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Go 2 Chernobyl

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Go2Chernobyl is a company, which deals with the organization of quality, informative and safe Chernobyl trips. They employ knowledgeable and experienced specialists, who have the talent to organize Chernobyl visits with clients’ convenience, interest and safety in mind. It’s possible to book one- and two-day tours as well as individual excursions there. Each excursion is full of emotions, impressions and lifetime memories.If you have the intention to visit the location to see the historic places with your own eyes, Go2Chernobyl is your primary destination. Contact the company to avail quality help and professional assistance to be able to see the exclusion zone with your own eyes and feel the history of the place. 

1 movies

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1movies is online movie platform here you can watch movies online without buffering. we provide latest released movies free and without any ads.we can also provides Latest TV show Online . You can watch without buffering and without any cost.You can watch action ,thrill ,comedy hollywood movie in High-definition as  well as new Release television show .

Spetsservice Certification

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Certification of goods and services in Ukraine, otaining a certificate of quality from leading European and international certification centers (TUV NORD, CE etc...), registration and obtaining the certificate of quality UkrSEPRO, "resignation letters" to the customs authorities of Ukraine (about absence of necessity of mandatory certification), certification of goods and services in compliance with European and international quality standards (export / import ), quality standardization system ISO 9000/9001, organizing and providing laboratory tests of any complexity for compliance with the most stringent international requirements, sanitary and hygienic product in Ukraine, phyto - sanitary permissions, expert opinions and permissions, operating permissions (Derzhgirpromnaglyad of Ukraine), the development , approval and registration of technical and normative documents in Ukraine, consulting and legal services in the field of permitting documentation of Ukraine.

Nomitex, Ltd

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Nomitex offers:- its services in the field of plastics molding. Our company provides a complete implementation of the ideas of the customer: from design development, mold manufacturing to finished products of the high quality.-Design, manufacturing and repair of tools, moulds for injection moulding of thermoplastics. and dies- mechanical processing of components and metalworking. We also specializes in production a precise metal details for our customers. 

Bureau VINK

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The independent consulting "Bureau "VINK" helps not to give to chance to ensure the safety of life and activities of both the individual and the organization. We advise our clients on matters relating to the systems of the technical security and physical security, planning and carrying out the construction and renovation of the buildings, with the current activities of the organizations and the life of the individual. Our Bureau forms newly created concept of integrated security systems, audits and provides upgrades to existing security systems, provides information services for business safety, reduces the risk of its activity and conduct due to various security threats. In its activities, "Bureau "VINK" uses a large personal experience, the latest innovations and best practices in the security industry, takes into account national and European laws, rules and regulations. Putting before us a new business challenge, you'll get it informed decision taking into account the diverse details and requirements, at the right time. Address: str. Sim'i Sosninykh, 3 Kyiv, Ukraine, POSTCODE/ZIP: 03680 Tel: +380442226098

Maleta cyclic distillation

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Manufacturing/ reconstruction of hi-tech mass transfer equipment for distillation, reactive distillation, stripping & absorption in chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, organic synthesis, biofuels, food ethanol and other industries. Stripping column for cleaning wastewater from organic compounds (technology of cyclic mass transfer) Absorption column Reactive distillation column Stripping column Trays for distillation column Column for vacuum distillation system Distillation column for Bio ethanol/ bio diesel Equipment for the production of alcohol/ethanol Mass transfer equipment Distillation column Why choose our company With minimal financial and time expenditures to get maximum return on profitability. The reliable operation of equipment with wide range of capacity. Using our technology will allow provide the leading position in the market. The benefits Process modelling - use our technology and services to enhance profitability and gain competitive advantage by optimising the design and operation of their process plants. Introduction of a new type of equipment which has resulted in a 2 to 4 times more efficient separation of components and a reduction of 1.5 to 2 times the power input into the process. Improving product quality and reduce waste production. Address: Kiev, per. Laboratorniy 1, office 405a Tel: +380501785550

Commodity Exchange "Mir Finances"

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Commodity Exchange provides brokerage services. We stand by the organizers of the transaction between the seller and the buyer. You can ask us for help in selling or buying to find a buyer to find the product. In the implementation of a successful transaction Mercantile Exchange Commission from 0.5 - 1.0% of the contract.Commodity Exchange has a large customer base of buyers and sellers. Always glad to cooperate. Address: str.Degtyarevska, 4a Kiev Ukraine, 04050 Tel: +380678409904

Privately owned enterprise "Kovaleva Olena Oleksandrivna"

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Online-PR Company offers you an online PR as an integrated and unique service for promotion of your business, product, service, company, and brand or site in the Internet. It is combining approach of traditional PR and Online PR, SEO, posting of articles, news, blogs, social networks pages and viral marketing. When customers think about the product or service that you offer, whether your business comes to their mind? We will create a tight buzz - information field around your company that will bring you new customers, increase your profits and enhance your brand! Think about it, this makes great sense. The world is changing, businesses and advertising increasingly moves to webspace. Respected company currently cannot be imagined without pages in Facebook, LiveJournal, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Someone should keep these pages, support and fill them with high-quality content. The best alternative of keeping a special employee (employees) in your Company would be outsorting of these tasks to another Company. This benefits you because: 1. You make your own choice - what you really need for your business online support: SEO (promotion of your site); creation and support of sites of your company on Facebook, LiveJournal, Linkedin, Twitter News, etc.; writing of unique articles (copywriting) to your website and/or publish them in blogs or news sites. From here, respectively, the cost of the service package depends on. So, you pay only for what you really need to. 2. For the money this is much cheaper than keeping of employee in your Company or searching for and payment to SEO specialist, copywriter or poster apart. 3. Quality of result is much better because we are responsible for handling all tasks in an integrated manner and understand not only how to promote your site (product, service) in the SERP, but how to turn human, coming to your site, in your client, i.e. money. 4. We achieve this by writing of "human directed" texts, taking into account the client's psychology, the psychology of the audience, which will bring you money! We make it clear for People - what have being offered to them and why it is profitable. 5. There are no boundaries to work with us. There is no matter where (in Ukraine, Russia, USA or other Country) and what kind of business (product, service) to promote! The WWW has no boundaries. Way of payment may be of any kind - this is generally no problem. 6. If you want to promote your business by yourself, we can just advise you. Address: Kyiv, Shamrila Timofiya street, 7/35 Tel: +380984850050

Real estate agency LuxApartments

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Apartments for rent are modern alternative of the hotels which combines independence, security and home comfort. Our company provides services of daily rent apartments in Kiev. For your accommodation, business trips, business meetings or leisure in Kiev, we will provide you an apartment for rent on your choice. Advantages of our apartments: We will provide variety of apartments for rent of all classes: standard, business and premium. Our apartments are designed and renovated for the most comfortable living conditions. Excellent apartment location in downtown of the capital provides quick access to main tourist attractions, subway stations, embassies, etc. Satellite TV, international phone, high speed internet. Check in/out 24 hours. A wide range of additional services: delivery of tickets, goods, flowers, food, translator, etc. We will meet you at the airport or railway station and transfer directly to your apartment. We will present all the reporting documents upon your request. You choose payment methods. We have flexible system of discounts for regular clients and for long periods of residence.   Address: Kreshchatyk 17 Tel: +380443531893

Real estate agency Lu?apartments

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Apartments for rent - modern and cost-effective alternative to hotels, combining independence, security, quality service and comfort of home. Our company will provide services to you daily rent apartments in Kiev. We work for the customer - for a living, travel, business meetings or leisure in Kiev, we can provide yo? accommodation of any class: Standard, Business and Premium. Apartments, presented on the site are managed directly by our company and shall be for rent by owner. Address: Kreshchatyk 13/2 Tel: +380952288883

Real estate agency Hotel-Lux

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We offer modern apartments with European design and convenient location in Kiev. Hotel Lux company offers modern apartments with European design and convenient location in Kiev if you want to spend a few days in Kiev and you need a comfortable environment, the apartments for rent - this is for you! Rent an apartment would cost significantly cheaper than a hotel room, in addition, for hotels, even fairly high-class, are not always located in the heart of the city, which creates some inconvenience. Our apartments are located in the city center, fully furnished and ready to receive guests at any time. Also in the rental price includes daily maid service and the provision of bedding and household utensils. For those who need housing for the long term, we offer rental apartments in Kiev for long term. Address: Prorizna 10 Tel: +380442232772

Real estate agency Almateya

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For over 8 years real estate agency «Almateya» offers a cost-effective alternative to costly capital living in hotels - apartments in Kiev. With the help of our highly qualified staff you will be able to rent an apartment for a day at the best price and quality. Address: Kreshchatyk 21 Tel: +380442379790

Photo Studio of Andrey Andreev

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Who is the photographer? An artist, a magician, a virtuoso? All this is true, but above all a photographer is a man who knows how to stop the moment of life, make it visible, tangible. Because while the emotions change, the memories are erased, and the picture remains as bright and alive. It's not magic, but there is a skill and love for life and people. Address: Varshala Zhukova 31a Tel: +380503440707


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NAKBIZGROUP LLC. Exclusive Distributor in Ukraine supply an innovative, touchless hand sanitizing dispenser with all-natural solutions. Germstar product contains no glycerin or thickening agents, leaves no sticky residue and will not dry out the skin. A natural emollient actually moisturizes and softens the skin, even with repeated use. Germstar is the hand hygiene system of choice for major hospitals, dialysis clinics, resorts, casinos and the cruise line industry, to name a few. The touchless feature virtually eliminates any danger of cross infection. Germstar dispenser has an adjustable portion control, but no gears or moving parts and operates on batteries, eliminating the need for soap, water and paper towels, unless hands are visibly soiled. Germstar Original 70% Isopropanol solution is certified as a pre-surgical scrub. Certifications are available upon request. The touchless Dispenser insures a hygienic use and operation. It can be placed anywhere and is user friendly for everyone. Infrared sensor is motion-activated. Touchless operation eliminates cross-contamination and provides complete hand sanitation in 15-20 seconds. Reliable operation: The dispenser has no moving parts gravity dispenses solution in perfect doses with no waste. Doses can be adjusted from 0.7ml to 6.0 ml (pre-surgical).Each 32 oz solution bag will yield up to 1400 washes (for 0.7ml dosage setting). Dispensers can be placed anywhere hand washing is needed and hot water, soap or paper towels are not available (work station, vehicles etc.). Solution level is visible through the transparent dome top and solution bag. Spherical design discourages dust-borne microorganisms from settling. Solution bag changes are quick and easy. Innovative Globe design raises wash compliance (from 50% avg. to above 90% wash compliance) due to its user attraction. Batteries will last up to 50,000 washes or 2 years dispensers are also available for hard wire applications. Latest microchip technology and sleep mode minimizes electric usage. Germstar GUARANTEES the no-hassle operation of each dispenser.Our dispenser is backed by a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Available in white, black and chrome. Custom colors are available for larger scale orders. You can call us: +380 44 223 7939 +380 68 201 8978 Monday-Saturday 9:00AM-6:00PM Or send e-mail: We spaek English, Ukrainian and Russian. Address: 6 Akhmatovoy str. Tel: +380442237939 Fax: +380682018978

Legal Company of Vadym Levytskyi

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Legal company of Vadym levytskyi provedes services in Inheritance law and family law/ All the legal services are provided at our Kiev office. Address: Dehtiarivska 8a Tel: +380443601201

Med i pcheloprodukty

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We produce natural honey and other bee products on our family apiary "Med i pcheloprodukty". You can also buy bees here at a very googd price. Our main products are: retail and wholesale of natural honey (in 2011 the verieties of honey are the following 1) rape+spring flowers, 2) acacia+flowers, 3) linden+flower+acacia and 4) buckwheat +sunflower); also queen bees and bee famil ies, natural bee wax, tincture of wax moth and tincture of dead bees. Address: Radunska 11 Tel: +380967231726

English Coaching Language Training Center

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Our coaching center provides training in English for individuals and groups. Oue main advantages: 1) result oriented classes 2) feedback always in time, 3)exciting studying, 4) understanding of client's needs, 5) classes with professional coaches, 6) innovative technology in education? 7) ?reative approach to each client Address: 8 Yakira st. Tel: +30444833696

Infinity Trading Ltd.

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    We are happy to be able to inform you a bout expansion of our possibi lities and the range of our products with the stereo/ vario effect, and about our services, which would surely serve for solution of complex creative tasks. STEREO/VARIO ADVERTISING   This is the new tool of drawing interest of buyers.  We live in the world of 3 dimensions, and advertising till now has managed the two.   Stereo advertising is dimensional colorful image, which transfers the form of depicted objects, the nature of their surface, mutual placi ng of the objects in space. 3-d picture is interesting to missing viewer by the fact of its dimensions.  Stereo/Vario images, which are used in advertising printing, enable qualitatively to improve advertising effectiveness through higher level of calling attention,   fixation of consumer’s attention on the advertised object.  The so-called in psychology “effect of the viewing angle” is in 6.5 times more effective than traditional advertising vehicles.     Applicable possibilities of stereo/vario products:   Production of polygraphic products with stereo and vario effects (from business cards to big boards).   Production of advertising and art stereo and vario products (middle and big format pictures for interiors, places of sales, exhibitions, as a VIP-gifts and others).   Advertising-souvenir production with dimensional and animated images (calendars, postcards, business cards, invitations, etc.)   Stereophotography. Stereoportfolio for 3D designers. Stereo/Vario Light boxes Today we offer you inserts into refrigerator Light boxes, panelswith lenticular screen   75 lpi, density 475 MCR. Our company presents ultra thin stereo/vario light boxes on the market of advertising products, as an image is used stereo picture, that adds dimension and form of represented object on it.  We use photoconductive (fibro-optical) plastic in production that enable considerably   save an electricity and provides bright and uniform luminescence.         Address: Kiew Tel: +3 8 067 5011143 Fax: 044 4625077


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  ATEHNO, LLC (Ukraine, Kiev) is dealing with Outsourcing foreign trade & freight forwarding services , rendering customs and brokerage services as well as transport and logistics services . Address: Kiev, Politehnichna St. 5, 110 Tel: +38044 238 75 45 Fax: +38044 238 75 35

JSC "Piastrella"

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  Our factory – Piastrella, JSC   is a Ukrainian-Italian manufacturer of ceramic tile, placed in Kiev, Ukraine. PIASTRELLA specializes on manufacturing of ceramic granite floor tile and kindly interesting in co-operation with you as a possible partner/dealer.   PIASTRELLA production capacity is approximately 2 000 000 sq m per year. So far we are exporting our products to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, etc. We are producing 300/300/8 mm and 300/300/12 mm “salt/pepper” tiles mainly, but not only. Additionally we are producing so-called “monocolors” (tiles with single-colored surface, codes MC 300 beige, MC 311 grey, MC 302 dark grey). In this particular moment we are working on new size/design of tiles, it shall be multicolored tiles (serigraphy technology) with structural surface. So far we have and may show you some patterns of these tiles.   PIASTRELLA ceramic granite floor tile is being manufactured on Italian equipment with using of Italian technology.   Solidity, high abrasive stability and durability make ceramic granite PIASTRELLA irreplaceable as a floor covering in public, industrial and commercial constructions, in places with the stations of high passing ability, the airports and shopping centers. Extremely low water absorption makes ceramic granite PIASTRELLA frost-resistant, that allows using it at external places of buildings. Please tell me your E-mail address that I could send you our catalogue and price-list of the production.   Thanks for your attention. Stay with hope for the future mutual collaboration   Address: 01013, Ukraine, Kiev, Stroyindustrii str., 7 Tel: +380934909253 Fax: +380445457374

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