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Simon Air Quality | Air Quality Professional in Ottawa

Location: South America>>Uruguay

Indoor Air Quality - Environmental Air Quality Management and Control - Asbestos Fiber Testing, Mold Spore Analyis, VOC / Emission Monitoring, Radon Measurement, Radon Mitigation. Quick, accurate, quality results to help visualize the issue. Recommendations and professional opinions offered for customer. Our experts can scan the entire house by eye and using a thermal imaging camera in order to detect common indoor environmental concerns like: condensation in the walls due to cold spots, the source of mold, or sources of VOCs. Emergency calls will be followed by a technician visit right away. Call us right away if you are worried that you are potentially breathing in harmful air-borne hazards - 613-866-2092. Humans cannot live in poor air quality. It is commonly said that indoor air is 9 or 10 times more polluted than the outside air, so Simon Air Quality wants to promote and integrate solutions to cleaner, healthier indoor air.

The OKC Movers

Location: South America

The OKC Movers are the number one  residential and commercial moving company in Oklahoma City. They provide trouble free expedient moving service,The OKC Movers-Residential & Commercial Moving Company , The OKC Movers are the number one  residential and commercial moving, The OKC Movers-Residential & Commercial Moving Company Packing service or unpacking service.

Brilliant Assignment

Location: South America>>Colombia>>Bogota d.e.

On the off chance that you need to compose a discriminating audit for a novel, a play or a hypothesis you recently mulled over and don't know how to begin composing it? There are masters out there who can help you with such an issue and compose it for you.Click Here For More Information:

BYA-SA Computer and Recycling Services (Pty) LTD

Location: South America>>Uruguay>>Florida

We are a recycling company based in South Africa, We export Lead Ore, Iron Ore, waste Oil, used fridge compressors, copper scrap, allu scrap etc Address: 5th Avenue, Florida,Johannesburg, GautengSout

YAGASAI® indústria de fibras ltd

Location: South America>>Brazil

YAGASAI® you are green and so am I collects green coconut husks from the urban environment of Great Area of Sao Paulo, Brazil.These husks are industrially processed with no chemical aditives.The products are:COCONUT SUBSTRATE (PEAT) YAGASAI® growth media 100% natural, for orchids, tomatos, strawberry, mushrooms, big peppers, roses, cactus, ornamental plants, grass yards.It doesnt contains intestinal pathogens. It has a natural high moist retention capacity and needs less irrigation. Excellent porosity, high aeration, and low weigh - it can replace , with big advantage the peat/ turf (“wetland bogs peat”) largely utilized in Canada, USA, Finland, United Kingdom , Ireland and Germany.FIBER BOARDS - for termic-acoustic insulation - no generation of garbage, no synthetics, totally sustainable. Our activity help to clean the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil and decrease in millions of tons the volume annualy sent to our dumps. We generate formal jobs and income, taxes and nice products, respecting the environment and the people. We save money for our governments, generate carbon credits, cut in greenhouse gas emissions We believe in the tripod economical feasibility, environmental consciousness and social responsability as the basis for the sustainable development. Do your part and select well your suppliers. We're doind ours.Thank you for being a responsible consumer and getting informed about the origin and manufacturing process of the products you buy or re-sell. Address: RODOVIA BUNJIRO NAKAO 45560 VARGEM GRANDE PAULIST Tel: +55 11 83659803

Kimiagarane tasfiye ab (Water Treatment Alchemists)

Location: South America>>Guyana

    We, The Water Treatment Alchemist, are proud of using the new and updated methods in water treatment industry including RO, UV, UF, NF, O3, all kind of filter cartridges, sand filter and Victulic couplings with having the expert and experienced staff and holding the official agency of Lenntech (Netherlands) ,Eutotech(Turkey) as well as So~Safe (UAE) could proceed in case of providing the technical and engineering services.   These services totally are considered of Eng designs, carrying out the economical studies of a project and equipments providing as well as installation, setup and giving after sale services which consisted the following subjects:   - Engineering design, forecasting and providing the equipment and executing      the civic filtration - Engineering design, forecasting and providing the equipment and executing    the civic waste water filtration - Engineering design, forecasting and providing the equipment and executing in order to refine and recover industrial waste water - Design and execution of refinery process and cooling water disinfection in closed circuits - Design and execution of refinery process and disinfection in ponds and the close circuit’s pools for aquatics training - Design and execution the production stations and providing the drinking water (instant or mobile) - Design serving for refinery lines and water disinfection Swimming pools consisting hydraulic calculations, equipment forecasting, (from design to execute) - Design and execution for the factory of soft drinks, packed water production consisting proceeding the economical studies design, hydroluc calculation, forecasting the required equipment (from design to execute) - Engineering design, forecasting and equipment providing in producing the processing water (food, medicine, serum and soft water industries)     Address: Unit23,3rd floor, Negine Sarv building, No 97, wes Tel: 021 - 220 73 263 Fax: 021- 220 94 724

Aqua Damas Co.

Location: South America>>Guyana

  AQUA DAMAS (water & wastewater technology) was established as a professional engineering and contracting company in the field of environmental technology.   Whether the customer requirement is for designing a water/waste water system for a new plant or re-engineering an existing plant, AQUA DAMAS process design engineers, manufacturing, and constructing capabilities are ready to serve such requirement.   AQUA DAMAS core business is to build turnkey projects, and to provide treatment schemes and relevant equipment. AQUA DAMAS is focused on the following six principal areas:   1.       Municipal water & wastewater treatment 2.       Industrial water & wastewater treatment 3.       Reverse osmosis desalination. 4.       Water & wastewater treatment systems for oil field applications. 5.       Operation & maintenance services. 6.       Spare parts and after sales services.   Address: Damascus- 43221 Tel: 00963114424216 Fax: 00963114424227


Location: South America>>Argentina>>Distrito federal

  En MARIA KAZIOPE Y ASOC ( ) comercializamos productos de calidad, procurando la mas alta satisfacción de nuestros clientes, representados por laborarios, centros de investigaciones y de control de calidad, en todas las areas de la actividad ( agro, industria, servicios, otros   ). Nuestras líneas de equipos   atienden y satisfacen necesidades de quienes trabajan en el control de calidad, la investigación, educación, protección al medio ambiente, sector salud, biotecnología, ofreciendo ademas servicios de asesoramiento y la búsqueda de la solución mas adecuada, balanceando la conveniencia de la máxima calidad y el precio mas razonable. Representamos a PRECISIONCELLUSA, las cubetas de cuarzo y vidrio óptico para toda la línea de espectrofotómetros, flurometros y afines de las marcas mas conocidas en la plaza. Tambien construimos cubetas especiales. Nos especializamos en equipos importados, y atendemos los requerimientos   de la Republica Argentina, desde las oficinas y depósitos en la Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, y el resto del mundo por medio de nuestras vinculadas con oficinas en San Diego, California, USA y Miami, Florida, USA.   Address: Lavalle Tel: 69996666

Core Recycling Agency

Location: South America>>Guyana

OUR PRODUCT & SERVICES Core Recycling Agency,is a recycling business that provides various services,refuse waste removal,waste recycling,Cleaning Services. OUR MISSION To contribute in the South Africa's economy growth,Enhancing general standard of our Society and improve their living and health condition. OUR VALUES Integrity Quality           Address: 12263Bramfisher Tel: 0760521969 Fax: 086549964


Location: South America>>Chile

inquiry for Almminium sulphate Al2(SO4)3.14H2O ,quantity 1,000 tons .. Thanks, Atheer A.Taha / G.Manager ALAZIB WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT TRADING E-mail : Fax : +971 6 7428869 Tel: +971 6 7422325 Fax: +971 6 7428869


Location: South America>>Peru

Dear Sir, SUB: C1S ART PAPER JOBLOT. Introducing our self , Forest Fibers has established a solid network of reliable suppliers throughout North America. This network allows the company to purchase directly from recycling plants, paper converting plants, printing companies, paper mills, and other major suppliers of paper products. By dealing directly with suppliers that sell in bulk, Forest Fibers eliminated the costs of resellers, and thus obtains various grades of paper products at highly cost effective and competitive prices. I am sending some picture and inventory for your kind perusal. If you have any interest please feel free to contact us. Please see details of our products grades in our website www.forestfibersinc , If you have any interest in any products please feel free to contact us. Best Regards, M. Jahangir Forest Fibers Inc., 5000, Armand-Frappier St-Hubert, Québec J3Z 1G5 Tel (450) 466-6688 ext 253 Fax (450) 466-8870 or (450) 466 3051 Email Please visit our Website to see our available GRADES.

Oxigenos De Colombia Ltda.

Location: South America>>Colombia

Praxair offers career opportunities in an environment that is creative and flexible. If you are looking for a fast-paced career where you can have maximum participation in your career growth and development, Praxair is looking for you. We welcome innovative and diverse talent that is eager to add value and productivity to our business. From developing new ideas in the lab to delivering solutions to our customers, we work collaboratively to ensure Praxair runs effectively and profitably around the world. Address: Cra. 19 No. 16 - 26 Bogota Colombia Tel: 57 - 1 - 3607000 Fax: 57 - 1 - 3607000

Woongbee Trading Co.

Location: South America>>Colombia>>Valle

We pursue new Techno-space that creates a more pleasant, stable and functional space. TECHNO-S PACE is a FULL TURNKEY SYSTEM that offers ideal workspace from design and construction to A/S. Our SYSTEM is designed to be sanitary, mothproof, provide temperature and humidity control, intercept injurious light and electromagnetic waves, and install, move and remove easily and at low cost.   * Improvement in quality of products   * I mprovement the working environment   * Elevation ENERGY efficiency   * Reduce production COST Our company imports the latest functional materials and develops ourselves SYSTEM (HARDWARE). Most of our ITEMS are not uniform and most projects are on a CASE BY CASE basis, so we can satisfy the users? need very well. [Self-developed It ems] Hardware System for Folding Curtain (Registered utility model No. 0226106) Hardware for Strip Door (Utility model pate nt pending) Swing Door for P.C, Small-size and High-speed Sheet Shutter etc. Address: Num104. Anyang Mega Valley, Gwanyang 2-dong, Donga Tel: 82 - 31 - 4220496 Fax: 82 - 31 - 4245016

Vulcano S.A.

Location: South America>>Argentina>>Cordoba

Dear Sir/Ms Vulcano S.A. is an Argentinean company with branches in Brazil & Chile, we cou nt with distributors in Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay, in permanent expansion and training reaches national and international certificated quality standard. We have interest to know your sales condition, MOQ, and prices according to purchase vol ume, your company product line and every other information you would be interested to show. Please be my guest in our web s ite I will be waiting for your reply. Aisi 304 tubes diameter 38.1, wall thickness 1 mm Aluminum tubes, anodized in silver and blue Antracita Activated Carbon for water purposes 8 x 30 par lamp 56 12 v 100/300 w Bi pin gy 6.35 12 v 100w  3000 hs lamps Dicroic lamps 12 v 50 w par 56  led lamps 12 v ais screws, nut, collar plate di chloro and trichloro swimingpool water treatment chemical pool heaters ceramic glass for swimming pools polipropylene and pvc tubes and conectors plastic raw material, ABS, PVC, PP, PEHD home water filters Address: Bv. Rivadavia 2875 Cordoba Cordoba X5022EVA Argent Tel: 54 - 351 - 4750846 Fax: 54 - 351 - 4750358

Systemdisplay Corp.

Location: South America>>Colombia>>Valle

Welcome to our Systemdisplay website. We are a specialist of premium display products, fully dedicated to meeting the expectations of today's discerning customers, understanding the paradigms of the fast changing global market, and becoming the leader of the industry. We are striving to further build our competitive strength as key business and integral commercial link to the global market. To realize growing opportunities in new markets according to this broadened trade, it has become more important to have business cooperation with a partner who has various business experiences and excellent marketing strategies. As a flexible organization with various experiences and competitiveness, Systemdisplay will make ceaseless effort to be a successful business partner and create value, which is to be done by using the synergy effect through Marketing know-how with comparative superiority, Information Processing, and Networking. We mainly handle export of Microdisplay Products such as Projector and Optic Engine, and export of PDP TV, PMP and so on. We play an instrumental role in marketing our strategic partners' (Hyundai Imagequest, LG, Neosol and Granddisplay etc) high quality products to the world and increasing its international brand Awareness. We are dedicated to improving the lives of consumers worldwide through offering high-q uality, environmentally friendly products and services. and uphold the values of Systemdisplay in every action, and recognize our esponsibility to build productive relationship with the communities through which we can all grow and thrive together. Systemdisplay expects to share the fruits and the happiness with you and our enterprise promise to take up continuous challenges and building up worldwide supplier and customer chains to lead us into the 21st century. Address: #1114, Byucksan Digital Valley II, 481-10, Gasan-d Tel: 82 - 2 - 21130452 Fax: 82 - 2 - 21130451

Technox Inc.

Location: South America>>Colombia>>Valle

Technox Inc. was founded in 1996 in pursuit of measurement technology for human and environment, and has always offered a positive response to the ?age needs? in closely related field of human such as living environment, construction environment, living environment, office environment and garment environment. Technox Inc. is manufacturing, importing and supplying various equipment and measuring devices required for research and development of emotion and sensibility technology. Today, we are striving to be the 21 st century's leading company, not satisfying the achievements we have accompli shed during the past, for innovating the areas of measurement industry and emotion and sensibility technology. We will place our main efforts on development of technology, supported by Korean government, producing a high degree of productivity as well as research efficiency. By introduction of effective personal management system, Technox Inc. will settle down achievem ent-oriented, creative and exulted self-regulated business culture. Through steady training and secure professional manpower for employment in connection with the major company projects for the purpose of developing emotion, sensibility and measurement industry area. By developing a high value-added industry of the advanced nation, our efforts will be devoted to the reputation of a leading global company. Address: B-705, Woolim Lion's Valley, 425, Cheongcheon-dong Tel: 82 - 32 - 6236500 Fax: 82 - 32 - 6236509

Lamelisa S.A.

Location: South America>>Uruguay

LP Traders is an International Commerce Consulting Company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay. It was established in July 2000, in Argentina, and from last year started working with Grupo Quality ( dedicated to provide Logistic Services and Free Trade Zone areas for business. It is a Company render ing full services of Operative Analysis and, International Trade. We are members of an Organization constituted by expertis e Professionals in the areas of Operations, where Our Mission is to offer our clients the necessary resources for the development, design, and implementation of customized Operative solutions, allowing them to keeps state-of-the art positions in an increasingly competitive environment. LP Traders works as a team with several companies around the world representing their pro ducts, exchanging information, demands, providing quotations and logistic services. We export and import Grains & Cere als; Fruits, and Vegetables; Urea & Dap; Milk Powder Cream; Edible Oil; Wines made in Argentina and Uruguay; branded products such us Alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetic, and Cigarrettes; Furnitures; Canned Food; clothing and appareal for kids. To get quotations, and delivery time, please send us your complete LOI, and banking references if you are final buyer. If you are a broker we can sign a NCND agreement to get the information mentioned above. "We would like to hear from you at anytime and do some business together" Address: PLAZA INDEPENDENCIA 759 OF. 509 Montevideo Urugu Tel: 598 - 2 - 9088038 Fax: 598 - 2 - 9153580

Decor Art Comcio e Representaes Ltda.

Location: South America>>Brazil

DEKOR ART was founded in 1988 with the intention of assisting to the retail market of ornamental stones of Brazil. The company on these years of performance expanded and it conquered the international market and they stop customers in more of 12 countries. Nowadays, the company possesses an assault productive structure and logistics to supply the markets intern and external with excellence. To guarantee the quality, DEKOR ART it is holder of exclusive quarries in some states of the northeast of Brazil, office and distribution deposit in Maceió, unit of improvement in the interior of the Northeast of Brazil and a distribution deposit in implantation phase in Germany. The mission of the company is to produce stones for floors and coverings of internal and external areas, rolled stones for gardening and landscaping. The products DEKOR ART, present great credibility and reliability due to the rigorous process of selection of the raw material and quality in the finish. The company excels for the quality from the extraction, with the due respect to the environment, until the improvement, selection, packing, service and punctuality in the execution of the delivery periods. Stone, Quartzite, Limestone, Sandstone, Pebble, Gneiss, Quartz, Irregular, Cut-to-size, Machine Cut, Landscaping, Floor, Covering, Giant, Rock Address: 19, Juca Sampaio, Barro Duro Tel: 55-82-3328-1528 Fax: 55-82-3328-1528

Fazenda Guirra

Location: South America>>Brazil

Fazenda Guirra is located at environment area in Sao Francisco Xavier. Brazil. We are producer of special native brazilian mushroom Agaricus JUN-17. Production is supervised by japanese researcher Dr. Junya Ohkubo. Enhance immune system and helps at treatment of cancer, diabets, colesterol, age ailments. Garantee quality and price. agaricus himmematsutake cancer diabets immune system natural food royal age disease reduce blood pression Brazil Address: Av Onze de Junho 875 Tel: 55-11-50817532 Fax: 55-11-50817532

Bonafrux Agricola Ltda.

Location: South America>>Brazil

Bonafrux is a company wich produces organic food, specialized in tropical fruit growing. It is estabilished in the modern Irrigated Project of Baixo Acarau, in the State of Ceara, with an area of 240 hectares. You can see Bonafrux at Nature & More Foundation website (, code 210). Concern with the Environment We k eep our planted area of organic fruits surrounded by preserved and irrigated strips of wild bush wich propitiate the increase of the biodiversity and strenghen the cultivation based on a system of ecological production. Our Mission We d evelop ecologically correct products and services, generating knowledge that contributes to Nature's preservation and to the building of a better world. Cultivations We cultivate Yellow Honeydew, White Honeydew,  Piel de Sapo and Orange Flesh melons, organic and certified. We are developing projects on pinneaple and papaya production and other tropical crops, all through organic method. Proven Quality Bonafrux is certified by the IBD - Instituto Biodinamico, brazilian certification body with a worldwide concept. We receive technical support from Mokiti Okada Foundation wich orientates us through qualified advisors. Our group of collaborators counts on technicians with vast experience on the irrigated tropical fruits crop. Address: Rua Goncalves Ledo, 1170 Fortaleza CE 60110-261 Br Tel: 55 - 85 - 40113672 Fax: 55 - 85 - 40113673

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Liberty Forge

House will handle your food and beverage requirements. They have a menu to meet your needs or will customize. Contact them at 717-691-5335 for menu selections. LET US HOST YOUR EVENT Liberty Forge and The Altland House would love to host your next golf

Les Francas dans la Loire - Les Ludothèques

ludothèque # HORAIRES : Pour les familles ¤ Le Mardi de 16h00 à 18h30. ¤ Le Mercredi de 9h30 à 11h30 et de 16h15 à 18h00 # CONTACT : # NOUVEAU Pour les collectivités et CDL : mercredi de 14H à 16H. Temps d’animation à la Ludothèque

Remembering People We Loved and Lost

the case may be. You can contact him via web( ) email: or call or whatsapp +2348077357453 or my email klinik obat kuat Guest Comment Sat, May 21, 2016, 1:41 am CDT Hello, nice

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Mortgage Leads - Exclusive Leads Bill Span phone 425.827.2431 email: In early 1992 my friends and I launched the American pre-paid phone card industry forcing long distance to soon be almost free. I started at beginning with company

Lebanese Brain

shown on Lebanese Brain to indicate the existence of job openings Start Using Lebanese Brain NOW! For technical support call: +961.1.392822 For advertising call: +961.70.237931 New At Lebanese Brain There are no postings Now Hiring Companies There are

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LA Turner Center | Call: 909.443.9545 | Hall Rental at LAX The Event Center Formerly known as Los Angeles Turner Center i s under new ownership as of February 2016: First Baptist Church of Venice P lease call (213) 204-4012 for Rentals . ____________

Dermal Fillers

available for consultation to discuss your requirements or concerns. For an initial consultation, please contact the clinic on 02 9953 9522 . see gallery photos If you would like to find out more about these procedures, please phone the clinic on 02 9953

Cairo Ga Information

Cairo Ga Information Specializing in Cairo and South Georgia Real Estate Telephone: (229) 220-1031 MLS Property Search Local Information • Bainbridge • Lake Seminole • Cairo Contact Larry Lennard Home "Your Best Local Real Estate Resource for Bainbridge

La Maison Carlier

La Maison Carlier La Maison Carlier Tailor Tel/fax : 0032.(0)67.560.035 98 Rue de la Station 7090 Braine-le-comte Belgium Me contacter Retour à l'Accueil accueil