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we are directly working with the sales department of one of the leading refineries in Russia. Our refinery aimed at satisfying the needs of the able clients. Our products services are: MAZUT, D2, D6, JETFUEL, CST180. please kindly send your request to ( Address: Puskinskay region, Moscow, Russia Federation.Mosco

Mangiatorella Spa

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Mangiatorella S.p.A. is a leading company on the mineral water market in Puglia, Calabria and Sicily, and is one of Southern Italy's main companies. Address: 5, V. ROMA 98047 SAPONARA (ME) Tel: 39-090336425 Fax: 39-0903379005


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Our company LLC Si Ex (Siberia Export) is offering our customers an opportunity to purchase premium quality Siberian products that are praised throughout the world as the most nutritious healthy products because they are from the Altai Territory (it is the south-west of Siberia) that is the ecologically purest area all over the world. Address: Russia - Altay

Cantina Delsignore - Degustibus S.a.a. Di Dorelli S.  &  C.

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We are a young company working in the field of bottling and wholesale trade of esteemed wines produced in North Piedmont Region, such as Gattinara D.O.C.G., Coste della Sesia D.O.C., Erbaluce di Caluso D.O.C. and others. Ours are wines of proven quality, certified by the PDO denomination at European level. Our goal is promoting at national and international level the different varieties of the wines which are produced in the mentioned area. The wines we offer have been selected directly by us on the basis of quality standards and available... Address: Corso Vercelli 86 13045 Gattinara (Vercelli) Tel: 39-0163833777 Fax: 39-0163833777

Sakhstroiproekt LLC

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Hello, dear sirs We are able to supply Rare Earth elements. Now available: 1. Cesium metal isotope 133 Cs-99.9999% 2. Osmium 187 (long-term contract for osmium up to 100 kg.) 3. Strontium 88 metal chem Reinheit 98,6% 4. Isotope of zinc Zn 66 5. Isotope tungsten 184 W You may contact with me for additional information Will be glad to answer your questions and to help you. If this offer is interesting for you - I ask you to answer. If our suggest is not interesting for you. I am terribly sorry. Thank you for your time. Also we are able to supply Copper Cathodes 1000-5000 MT CIF port Address: EseninaYuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russian FederationR

IB Frankyel

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Founded in 2001, we has begun our activity in home market providing best food stuffs and alcoholic products with the best prices to the shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets. We also prosper in helping clients find the best supplier. We commercial agent from small to large magnitude deals. Our experience allows us today to enter the international market as a facilitator. Our purpose-to become the strong bridge to allow real both serious sellers and buyers to find each other without loss of time for an establishment of strong, long and fruitful business contacts. Having a big experience of sales representative and good knowledge of the ground, we will be your good guide for the organization of your business in Russia. We could be also your commercial representative in order to facilitate you (buyers you"re or sellers) from any country to buy or sell goods. We are regularly selling: petroleum, agricultural supplies, cement, copper cathodes, all kind of products for home, garden, business, office, health and beauty, fitness and sport: jewelry, computer, electronics, auto, industrial, real estate Address: Horoshevskoye Shosse, 23-1Moscow, Moscow regi

VR Developments Co.Ltd.

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Exclusive Exporter of "Volokonovskiy Milk Canning Plant", Belgorod region in Russia. Products: - Condensed Milk with Sugar. - Concentrated Sterilized Milk. - Full Cream, Coffee and Cacao, with Condensed Milk each. Packing; 370g tins, 300g doy-packs, 500g-1000g-1450g PET bottles. B2B packing (50kg plastic drums and 30kg convolute drums) also available. Address: 11 Planetnaya Street Moscow 125167 Russia Tel: 7 - 916 - 7581930


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We are Hola Chica & Como Esta team, We are exporter of premium quality bananas, we offer to our customer competitive price and and excellent customer service. Our company is develop to serve our customers with the best product of the market. We are very interest to expand our business and what a better idea with a company as yours. Please let us know your requirement, that we can send you a very good offer. I'll be waiting for your reply as soon as you can. Many customers had the opportunity to know Hola Chica Premium Ecuadorian bananas, we are eager that you can join the world of Hola Chica, full of excellent business opportunities, the best bananas from Ecuador at competitive prices and superior customer service. I'll be waiting for your reply as soon as you can. Address: Av. Orellana frente al Mall del SolGuayaquil,  Tel: 593-095-182262

Unified Complex Group

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UNIFIED COMPLEX GROUP is a registered and legal Marketer of Russian Origin Metal Steel Products, Naphtha Petroleum Products, Fertilizers Urea N46% Sunflower oil, Wood, Steam coal and Wheat. We also provide a direct and complete source of Reliable Suppliers to Genuine & Potential Buyers. *We are direct to the Manufacturers and Refineries that we represent.*We are not interested in Chains of Intermediaries or Brokers. Contact us if you are interested. Address: 5, Stromysky laneMoscow, MoscowRussian Federa


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we are "souzprodopt "one the biggest companies of food industry in russia. "souzprodopt" was founded in 1993 for the purpose of supplying entreprises of food industry with ingredients and raw materials. Address: shornaya 14 Tel: +79537848927 Fax: +73833632727

"UNICORN", Society Limited Liability

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Krasnodar

Good afternoon! Dear sirs, We can delivery to you a russian vodka , grape  and sparking wines, port od shipment - Novorossisk, Russia< loading  -in 20' & 40' foot containers our business e-mail" Many thanks & B.R. SLL “UNICORN”, RF, Novorossiysk Mr. YUKHANOV Vladislav (CEO), + 7 9182341035 Address: Russia, Novorossisk, Geroev desantnikov Str., 67A Tel: +79182341035 Fax: +78617607101

Applied Biotechnology, Ltd.

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We harvest, process and export raw Traditional Chinese Medicine products: velvet young reindeer antlers (Cervus tarandus), spotted sika deer antlers (Cervus nippon hortulorum) and reindeer hard horn. These products may be whole and sliced. We produce the following antler products: powder, dried hydroalcohol (Cornu cervi pantotrichum) and water extracts. deer antlers, young deer antlers, Sika deer antlers, Cervus nippon, pilose antlers, reindeer antlers, hard horn, reindeer horn, antler powder, dry extract, hydroalcohol extract, water extract, Cornu cervi pantotrichum, Cornu cervi Address: 23/2, Matrosskaya Tishina Ul. Tel: 7-095-2683625 Fax: 7-095-2691231


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Russian Quality Certificate Gost-Russian legislation requires mandatory certification for a large variety of products and equipment. In order to gain access to the Russian Market, these products must be accompanied by the original or by the certified copy of the Conformity Certificate and the GOST-R Mark of Conformity. We offer one-stop-shop for all certification requirements and ancillary services for the Russian Market. Our official accreditation covers a large number of categories of products and industrial equipment. We can affirm conformity of your products and provide them with required official documents of certification in shortest terms. Address: Leninsky Prospect 45 Office:406 Moscow Russia Tel: 7 - 095 - 7716049 Fax: 7 - 095 - 7716049

Acre Oil Limited

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WE ARE CERTIFIED SELLER OF Crude palm oil (cpo), crude palm kernel oil (cpko), crude palm stearin h/ffa (cp stearin), rbd stearin, rbd olein, super olein,rbd po from the largest producers of palm oil in Eastern Europe.We have over 10 very reliable Sellers and Refineries able to work with you to fulfill your orders. All Deals completed within 9 business days or so. Specification: Free fatty acid (as lauric): 5.00 % max Mni: 0.50 % max Iodine value (wijsmethod): 19 max (te chnical specification can be modified based on customer specification). Serious buyers/importers may contact us with detail information about their requirement: Target price, specification, quantity, destination port, time of delivery, STRICT REQUIREMENTS: ICPO AND BCL, SOFT BANK PROBE OR BG. Icpo ON LETTERHEAD. In order to issue an accurate soft qu otation we do need the DETAILED Buyers Letter Of Intent (LOI) WITH TARGET PRICE. If You are broker please inform if the target price includes / non includes commission and Your commission size. We have a crude palm oil trading division, which trades palm oil products like: - sunflower oil - soya bean oil - olive oil - avocado oil From Malaysia,Russia and o ther countries.We have experience working with different intermediaries,buyers and sellers around the globe, including Aust ralia,china, uk, Russia, united states, Canada, South Africa, Romania, Dubai, southeast Asia and the India. We are ready t o issue the FCO but it would be a waste for us if you are not a genuine buyer. Because we believe in genuine business. The payment terms would be transferable revolving DLC / BG through Top 25 Prime World bank. Procedures: 1. Issue us loi and t hen we will produce SCO / FCO. Or 2. For immediate process, issue us ICPO with complete BCL Then we will produce draft SAP for approval and Contract. An exclusive policy to help our genuine clients who are in need of their goods immediately to g et it as soon as possible. Address: PROSPECT AVENUE PLOT 11 MIRA MOSCOW 74951 Russia Tel: 79 - 26 - 6379722 Fax: 79 - 26 - 6379722

Cariba Group Ltd

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Our company is engaged in export of raw european human hair. We sell russian hair of european quality for custom wigs, extensions, wefts. Single drawn hair. virgin, raw, european, human hair, for sale, wigs, extensions, wefts, remy, sell, buy, russian, wholesale, hair, unprocessed, natural, long, single drawn, grey, hair sellers, wig makers Address: Lenina str. 12 Tel: 7-910-9508077 Fax: 7-910-7572536

Ussuriyskiy Balsam

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Kalinin

USSURIYSKIY BALSAM is one of the biggest manufacturers of alcohol drinks of the wide range in the South East Asia is ready to cooperate with you. USSURIYSKIY BALSAM is interested in exporting vodkas, beverages, balsams, Herbamarines, syrups etc, on mutually profitable conditions. The main peculiarity of the drinks produced by the JSC Ussuriyskiy B alsam is that all of them are health-giving as they are made of ecologically pure wild herbs and roots of the unique Ussuriyskaya Taiga such as ginseng, schizandra, eleutherococcus, aralia, cedar nuts, etc. Besides all this useful and rare biologically- active substances of sea origin-zostera, kelp, calamari, mussels, scallop, crab, and sea urchins-are also added to the drinks in appropriate portions. JSC Ussuriyskiy Balsam is  by rights proud of the Balsams which are by all means &n bsp;divine elixirs  for people. They are made of  the extracts of the unique, world-wide famous  herbs and roots of the Ussuriyskaya Taiga such as ginseng, schizandra, eleutherococcus, aralia,  cedar nuts ,etc. There are more than  20 different wild herbs and roots in each Balsam! USSURIYSKIY BALSAM has experience in deliver ies of alcohol drinks (including original Russian Vodka and cognac) abroad. We export our goods to the USA, China, Korea, Canada, Australia etc. The International Standard ISO 9001 certifies JSC Ussuriyskiy Balsam.   Up on your request we offer you our price-list of all the products ready for export delivery. The terms of delivery are FOB-Vladivostok. The terms of payment are 100%prepayment upon the Sellers notification the product is ready for delivery & upon the invoice the Seller gives the Buyer. The Seller delivers the goods to the Vladivostok seaport within 10-15 days from the date of prepayment receiving by the Seller. The prices pointed in US dollars are approximate as much depends on the volumes and regularity of deliveries. So it is negotiable. Address: 39, Kalinina Street Ussuriysk Primorskiy Region 69 Tel: 7 - 4234 - 320527 Fax: 7 - 4234 - 315051

Winson Industries LLC

Location: Asia>>Russian federation

Dear Sirs, We are international trading/wholesaler company with offices in Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Our experience teach us so many years that delivery time and prices are the most important thing for the relations between the trading company and importer. The philosophy of the company is to share with the buyers and partners the benefits from the mutual activities. Our main products are lump sulphur, gypsum rock and phosphogypsum. Gypsum origin is Uzbekistan, where we have our own factory. We produce phosphogypsum for melioration of soils. Can supply lump sulphur 99.5-99.9% purity of Russian/Kazakh origin both on DAF China border (Dostyk / Alashankou) and CFR China sea ports. Buyers from China are preferably. Photos, specifications, past shipment performance proof are promptly available upon receiving your serious inquiry. We don't give prices here as prices are being changed day by day. From our side - stable supply during whole year. Please contact us by email for more details on the products. We are also always ready to work with brokers on commission basis. Looking forward to establishing long-term business relashionships with you. Best regards Sulphur, Lump, CFR, Acetic, Acid, Gypsum, raw, plaster, Phosphogypsum Address: Amira Timura, 18, Tashkent Tel: 7-918-5130815

JSC Ussuriyskiy Balsam

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Kalinin

Our company Ussuriyskiy Balsam is well-known Russian manufacturer of alcoholic beverages (original Russian vodka, bitter beverages based upon natural components found in Taiga antlers, rare curative plants). We are glad to propose you our products and ready to cooperate with your esteemed company upon mutually profitable relations. If you have any interest, please, do not hesitate contact us. vodka cognac balsam bitter beverages spirits rum Address: 39, Kalinina Str. Tel: +7-4234-320527 Fax: +7-4234-+7(4234)315051

Marine Business Management (MBM), LLC

Location: Asia>>Russian federation

As a trading company based in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia, MBM is specialized in trading frozen fish & seafood from the North Pacific Ocean & Far Eastern Russian waters. We provide management services and financing & technical assistances for fishing companies and plants in Far Eastern Russia on a long-term cooperation being a reliable seafood trader of marine products such as Salmon, Salmon Roe, Pollock, Pollock Roe, Mackerel, Cod, Herring etc. Based on firm relationship between credible Russian suppliers and buyers from Asian, American, European countries, the company sells and buys quality-assured seafood from materials to processed products all over the world. seafood, fish, hng, far east russia, frozen, pollack, fillets, cod, herring, hellibut, sell, buy, sea, fishing, equipment, salmon, roe, export, trader, distributor, Address: 50 Let Oktyabrya Ave. 152 suite 34 Tel: 7-4152-231003


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Jewellery Our firm sells polishing system Siepmann PA 17 R-K-S with 3 automatic polishing machines and manual feeding of the workpieces. - Simultaneous processing of 20 table spoons, 24 coffee spoons and up to 32 forks because of a working area with a width of 1000 mm (40æ–?. - Easy handling of the machine because of the pneumatic workpiece racks (handling with 1-3 operators). - Highest quality due to optimised buffing movements between the buffing rolls (patented) and 50% less buffing compound consumption. - Modular system consisting of 3 buffing stations, depending upon quality output requirements. The system also will consist from: the lathe for machining of rolls, spare complete set of rolls, complete set of working circles. The system worked less than 1500 hours. A fine condition. Very low price. JSC INTERSILVERLINE, Russia, Kolchugino, the Vladimir area. Production manager Igor Prilepkin. Address: Kolchugino, Vladimir area Tel: +7-09245-+7 916 3806742 Fax: +7-09245-91520

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