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Trash2Cash is a waste recycling company in Nigeria and we wish you stretch forte our hands of patnership to any recycling company interested in partnering with a waste company in Nigeria. our major material is nylon. A non-biodegradable material. our company has a deal with the Government of the most populated state in Nigeria which is Lagos to help sort & recycle the already gathered waste. any interested company should get back to Ajayi Ayodeji. via Tel: +234--802-831-7802

VFK Head Corp.

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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our?website. I hope that you will have the opportunity to learn about the past, present and the future of VFK Head corp. As a leader in the plastic thermoforming?industry, VFK Head ?strives to partner in the success of our customers as we value not only the quality of our products, but also the health and safety of people and the environment. To this end, we are committed to maintaining our leadership position and competitiveness, focusing on further strengthening our competitiveness in core businesses areas and to developing specialized and products with high added value. We are also committed to developing and supporting new businesses, including those related to environmental and electronic materials. We are also working to provide the optimal quality and customized services through our conti nuing research and development projects, committed to remaining a leader in the plastic thermoforming?industry. The company?s sound and stable operation are being further enhanced through business engineering activities designed to promote greater cooperation among employees, increase savings in energy and cost, and to improve productivity and quality by ensuring a healthy corporate culture. Thank you once again for taking the time to visit our website. I hope that the materials here will prov ide you with a better understanding of our company. Address: Rm.204, Ungjin Plaza, Deungchondong 682-2, Gangseo Tel: 82 - 2 - 36613106 Fax: 82 - 2 - 36643106

AP Electronics Co., Ltd.

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AP Electronics Co., Ltd. is a worldwide leader in design, technology and service of L.E.D. (light emitting diode) display systems. We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing the world's best products and services to our clients. We started the manufacturing and sales L.E.D. business in 1995 since then we have become recognized as leader in our field and we are reaching for ever greater. We have much experience in the field of L.E.D. display industr y with many installations and are capable of Research & Development manufacturing quality L.E.D. display systems We no w offer indoor and out door display products in full color and also provide portable display systems and truck (or trailer) -mounted type displays for various events upon the client's needs. As a creator, AP Electronics Co., Ltd. is continual ly improving quality and service of our products, while maintaining a state-of-the art technology adaptable to today's rapidly changing technological environment. We will do our best to meet and exceed our customers needs and to become the world's l eader and preferred brand name in display industry worldwide. Address: 3F Daedong Bldg., 210-17, Junghwa-dong, Jungrang-g Tel: 82 - 2 - 34376100 Fax: 82 - 2 - 34364634


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Introduction Dexter King Ventures Limited is an indigenous Company operating in Nigeria. First as a trading company that has grown from the modest beginning into a premier procurements organization operating in the international market place supplying all sectors of industry. As a result of this the company has evolved into a major supplier of material and equipment for the oil and gas petrochemical educational industries. We work with our  associated partner Kenford International Limited UK. The principal promoters are Mr. Emmanuel Akoji CEO and Mr. Odugbo IAS Managing Directo r, Miss Eni Ekeoza. Public relation officer, these individual, who have extensive experience in the respective Management, and Engineering discipline dedicated themselves to the Company in establishing a well structural organization that meets the need of our clients as regards, Integrity, quality and service. Over the years the Company has established a reputation for unparalleled expertise in the sourcing and supply of equipments, spare parts. We invite you to work with us in this proje ct. We are confident that you will be totally satisfied with our performance. AREA OF SPECIALIZATION Our supply Service s include but not limited to: supply of Laboratory Equipment to Higher institution in Nigeria  this also include manpower supply services in any areas of Engineering Services, Training and  consultancy. In the Oil sector, our serv ices also include the supply of Telecomunication equipments,Traps, Pipe stoppers (T.D. Williamson) Electric motors and spares. Light fittings, Navigation aids, Orifice meter runs, Level Gauges. We are well known rated  Environmental Impact/Assessment Studies Consultant Services provider by shell petroleum company Warri Nigeria. Dexter King supplies numerous custom ers in the petrochemical such as Shell Pet. Dev. Coy. , ChervonTexaco Nig. Ltd.,.( we are place with them to  source from the most competitive source or manufacturerT Address: 4 ERIYAMREMU ST OFF AIRPORT WARRI DELTA 234 Nigeri Tel: 234 - 8033 - 577024 Fax: 234 - 53 - 254642

Niger Delta Development Commision

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In order for us to appreciate the past five years NDDC, it is necessary to go a little down memory lane. The region is characterized by extreme poverty, serious dearth of serviceable infrastructure, environmental degradati on occasioned by oil spillage, violence and youth restiveness. It has been the least developed region with about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, and millions of youths are unemployed. The region has some unique characteristics, w hich tend to make development very challenging. It is for instance, the third largest wetlands in the world after Mississippi and Pantanal. It covers an area of about 110,000 square kilometers, about 11 % of Nigeria?s land mass. The whole area is traversed and crisscrossed by a large number of streams, swamps, canals and creeks. Address: 37, James Havard Cresent Benin City Edo State Nig Tel: 234 - 52 - 534343 Fax: 234 - 52 - 534345

sangjin air-bag

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Our company was established in 1990. We have been remarkably grown up in Air bag business field for cargo protection every year, had good reputation & trust for quality, delivery, price competitiveness etc. We are focusing on developing new technology & new products according to the current demand to beyond the restriction for injured material against environment. We have a patent for the production facility automation & study for the new technology, acquired many kinds of qualification for quality enhancement, have been developing flexibility to face rapid business surroundings & environment restriction to offer the best quality products which can help customers in productivity & credibility. We will prepare the future, develop eco-friendly new products applying current products, do our best to satisfy all of our customers. Address: 35 seondong-ri, Gwangju, , Korea(Zip/Postal:464-86 Tel: 82-31-7635584 Fax: 82-31-7635589

e-Global Technologies

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e-Global Technologies has become a Dynamic & Fast moving company in the solution of clients problem pertaining information technology in Lagos, Nigeria & all over the world. We offer a full spectrum of services from business reengineering and IT strategy to systems integration, operations management outsourcing and professional services. We Provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies coverage. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets. We work all kind of industries. We endeavour e-Global Technologies to be a leader in providing IT solutions to the world from Nigeria. We seek challenges to create innovative IT solutions which demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Our goal is client satisfaction and excellence in service. We are a family of IT professional dedicated to provide total customer satisfaction empowered by the strength of our unity. As we grow into 21st century, we shall continue to maintain a balance between personal and professional fulfilment. e-Global Technologies offers opportunities and challenges in Nigeria I.T world. The benefits are clear: a better understanding of customers, streamlined business processes, and increased profitability. But the challenges can be daunting for organizations that lack business intelligence expertise. With real-world design expertise, a proven methodology, and Commitment to knowledge transfer , We helps customers rapidly implement real-time IT solutions. Address: 78 Finbarrs Road, Bariga. Lagos State, 23401 Tel: 2347041737914

Chosun Engineering Co., Ltd.

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<p><b>"Company thinking environment", "Company thinking human"   </b></p> <p>The environmental problems are not only getting serious but also are destroying   the ecosystem in the world. <br>   Chosun Engineering as a professional company which builds and produces water   supply, sewage and waste water treatment facilities is doing its best to provide   clean water based on the spirit of customer priority. </p> <p><b>"Good service for better life quality of customer."</b> That's   the sprit of our company and that's the future of Chosun Engineering.<br> </p> Address: 1243-5 Youmsan-Dong Mokpo-Si Jeollanam-do 537-850 Tel: 82 - 61 - 2785114 Fax: 82 - 61 - 2799553

RE-N-TECH Co., Ltd.

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Our Iteksaneop(a week) is establishment in 1994 is road equipment manufacture comprehensive maker that hold the domestic best melancholy technique that is operated by snow removal equipment, special equipment vehicle, environment equipment manufacture, and number, exit and entrance trade operation division footing. Make at this firm and specification that is doing technical tie-up, and possess professionalism facility with Italy Morosa, American Meieosadeung that various products that produced brag the world best fame develops and produce done product and special various various equipments and is recognized quality of product and excellency of function.Moreover, I accomplished epoch-making result contributing greatly in administration of road oil and fat succeeding having developed and mass-produce a multi-purpose road administration car recently. Forward, our Iteksaneop(a week) localization of foreign origin goods equipment applying new technology accumulated in motto in 21 centry modle up-to-dateness product development more and more work hard .Enterprise which is trusted to the best service provide that customer is always satisfied in customer's situation Doegojyeo all employees the best effort do . Address: 1688-29, Shinil-dong Taedok-gu Daejon-si Daejeon 3 Tel: 82 - 42 - 9339101 Fax: 82 - 42 - 8642887

Daeshin LTD, CO.

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Dae Shin Precision Industry(LTD.), founded with entrepreneurship to be a world-famous business for agricultural machinery and auto parts in december 1988, has been manufacturing and exporting more than 1000 kinds of products, such as tie rod, 3-point links, auto transmission levers, several kinds of auto bands, and so on, growing to be a world-famous company specializing in OEM.    Since its second inauguration of business in may 2000, it has strengthened its foundation to manufacture technology-intensive products by restructuring the company in an environment-friendly and future-oriented way and then atomizing and specializing the production facilities. Most of all, by winning an official approval for Technology development center in april 2001, we could secure superior human power, and all the staff have spurred themselves to develop their own brand with accumulated technology and know-haws.    Since the high quality of tie rod and 3-point links for agricultural appliances produced in our company have been duly recognized by Japanese agricultural appliance manufacturers, we have been continuously supplying 6 companies including Mistbishi with those products, and are supposed to expand to other overseas markets like the U.S. and Europe in the near future.    All the staff, with unceasing research and efforts, will try to provide customer atisfaction and be a leader in machinery industry. Address: 33-40 Sangdaedong Jinju Korea Tel: 82 - 762 - 5200 Fax: 82 - 757 - 4622

Woosung Magnet Co., Ltd.

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Woo Sung Magnet Co., Ltd. manufactures magnetic-applied industrial machinery and shipbuilding equipment. We analyzed and introduced foreign advanced technology and adapted it to domestic technology.  We concentrate on producing environment-friendly, safe, equipment. Annex Research and Development Center was established for the purpose of improving the quality of existing products and for the development of next generation goods such as Maglev, High quality Magnetic Filter and Electro Permanent Magnet Products.  We reinvest over 10% of profits into the R&D Center annually. Address: 242, Yangdong-ri, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongs Tel: 82 - 55 - 3268600 Fax: 82 - 55 - 3225246

SEBG Co.,Ltd

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SEBG is the company that offers the best products and service, plans to focus on providing the epoch-making product to our agencies and dealers to gain more profits. SEBG constantly has attemped to develop the items than our past ones. By building the Network system between on and off-line, SEBG believes not only SEBG researches and invests for the field of Free-Marketing, but also SEBG accumulates both the high technique and extended Network system. SEBG currently has shown its abilities in this field and has a variety of competitive items above the competitiors's ones. SEBG is currently selling the eco-friendly detergent "SIANG-CLEAN",which was the first invented product as a next generation's detergent. Especially "SIANG-CLEAN" contributes to reduce the environmental pollutions and save the cost-price by the new Poly silicate factor mixed with synthetic detergent. The new Poly silicate factor is more convenient to mix up than "Zeolite" series as well as reserving the environment. "SIANG-CLEAN" as a nano detergent(A new item) is the excellent for effectivness of laundry, so SEBG decides to launch this item to the market for customers. "SIANG-CLEAN" is becoming a hot item now. We'll constantly do our utmost to make it best. SEBG is always with you!! Address: 172-30 Sosabondong Sosa Gu Bucheon City Gyeonggi-d Tel: 82 - 32 - 3441082 Fax: 82 - 32 - 3441083

Pung Kuk EDM Wire Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Supplying EDM Wires, the essential materials for molding industry, aerospace industry and electronics industry for 17 years up to now, PAPS has tried to realize our vision 'Company providing best service and quality products to customers' and has exerted best efforts to upgrade all man kind's quality of life in the world. Based on these efforts, PAPS, a brand of the whole world beyond Korea, ranks with competitors through ceaseless technology development and management innovation aiming to be the best company in the world in the end. Establishing PNP Tech Co., Ltd., a strategic joint venture company with POONGSAN, the best copper product company in Korea, smooth and enough supply of medium brass wire, raw materials for EDM Wire, has been achieved. Consequently we are able to concentrate on the development of new material and to form the basis for us to grow up to the world best EDM Wire manufacturing company. Considering environment, affluent life of human beings and contribution to society, PAPS promises to fulfill our responsibility as much as possible. Customers' never ending encouragement will be highly appreciated. Address: #404-8, Nojang-ri, Jeondong-myon Yeonki-gun Chungc Tel: 82 - 41 - 8639600 Fax: 82 - 41 - 8639606

Yusung Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction YUSUNG Industrial has acknowledged the need of a rapidly changing international business environment.  The constant changing environment requires persistent research and development of products and their enhanced quality to meet higher standards of the public.   Therefore, we only manufacture and supply products of high standards that will meet and exceed customers expectations.  Our persistent effort to improve products and services has led us to the registration of QS-9000/ISO-9002 in October 2000, which further demonstrates our commitment to quality. The world is changing and so are we.   In order for us to survive in an era of even fiercer competition with internationally established rival companies, we strongly believe in anticipating and responding to the national and international market trends.  We manufacture and supply superior quality Mufflers, Brush guards, and Air intake systems.   We have played an important role in the Korean automotive industry.    Thus, we do not solely pursue our own prosperity, but the prosperity of both the customers and ours.  With this strong determination, we will continue to devote ourselves to our national and international customers. Address: 676, Muk-ri, Edong-myon, Yongin-city, Gyeonggi-do Tel: 82 - 51 - 8663016 Fax: 82 - 51 - 8647657

Ezii Food Co., Ltd.

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Daymorn believes that quality has to come first for our customers. This has been our promise to our customers since 1989, when we were founded as an agricultural products distribution company. As a principle-based company, Daymorn cherishes nature and the environment. Its manufacturing process is strictly controlled to assure quality standards that our customers can have trust in this exemplary company. Daymorn will stay close to customers with noble attitude and continuous self development, we will also appeal to our customers with the 'quality comes first' products. Address: 387-21 Majeong-ri, Gondo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi Tel: 82 - 31 - 6540225 Fax: 82 - 31 - 6542850

Dawoosun Co., Ltd.

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DAWOOSUN?s  mission is placed where human-beings and environment need preservation and protection, focusing on new environment-friendly commodity development. We are the manufacturer of eco-friendly and high ly efficient Lighting Fixture including Anion Lamp and the product related to Home Network System which uses the transformation network.  We also handle various products relative to the whole construction work such as housing, building, exterior and illumination design. Lighting fixture with the function of emitting negative ions eliminates tobacco smoke, an offen sive odor and the various germ and thus promotes the renewal of the human body.  It is also excellent in removing a newly house syndrome and very convenient for everyone to use.   Power saving of up to 80% of existing incandescent lamp is expected while the lamp is reasonably priced. Besides, Light Dimming System is an epoch-making product which aims sign ificant saving of power consumption and is broadly being used as an alternative for existing incandescent lamp in hospitals, parking lots and the poultry farms. Address: Dawoo B/D. 194-6, Poi-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul 487- Tel: 82 - 2 - 34633956 Fax: 82 - 2 - 34633957

Heungjin Tech Co., Ltd.

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We are very pleased to introduce to you, G.N.C, a new material leading the 21st century and making the globe green and the human healthy. Facing the 21st century, we have achieved continuously the development of material civilization and highly industrial progress, while causing the pollution of nature and the destruction of the environment. None of us, however, would deny the fact that today world leaders and environmentalists predict the end of earth we're living, because of the destruction of environment. Now we are world-widely putting all our efforts to purify polluted earth, water and air. However, the development of material civilization has been parallel to the destruction of environment which has caused disasters all over the world. They are not the other country's problem but all of ours as the most urgent on the earth we are breathing. At this important juncture, the invention of a new material, G.N.C., is seriously meaningful in that it is capable of recovery of the destroyed environment and nature. We assure that it also marks the 21st century as a revolutionary invention in the human history. Our research center will consist of a consortium with prestigious research institutes domestically and internationally so that we could concentrate on the development of new products with full force. We will devote all our efforts to hand clean and well-preserved environment down to descendants as our mission. Address: 404-37 Nojang-ri, Jeondong-myun, Yunki-gun, Chungc Tel: 82 - 41 - 8635132 Fax: 82 - 41 - 8635134

Achimgari Co., Ltd.

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Achimgari Co. processes and distributes high quality seafood that is certified by the National Seafood Inspection Department. Since its establishment in 1994, the company has been located in the prime seaweed producing area of Korea, where its Production and Logistics Center and operates the largest seaweed processing facilities and anchovy fisheries in the region, and was the first to standardize the production of local seaweed. What really makes Achimgari products special is the pollution-free environment in which they are nurtured. The company prides itself and the local fishermen on preserving nature and bringing the freshest and best quality products to its customers. From the riches of the ocean, Achimgari brings you happiness on a plate. Address: 321-5 Hyangdong-ri Gogun-myeun Chungcheongnam-do 5 Tel: 82 - 61 - 5428933 Fax: 82 - 61 - 5428077

Tropical Commodity Products Ltd.

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We sell Raw Medicinal Plant/Herbal products. We haverst these medicinal Rainforest product s in environmentaly friendly way, and directly from one of the world remaining and undisturbed rainforest. We have ove r 200 Medicinal Herbs/Plants that are used in medicine. Here are some of our Herbal products: 1,Baphia Nitida Part used: Bark Chemistry: Iso-Santalene Uses: Aphiacrodiac, Waist Pain We offer 0.5KG free sample. Buyer pays for cost of sample freight by FEDEX Courier. Payment Terms for retail and bulk pur chases is: Escrow (www. Escrow. Com) 2, Mitragyna stipulosa Part used: Bark, dry leaves Chemistry: Rynchopylline, quinovic acid Uses: Malaria, stimulant We offer 0.5kg free sample. Buyer pays for cost of sample freight by fedex courier. Payment terms for retail and bulk purchases is: Escrow (www. Escrow. Com) 3, Randia longifloria Part used: Root bark Chemistry: Saponin Uses: Aphiacrodiac, We offer 0.5kg free sample. Buyer pays for cost of sample freight by fedex courier. Payment terms for r etail and bulk purchases is: Escrow (www. Escrow. Com 4, Erythina senegalensis Part used: Bark Chemistry: Hypaphrorine, erysodine Uses: Aphrodisiac, curare action We offer 0.5kg free sample. Buyer pays for cost of sample freight by fedex courier. Payment terms for retail and bulk purchases is: Escrow (www . Escrow. Com) 5, Garcina kola Part used: Nuts Chemistry: Bilavonoids Uses: Aphrodi siac, light stimulant 6, Cinchonia Spp (Quinnine Bark) Part used: Bark Chemistry: Quinnine, Cinch onine, Malaria, tonic, Uses : Malaria, tonic We offer 0.5KG free sample. Buyer pays for cost of s ample freight by FEDEX Courier. Payment Terms for retail and bulk purchases is : Escrow ( 7, Rawoulfia vomitoria Part used: Bark Chemistry: Inedolic, reserpine Uses: Anti-hypertention, nerve sedative Address: 52 Post Military Housing Estate Calabar CRS 540001 Tel: 234 - 803 - 7241637 Fax: 234 - 803 - 55860301

Lincs Waste Management Ltd

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Welcome to Lincs Waste Management Ltd Lincs Ltd is a Recycling company specialising in waste away from landfill to either re-use or recycling into new.Lincs Recycling believe that waste cardboard,paper and plastic can be made into new. This will redued material going to landfill and helping to combat climate change. Our material handling is based around plastic,paper and cardboard recycling, But we can offer you a complete solution on your waste and recycling.Using our exensive network across the uk.We are able to offer a range of recycling services (including baling, and granulation) with uk wide collections.Companies today produce an ever-increasing volume of recyclable material Cardboard,Paper and Plastic in addition to their non -recyclable disposable waste.with landfill tax currently charged at ?48.00 per tonne,and set to increase by ?8.00 per annum up until the year 2014, it makes sound economic and environmental sense to recycle thses materials rather than simply send them to landfill Here are just some of the services we can provide: ??lastic  ie(PE,PP,PS,PA,ect.) ??ranulation ??ardboard ??aper ??ans What We Need We need Water Bottles, Plastic Pallates, PVC Pipe, Steel Cans, Cardboard, Plastic, Paper, Newspaper And Magazines Address: Rear Of The Saxon, Marsh Lane, Riverside Industria Tel: 44 - 07935 - 184861

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Lokalen, welche aber (noch) nicht ausf hrlich Vorgestellt werden: Gasthof Engel Familien Bisten Bernstrasse 38 6152 H swil Tel: 041 988 11 71 Kulturen begegnen sich. Hier essen Sie typisch schweizerisch und original indonesisch, von

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