc De ce fait, on peut vous représenter dans la Tunisie et avoir des grands affaires dans l'attente d'une réponse veuillez agréez mes respectueuses salutations L e directeur général ismail ben youssef tel : 00216 21 235301 fax : 00216 71 932024 Address: 28 avenue de france ben arous tunis Tel: +216 21235301

Zeppelin Systems Latin America

Location: South America>>Guyana

  JMB Zeppelin http:// SP - São Bernardo do Camp Atuação Setor:  Indústria Ramo:  Transportes   Sobre a Empresa Fundada sob o nome de Johannes Möller do Brasil (JMB) a história da JMB Zeppelin teve início em 1976. Criada como subsidiária da Johannes Möller Hamburg da Alemanha, a empresa atendeu o mercado brasileiro oferecendo sistemas de movimentação, de transporte pneumático e ensilagem de granulados e pós para a industria química, petroquímica, de cimento e minerais, estando hoje presente em praticamente todas as fábricas do gênero no Brasil, além de ter participado de grandes projetos na Argentina, Chile, Colômbia, Venezuela, México e EUA.  Negócios Produtos/mercadorias que vende: Transporte Pneumático em fase densa e diluida. Silos Blenders Moegas tanques. Automação de Sistemas Soluções para todo tipo de granulados. Interesses de compra: Fornecedores de: Motores Célula de Cargas Roscas Calha de Fluidização Automação de Sistemas Paineis Elétricos Address: Rua Joao XXIII 650 Tel: +55 11 4393 9403 Fax: +55 114392 2333

TAKVIN Technological Dedustings Co,Ltd.

Location: South America>>Guyana

Takvin Technological Dedusting company By more than 17 years of experiences is one of the most Successful companies in Iran that have improved experiences and knowledge of dust collecting , HVAC, dust & gas transfer ducts and material handling systems filelds .   We succeed to achieve the Certificate from Iranian industrial ministry and Standard & Quality Inspection institute for production of the Industrial ventilators and machinery of rockwool insulation in 1993 .   At the moment our expert designers and engineers are ready to design and execute all the below services in the related industries to : steel making , mining, petrochemical , oil , cement and textile Address: No. 1031, Resalat Exp. Tehran-IRAN Tel: +98 21 2252 1434

Cardajen Enterprises

Location: South America>>Guyana

Cardajen Enterprise is formerly known as Jensen Industries, we manufacture and fabricate all types of industrial Filters. (e. G. Oil separator, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, water filter, bag filter, strainer, hydraulic filter, pre-filter suction or vacuum filter, etc. ) or any made to order custom made filter that are applicable to all industries. We also manufacture all types of anti-vibrations mountings for engine and machines and is also a trading company Our list fo products: Oil Filter Filter Media And Filter Aids Industrial Air And Gas Filters Made To Order Filter Filters And Separators Filter For Hydraulic Systems Filter For Metal Working Filter For Lubrication HVAC Filters Filter For Liquids Packaging Gaskets O-Rings Made To Order Products Address: D Aquino St. 5th Ave Caloocan City Tel: 63-2-3620421 Fax: 63-2-3659740


Location: South America>>Guyana

PUMPS MANUFACTURER Clean Water Pumps, Dirty Water Sump Pumps, High Pressure Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Grinder Pumps, Gardening Pumps, Home Booster Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Well Pumps, Specially Pumps and Pump Accessories.  please visit our website to find the pumps you need.       Address: No 16 Lien-Ming StreetTaoyuan Tel: +886-3-371-3969 Fax: +886-3-371-3996


Location: South America>>Guyana

  Fasteners & Machine supplies Trade fair ( 17 to 19, Dec., 2010 ) brings together the international manufacturers of fasteners, local suppliers, master distributors, fastener importers and providers of machinery supplies and services. The Exhibition offers a full range of products in classified details. It displays the latest product profiles, quality, technology, machinery, general tools and machine supplies. Our trade fair is professionally managed and well planned to attract professional visitors from various industrial sectors: construction, railway, marine and automotive industries. New intelligent products are a major case show in the event; attracting Consultants, Engineers, main contractors and the field technicians.  Address: 4Moaskar st,from Gazaiar st,new maadi,cairo-Egypt Tel: 0225170729 Fax: 0225170729

Essar Shipping and Logistics

Location: South America>>Guyana

Hello, we are looking for purchasing of jet engine spares for our Dregder. Would you please let us know whether you supply such kind of engines. Request you to please send contact person name and phone nos to us by mail at Regards Anil PatilMobil +86 13998505902

ro engineering

Location: South America>>Guyana

engineering Anchor text is weighted (ranked) highly in search engine algorithms, because the linked text is usually relevant to the landing page. The objective of search engines is to provide highly relevant search results; this is where anchor text helps, as the tendency was, more often than not, to hyperlink words relevant to the landing page. Webmasters may use anchor text to procure high results in search engine results pages. Google's Webmaster Tools facilitate this optimization by letting website owners view the most common words in anchor text linking to their site.[1] In the past, Google bombing has been possible through anchor text manipulation; however, in January, 2007, Google announced it had updated its algorithm to minimize the impact of Google bombs.[ Address: USA,08 new pine st Tel: 909-877-0880

opee engg.corp.

Location: South America>>Chile

we are the exporters of agricultural diesel engines from the last 15 years with the brand name "LICO" we want the importers of Agricultural diesel engines (Kirloskar type and lister type) Tel: 0091-1824-271990 Fax: 0091-1824-271990

equipament for tattoo

Location: South America>>Brazil>>Sao paulo

Hello I would like to know about tattoo machine ink needles! I am here in Brazil want to contact for purchases you can help me if they can amndar me an email contact to talk about business thanks Hello I would like to know about tattoo machine ink needles! I am here in Brazil want to contact for purchases you can help me if they can amndar me an email contact to talk about business thanks Address: rua prudente de morais Tel: 55 11 76848840


Location: South America>>Ecuador>>El oro


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Alarm Serving San Antonio, Texas Stain Magic carpet cleaning (832)277-4160 Carpet Cleaning Serving San Antonio, Texas YB Plumbing 25$ Off Any Plumbing Service Over 350$ Call Us! (713)766-6663

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BAMR Contact Name: Graham Email: Click to email us Your Name: Your Email: Your Message: Image: Image Value: Website: Contact Number: 0216832100 Fax Number: 0216741485

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Executive Team HR Marketing Business Development Mark Jones Title: PI Legal Executive Email: Direct Line: 01823 446208 Main Office: 01823 446200 Fax: 01823 322138

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39.031.35205.28 C.F. P.IVA e Registro Delle Imprese di Como n. 03154820132 - Rea di Como n. 298939

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