Maanshan Dingtai Rare Earth and new materials Co LTD

Our company is a leading manufacturer and listed company of galvanized steel wires, PC wires for cables & communication industry and construction industry in China and have exported our goods over 50 countries since the year 2002.

Our main business are :

1)Galvanized steel wires for Telecommunication cables.

Size: 7×0.6mm to 7×2.03mm     

Standard: ASTM A 475....   

Use for Messenger wire of  communication cables such as Optical fiber cable-Figure 8 cable, copper communication cables, supporting lines 

2)Galvanized steel core wires for Aluminum cables

Size: 1.57mm to 4.77mm , 7×1.44mm to 7×4.25mm , 19×1.8mm to 19×3.2mm

Standard: ASTM B 498, BS 4546, IEC 60888, EN 50189

Use for steel core of  Aluminum cables like ACSR Cables

3)Galvanized steel wires strand for power transmission lines, poles or towers

Size:  7×1.0mm to 7×4.25mm , 19×1.8mm to 19×3.2mm,3×2.64mm to 3×4.00mm

Standard: ASTM A 363, ASTM A 475, BS 183...

Use for Stay wire/guy wire  of  Poles or towers; Ground wire or Earth wire 

4)PC wire and strnad

Size: 9.53mm, 15.24mm, 15.2mm, 12.7mm 15.7mm    PC wire 4.0mm-9.5mm

Standard: ASTM A 416, BS 5896, GB/T 5223, ASTM A 421

If you are interested in our goods, pls feel free to let me know. Whats app, Viber: +86 13955594948, Skype:Chu621

Business Location: Asia>>myanmar
Business Directory: Minerals & Metallurgy>>Steel Wire


.Baicheng Xinpo Cocoon Silk Co. Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Azerbaijan>>Agdamskiy

Maanshan mingguang automobile professional cleaning service Co., LTD was founded in March 2011, the company address located in maanshan central avenue and rain the junction of the mountain, and overseas sea hongtai hotel near holiday hotel is north road, to the west of hunan is a lake HuDong road, west to east road, is now south is rain. Through our continuous efforts to innovation, formed to specialized is engaged in the car maintenance, cleaning, and automotive products sales comprehensive enterprise. We have diploma and above management personnel account for 80%, it has the national advanced management mode, the company for timely adjust internal organization set up department, engineering department, the finance department, the propaganda department and the logistics department, a number of other departments. Since its establishment, we have insisted on automobile cleaning specialization, advocated edt, and strive to create a new era of automobile cleaning management new mode. Therefore, we fully confident, and customer commitment: we converged on professional management technology, the most sincere service and culture management pattern reached the maintenance and appreciation of the car.<img src="" />

Maanshan Dingtai Rare Earth and new materials Co LTD

Location: Asia>>myanmar

Our company is a leading manufacturer and listed company of galvanized steel wires, PC wires for cables & communication industry and construction industry in China and have exported our goods over 50 countries since the year 2002.Our main business are :1)Galvanized steel wires for Telecommunication cables.Size: 7×0.6mm to 7×2.03mm     Standard: ASTM A 475....   Use for Messenger wire of  communication cables such as Optical fiber cable-Figure 8 cable, copper communication cables, supporting lines 2)Galvanized steel core wires for Aluminum cablesSize: 1.57mm to 4.77mm , 7×1.44mm to 7×4.25mm , 19×1.8mm to 19×3.2mmStandard: ASTM B 498, BS 4546, IEC 60888, EN 50189Use for steel core of  Aluminum cables like ACSR Cables3)Galvanized steel wires strand for power transmission lines, poles or towersSize:  7×1.0mm to 7×4.25mm , 19×1.8mm to 19×3.2mm,3×2.64mm to 3×4.00mmStandard: ASTM A 363, ASTM A 475, BS 183...Use for Stay wire/guy wire  of  Poles or towers; Ground wire or Earth wire 4)PC wire and strnadSize: 9.53mm, 15.24mm, 15.2mm, 12.7mm 15.7mm    PC wire 4.0mm-9.5mmStandard: ASTM A 416, BS 5896, GB/T 5223, ASTM A 421If you are interested in our goods, pls feel free to let me know. Whats app, Viber: +86 13955594948, Skype:Chu621


Location: Asia>>China>>Shanghai

PRYSMAG GROUP, founded in 1996, is a satisfaction focused company. As one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of rare earth products, we have been helping our customers accomplish their ideas and address their questions and concerns for over 18 years with expertise and a wide range of customizable products including rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, rare earth phosphors, rare earth magnets, polishing powder,  catalysts and other rare earth functional materials.Innovation is our tradition; the pursuit of quality is our passion.

American Applied Materials Corporation

Location: North America>>United states>>California

American Applied Materials specializes in developing and manufacturing high performance permanent magnets for a wide range of applications. At American Applied Materials, we not only provide our customers with high quality and reliable magnetic products, but also high level buying experience and strong magnet materials supply chain.Products we take:Rare Earth Magnets: rare earth magnets are made from alloy of rare earth metal and transition metal. They pose much higher magnetic strength in comparison to traditional permanent magnetic materials. There are 2 types: neodymium magnets and smco magnets. Neodymium magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets commercially available. Smco magnets are a little bit weaker, but they work under much high temperature. Both of these 2 types of rare earth magnets are available in sintered and bonded form.

Anyang Zhuochuang Metallurgical Materials Co,.Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Henan

Topchase Metallurgy Refractories Co.,Ltd  business scope: Refractories, Metallurgy, Foundry and Abrasives , Used in continuous casting tundish for blooms, billets ,rectangular billet,slab castingMain product:refractory Tundish Nozzle,Nozzle for tundish,zircon tundish nozzle,tundish metering nozzle,ladle Sliding plate with nozzle, tophole clay for blast furnace,slag stopper ball for converter,SiCa alloy,SiAlBaCa ,SiCaBa Alloy,ferro silicon ,silicon alloy off grade, silicon slag ,powder,briquette and alloy cored wires,desulfurizer,deoxidizer ,recarburizer for casting,Fesi Inoculant for foundry Rare earth FeSiMg Nodulizer,foundry slag remove agent.etc auxiliary material for steel and iron scope: 1.refractory 2.alloy cored wires 3.foundry 4.material for steelmaking  Topchase Metallurgy Refractories Co.,Ltd built in 1994 With more than 20 years' efforts in metallurgy & Refractories which for Converter ,casting furnace ladle and tundish refractory, metallurgy furnace burden,refractory insulating products,tundish nozzle, off grade silicon alloy,RESiMg nodulizer,RE-Si-Mg ferro alloys,Silicon Manganese cored wire etc,casting support material.

Xi n Aofa Optoelectronics Technology Inc.

Location: Asia>>China>>Shaanxi

Xi'an Aofa Optoelectronics Technology Inc. (XAOT) is leading manufacturer specialized in R&D a series of rare-earth doped glass material / faraday rotator glass material with high Verdet constant and special photonics properties in shapes of rod, disk and slat to meet the needs of various laser applications. Owning sole intellectual property and Know-How of Faraday Rotator Glass material on melting, casting, fine-annealing and all that, they have very high Verdet constant, damage threshold, transparency properties as well as excellent... Address: No. 126, Jin Hua North Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, POSTCODE/ZIP: 710032 Fax: Mr. Wang Peng(Export Office)

Maanshan Huike TEcnology Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Maanshan Huike tecnology Co.Ltd. established in 2009, located in Maanshan city ,Our factory is one of the biggest & best manufacturers which own super technician ,The whole factory floor space is 5000 square meters with 300 staffs, including 10 super professional engineers, and 10 experts. Our factory is engaged in manufacturing ceramic knife, peeler, scissors with the ABS+TPR handle, We can offer you various kinds, color and new and fashionable designs. In addition, we have professional designers enough talent to make specific designs... Address: N0.59 Hudong Road Maanshan city ,Anhui province ,C, POSTCODE/ZIP: 243000 Tel: 86-0555-2311391 Fax: 86-0555-2311462


Location: Asia>>Turkey>>Van

Chengdu Giantstar Import & Export Co., Ltd. a comprehensive foreign trade company, which can deal with various kinds of products and technology. The company can both do the buying and selling and act as agent.The main business of the company now is to export various kinds of animal pharmaceuticals, silks,rare-earth, drilling bits, etc., which are exported to USA, Europe and Asia. Address: Vancouver Plaza 24G,First Ring Road Chengdu Sichua Tel: 86-28-7748777 Fax: 86-28-7746098

Baotou Changan Permanent Magnet Machine Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>mon

1.We manufacture permanent magnet wind generators professionally and our company located in Baotou ---the rare earth central of the world. 2.Our company is specializing in R&D of rare earth permanent magnet machine dated back to 1964. 3.And our manager is the expert in the fields and the winner of National Department Special Allowance for the outstanding experts in permanent magnet machine fields. 4.Slot less wiring is our core technique which has a safety leading in the whole world. 5.And the professors of MIT had visited our factory.... Address: China - Nei Mongol

Dingtai  Holdings Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Dingtai Holdings is one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers in HVACR fields. Based in Hongkong, Dingtai Holdings invested Six companies to produce and supply various HVACR products during past 8 years. Our mission is: One-stop Supply, Satisfying Customers. Dingtai Holdings is global company committed to experienced global staffs, world class quality, fast on time delivery, advanced modern production line, excellent service and competitive price. Our management team includes experienced engineers, researchers and... Address: Pingdu City Qingdao Shandong 266700 China Tel: 86-0532-87355885 Fax: 86-0532-80687002

Harbin Shidai Industry Trade G

Location: Asia>>China>>Hubei

our company is a large comphrehensive group,and 8 branch company,a few manufacturer ,the products include rare-earth ,non-ferrous metal material,chemicals,polymer,polyimide,medical intermediate,the raw material of amoxycillion,monochlorophthalic anhydride,organic and inorganic compounds,they are often widly used in the fields of it,petrolchemical,battery,electronic,agriculture,avivation,spaceflight,medicine,polish powder,etcs,we welcome to cooperate with the oversea friends,and set up long term cooperation,at the same time ,we would like to... Address: No.186.xiangfang str.xiangfang dist. . China Tel: 0086 - 0451 - 5635397 Fax: 0086 - 0451 - 5631102

Qilitt International Service Company

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Qilitt international is the import-export trade service provider, has many high innovation patented technology, mainly includes the new material, the new product, manages the following product: Zhouzhoufa information technology Co., Ltd: On-line commercial city and market regulation solution Qilitt technology Co., Ltd: High new patented technology design development, new material new product engineering, first type and application project engineerings or model or etc. Hunan Xinwu food Co., Ltd: Agricultural product intensive... Address: No 18 Dongfeng Road, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan, Gua, POSTCODE/ZIP: 528425 Fax: Mr. James(Service Department)


Location: N/A

We are trading Company in Minor Metals, rare-earth materials and other high purity materials. We supply Gallium 99.9999 and Indium, We also buy some materials like Bismuth 99,999, rare-earth oxide, barium titanat, you can see our page. Address: Krasnokazarmennaya 23/76, POSTCODE/ZIP: 111024 Tel: 7-095-3625890 Fax: 7-095-3625890

feroze&fiaz surgical co,

Location: Asia>>Pakistan

we are manufactruers ands exzpoters of finequalitysurgical, dental, medical inatruments Address: 22/269 mori gate, sialkot, Pakistan [PK], POSTCODE/ZIP: 54800 Tel: 092-0524-582970 Fax: 092-0524-582970

Guangdong Yafu Sports & Travel Products Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Guangdong Yafu Sports & Travel Products Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of backpack, travel bag, laptop bag, sports bag, cooler bag, picnic bag, school bag, pencil case, shopping bag, cosmetic bag, cosmetic box, camera bag, car organizer, luggage, ladies' handbag, mobile phone case, leather desk set, wine bottle holder, leather briefcase, portofio&organizer, wallet, and so on. All of our products feature strong construction and are manufactured using a variety of materials that include nylon, polyester, canvas,... Address: No. 54, No. 2 Anshan Road, Maanshan, Shajing Town,, POSTCODE/ZIP: 518104 Fax: Mr. Walter Wang(Sales Departme

Guangzhou Magtrust Magnet Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

Guangzhou MagTrust Magnets Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacture for NdFeB---rare earth permanent magnet, found by domestic famous specialist. We can make thousands specification of NdFeB product, especially for small specifications. Our headquarter locates in Guangzhou--2 hours to Hong Kong by train. We have slicing and coating line in Guangzhou and 2 sintering plants, slicing line and coating factory in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Address: China - Guangdong

Baoji Zhongbang Rare Metal Material Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Shaanxi

Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Baoji Zhong bang rare metal material Co Ltd Address: Yong qing Road Maying Zone Baoji City Tel: 086-917-3308782 Fax: 086-917-3308781

Inner Mongolia Bright Industrial Trading Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>mongolia>>East

we are inner mongolia bright industrial trading co.,ltd. which locates in huhhot, inner mongolia, china and mainly export graphite products such as electrodes and blocks, rare earth products such as oxides, metals and its alloys. also we have several big cooperative manufacturers nationwide,meanwhile we have rich experience of exporting over ten years.from we know you are a leading importer in steel material,especially graphite electrode,and we can supply it with all kinds of diameters such as 75mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm,... Address: Unit 8, 4F/L.,Block B, Fubang Bldg.,East Str.,New Tel: 86-471-4907512 Fax: 86-471-4907422

Nanjing Xuang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

The main products of Nanjing Xuang Chemical Co., Ltd. include carbonates, nitrates, fluoride, chloride, hydroxide, acetate, caprylate, oxide and cerium ammonium nitrate, cerium, zirconium, lanthanum, cerium, zirconium oxide, yttrium and other products, which are made of 15 kinds of rare earth elements, such as lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, dysprosium, terbium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium, yttrium. Our products can meet clients' different needs on the aspects... Address: Yingjia Mansion2212, No. 369 South Zhongshan Rd, Q, POSTCODE/ZIP: 210000 Tel: 86-25-66163992 Fax: 86-25-58714096

Baoji Xinnuo New Metal Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Baoji xinnuo new metal material Co.;Ltd,located at the shore of "titanium town ",next to qinling mountains in the south snd wei riber in the north ,is a professional company mainly engaged in production and manufacture of rare metal esperially titanium ,its main products include : titanium rod ,and titanium plate ,titanium thread ,titanium net ,and titanium arc barspecrally used by medical appartus industry Address: Puxi Road, Hi-Tech Development Zone, Baoji, Shannx Tel: 086-917-3373355 Fax: 086-917-3373355

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