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Power Factory Productions

Location: North America>>United states>>Texas

Power Factory Productions is the best in professional audio visual equipment rentals in Houston. As one of Houston’s top audio visual equipment rental Companies, we specialize in concert and touring equipment and production, as well as corporate events, audio visual services, festivals, special events, and sales & installations. We are a full service, turn key provider. Keyword:DJ Equipment Rental Website: Address:4344 North Gessner Rd.HoustonTX77041 phone:281-630-6900

Classical Guitar Machine Heads - Guitar Tuners

Location: North America>>Canada>>manitoba

Buy Classical Guitar Machine Heads from Gilbert tuners. We have the wide range of guitar tuning pegs and heads with long life guarantee and enjoy life with us. Shop with confidence as we do wholesale too: Guitar tuners, Guitar machine heads, Ukulele tuners, Ukulele machine heads!Gibert Tuners-Greg & Val Matonis Phone: (650) 364-6677 273 Hudson Street - Redwood City, Ca 94062 Email:

Smart Equipment Solutions

Location: North America>>Canada>>Ontario

Smart Equipment Solutions is your one-stop shop for best automotive equipment solutions and services in Ontario and Western Quebec. With 30 years of automotive experience, you can feel confident in dealing with Smart Equipment Solutions. We are the exclusive sales and service provider of BEAR CANADA in eastern Ontario.Our Bear territory ranges from Picton to Que border and Gatineau to Maniwaki and Pembroke. We are proud to be the distributor of some of the best performing and warrantied equipment in the market. With educated sales staff, Smart Equipment solutions can provide with a turn key quote on your equipment needs, installation, training and after sales service of anything that you require for your business. Give us a call and you won't be disappointed . Address: 121 Kinross Pvt Kanata, K2K 3P9 Tel: 613- 294-4455 Fax: 613-254-9959

Pro Trading U.S.A.Co

Location: North America>>United states

Selling replica,counterfeit in U.S.A is illegal. We only have business with legitimate business owners who wants to purchase authentic designer brands for wholesale. You should provide your reseller's permit, business license before you request wholesale price. All our designer brand import from Italy authorized shops who are authorized t o resell in U.S.A and paid U.S.customs duties. If you know about designer brand market distribution, you will not ask for the sample because they are expensive items. There is no more 2006 products in Italy authorized shops except outlets so pl ease do not request for 2006 products except class model products. If you are looking for items(2007 S/S New collection) wh ich I do not have in my website most of them I do not have, please send me your wish list with your information. I do not know all the designer handbag price,quantities so I have to contact Italy suppliers to find out quantities, price. If you have knowledge about designer handbags market, you know their quantities are very limited due to their brand image. If any wholesalers, distributors provide a great deal of quantities for same one model, they deal with counterfeit,replica. It w ill take 2~3 days to respond your request. If you are looking for replica handbags,I am not the one who you are looking for . I only have business with authentic designer brands. If you have any questions,feel free to contact us. we will be h appy to assist you. Address: 15007 Hartsook St Sherman Oaks CA 91403 USA Tel: 1 - 213 - 2917564 Fax: 1 - 213 - 2919994


Location: North America>>United states

We are online marketing company offering web solutions such as web design, SEO, PPC, Maintenance and Branding. We are also interested in partnerships with other companies (Joint Venture) to reseller their products or promote their companies. We are mostly interesting in solar system and solar panel products. We are based in USA (California) and France (Bordeaux, Antibes). Website, SEO, PPC, branding, maintenance, webmaster, 500sky, webdesign, Solar system, Solar panels, solar products Address: 7104 Cross Creek circle #D Tel: 650-714-0842


Location: North America>>Canada

We are sales agents and independent distributors representing several suppliers throughout the world. We pride our business in locating and distributing merchandise priced below wholesale. We can represent your company under agency agreement or as contracted sales agent. Please feel free to contact us at: contact at imets dot net or constant.moyopo at imets dot net. You can also visit us at imets dot net. Wood products (IROKO, PACHYLOBA, etc.), Fertilisers (Vermi Casting, Urea 46%), Rice, Steel products Address: 2450, Blv Laurier C.P. 36028 Tel: 1-418-948-1157 Fax: 1-418-948-9036

Encore Gourmet Food Corp

Location: North America>>Canada

Encore Gourmet, one of North America's largest retail and industrial food manufacturing companies. Located in one of North America's most vibrant cities, Montreal, Canada. One of the world's largest and fully integrated manufacturers of bottle spices and ramen style noodles. -FDA, CFIA and HACCP rules and Regulations str ictly enforced. -ISO 9002 Certifications -Kosher Certified -Member of American Spice Trade Association -Cus tomer service is our priority -Modern research and development Facility with sophisticated team of Experts. -Ma chinery design and fabrication. -Extremley competitive pricing. -High speed production lines -Branded and private l abel products Available. Address: 22000 TransCanada Hwy Baie Durfe QC H9X4B4 Canada Tel: 1 - 514 - 4578800 Fax: 1 - 514 - 4578990

E K Stone

Location: North America>>Canada

EK Stone is a Canadian company specialized in supplying steel products to end users throughout the world. With our well-connected network of foundries situated in Europe, China and South America, we are committed to reliably bring high quality steel products to our customers. Our competitive pricing and dependable service, including purchasing, inspection and arrangement of shipments has helped us establish a solid customer base worldwide. Steel products. Steel billets, slabs, blooms. Hot rolled and cold-rolled products (coils, plates, sheets, rods, beams). Stainless steel. Steel tube. Rebar. Address: 90 Trailridge Crescent Tel: 1-416-8293785 Fax: 1-416-4080258

Royal Canadian Steel Inc.

Location: North America>>Canada>>Ontario

About Royal Canadian Steel Inc., Canada WELCOME For the past sixteen years Royal Canadian Steel Inc., Canada has served its customers around the world, by offering them timely and value-creating, exporting secondary and excess prime steel products like Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Tin Mill Products and other types of Steel products. Our focus now is on ensuring that we continue to serve you even better, leveraging our expertise in the areas of Secondary and Excess Prime / Over Rolled Steel Products. We craft solutions for our custo mers and create value for them. We constantly improve the way we serve our clients. If you think that we can be of ser vice to you, feel free to drop me an email, spelling out your needs. We would be happy to ascertain how best we can serve you. We work collaboratively with our clients and encourage two-way communication so that our solutions provide the best fit with your requirements. If you wish to know more about Royal Canadian Steel Inc., Canada you are welcome to visit our website - The name Royal Canadian Steel inspires trust and confidence in millions of people around the world, and we want you to be one of them. Best wishes,   R Address: 70 Titan Road Brampton Ontario L6T 4A3 Canada Tel: 1 - 905 - 4547274 Fax: 1 - 905 - 4547220


Location: North America>>Canada>>Quebec


SKF Steel, Inc.

Location: North America>>United states

SKF Steel is an International Steel Trading Company.  We stock upwards of 10,000 Metric Tons in Flat Rolled Steel Products.  We deal in Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Cold Rolled Electrical Steel (Non-Oriented), Aluminized, Galvanized, and Galvannealed.  We can offer material in Prime, Excess Prime (Over-Rolling) and Secondary Quality.  We have the ability to slit, level, and blank to your size as well as export package and containerize product.  Please look to us for your next steel requirement. Address: 2646 Highway Ave., Suite 112 Highland IN 46322 USA Tel: 1 - 219 - 9232558 Fax: 1 - 219 - 9232572

Lombard Metals Corp.

Location: North America>>United states

Wholesale Distributors (buyers and sellers) of discount steel products. This included new, surplus, secondary, and salvage. We deal in steel coils, sheet, plate, beams, angles, channels, pipe, tubing, etc. We also handle stainless steel and aluminum along with other products from time to time. steel coils, sheet, plate, beams, angles, channels, pipe, tubing, etc. Address: 3 Bala Plaza, Suite 202 West Tel: 1--215-922-6855 Fax: 1--215-922-6467

Careport Warehousing Inc

Location: North America>>Canada>>Ontario

We are a supply chain and logistics company located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our facilities have 50 ton overhead cranes & forklifts (65,000 lb capacity) for loading & unloading overseas containers, trucks, and rail cars. We have 10 years experience in servicing the metals industry as a transloading and transfer station. If you require more information on the steel products for sale, or on material handling, warehousing, transloading, and distribution, please email me at xxxxx or call me, Torrey Cipriani at 905-529-6389 ext. 309. Address: 400 Longwood Rd South, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada(Z Tel: 1-905-5296389 Fax: 1-905-5294039

Pacific Ocean Seafood Products

Location: North America>>Canada

Our company, Pacific Ocean Seafood Products is a Canadian company that mainly exports Canadian species to European markets. We have a representative based in Hangzhou and are looking to expand our company into the Chinese market. We have a variety of seafood species available to suit your needs. We also have available Sugar Icumsa 45, oil and refined diesel products. Please feel free to contact Marcus Hausner at email xxxxx, MSN xxxxx, Skype marcushausner or mobile +86-571-13957184610. Address: 1086 6th Ave. East, Prince Rupert, BC, Canada(Zip/ Tel: 86-571-13958174610 Fax: 00000-0000000-000000000000

Light Vision Corporation

Location: North America>>mexico>>mexico

We are a trading and consulting company located in Monterrey, Mexico. We produce gel products and distribute temperature indicators, data loggers. In the consulting branch we help with storage and material handling services, supplier development. In the trading area, we help find supplies for any need around the globe. We have qualities inside the company that assures that our staff have values and quality standards for the work they do everyday. Address: Priv. Rosendo Ocanas No. 5, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Tel: 52-81-83481911 Fax: 52-81-83484276

Highland Feather Manufacturing Inc.

Location: North America>>Canada>>Ontario

1. HF is one of Canada's largest manufacturers and distributors of branded and private label down duvets and down pillows, as well as imported feather beds/pillows, bed linens and accessories. 2. All our products are available in open stock and are not subject to minimum order requirements. 3. Over 15 years distributing branded and private label down and feather filled bedding products, bed linens and accessories to Canadian Retailers. 4. Highland Feather maintains over $4 Million in raw materials and finished goods to ensure customers receive timely product delivery 5. Company owned premises, high capacity warehousing and EDI compliant. 6. Solid Senior Management Team, Financial Stability and dedicated to providing superior Customer Service. 7. Local and International Sourcing Specialist ensure our ability to maintain a competitive stance with product and pricing. 8. HF down duvets carry a 10-25 year warranty period and our Local and International QA Specialists ensure product quality from start to finish. 9. Down duvets and pillows are produced using Canadian Down and internationally sourced down and feathers. 10. Our down fill is subjected to Canadian Standard Testing by the International Down & Feather Laboratory & Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah. 11. Trademark products include our Down Touch Pillows and Beds and our Aller-safe anti-microbial sanitizer. 12. In-house creative team responsible for developing and co-developing a wide selection of products and packaging for Branded and Private Label products currently being sold by our customers. Address: 171 Nugget Ave., Toronto, Ontario/Canada, Canada(Z Tel: 1-416-7547443 Fax: 1-416-7542116

Organic Ingredients

Location: North America>>United states

Organic Ingredients is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of certified organic industrial food ingredients. Our products include fruit and vegetable juices, concentrates, blends, purees, IQF products and vinegars. We also offer Private Label products for food manufacturers, retailers and food service companies worldwide. Address: [] Tel: 831-685-6506 Fax: 831-685-6504

Adams, Kramer & Gordon resources Group, Ltd.

Location: North America>>United states

Export/Import-Americas Trading Company is an International Trading Company and a direct factory representative for many companies worldwide, offering many private label products, including our own CARIBBEAN GOLD LABEL. With offices and staff operating around the clock from one of our 3 locations: 1) Sunrise, Florida, USA, 2) Shenzhen, China, 3) Nassau, Bahamas we are always available to assist your needs. The primary business activities include procurement of products and providing export services to our clients; including better prices and timely deliveries. Many executive staff members at Export/Import-Americas Trading have well over 20 years experience in international business. While our business activity is worldwide, we do have expertise in the regions of Asia, the Americas and Caribbean marketplace. We can efficiently and professionally provide products, equipment, and parts to any country throughout the world. Clients may use our services to save time and money when purchasing products from any region in the world. Export/Import-Americas Trading Company will coordinate, expedite, and ensure your products will arrive at your designated final destination anywhere in the world. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at fair market prices. Export/Import-Americas Trading looks forward to the development of long-term business relationships. Address: [] Tel: 1-516-7796555 Fax: 1-866-8738176


Location: North America>>Anguilla

We are UK-based company, we have our own manufactories. We are producing and exporting middle to high level products to American and many European countries and middle east. Our products mainly: Jeans, handbags, bedding sets. . All the products will be shipped directly from our factory to your local port. We accept L/ C or T/ T payment. We looking forward to have business with you and we'll ensure to provide competitive cost price with hight quality products. Address: 117 The Headrow Road, Leeds, UK, United Kingdom lo Tel: 44 - 7045 - 711651 Fax: 44 - 7031 - 820744

Innovative Steel

Location: North America>>Canada

We are Innovative Steel based in Brantford , Canada. We are member of since September, 2008. Our business is related to Minerals & Metallurgy industry and we specifically deal in light gauge stud. Please find our product details below: Light Gauge Steel Stud I have a list of light gauge steel stud available for sale. Looking for cash offers. Please contact me if you wish to recieve a copy of the list. It is currently in Canada but I can ship to the US. Light Gauge Steel Stud I have a list of light gauge steel stud available for sale. Looking for cash offers. Please contact me if you wish to recieve a copy of the list. It is currently in Canada but I can ship to the US. Thank you for taking the time to go through our business profile. If there are any question, inquiry or comments, please feel free to contact us. Address: 148 Mohawk st. Brantford Onatrio n3s-7g5 Canada Tel: 1 - 519 - 7525929 Fax: 1 - 519 - 7526428

Inventory Showroom | New South Tractor | Newton North Carolina

Inventory Showroom | New South Tractor | Newton North Carolina Call 828-468-4895 Like New South Tractor on Facebook! (opens in new window) Follow New South Tractor on Google Plus! (opens in new window) Follow New South Tractor on Ebay! (opens in new window


members of the American Association of Endodontists. They are uniquely qualified to offer you the best in endodontic care. Call 201-487-5444 (River Edge) or 201-944-9392 (Fort Lee) with any questions or to schedule an appointment. New Jersey Endodontists

Newmark Homes: Galway Home Plan Newmark Homes

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Inventory Showroom | Nelson Leasing, Inc. | Willmar Minnesota

Signup Read Testimonials Submit A Testimonial Contact Us Contact Nelson Leasing, Inc. 2700 E. Hwy 12 Willmar , MN 56201 US Phone: 800.247.9002 Email: Fax : 320.235.7780 Other Years: Manufacturers Current International Heavy-Duty

Endovascular Surgery and Therapy | Neurosurgery and Endovascular Associates

Endovascular Surgery and Therapy | Neurosurgery and Endovascular Associates CONTACT US | PHONE: 414-488-1111 | FAX: 414-488-0700 Menu About Contact Us About Arvind Ahuja Conditions Procedures Patient Testimonials About Our Staff Stroke Awareness Month

Newell Real Estate Group - Sellers Resources - Albany, Saratoga, Troy, Schenectady, New York

Newell Real Estate Group - Sellers Resources - Albany, Saratoga, Troy, Schenectady, New York phone (518) 265-1956 home about listings for buyers for sellers contact For Sellers For Sellers Newell Real Estate Group can help you set a realistic price, figure

Hinge Manufacturer | Continuous Hinges | Stainless and Aluminum Continuous Hinges | Northeast Hinge Distributors, Inc.

90 .42 .68 17/32 .125 EPHC125 Stainless 1.25 .090 1.06 .68 .95 17/32 .187 Click Here to Enlarge Charts Order by Phone Call 1-800-882-0120 Office Hours Monday thru Friday 8:00 - 4:30 (US Eastern Time Zone) E-mail us your special requirements and we will


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the summer or contact Tom Rhodes at . For more information on sustainable tourism, contact Alex Naar at (252) 737-1346 or via . Gulf Oil Spill - NC Response Plan ( Source: VISITNC Weekly Newsletter ) Oil from