Singapore Environment Companies

Tami Systemtenik

Location: Asia>>Singapore

  Tami was established in 1996 to provide one stop system solutions to drinking water contamination problems. We specialize in Point-Of-Use Water Purifiers with UV Sterilization process that provides hot/cold purified, bacteria-free water with dispensing features. The equipment is designed specially to cater to Commercial, Industrial and Residential users. This is achieved by combining the filtration, purification and sterilization processes which result in a reliable, cost effective, practical and complete water treatment equipment to meet customers’ requirements.   Address: Blk 7, #03-04 Eunos TechnoLink, Kaki Bukit Road 1, Tel: +6567420218 Fax: +6567420339


Location: Asia>>Singapore was founded in 2004 and is a Singapore based company. It is an online shopping mall which provides an easy convenient and safe online shopping environment for its customers. Apart from the service of selling pre-determined products, customers are able to request for the un-listed goods; with which we will source personally. Our merchandise caters to young and old. Educational materials, enthusiast products, sporting goods to fragrances are some of the products we will be marketing. The current focus will be on the young, middle age and trendy, in Australia, Singapore and the United States. Customers are our First Priority. Being in touch with students from the Universities allows us to understand and re ceive valuable information and at the same time promote listed products. Products and services include: ? Educational Mater ials ? Books. ? Enthusiast Products ? Car Modification    Parts ? Product Sourcing & Acquisition Having internet presence in addition to being physically present allows to be available. The target customers are overseas students namely from Australia and Singapore. The potential market is estimated to be around 100,000 customers Address: 20 Kramat Lane, #03-11 Singapore Singapore Tel: 65 - 6 - 7351488 Fax: 65 - 6 - 7389551

Green Exchange

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Green Exchange is part of a group of companies known as Communication One Group. We specialise in de-manufacturing, recycling and resale brokerage of computer, network, electronic and telecommunication products. Our clients include government agencies, schools, corporate firms and factories. We provide end-to-end solutions to aid our clients in ma ximising returns from their inventory surpluses and obsolete equipments. This includes the inspection, collection, auditing and evaluation of obsolete assets for our clients. Address: Blk 2 Beach Rod #01-4773/4795 Singapore 190002 Si Tel: 65 - 6 - 2969882 Fax: 65 - 6 - 2916047

plasMACH Equipment

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Our company activities in Asia Pacific are coordinated with a number of well established distributors and dealers, offering our wide range of products in the field of industrial automation and project development to well established customers base. We sell auxiliary equipment - granulators, color mixers, temperature controllers, hopper dryers, industrial chillers, vacuum loaders, mould racks and waste plastic bottle recycling system. Address: Blk 2022 Bukit Batok Ind Pk A #02-152 Singapore 65 Tel: 65--67633845

Inno Synergy Pte Ltd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Inno Synergy is a R&D Company researching into alternative solid fuels and fuel production methods. Our vision is to see a reduction in unnecessary deforestation and to reduce the production of harmful gases into the atmosphere caused by current solid fuel production processes. Will you join us in creating a better world to live in? Help save the environment - get your carbon from Inno Synergy :) lumpwood charcoal, charcoal briquettes, inno synergy, bbq charcoal, DIN standard, coconut shell charcoal, palm shell charcoal, kachi, mangrove, hardwood charcoal Address: 583 Orchard Road, Forum 16-01/17-01 Tel: 65-6-8325998 Fax: 65-6-67333693

SOGOMO Corp Pte Ltd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

SOGOMO / ORAPI �Brief Company Profile ORAPI (Office of Research of Application of Products for Industry) Orapi is a public listed company in the Paris Stock Exchange with a worldwide presence in 70 countries. It is currently producing more then 500 products suitable for all industries including products approved for the AIRBUS A380, Rolls Royce, British Rail, Danaone, Nestle, Toyota, Hilton, Club Med, Vatican, etc.. Three main brands: · ORAPI �Industrial Maintenance · Testron �Utilities & Hotel, Institution & Government accounts · Defgryp Oil �DIY maintenance History of ORAPI (Time Line): 1968 ORAPI created in Paris as a developer of special range of industrial lubricants 1980 Launched a new range of adhesive products 1991 Established own Research Lab in Lyon France 1995 Established own international division and contracted its first distribution network 1998 ORAPI NORTH AMERICA established with the acquisition of the Canadian Company Releasall with plant and lab 2000 ORAPI registered on the Paris Stock Exchange 2000 ORAPI LTD UK established with the acquisition of the British company Pronatur. This company specialized in the production of biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaners. SOGOMO 2003 ORAPI FAR EAST PTE LTD established with the acquisition of IGC (International Chemical Group) with its own manufacturing plant and lab. Now looking after the Asia and South East Asia regions 2004 Certified ISO 9001 and 14001 for quality management and environmental management systems ORAPI is a growing company on the world stage. In Singapore, SOGOMO Corp Pte Ltd, is appointed the Authorized Distributor for ORAPI. Lubricant, Grease, Chemical, MRO, Adhesive, glue, industrial, degreaser, cleaner Address: 6D Palm Ave Tel: 65-0-94576072

Pacific-Tec Marketing Service Pte Ltd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Representative for US, Canadian and European Manufacturers of Radiation protection products and systems. Our scope of representation is South-East Asia. Environmental Monitoring equipment Radiation protection, health physics Nuclear medicine Radioisotope Nuclear, radiation protection, health physics, radioisotopes, nuclear medicine, X-rays, environmental monitoring, spectroscopy, nuclear physics, scientific educational, survey meters, geiger counters, XRF, radioactive sources, area monitors, alpha, beta, gamma, neutron radiation, lead shielding, dosimetry Address: 67 Ubi Crescent # 04-10 Techniques Centre Tel: 65--6342-1530 Fax: 65--6342-1531

Zhang Peng International Trading

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Zhang Peng International is the largest Aloe Vera Raw Material supplier in Asia and the exporter of many food & feed additives. Main products are Acesulfame K, Aloe Vera raw material, Xylo-Oligosaccharide, citric acid, copper sulphate, Gelatin, Oxytetracycline HCL, pharmaceutical raw material, Zinc sulphate, and the environmental friendly Photo/Biodegradable Food Boxes. acesulfame k, aloe vera, citric acid, copper sulphate pentahydrate, gelatin, oxytetracycline hcl, pharmaceutical raw material, feed/food additives, xylo-oligosaccharide Address: 565, #05-+124 Choa Chu Kang St . 52 Tel: 65--9669 1756 Fax: 65--6892 4919


Location: Asia>>Singapore

PRESTIGE offers a wide variety of financial products to private sector projects in developing countries. In order to be eligible for PRESTIGE'S placement funding, a project must meet a number of PRESTIGE criteria: The project must be located in a developing country. It must be in the private sector. It must be technically sound. It must have good prospects of being profitable. It must benefit the local economy. It must be environmentally and socially sound, satisfying PRESTIGE. A company or entrepreneur, foreign or domestic, seeking to establish a new venture or expand an existing enterprise can approach PRESTIGE directly by submitting an Investment Proposal. After this initial contact and a preliminary review, PRESTIGE may proceed by requesting a detailed feasibility study or business plan to determine whether or not to appraise the project. The proposal can be submitted to PRESTIGE'S appointed industry sector specialist, to determine the viability of the proposal. Government Cooperation Although PRESTIGE is primarily a financier of private sector projects, it may facilitate finance for a company with some government ownership, provided there is private sector participation and the venture is run on a commercial basis. PRESTIGE does accept government guarantees for its financing. Pricing and Financing Ceilings To ensure the participation of investors and lenders from the private sector, PRESTIGE limits the total amount of own-account debt and equity financing it will provide for any single project. PRESTIGE provides a wide variety of financial products and services to its clients and can offer a mix of financing and advice that is tailored to meet the needs of each project. However, the bulk of the funding, as well as leadership and management responsibility, lies with private sector owners. Like other private sector investors and commercial lenders, PRESTIGE'S placement lenders: Seeks profitable returns. Prices its finance and services in line with the market. Fully shares risks with its partners. * Projects in sectors such as information technology may be located in an industrialized country if the benefits of the project primarily accrue to a developing country or countries. Address: Bukit Batok, Singapore, Singapore, Singapore(Zip/P Tel: 65-9-93801162 Fax: 65-6-5673536

Eastman Sinwa

Location: Asia>>Singapore

We are licensed government supplier in specialty products such as Military Gear n Hospital Grade disinfectant. We are in Plastic recycling, we buy all type of Plastic scrap / waste. CURRENTLY (Jan 2007) WE ST ARTED A POLYETHYLENE WAX REFINING LINE. End User of PE wax or Individual or company who have good track record or experience in PE wax are welcome to submit their proposal. We OEM Liquid Laundry Dtergent n Disinfectant. Address: Defu Lane, Defu Industrial Park Singapore Singapor Tel: 65 - 9 - 6727855 Fax: 65 - 6 - 2842988

T-Cube Systems Enterprise

Location: Asia>>Singapore

T-Cube Systems is a total integrated solution provider that supplies both equipment and customized software to meet the security and operational needs of its customers.  Taking a consultative approach, T-Cube Systems integrates customers' needs to prescribe a total integrated solution. With a team of software and embedded systems engineers, T-Cube Systems has positioned itself in the market to take on complex integrated software applications, coupled with the state-of-the-art security equipment to fufill the needs of the customers.  Working with a number of stakeholders, T-Cube Systems was involved in different engineering projects of varying scale magnitude such as greenhouse environmental control system, marine underwater surveillance system, GPS tracking solutions, satellite communications and etc.   Address: 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, WCEGA Tower #12-77 Singap Tel: 65 - 00 - 61007656 Fax: 65 - 00 - 31507656

Ssangleong Bulkhandling Private Limited

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Since 1981, Ssangleong Bulkhandling Private Limited has evolved from a small bulk bag trading firm to a full-fledged company, manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Industrial Packaging Products, such as FIBC, Container Bulk Liner and IBC Tank. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Ssangleong has established a sovereign reputation within the industrial packaging environment. Ssangleong's belief is to provide customers with high quality service including customised solutions for bags, artwork and warehousing matters. All our products are manufactured from approved materials that have passed rigid testing and inspection routines in accordance with British, German and Australian standards. Address: 72 Tuas South Street 5 , Singapore City, Other Tel: 0065-6265-7377 Fax: 0065-6264-7377

Inkstation Pte Ltd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Inkstation has been in the printer ink business for more than 6 years, and we have developed the latest technology for ink cartridges that don't require you to throw away the IC chip after your cartridge is empty. Just have to buy a refill ink tank and connect to the chip again. In that sense, you save the environment by dumping less IC chips. Inkstation's products are friendly to the environment and made of high quality materials. We welcome all inquiries from all around the world. Visit our website at xxxxx Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road Sim Lim Square #05-79, Singapo Tel: 65-0-62388757 Fax: 65-0-62388757

Ecoline Group Sdn Bhd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Ecoline Group Sdn Bhd is dedicated to the environment. We intend to provide high quality and energy efficient equipments to help reduce the effects of Global Warming to our planet. And in doing so, also help individuals and businesses save on their energy consumption. Our line of air conditioning products can save you up to 50% on your cooling costs. And our equipment uses ozone friendly materials so we won't contribute to the further destruction of our precious ozone layer. Reduce your energy consumption and generate more income! Use Sedna Aire today! Address: 460 Alexandra Road, #04-04 PSA Building, Singapore Tel: 65-6-3383632 Fax: 65-6-3380025

Harada Corp.

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Since 1923, when Harada Corporation was founded, our primary business has been import-export trading, our growth since then has kept pace with that of Japanese industry. With the recent advancement and development of information technology, fast transmission speed of information has become the norm which in turn has expanded the amount of information being made available. It has been very important that Harada keep pace with this information technology explosion therefore we have for many years been developing a system of networks as well as human and personal relationship with our domestic/overseas partners, ensuring that we meet our customers' diverse needs, timely and swiftly. The use of information technology alongside our business know-how so far accumulated has meant that we provide a very high quality service which is recognised as being truly valuable to our customers. We, at Harada Corporation, are fully aware of the serious environmental issues of our planet, therefore, due consideration to the preservation of the environment and safety of its people's is always of the utmost importance. We are truly working together to further meet our customer's obligations by offering products and services which meet these considerations satisfactory. Address: Tokyo Kaijo Bldg. Shinkan 2-1, Marunouchi 1-chome, Tel: (03)3213-8271 Fax: (03)3213-8399

Symmetric Pte. Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Symmetric Pte Ltd is an engineering company that provides products and solutions compatible with current trends and suitable to emerging needs of the industrial sector. Since its inception, the company has been actively marketing and distributing power electrical equipments such as encapsulated transformers (both Medium Voltage and Low Voltage), Explosion-Proof equipments, Electrical equipment/system for Marine & Offshore, Power Protection System all for use in harsh and highly hazard & unfriendly environment. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Encompassed in an increasingly fierce and competitive business climate, we aspire to do more than just doing the above. We have embarked into next stage of development of business portfolio as a total system integrator i.e. into the designing, constructing and integrating all the related electrical power equipments, M&E services to meet our client’s requirements. Importantly as system integrator, we give our clientele a different perspective on how they can better enhance value in their operations and we do this by anticipating and understanding deeply their requirements. So whatever the industry and their requirements, we help our client in their relentless pursuit of excellence.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Going forward, we strive to be a leading integrator (or One-stop solution provider) providing most cost-effective integration solution to the satisfaction of our client. That is to a level of quality that consistently exceeds customers’ expectations and conforms to contract regulatory/statutory requirements. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <o:p> </o:p><o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p><o:p></o:p>     Address: Blk 1 Kaki Bukit Ave. 3 #07-02 KB1 Bldg. Singapore Tel: +65 67418843 Fax: +65 67416757

Intec Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Main core business, supplier of Control Environment Products (Clean Room). Represent companies like Texwipe, QRP, Safeskins, Dryden, Phoenix Medical, Puretech Etc. Exclusive rights for sales in Singapore, Indonesia ( Batam Industrial Zone), Malaysia & India. Looking forward to expand our product portfolio by the supply of other products relating to Semiconductor, disk-drive & wafer fabrication industries. Address: 12 Little Road #08-01/02 Lian Cheong Industrial Bl Tel: 65 - 289 - 0511 Fax: 65 - 289 - 0522

Ace Pressureweld Int'l (Pte) Ltd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Ace Pressureweld Int'l (Pte)Ltd has been established since 1973, is a leading engineering company diversify to become a distributor and trading house in Singapore. We can supply competitively for the following products: 1). EDM wires 2). Metal plates, pipe fittings, flanges, tubes, pipes in Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Monel and any type of materials in ASTM, BSS and all international Grades. Apart from these, our principal also manufactures any type of engineering items as per samples and drawing. 3). Valves 4). Expanded Metal and Shelving/ racking system 5). Drilling Equipment 6). General trading : tools, cutter, hand gloves etc We are representing many reputable manufacturers' products for different types of industries. We have been supplying to overseas industries such as Myanmar, Kuwait, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Our business objective is to provide our customer value for money coupled with our strong commitment to serve them with our professional service before and after sales. As a diversified and resourceful company, we are commited in the biggest and also the smallest requirements for specific and general requirements of our clients under the most demanding environment. For further information and enquiry, kindly contact Ms Nancy Ong or Ms LP Lee at tel :65-62577181 / fax 65-67587671 or email us at    Address: 31 Senoko Loop Singapore 758163 Singapore Tel: 001 - 65 - 62577181 Fax: 001 - 65 - 67587671

SG Cromwell Pte Ltd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

SG Cromwell produces distilled drinking water which is a chemically and biologically pure distillate which meets or exceeds international standards including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States and Water Quality Association (WQA). Being free from all impurities makes it the perfect choice for special diets and baby formulas. Bottled in environment friendly collapsible PET bottles for greater convenience Available in 500ml, 600ml, 1.5 litre, 3.3 litre and 5.5 litre pack sizes. Also available in 5 gallon (18.9 litres) polycarbonate bottles for hot and cold water dispenser - suitable for both commercial and residential use. Dispensers are also available for sale or contractual renting. Address: 30 Raffles Place #23-00 Caltex House Singapore 048 Tel: 65 - 9838 - 2744 Fax: 65 - 6233 - 6800

Putera Resources Pte Ltd

Location: Asia>>Singapore

Established in 2000 and based in Singapore. Putera Resources is a supplier serving the oil & gas, power generation, petrochemical, marine, fertilizer, industrial, electrical & electronics, mechanical & other related industries. Most of our clients are based in the asean region, however we also service end users based in the middle east region. Over the years, putera has accumulated vast experiences relating to customer requirements. Armed with a well-versed product & technical knowledge, our company has since accumulated a large database of customers. We have expanded our market and now also provide IT equipment, Lifestyle product and Health-related/Environmental Products and Technology as we are focused on providing value-added services for all consumers. Address: 132 Marsiling Rise #01-222 Singapore 730132 Singap Tel: 65 - 6 - 3660802 Fax: 65 - 6 - 3660201

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