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Alpha Studio

Location: Asia>>Russian federation

Black and white images are colored and processed to produce a color digital image. The color image looks so real that one cannot detect that it has been developed by coloring a black and white image. Our specialists can restore old photos,Repair Photos, Photo Retouching, improving the color and contrast, removing any wrinkles or scratches, replacing torn fragments, and repairing fading and water damage to produce a flawless digital restoration.


Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Kamchatskaya '

At RedSun Tours, we offer shore excursions & tours from cruise ships in St Petersburg, Russia. Get the best travel experience at reasonable prices. Contact us today! Enjoy the tours!Are you looking for private tours in St Petersburg, Russia? Book customized private and group tours at reasonable prices with Explore the attractions & beautiful sightseeing of St Petersburg with us!  st petersburg tours


Location: Asia>>Russian federation

We are "Gaz Spetsstroy-22 LLC" an Sales Authorize Representative to the Reputable Refinery in Russia Federation.Our reliable Company is willing to supply and deliver D2 Gasoil, Mazut M100, JP54,Crude Oil from our Refinery allocation of the said Product to Potential & interested Reseller or Buyer. Best Regards,Managing DirectorAlexander Bakhtin  

OJSC RN-Nakhodkanefteprodukt

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>moscow

OJSC RN-Nakhodkanefteprodukt, is one of Rosneft biggest Subsidiaries, OJSC RN-Nakhodkanefteprodukt  owns a refinery and an the only oil loading terminal in the port of Nakhodka, and also controls all rosneft’s oil terminals in all Russia commercial & major ports in the Maritime Territory of Russia Federation. The port of Nakhodka  terminal is mainly used to export oil products manufactured at the OJSC RN-Nakhodkanefteprodukt, Komsomolsk Refinery, the Angarsk Petrochemical Company, Polyarnoye Siyaniye Company LLC and the Achinsk Refinery. The transshipment capacity was about 7 mln tons of oil products a year but in 2014 was increased to 20 mln, likewise all rosneft’s terminal has increased their efficiency and capacity to load. Our refinery has the capacity to refine petroleum,petrochemical products & chemical products of all kinds and all kinds of petroleum products including D2, JP54, M100-75 (95) JET A-1, LNG, LPG, etc.In 2013, the Company shipped 6.96 mln tons of oil products via the Nakhodka terminal (with export and domestic bunkering). This is a record high over the 46 years the terminal has been in operation.OJSC RN-Nakhodkanefteprodukt operates refinery plant  & between 7 to 10 storage tank farms in each port of Russia federation (drilling and refining of oil and gas products), shore tank  Leasing, and also provides freight forwarding, calculation and control of loading / unloading of cargo at all the port in russia federarion, a review of services, delivery of food courts, provision of vehicles and freight forwarders to carry out orders ship loaders, cargo, storage/transportation of crude oil and icebreakers in the Arctic. Thus, a single application filed with the manager, you can get a full range of services required by the ship. Passengers who organized and executed OJSC RN-Nakhodkanefteproduktsafe, fast and convenient. Our refinery has the capacity to refine 5million metric tons of D2, 330 million barrels of Jet fuel, 5million metric tons, m100-75 5million metric tons, LNG 5million metric tons, LPG 5million metric tons per mont We also control all ROSNEFT, GAZPROM, LUKOIL,RUSSNEFT personal private underground pipeline which are linked to special giant storage tanks/tank farms in Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, primorsk,Tuapse and Bunkering terminals. But these private pipelines are for only buyer dealing directly with these refineries.

Frisomat Russia

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Smolenskaya '

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Piter Klining

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Orel

Professional professional window cleaning, residential house and office cleaning services in Saint Petersburg and Petersburg area. we provide best, specialized and quality services all over the country and different parts of the country. Our clients are well satisfied in the field of cleaning, house cleaning services, maid services and commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning.Kazanskaya 26/27 Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg 190000 Russia78124099100info@piter-clean.ru


Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Krasnodar

We are an authorized direct mandate company to genuine Petroleum End Seller Company/Refinery in Russian Federation. We have been given an authorization to negotiate with any buyer across the globe on their behalf for any transaction. OOO "Express-Oil" is happy to inform you that we are working as an authorized mandated company directly to them. We are capable to supply the following products: Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO), Diesel Gasoil (D2), Diesel Fuel D6, Diesel Gasoil Low Sulfur (ULSD), Diesel Automotive Gasoil (AGO), Diesel Fuel EN590, Mazut, Aviation Kerosene/Jet fuel (JP54), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Bitumen, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Base Oil, Urea, Di-ammonium Phosphate(DAP) and NPK at a very reasonable competitive price. Contact us for the latest updated SCO for your Buyer's kind perusal. Skype:    Express.oil Tel:  +7 499 390 8649 Mobile: +7 926 035 4527

Vacvet Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>moscow

We export vaccines and diagnostic kits for farm animals, poultry and wild animals produced by Federal Government Research Institute, Russia under GMP standards. We assure top quality of these vaccines of European standard under State control. GMP certificate. OIE & FAO certified regional laboratory in Russia.The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has assigned two international statuses to our Institute: “OIE Regional Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease” and “the OIE Collaborating Centre for Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia”.The status of FAO Reference Centres for FMD for the countries of Central Asia and Western Eurasia which confers on our institute, number of functions and obligations, the principal of which are: • provision of services as a reference laboratory for FMD in emergency situations to FAO member countries; • providing scientific and technical support to countries which are members of the " Road Map of Western Eurasia " in the "Ways of the progressive control of FMD OIE / FAO "; • Support monitoring programs of post-vaccination immunity in the countries of the region". We can supply FMD vaccine of any combination requested by clients.Please send sms to +79166711829

Kontour ETC

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Novosibirskaya '

Founded in 2003 Kontour ETC has been producing equipment of its own design for complex servicing, prompt calibration and repairing of means of communications, primarily for stationary and portable radio stations.Our devices are highly competitive in price-functionality ratio.Among the main advantages of our products can be distinguished the following:·MultifunctionalityWe produce devices, that replace the whole set of equipment necessary for maintenance of means of communications.ReliabilityOur products have a high mechanical and electrical reliability through the using of modern materials and technologies.MobilityDevices is lightweight and compact, that makes them portable and allows to use them in field conditions.PrecisionHigh precision of measurement is achieved by digital signal processing.PriceThe unique price-quality ratio. Similar devices much more expensive.WarrantyWe are confident in our products and provide two years worldwide warranty for all of our equipment.                                                                   During the 12 years of existence our devices have been recognized in Russia, received many positive feedbacks from leading experts in communications of major companies such as Gazprom, Russian Railways, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports, and other organizations.Development and production of our devices we provide by ourselves, as well as provide them with prompt delivery.

Sentek Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Sverdlovsk

The Sentek company’s principal activity is design, development, manufacture and marketing of thermocouple (extension and compensation) cable and wire.  The Company was founded in October 2006 in Russia, Yekaterinburg with an objective of catering to a growing requirement for high quality customized cables. The main products of company are thermocouple cable (PTV, KKMSE, SFKE), heat resistance mineral insulated company (KNMS), thermocouple mineral insulated cables (KTMS), cables for resistance thermometers (KMMSE, KMFFE), high-temperature cables (up to 1200 deg C) and many others. We can make all types of insulations such as PVC, Teflon, Fiberglass, Ceramic Fiber, Silicone, Thermoplastic Elastomers and all type of termocouples conductor materials for type N (Nicrosil - NiSil), type K (Chromel - Alumel), Type L (Chromel - Copel), Type J (Ferrum - Constantan), Type E (Chromel - Constantan), Type T (Copper - Constantan) and also compensation for type S (PtRh - Pt) and type B (PtRh - Pt). Sentek company have international ISO 9001:2008 (quality management systems), ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management systems), ISO 28000:2007 (secutity management systems for the supply chain) certificates, nationals GOST R (Russia) and TR TS (customs union) certificates. Our company sells products all over the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belorussia Republics and other former republic of ex-USSR. The company is a privately held company. The company offers several value-added services and custom programs to assist customers with their wire and cable requirements and aims to provide safe and innovative tools to the all type of industry.Sentek strives for growth in new and existing markets and provide cost-effective and quality solutions for the electrical connectivity requirements of business as well as domestic users by offering high quality, customized cables at lowest price, and with best service and unfailing commitment.


Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Krasnoyarsk

Russian Mid Volatile, Low Volatile and High Volatile coal directly from Kras Coal Company (KCC, Russia).High Quality. Better organization of logistics. Possibilities of supply up to 250,000 MT monthly.  Payment via Russian bank of first-tier.  Low Volatile Coal. High quality. Volatile – 9-15%, Sulfhur no more 0,6%, Net Calorific Value – 6000-6500, 6500-6800 kcal/kg. Mid Volatile Coal. High quality. Volatile – 17-33%, Sulfhur no more 0,6%, Net Calorific Value – 6000-6500 kcal/kg. High Volatile Coal. High quality. Volatile – 33-40%, Sulfhur no more 0,6%, Net Calorific Value – 5000-5500, 5500-6000 kcal/kg.

Yurkovich Petrochemicals

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>moscow

Dear All,This is an official request for genuine buyers that we Yurkovich Petrochemicals have the following available products for sales,* RUSSIA ORIGIN DIESEL GAS D2 OIL GOST 305-82 * RUSSIA ORIGIN MAZUT M100 GOST -10585/75/99 * RUSSIA ORIGIN AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL GRADE 54 JET FUEL. * RUSSIA EXPORT BLEND CRUDE GOST 51 858-2002 / GOST 9965-76 * LIQUIDIFIED PETROLEUM GAS .GOST 20448-90 * FUEL OIL CST-180 * DIESEL GAS OIL ULTRA-LOW SULPHUR DIESEL 10 PPM / 500 PPM * RUSSIA LIQUIDIFIED NATURAL GAS * UREA 46% PRILLED & GRANULAR (RUSSIAN ORIGIN) * BITUMEN GRADES: 40/50, 60/70 AND 80/100Don't hesitate to revert back to us if interested on any of the petrochemical products listed below, which will enable us send our SCO back to you as we look forward to establish a long term business relationship with you.Hope to hear from you soon.Regards Mr.Andrei Yurkovich. Tel: +79268013768 Fax: +79261044880 Email: Skype: andrei.yurkovich1


Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Adygeyskaya ao

OOO «Khamzat-oyl» is a leading provider for Oil, Gas and Chemicals, producing and exporting company here in Russia with full legal responsibility, under the penalty of perjury in Russian Federation. We have many years experience of financing, construction, management and operation of the oil and gas industry in Russia. Attracting foreign investment and long-term loans for expansion and reconstruction of oil and gas facilities in Russian Federation. Our Technology Organization works collaboratively with our Exploration, Production, Drilling and Completions organizations to maximize the value of our global assets. We advance technologies with collaborative efforts that offer participants opportunities to develop ideas quickly, effectively and at lower cost.


Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>moscow

We ""ATLANT OIL LLC"" is registered in Moscow, Russia Federation since 2005. We are a mandate company to various oil Refineries in Russia Federation with full corporate and legal responsibility, under the penalty of perjury confirm that we are ready, willing and able to sell the following products: MAZUT, D2 GASOIL, JP54, LNG, LPG, D6 VIRGIN, REBCO, JET FUEL A1, EN590, UREA, CST-380, GASOLINE 95 OCTANE and BITUMEN and these products are available both on CIF and FOB both in Russian ports and Any other safe world port all around the world. If you are interested in transacting with us kindly contact us via: Skype : Telephone : +7 903 16 89 687 Email: Best Regard. General Director: Alexander Kruglov


Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>moscow

N.S ENERGY was established in 2001 with annual turnover of 500 million US dollars, I Mr. Nikolay Sergeyevich has dwelt a long time in the international Exploration & Production scene with an extensive track record, market-leading insight and experience in the Russian independent E&P sector.N.S ENERGY is merely focused in linking buyers together in the motive of transacting business, the company is well knowledge and recognize in this field and mainly registered with major Russian refineries.We are honored to support the continued leading role that the new Russia plays in fulfilling much of the world's global energy requirements in Construction and equipment supply for industrial plants for power and gas sectors, oil and gas industry is expected to play a key role in a balanced global energy portfolio for decades to come, and it is our job to help the industry meet its emerging energy and environmental commitments.

Original Novelty passports, driver's licenses, ID cards,birth certificate, diplomas

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Bashkirskaya avtonomnaya sovetskaya sotsialisticheskaya respublika

Changing nationality or making any quality fake or real documents for work and travelling? then you have come to the right place. we producer countries like countries such as ; Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, e.t.c. Passports with chip for the following countries are also available for : Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, e.t.c. We can also produce documents such as work permit, for UK, USA, Italy just to name a few. -IDs Scan-yes -HOLOGRAMS: IDENTICAL -BARCODES: IDS SCAN -UV: YESContact Email...........pericdocument27@gmail.comGeneral Support.........pericdocument27@gmail.comPhone number............+23798409449Canada Cards United States Cards Student Cards International Cards Private Cards Adoption Certificates Baptism Certificates Birth Certificates Death Certificates Divorce Certificates Marriage Certificates Custom Certificates High School Diplomas G.E.D. Diplomas Home School Diplomas College Degrees University Degrees Trade Skill Certificates Social Security Validate SSN Number divorce papers University degrees counterfeit dollars,euroWe are the best producer of high quality novelty and real documents. We offer only original high quality passports, driver's licenses, ID cards, birth certificates, stamps, visas, universities diploma and other products for a number of countries like: USA passports and Driver licence  Australian passports,and Driver licence  Belgium passports,and Driver licence  Brazilian passports,and Driver licence  Canadian passports,and Driver licence  Finland passports,and Driver licence  French passports,and Driver licence  German passports,and Driver licence  Netherland/Holland passports,and Driver licence  Israel passports,and Driver licence  UK passports,and Driver licence  Spanish passports,and Driver licence  Mexican passports,and Driver licence  South African passports.and Driver licence  Diplomatic passportsThis list is not full. To get the additional information and place and order just contactContact Email.............pericdocument27@gmail.comGeneral Support..........pericdocument27@gmail.comPhone number............+23798409449


Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>moscow

OJSC Alor Groups is seller of petroleum product of Russian origin , our aims and obligations to satisfy our customers demands without any disappointment or failure. Address: ul. GURYANOVA, 67, p. 1Moscow, Russian Federa

PT. Bahagia Sentosa jaya

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Tula

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Jl. Sam ratulangi no. 143, POSTCODE/ZIP: 41120 Tel: 62-061-77880606

Shinsok Trading Corp.

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>Tula

Importer/Dealer of Korean Use Auto SupplyPlease Imform If You Interested.Contact:411 - 6254 - 972 - 3385 Address: Batulao, POSTCODE/ZIP: 1600 Tel: 63-30-6589095

J.W Co.

Location: Asia>>Russian federation>>moscow

We are a leading jewellery and fashion products provider in Russia. We hope have a good chance to cooperate with the reliable suppliers in Asia and customers from all the world. We have good design and marketing chanels in Europe. Address: # 8, 236 Road, Waky Street, Moscow, POSTCODE/ZIP: 698761 Tel: 7-9-67561066 Fax: 7-9-67561065

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visits for all party types! click . for our full list of characters. for more information or to book a Jam Time party, call 978-897-2917 use to create invitations. click to see our different party themes. a $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required when

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dinner and I am going to be here late, I’ll make sure they have it,” concluded Gold. For questions or advance orders, please call 845-821-1364 or email [email protected] B’nai Shalom is located at 300 Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange. By Jill Kirsch

Batik Class

time to prepare the materials for the class, it is always a good idea to make a booking 2 hours before the class. Call us at (60)3-2145 1133 or use our online form to make a booking! Price List Cotton Silk Time Handkerchief (30 x 40 cm) RM 50 RM 80 60

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Jacksonville Powersports 10290 Atlantic Boulevard Jacksonville , FL 32225 US Phone: 904.641.5320 Email: Fax : 904.641.2105 Manufacturers Current Can-Am Motorcycle Cruiser Touring 2017 Spyder® F3 Limited Starting at $29,849.00 2017 Spyder

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Jan Algermissen Jan Algermissen Programmer and Software Architect Email: [email protected] Phone: ++49 (0)40 89700511 ++49 (0)177 2831440 A detailed resumé is available in German: PDF . Publications [1] SERUBA - A New Search and Learning Technology

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headstones, ceramic pictures and photo porcelain for gravestones Via Brenta, 11 - P.O. BOX 524 - 36100 VICENZA - ITALY Phone: (39) 0444-928499 Fax: (39) 0444-928711 P IVA 01277760243 - email: - 2011 Italian Memorial

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