Nutrient Additives Companies

365 Fitness

Location: North America>>United states>>maryland

Andy’s personal training programs focus on physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions of health and wellness.  He understands first hand the process of weight loss and has lost over one hundred pounds and is currently training for Iron man 140.6 distance. He is ACT certified which means he is held to a higher standard of care, including confidential training. He is prepared to develop an exercise program specific to your needs and will inspire you to elevate your level of physical fitness.ContactAdress365 Road,Cambridge Maryland 21613Website https://andysmcconnell.comPhone 443-205-9455  

Restaurant Menu Analysis & Labeling | Gluten Free Restaurants – Gipsee Inc

Location: North America>>United states>>Colorado

Gipsee – Food Allergen Management. Gipsee provides nutrition analysis services covering nutrient analysis, food nutrition calculator and restaurant supply chain solutions .Gipsee’s API for restaurants is developed to analyze restaurant menus and ingredient in real time regardless of any dietary restriction. It also allows to integrate with other systems, making a complete digital dining restaurant.Contact Us at :Gipsee Inc3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, #575, Denver, CO 80209Email at : info@gipsee.comVisit :

Diet House

Location: Asia>>Qatar>>Ad dawhah

Stay healthy and fit with diet restaurants Doha, Qatar. Being one of the best restaurants in Doha, Qatar we provide you healthy meals without free calories while others give you meal with many calories. Enjoy delicious and healthy food at Diet House as only we can help you in maintaining your healthy diet meal. Check out the menu list and place your order!

Shandong Xiangchi Jianyuan Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia

Dear Sir,Nice writing to you again.This is Ivy from Shandong Scents, manufacturer of Fructose corn syrup in China. Fructose syrup is widely used in beverages, such as soft drinks, juice, etc.We have been supplying to Coke and Pepsico in many coutries for years. It's very long time since our last communication. As to Fructose corn syrup, our production line has been enlarged in year 2015. The totall capacity is 450000MT yearly.Then we can offer you more competitive price with high quality. Do you have any purchase plan recently?Then our best offer will be sent to you accordingly.Thank you. Sincerely looking forward for your response.Ivy Shandong Xiangchi Jianyuan Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd>>Factory ADD: NO.172, Bocheng wu road, Boxing County, Bin Zhou city, Shandong province, China

Body Uprising Enterprises

Location: North America>>Canada>>Ontario

Grass Fed Whey Protein | Only 1 Ingredient - USDA Organic Whey Protein 17 From Cows That Graze On Organic Grass Pastures. Don’t Be Fooled By ‘Natural’ Claims.Health, muscle gain and fat loss depend on a complex interplay of chemical processes and hormones. When we eat non-organic foods (which may contain by pesticides, fertilizers, hormones or heavy metals), these delicate processes may become unbalanced. So if you are serious about building a strong, lean, healthy body, you should ideally stop consuming non-organic, processed protein powders and use a pure whey like Protein 17.

Hubei Liangzi Xinglong Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Hubei

100% natural fish collagen peptide hydrolysate hydrolyzed fish collagen powder, hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide, food grade fish collagen peptide, food grade fish collagen powder, marine collagen, hydrolysate fish collagen, fish collagen powder, fish collagen peptidenatural hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide -food grade derived from fish scale, completely soluble to water, odorless, whiteApplication: Additive for Nutritional food, functional beverage, pharmeceutical products, cosmetics, other health and skin care products. Certificates: COA, KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000. Main features:1. colorless and odorless: pure white, completely solube in water, no color change, no smell 2. high purity: reach 99.99%; high protein contents: more than 97%; high absorption rate: more than 95%, ash less than 2% 3. small molecular weight: under 1000 dalton, can be absorbed by our body easily. 4. Top quality, newest processing technology and advanced equipment. 5. Stable production capability: direct producer of fish collagen peptide powder with capacity more than 600 tons per year.  6. Delivery time: 20 to 25 days;  Packaging: 10 kgs/drum, 15 kgs/drum; drum size: (400*460mm) Please contact Mr. Luo for details: Michael LuoHubei Liangzi Xinglong Import & Export Trade Co., Ltdsales4 at collagen777 dot com hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide, food grade fish collagen, hydrolyzed fish collagen powder, 100% pure fish collagen, hydrolysate fish collagen peptide, hydrolysate fish collagen powder, food grade fish collagen powder, water soluble fish collagen, fish collagen hydrolysate        antioxidants & antiaging, moisturize skin, skin firming and elstic, skin whitening and smoothening, lightening of age spots and wrinkle reduction hydrolyzed fish collagen powder, hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide, food grade fish collagen peptide, food grade fish collagen powder, marine collagen, hydrolysate fish collagen, fish collagen powder, fish collagen peptidenatural hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide -food grade 

Rose Foodstuff Chemistry Co.,Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China

 offer food and pharmaceutical ingredients   Dear Sir,     Good day to you! Pleaased to write to you. We are chinese food and pharmaceutical ingredients supplier. Below is our main products, if you have demand on any of them, please contact us freely. Acidulant Fumaric acid, Tartaric acid, Malic acid,Citric acid,EDTA acid. Thickener Xanthan gum,Arabic Gum,Pectin,CMC,Corn starch,Maltodextrin, Propylene Glycol.   Nutrition enhancer  Soy lecithin,MSG,Soy protein,Wheat gluten,Soda ash,Sodium caseinate,Vanillin. Phosphates   Calcium phosphate,Potassium phosphate,Sodium phosphate,Magnesium phosphate. Sweetener    Sodium cyclamate,Sodium saccharin,AK,Erythritol,Sucralose,Aspartame,Xylitol,Dextrose,Mannitol. Preservastive   Potassium sorbate,Sorbic acid,Sodium benzoate,Sodium erythorbate,Tannic acid,Nisin, Propyl gallate. Pharmaceutical Ingredients  Vitamin searies, Naproxen,Naproxen Sodium,Theophylline,Aminophylline,Metroidazole,Secnidazole, Nifedipine,Clarithromycin,Glimepiride,Azithromycin.  Sincerely hope to cooperate with you in the future.   Best regards   Roscuro Kar Rose Foodstuff Chemistry Co.,Ltd Web: Add:7th Street Industrial Area, Yixing Bu, Beichen District,Tianjin,China.   Cell phone:0086 18630892772   Tel:0086 22 86993662   Fax:0086 22 86993661

Young Cosby Trading Co.

Location: Pacific>>French polynesia

We are currently supplying ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate, citric acid, sodium benzoate granular, and taurine. But we are not limited to these products.  We also provide trading as to having access to suppliers all over the world. Feel free to contact us. Nolan Peterson, account manager skype: ceo.nop office: 1+3184069555 Address: Elizabeth City, NC Tel: 1+3184069555

Qingdao Free Trade Zone United International Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>China

United International. Inc. (Terio Corporation) founded in 1994 owns four factories and one R&D. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting food ingredients and aromatic chemcials. Products with KOSHER, HALAL, ISO9001,ISO14000, HACCP, are mainly exported to America, Japan, Europe, Australia, Korea & Middle-East markets.   “United International” (Terio Corporation) could supply: Acesulfame-K(ACK), Aspartame(APM), Sodium Saccharin, Surcalose, Dextrose Monohydrate, Dextrose Anhydrous, Maltodextrin, Corn Starch, Corn Syrup (Maltose syrup, Glucose liquid) Non-Dairy Creamer, Vital Wheat Gluten, D-Xylitol, D-Xylose, Maltitol 50%/70% syrup / crystalline powder, Sortitol 70% solution / crystalline powder, Mannitol, Fructose Crystalline powder / F55, Isomaltitol(Palatinitol,Palatinose,Isomalt), Isomaltose, Fructooligosaccharide(FOS), Xyloseoligosaccharide(XOS), Galactooligosaccharides(GOS), Polydextrose, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Alginate, Nisin, Natamycin, Calcium Propionate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Arachidonic acid(AA, ARA), Docosahexaenoic acid(DHA), Conjugated linoleic Acid(CLA), Lutein, Marigold Oleoresin Lycopene, tomato extract, Glucono-Delta-Lactone(GDL), Sodium Gluconate, Calcium Gluconate, Fumaric acid HWS/CWS, DL(L)-Malic Acid, DL(L)-Tartaric Acid, Instant Rice(Precooked Rice, Quick Rice) Maltol / Ethyl Maltol, Vanillin / Ethyl Vanillin, Diacetyl, Acetoin, Strawberry Furanone(FEMA NO.3174), 4-Methyl-5-(beta-hydroxyethyl) thiazole (Sulfurol, FEMA:3204) 2-Acetyl pyridine, 2-Acetyl thiazole, 2-Acetyl pyrazine, 2-Acetyl pyrrole, Delta-Decalactone, Delta-Dodecalactone, Delta-Undecalactone, Delta-Nonacalactone, Gamma-Valerolactone, Gamma-Decalactone, Gamma-Undecalactone (Aldehyde C-14), If have any idea, please feel free contact with us Best regards, Nickle Shang (Mr.) Sales Manager Rui Yuan United International Inc. Qingdao Free Trade Zone United International Co., Ltd 18/F, Huaren International Building, 2A Shandong Road, Qingdao, China 266071 Tel: +86-532-86069596;83891501~9 Fax: +86-532-83893695 Ext:16 Moible Phone: +86-13964283007 Email: SKYPE: nickleshang MSN: Yahoo Messenger: Address: 18/F, Huaren International Building, 2A Shandong R Tel: +86-532-86069596 Fax: +86-532-83893695

(lina at snowlotusbiotech dot com)Daxinganling snowlotus bio-technology Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Heilongjiang

lina at snowlotusbiotech dot com DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd. reposed on DaXingAnLing where is the only no-pollution forest in the world. The company is a research and production of specialized enterprises plant extracts. It has advanced extraction facilities and recruit top-ranking extract technicists. Our mainly products are stevia extract,plant extract,herbal extract,huperzine A, blueberry extract,lingonberry extract,cranberry extract,rose hip extract,elderberry extract,oat extract,maca extract,fucoxanthin etc for more than 600 kinds of products. they can be used for beverage,cosmetics,Nutritional supplement,medicine. We can provide the products with high quality and reasonable prices. We sincerely hope you can be satisfied with our products and services. Address: 10 Guanghui Tel: 86-452-6166168 Fax: 86-452-6166200


Location: Africa>>Algeria>>Tlemcen

We Produce CARUMA (carob powder for human food = substitute of cocoa) and CARANI (carob powder for animal feed) All our production is exported to different European countries and would like to develop more our market and establish new relations ships with new partners from your country if need be.   Address: Rue Bouabderrahmane Fg Agadir 13000 Tel: 0021343236151 Fax: 0021343236152

long river enterprise limited Germany

Location: Europe>>Germany

  Long River Enterprise Limited is one Global Supplier of food ingredients for food and non-food industry   We focus on Food Solution and optimizing resources to save cost and redundant efforts,on making best use of timely and accurate information to help secure stable supply while consistently providing quality products through our uniquely designed total quality assurance program   With years of development and unique culture,Long River Enterprise Limited is becoming high-quality professionals ,we can offer all-round service for your demands and would like establish the long term cooperation together and make our customers realize the soul of "Good Solution From Here"  Email: longrivergroup(at)gmail(dot)com Address: hamburg Tel: 008613573820386


Location: Europe>>Sweden

We -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Tel: 0736787255

Location: Asia>>China>>Heilongjiang

Dear  sir:         Nice to meet you!We are one of the main manufacturer on natural plant extract, our plant is outstanding next to wild forest named DaXingAnLing. Here is our special items for your reference: 3) elderberry extract(anthocyanin),cranberry anthocyanin,blueberry anthocyanin 7) oat exract 9)20-hydroxyecdysone60%/95%. 12)icariin98% 13)Garcinia Cambogia P.E.60%HCA 14)Yohimbine extract 15)Silibinin/salicin 16)Syringa oblata extract     17)Leonurus japonicus extract 18)Datura metel extract 19)Aesculus hippocastanum Extract 20)mulberry anthocyanin5%-25%anthocyanin 22) Genistein98%(Sophora japonica L) 23)Lycoris radiata extract(NIH)99% 24)Centella asiatica extract10%-98% 25)Chlorogenic Acid 95% 26)vitamin 27)luteolin98% 28)salicin98% 29)Kaempferol98% 30)Synephrine98% 34)stevia extract 35)ginkgo extract 36)chlorophyll           Those are our strong products and we can say we are the sole manufacturer of aboved items in China. In case any of them interested by you, please let us know your required quantity,desination, by sea/air / air courier in details.At the same time , we can  supply free sample 10g to test.Looking forwards to your early and favorable reply. Warm regards, Miss Linda Sales Manager MSN; Add:18 YongXing Street, XiaoYangQi  Town,Songling District, DaXingAnLing  City ,HeiLongJiang ,China Post: 165000 Company name: DaXingAnLing Gadol Sports Ingredient Address: DaXingAnLing Tel: 0086-452-6102658 Fax: 0086-452-6102659

shandong juye sunnyfarm natural products co.,ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Shandong

  SHANDONG JUYE SUNNYFARM NATURAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD is a high-tech corporate enterprise devote to Garlic and other natural plant active ingredients R&D, manufacture and sale. SUNNYFARM NATURAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD has been found for more than 4 years. Depending on particular agriculture products resource and research and innovation skills, we have developed and manufactured garlic extract (Black garlic, Allicin, Alliin), Red yeast rice (function red yeast rice and water-soluble Red yeast rice), olive leaf extract (Oleuropein, Hydroxytysorol), honey suckle extract (Chlorogenic acid) and other natural products. Sunnyfarm have established global sale network and products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and many other countries and area, Sunnyfarm have cooperated in-depth with many supplement suppliers and nutrition manufacturer worldwide on products and technology. Moreover, Sunnyfarm is the top exporter of garlic series extract. Sunnyfarm has 2 million square meter standard planting base in Shandong and Xinjiang province. Head office occupies an area of 100, 000 square meters with 128 employee, 38 of which are professional and technical personnel .It is comprised of Shandong Juye Sunnyfarm food factory, Shandong Juye Sunnyfarm natural products Co., ltd and specially equipped R&D centre. Sunnyfarm has set integral system from GAP, R&D, Quality control, pilot plant test to production which under direction of ISO9000 during long-term cooperation with biological engineering college of Jiangnan university, College of Life Science of Sichuan University, Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other top institute. Sunnyfarm win high praise by customers from home and abroad and has been rewarded “High tech enterprise” by Shandong province government, “The agricultural science and technology industrial production leader enterprise”  and “the technical innovation experiment site enterprise” by Heze city. Sunnyfarm is supported by the Innovation Funds for Small and Medium corporation from Nation’s Technology Ministry in 2009. Sunnyfarm always insist on “innovative agricultural modernization for human health, pursuing the harmony and unity between human beings and nature and providing good quality natural active ingredients for human. Sense of worth Realistisch and pragmatisch sein, try best to develop as a vigor enterprise with innovation, Corporate Citizen with social responsibility and good and reliable health food, health product supplier. Enterprise mission Respecting nature and life; pursuiting health, harmony, sustainable future; devoting to spread health, happiness and environmental life style; communicating with green and organic nutrition; proving nutritious food with health and happiness. Address: east of renmin road, juye, heze, shandong Tel: 86-530-8366576

Ningbo Jeing-Yuan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

Ningbo Jeing-Yuan Biotechnology Co.,Ltd specialize in the manufacture of various Amino Acids and Nutritional Supplements, we supply the products as follows: L-Arginine Base L-Arginine Hcl L-Cystine L-Cysteine Base L-Cysteine Hcl Anhydrous L-Cysteine Hcl Monohydrate Creatine Monohydrate Alpha-Ketoglutarate acid L-Ornithionine Hcl S-Carboxymethyl-L-Cysteine(Carbocysteine) L-Glutamic acid L-Glutamine L-Aspartic acid L-Asparagine L-Citrulline L-Phenylalanine L-Tyrosine L-Threonine L-Proline L-Hydroxyproline L-tryptophan L-Isoleucine L-Leucine L-Histidine Hcl L-Valine L-Alanine L-Serine L-Methionine L-Carnosine L-Carnitine Base L-Carnitine Hcl DL-Methionine L-Norvaline L-Norvaline ethyl ester Hcl L-Arginine L-Pyroglutamate N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine N-Acetyl-L-Leucine N-Acetyl-DL-Methionine N-Acetyl-L-Methionine Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hcl L-Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate(1:1)&(2:1) L-Ornithine alpha-Ketoglutarate(1:1)&(2:1) L-Tyrosine alpha-Ketoglutarate(1:1)&(2:1) Creatine alpha-Ketoglutarate(1:1)&(2:1) L-Arginine L-Aspartate L-Ornithine L-Aspartate L-Arginine ethyl ester Hcl L-Citrulline ethyl ester Hcl L-Glutamine ethyl ester Hcl L-Tyrosine ethyl ester Hcl L-Leucine ethyl ester Hcl L-Valine ethyl ester Hcl Creatine ethyl ester Hcl L-Arginine L-Malate(1:1)&(2:1) L-Citrulline L-Malate(1:1)&(2:1) L-Arginine DL-Malate(1:1)&(2:1) L-Citrulline DL-Malate(1:1)&(2:1) Address: 103,Yuehuayuan,Fengshan St. Ningbo Zhejiang 315400 Tel: 86 - 574 - 62605696 Fax: 86 - 0574 - 62605696

Yigeda Bio-Technology Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Beijing

YIGEDA BIO-TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is one leading manufacture of chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer in China since 1999. Our products including: LONG-TERM SLOW REALEASE CHEMICAL FERTILIZER, ORGANIC FERTILZIER, SEAWEED EXTRACT FERTILIZER SERIES, BIO-FERTILIZER, MICROBIAL FERTILIZER, SOIL CONDITIONER, PESTICIDE AND PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS. We have a first-class expert team which is composed of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and PhD supervisors; we also have the most advanced production facilities in China; we have been certificated with ISO 14001 and ISO9001, our products have IMO certificate and all of them are register in China. Welcome to visit our company.   At present, we are seeking for importer, formulator and distributor from overseas to promote our products into your market and benefit from it together with us. (We can supply brand-name products, raw material and custom-tailored service.)   If you want to know more about us, please refer to our website and   Our main products to export are given below: Ø   Long-term slow release fertilzier. Special for grains. Ø   Specialty Plant Nutrition Series (including silicon compound granule for strawberry, silicon compound granule for rice, polyglu compound granule for wheat, corn, banana, etc.) Ø   Mcrobial Fertilizer Series (including soybean rhizobium preparation, bio-nitrogen fixing fertilizer, peanut rhizobium preparation, etc.) Ø   Seaweed Extract Series (including soluble seaweed extract powder, concentrated seaweed extract liquuid, etc.) Ø   EDTA Series( EDTA-Fe-13, EDTA-Fe-6) Ø   Polyglu Nutrition Series(including soluble poly glutamic acid powder, poly glutamic acid nutriment, etc.) Many of our products can be used in organic farming.   Address: Room B711, The gate towder,No.19,zhonggauncun stre Tel: 86 - 010 - 82486291 Fax: 86 - 010 - 82486585

Changsha Huakang Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Hunan

CHANGSHA HUAKANG BIO-TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specializes in developing and producing natural botanic extract, located in Changsha High-tech Development Zone. It is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters in China, with more than 120 kinds of herbal extracts. The annual turnover is up to RMB58 Million. Our mission is ?The sincerity is essential, the quality first?. Since our establishment, we devote ourselves to the separation and extraction of natural plants. We strive to be a professional supplier for the industry of cosmetic, medicine, food, health & beauty products.       In our researching center, there is a full set of advanced quality testing equipment such as HPLC, TL GC, UV-UIS CE, and etc. According to GMP, our working room is equipped with equipment facilities for water purification, extraction, concentration, refinement, dryness and cold dryness equipment for making capsules, tables and etc. They all ensure the good quality of our products.       With our modern management system, experience research team including the Tutor, Specialist, Doctor and Master; rich resource of medical materials in Yanling, Zhang Jiajie and etc, we have successfully developed the products for losing weight, Anti-tumor, declining blood pressure, lowering-cholesterol, increasing sex etc. Among which, the Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese compound herbal extracts, Chinese herbal powders, Green tea and black tea extract take unique advantage in oversea market.       Our products were exported to more than forty countries such as Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, South-east Asia and etc. We aim to become the best manufacturer in the world and to promote Chinese herbs to the world       We provide high quality products with competitive price for our customers. We sincerely hope to establish long-term business relationship with friends from all over the world and makes mutual benefits for both of us. Address: Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tongzip Tel: 86 - 0731 - 88809323 Fax: 86 - 0731 - 88809325

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