Japan Food Beverage Companies

Eye On La Inc.

Location: Asia>>Japan

We are importer/exporter of nutritives & sporting goods mainly between the USA and Japanese market. We have been in business for over 20 years in the USA, and just opened a new office in Japan in 2008. Address: Japan - Yamanashi


Location: Asia>>Japan>>Gumma

We are one of suppiler constrction chemicals products to overseas market. We handle PCE, PNS, defoamer and additive for construction chemicals produict Address: 1021-603, Ggummaeul, 1102, Jung-Dong, Wonmi-Gu,Buc Tel: 82-70-88542596

Tandis Tejarat Mahestan

Location: Asia>>Japan>>mie

Tandis Tejarat Mahestan Co. by using the most modern machinery for Fruit Juice Concentrate production, and experienced experts in food industry, and also containing high standards for producing Fruit Juice Concentrate, Paste, and Puree is ready to sell and export its products with the Best Quality to dear customers. Address: Ostadan St.Urmieh, Azarbayjan-eGharbiIran&nbs Tel: 98-441-3465905 Fax: 98-441-3472294


Location: Asia>>Japan>>mie

25 years expierence in export wishing to develop international market Address: Z.A. fon de pommier Tel: +33-553-365063 Fax: +33-553-364248

Blue Horse Corporation

Location: Asia>>Japan

As an international importer, exporter, wholesaler and supplier of a wide variety of processed Food & Textiles, providing Business and IT-related Services — Blue Horse Corporation is fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. With a “can do” philosophy, a network of representative offices worldwide, and a wealth of experience and expertise, we will assist you to meet your objectives whatever your industry, product or service.   Blue Horse Corporation imports, exports and distributes a wide range of products and services. Our focus is on ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers through the consistent supply of quality products and competitive prices. Please visit website to check the products we are offering.   Address: 4-2-3-203 Kami-ikebukuro Tel: 03-3916-4501 Fax: 0449484334

Nextgen Venturi Pvt Ltd

Location: Asia>>Japan

Dear Sir, NextGen is a UK based MNC based at IT Park Chandigarh, India. NextGen is having operations in North America, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and India. NextGen is a first company to manufacture and develop the Bluetooth devices in India and are also the provider of Bluetooth IOT test services, IT and Database development and maintenance to luxury automotive companies in Europe, North America and Japan. Venturi Mini is a Music Streaming and Hands-free Car Device. This is a plug and play device and can be used for following features: · Hands-free calling · Music Stream from mobile to Music system of Car (without any wire) · IPod/MP3 connectivity via bluetooth · Iphone Compatible · Laptop Music connectivity via Bluetooth · Devices Charging · Navigation System compatible · Phonebook download · Plug and play – no installation required · Audio Out/ Audio In port – Wired connectivity in case Bluetooth is not available on handset/iPod/Mp3 · Ambient Light Sensor – Auto adjustment We have won “Best Innovation and Design Engineering Award” at CES Show Las Vegas – USA, also Amazing Tech and The Gadget Show Award for this product. We are selling it all across the globe with major telecom and retailers such as “Car Phone Warehouse”, Verizon, Sonim, Salom Success etc. Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries. Thank you Best Regards Arun Gupta National Sales Manager(India) Nextgen Venturi Pvt. Ltd. DLF Building IT PARK Chandigarh GSM:+91-9915560238 Tel:0172-5003646 Web:www.myventuri.com

M&S Overseas

Location: Asia>>Japan>>mie

Dear Sirs, Please send quotation for Indomie intsant noodles Regards. Martin email:martinkarto@gmail.com Tel: 5978783494

TEAC corporation

Location: Asia>>Japan

Dear Sirs, I am looking for manufacturers who can manufacture heat sink which is made by Extrusion method. Please tell us the point of contact (e-mail address) if you have interest in the production. I will send the drawings so that you can make price quotation. The outline of the business is; Dimensions of the parts; 420x300x50(mm) Material; Aluminum Weight; About 7 Kg Qty; 1000 ea/month for three years Total 36,000 ea for three years Delivery time; End of March 2010 at Los Angels by sea We are waiting for your reply. Thank you, Keisuke Miyahara TEAC Corporation 1-47 Ochiai,Tama-shi,Tokyo 206-8530,Japan phone : +81-42-356-9147 Fax : +81-42-356-9187 http://www.teac.co.jp/ Tel: +81-42-356-9147 Fax: +81-42-356-9187


Location: Asia>>Japan

Would it be possible to get a list of all Pharmaceutical companies in Japan? Thanks, Mikkel Troen Mikt@lundbeck.com

Ryu Mei Co Ltd

Location: Asia>>Japan

Ryu Mei Company Ltd is a professional international trading and brokerage company in Japan. Our business objective is to assist both overseas institution and private buyers to either searching for information, or purchasing Japanese products from all categories. We provide all kinds of excellent service to allow overseas buyers to purchase Japanese products that are not available to them. Ryu Mei's other business objective is to assist local Japanese companies to expand overseas with products that are well-known and popular locally. Ryu Mei has Japanese products such as Kagoshima Kurobuta, Kobe Beef, Wagyu, Shochu, Sake, Green Tea, Kurozu and Unagai. Please visit the our website for more information. japan, kurozu, beef, kobe beef, pork, offal, green tea, tea, unagi, organic, kurobuta, sake, shochu, lobster, crab, health, pill, trading, moromi, drink, import, export, japanese food, berkshire, japanese eel, health food, blue crab, claw meat, jumbo Address: Shimoyamate-Dori, Chuo-Ku, 3-2-16-301 Tel: 81-78-3318571 Fax: 81-78-3318558

Overseas Trading Support , Inc.

Location: Asia>>Japan

Overseas Trading Support Inc.(OTS), Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka Pref. Japan is conveniently located in the heart of Japan which has easy access to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Shizuoka Pref. is a home of Japanese green tea and pr oduces the highest grade of Japanese green tea prooducts. OTS, by collaborating with Shizuoka green tea manufacturers, exports various types of green tea and unique products made with green tea extract. As you may know, green tea has so many healthy ingredients that helps your healthier life. It has Catechin, Vitamin C, Protein, Carotin and many others. Rec ent study says Catechin especially, has an anticancer activity.    If you are not satisfied with an ordinary green tea and looking for green tea with value added, contact us for more detail. We have various range of Gyokuro, M accha, Sencha, Houjicha, Fukamushisencha and Genmaicha. We are able to supply green tea leaves in bulk package or reta ils package. We also are able to supply green tea with vinyl mesh bag or paper bag. There is an option for OEM pack aging or our brand packaging as well. For those customers who are interested in visiting us to make a tour to our worl d's most advanced green tea factory in Shizuoka, we can arrange the tour upon request. Address: No.312 4598-9 Murakushi Cho Hamamatsu city Shizuo Tel: 81 - 53 - 4881338 Fax: 81 - 53 - 4880335


Location: Asia>>Japan>>Kagawa

We,SHOYO TRADING Co.Ltd,are dealing in used LCD panels of Japanese pachinko and have achieved s elling 400thousand of LCD panels last year. We can provide steadily dozens kinds of 4-10.4inch small sized high-quality LCD panels every month. At a smallest business,we would like to decide the payment terms after a great consultation be tween you and us. I would like to draw your attention to our offer,hoping for getting any reply from you. Address: 552-3 Nakatu-cho Marugame-city Kagawa 763-0054 Jap Tel: 81 - 877 - 58-5717 Fax: 81 - 877 - 585718

Nicky Foods Co.Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Japan

We, Japan Nicky Foods Co., is one professional manufacturer of Chinese Dim-Sum products since its establishment in Osaka, Japan in 1965. Now our company has opened 2 factories in Shandong, China to produce premium Dim-Sum to meet demands of customers from Japan and the world. The above 2 factories were certified to ISO9001/14001 and HACCP systems, in total we have more than 3000 employees in factories. We have the following items: 1) Dumpling: Steamed dumpling, fried dumpling, water boiled dumpling; 2) Shaomai; 3) Spring roll; 4) Bun; 5) Chinese cake and other desserts; 6) Glutinous rice dumpling; 7) And others. You are welcomed to visit our homepage to learn more about us. Sell Frozen Chinese Dim Sum Address: 2-6-34Chifune,Nishiyodogawa,Osaka,Japan Tel: 81-6-64723737 Fax: 81-6-64720800

Gold Lavender

Location: Asia>>Japan

GOLD LAVENDER started its operations in 2003 and last 5 years have been growing tremendously in the export market. We are working as an exclusive import source for some of the leading manufacturing companies for meeting their requirements of raw material products. Our import sources are based all over the world and we always make sure that our customers get the best quality material at the most competitive prices. We always look for new import sources. Our Company is managed by a team of highly skilled professionals having extensive experiences in theExport Industry. We are exporting our products to various customers and countries of origin of all products are according to our customersâ?? requirements. Most of our suppliers and manufacturers are ISO Certified Companies. We follow stringent quality control tests until final products reach to the customers with complete documentation. Packaging is done according to the international standard. Total quality control system is adopted at every stage. We maintain close personal relationship with each of our customer, providing necessary support in quality control so that customer gets the best quality products. We work to add value to our clientsâ?? businesses and build long term relationship with our clients by providing them with the best quality products, excellent customer service and on time delivery. We are currently exporting our products to various countries in the world. Our major customers are from U.K, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Russia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Middle-East countries. Address: 9-28-4 -305 Post Code- 175-0082, Tokyo To Itabashi Tel: 81-03-39350277 Fax: 81-03-39350331

Teatime Japan

Location: Asia>>Japan

We are dealing with only high quality Japanese loose leaf green tea which is called ?Sencha?, tea bags and Japanese tea pots. Green tea, produced in Shizuoka (where is the biggest product region of green tea in Japan) with maximum care, requires much work, which makes it little more expensive than others. But it deserves its price. The color and taste are totally different from others. The color is a beautiful green and the taste always satisfies customers. We vacuum pack our loose tea upon each order and can send it by air immediately. . Address: 37-3 Yamamoto,Kamiyoshida, Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan Tel: 81-536-340783 Fax: 81-536-340127

Tsukioka Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>Japan>>Gifu

Our company as developed the Gelatin, all kinds of Cellulose film as well as other base material film such as Starch and pullulan, giving us the possibility to offer Vegetarians and non-vegetarians our breath strips and active ingredients content strips. We also import halal Gelatin to that we can satisfy Muslim countries importers. Started in 2002, Tsukioka, with your contribution has begun to export to many countries in the world including the USA where our products are FDA registered. 2007 gave us the great chance to enter the difficult but exciting world of pharmaceutical products manufacturer. Our factory has been GMP certified and soon we will be able to introduce to you our New Film Drug, the TKK pack that can hold up to 300mg of API (powder, granulate or, and that is revolutionary, oil ingredients) For more information, please visit us at xxxxx Letâ??s work together for a better tomorrow of the Man kind Address: 2-451 Matsumoto-cho, Kakamigahara, Gifu, Japan(Zip Tel: 81-58-3832911 Fax: 81-58-3710768

NF Corp.

Location: Asia>>Japan>>Kanagawa

/Electric Eqpt/Electric / Electronic-Instruments Address: 3-20, Tsunashima Higashi 6-chome, Kohoku-ku, Yokoh Tel: (045)545-8101

IMV Corp.

Location: Asia>>Japan

/Electric Eqpt/Electric / Electronic-Instruments Address: 6-10, Takeshima 2-chome, Nishi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Tel: (06)6478-2565 Fax: (06)6478-2567

Kato Inc.

Location: Asia>>Japan

/Electric Eqpt/Electric / Electronic-Instruments Address: 3767, Shimo Nanbata, Fujimi, Saitama[354-0004] Tel: (049)251-1205 Fax: (049)253-3865

Nakano BC

Location: Asia>>Japan

/Food & Beverage/Beverage Address: 758-45, Fujishiro, Kainan, Wakayama[642-0034] Tel: (073)482-1234 Fax: (073)482-9014

Aquarian Sadhana

kundaliniyogacollective.co.uk , or yogawithyeli@yahoo.co.uk , or call 07983598302. Venue: St Ethelburga 78 Bishopsgate London , EC2N 4AG Contact: 07983 598302 yogawithyeli@yahoo.co.uk West Yorkshire Amrit Vela Sadhana Amrit Vela Sadhana every Saturday

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