Solomon islands Companies Charles

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

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what to eat to lose weight Sarah

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

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The Crane Resort, Barbados

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

Set on Crane Beach along the Atlantic coast, this refined resort is 12 km from Barbados Golf Club. Featuring 4-poster beds, the stately rooms include free Wi-Fi, minifridges, and furnished balconies or patios. Upgraded rooms provide kitchenettes, while suites add separate living areas with sofabeds. The 1- to 3-bedroom apartments include full kitchens, as well as dining areas and washer/dryers. Some offer private plunge pools and/or ocean views. Upgraded apartments have roof terraces, hot tubs and/or BBQs. Room service is available. The resort has 5 restaurants and a bar. Other amenities include 5 outdoor pools, plus a spa and a fitness center.

solomon wood processing co., ltd

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

produce and manufacture, export log, veneer & sawn timber all of tropical species particulary merbau, calophyllum spp., rosewood (pterocarpus spp), ramin, pencil cedar, etc. can supply at importer order option. Address: p.o. box 1374, honiara, Solomon Islands [SB], POSTCODE/ZIP: 677 Tel: 677-677-26816 Fax: 677-677-26818

Nice Honey Farm

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

This company has been registered since last year 2008, and is still in business. Address: Solomon Islands - Malaita

Village Investment Multi-Marketing

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

This company is a sole Propriertorship, doing business in a small to medium scale. The main scope of business is on marine aquaculture, farming and exporting live clam to the United states market through a local buying agent. This business will be expanded in May this year, when the volume of production will be increased to 10,000,000 spat per annum. 1,000 farmers will be engaged for this program. later in the course of the implementation of the program, the business will involved in valued-Added processing, where clam essence in the form of... Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal

GreenWood Enterprise (SI) Co., Ltd.

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

My Company is a newly established Company and has a valid license to extract logs for sale. Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal

Seawind Investment

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

Used to be selling the products locally but have decided to export maine products since the catchment area has increased and the product is abundant. This is just a small company intending to discover the world of trading business. A very energetic owner who seeks buyers of marine products. Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal

Pacific Fauna

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

Experience In Exporting And Frienly Staff Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal

Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

Involved in the promotion of seaweed cultivation in remote rural coastal communities of Solomon Islands to provide an income generating opportunity and to help raise standards of living. Address: P.O.Box R83, Ranadi, Honiara, Solomon Islands Fax: Mr. Mahuri Robertson

Zome Enterprises Ltd.

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

The company establish at 2007 with the motel, car rental, transport, vehicle/parts imports. This 2009 the company venture into an additional actives known as round log operation including small milling. It future is to settle with properties investment. Address: P. O. Box 1345, Honiara, Solomon Islands Fax: Mr. Mamu Paza(Management Depar


Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

Pan United Book Supplies imports and trades in academic and higher education textbooks, journals and magazines. We import textbooks, handbooks, and reference materials in all subjects, as well as news magazines and journals. We also write up project proposals and database management services. Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal

Contractors (Si) Ltd

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

Solomon Islands Registered company. Owner 100% solomon islander. Getting business to start again after the coups. Business here is good and very fast. Address: Po Box 1737, Honiara, Solomon Islands, Solomon Isl Fax: Ms. Choy-Lin Yim Douglas(Admin


Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

Homeland Enterprises is a small firm that exports cocoa, timber (Wood) and fish meal to various markets in Oceania and South East Asia. Tthe company was registered in 1996. The company consist of 15 employees. For further information please contact Address: P. O Box 1202 Honiara Solomon Islands Tel: 677-213-28089 Fax: 677-213-21457

C - Wind

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

A fairly new company, but committed to meeting demands Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal

Pekor Holding

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

We are exporter of live geckos, that weighs around 70 to 80 grams. The scientific species name of this gecko is called Cyrtodactylus Consobrinus, gecko vitatus. We are interested to export other wildlife species from the Solomons. Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal

Joshels (SI)Realtors and Business CS

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

The company is a realestate and business consultancy services which manages the portfolios that engage in the various products that can be marketed and exported to other countries regionally and globally. The resouces are readily available, produced locally and can be distributed through the normal channels under the MSG (melanesian Spearhead groups protocols and other trade arrangements which we hope that the Solomon Islands had the potential for exports. The Joshels realtors and Business consultancy services is a newly... Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal

Asika Organic Products

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

Asika Organic Products is a small company that produces Organic Coconut virgin Oil and Organic Cocoa powder. The company is located on the island of Makira in the tropical island nation, Solomon Islands. The company is community based and get all of its raw materials from coconut plantations and Cocoa planations owned by the community. The company is formed in January 2008. The company is owned by a family and employs six people to work on its small crushing mill. The mill can produce up to 20 litres of organic... Address: Tanuli, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, POSTCODE/ZIP: 00677 Tel: 677-00-66670 Fax: 677-00-28424

Industrial Development Division

Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

We are a governmental division in the Solomon Islands Government. We provide an information service to our general populace in regards to market research and viable industrial projects that could generate income for our largely unemployed population. Address: Solomon Islands - Guadalcanal


Location: Pacific>>Solomon islands

The company main business is logging, timber milling, construction, furniture making, and general consulting services. The company has huge concessions through out the islands and we can guaranteed a long term viable project in this industry. We can provide you with all the timber requirements that you need. Please call us today. Address: P. O Box 1577, Honiara, Solomon Islands Tel: 677-27018 Fax: 677-27019

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