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Home Grown Hydroponics

Location: Europe>>Italy>>Sardenya

Home Grown Hydroponics is a locally owned and operated urban garden center with three locations across the Valley. We are passionate about customer service, and making sure our customers walk out the door with knowledge - not just merchandise. Our staff has over 50 years total experience in hydroponics and most of them have lived in Arizona most of their lives, making them your Arizona growing experts. We also carry the most hydroponic products in the area and are the exclusive local supplier of the full line of HydroFarm products and many more. 

Cosmesi International Pascal s.r.l.

Location: Europe>>Italy>>Toscana

 Da sempre il Gruppo Pascal Firenze, si contraddistingue come "Leader" nel settore Make Up e Cosmetico, con proposte innovative e all'avanguardia. Non a caso operiamo dall'anno 1978 nel settore in Italia e all'estero, riscuotendo riconoscimenti per l'eccellenza qualitativa dei prodotti. La filosofia base del trucco correttivo personalizzato ha un solo nome: " Lifting Color " by Pascal Firenze. Address: via Fratelli Bandiera 24 50059 Vinci Sovigliana, POSTCODE/ZIP: 50059 Tel: +39 0571 508821 Fax: +39 0571 502196


Location: Europe>>Italy

Dear Director Greeting, the brown sugar and white sugar for the governmen establishment for brown sugar quantity is 470.000 MT di8vided 50.000 MT every month , during this shipments there are 25.000 MT white sugar Icumsa 45 every period (three months ) Please Urgent offer , Best regards , Alberto Lorenzini Liries srl Italy +393389045968-+393291905136 PRODUCT: ICUMSA600-1200 RAWBROWN SUGAR VHP(ICUMSA600toICUMSA1200color)Sugar Polarization:98.2 degree to99.2degree AshContent:0.15%max ColorICUMSA600to1200typical Solubility:95% Free flowing Color: Brown Radiation: Within inter nationally acceptable limits Granulation:0.6mmofregularsquare(medium size) Moisture:0.15%max MagneticParticles:10MG/K So2:120MG/K SulphurDioxide:60MG/KS mell: Free from unusualor abnormal mells ReducingSugar:0.05%MAXbyweight HPN Staph Aureus: NIL MAXAS:1P.P.M­MAXPS:2P.P.M MAXCU:3P.P.M Substance Structure: Solid Brown Crystal Crop:2008/2009


Location: Europe>>Italy

We are looking for polyester medium tenacity poy (partially oriented yarn) rw any dtx. Please only stock or substandard. Delivery place 59013 Montemurlo Italy or Port of Livorno - Italy if outside Europe. We need this material for our ropes production. Regards Gaby Urbanija ILFE SRL Tel: +39-0574-684252

Eurasia Culture

Location: Europe>>Italy

Our company is a large-scale manufacturer in arts & crafts, with solid technical force in Fujian Province. We have accumulated a wealth of experienced of development, designing and production since established in 1992. We are one of the leading factory and distibutors of all kinds of arts and crafts, exspecially paintings, stone crafts, metal crafts, wooden crafts, jade crafts, shell crafts, religious paintings, natural crafts, paper crafts, resinic crafts, lacquer crafts. If you are interested in our product we hope you will contact us with full offers and prices. paintings, lacquer paintings, wooden paintings, printing paintings, dried flower paintings, antique imitation crafts, paper paintings, paper crafts, wooden crafts, lacquer crafts, decoration paintings, furnishing paintings, arts and crafts, mirrors, framed mirrors, jade crafts, resin crafts, metal crafts, natural crafts, real flower crafts Address: Via Giovanni De Agostini 44 Tel: 39-06-97603091 Fax: 39-06-97603091

Esalog & Bilmar International Group

Location: Europe>>Italy

Our Company are in the trading more then 150 years. We are in the main factory in Italy for&nb sp; paper industry, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, paints industry, ceramics, plastic, refractory, abrasive, steel and aluminium foundry and rubber industry. Trading division: RAW MATERIALS SECTION It s concerned, through or der, to find gold and silver, both raw and processed; solar panels, precious stones; aluminium; copper; cadmium; zinc; special carbon steel; stainless steel; brass; both primary and scrap-heaps. Oil products and its by-products; generally chemical product; bauxite; metallic silicon; cement; sugar, helium; natural gas, petroleum product, mineral for paper, pigment, ceramic, foundry industry s. It has been created some close relations with the Producer s State Agencies for the continuous acquisition o f raw materials and the principal essential energetic sources for the western economic-industrial business Address: Via Enrico De nicola, 23 Domodossola VB 28845 Ital Tel: 39 - 349 - 7671003 Fax: 39 - 02 - 700559194

Yasin Phone Store Ltd

Location: Europe>>Italy

We are a professional exporter of consumer electronical products.Main products include portable DVD player, TFT LCD monitor, Mobile phones, they are 100% brand new set. We offer prompt shipping from OUR Warehouse,Typically the product will arrive within 2/3 Days Via Either FedEX/DHL or Ups Courier Sevices. We offer prompt shipping fro m OUR Warehouse,Typically the product will arrive within 2/3 Days Via Either FedEX/DHL or Ups Courier Sevices. We accep t payment via:Western union,Money Gram,Bank to Bank Address: Piranesi G.B. 16 Milano Milano 39 Italy Tel: 39 - 02 - 541008578 Fax: 39 - 6 - 535806


Location: Europe>>Italy>>Calabria

My company is looking for new suppliers for mobile phone to purchase stocks of brand new brand used goods. Nokia  Motorola Samsung and Sony Ericsson in quantities from about 20 up to 500.We can build up a good bu siness here together if you are competitive. We need trustful reliable partners who have to fullfill the following criteria .The phone must of course work in italian  and not be sim-locked.I want to know the place of origin of the the italian language supported and available on your mobile phones and the charger is for euro area 2 pin,220volts. they must work in Europe with the brokerage houses of the European managers.They must be new with original accessories and the instructions book must have English, Germany, French, spanish, italian languages.Samples may be obtained prior to purchasing for initial product inspection. we would only buy after a  sample of 2-3 of your phones.I will not use Western Union money transfer or any other to whoms account I cannot verify.Payment can be used are,Escrow service  T/T bank to bank transfer  L/C Letter of Credit Thanks. Address: via spirito santo 293 reggio calabria italy 89128 Tel: 39 - 0965 - 812531 Fax: 39 - 0965 - 812531

T.R. snc

Location: Europe>>Italy

For over twenty years T.R. Company has satisfied the needs of all who are involved in fruit-growing, horticulture and floriculture, by manufacturing analysis, control and measurement instruments which have become well-established in the Italian and foreign markets, thanks to their precision and reliability. The T.R. Company offers a complete range of instruments helping the customer in all phases of agricultural production: ?Harvest control instruments such as re fractometers for reading the sugar concentration, fruit pressure tester to detect proper picking ripeness and control fruit softening during cold storage, etc,; ?Instruments for the analysis of the chemical-physical characteristics of soil and water such as pHmeter (acidity), conductivity-meter (salinity), soil moisture meter, etc.; ?Meteorological instruments such as th ermometers, hygrometers, electronic frost indicators, anemometers, pluviometers, etc,; ?Control instruments for the preserv ation and transport of goods both in refrigerators and in refrigerating trucks such as high-precision thermometers, hygrometers, psychrometers, thermographs, etc.; Thanks to the quality and reliability of its products, year after year T.R. has b een increasing the share of production sold abroad (mainly in the Mediterranean area and in South America) and has been able to become a supplier and a partner of the Agronomy Departments of various Italian and European universities and Centers for research and agricultural development. Address: Via Copernico 26 Forli' FC 47100 Italy Tel: 39 - 0543 - 724848 Fax: 39 - 0543 - 774670


Location: Europe>>Italy

all ostrich product : ostrich meat ,feathers and skin. We supply on monthly basis exotic skins (salted or finished) for the industrial and artesian production based on Ostrich, Crocodile and Black caiman. other skin available is cattle ,sheep and more We supply on monthly basis of ostrich meat The ostrich meat is catalogued like �¢??superior quality meat�¢?? due to its proprieties (contents of vitamins, minerals like iron, iodine and phosphorus and low contents of cholesterol). We are able to supply on monthly basis ostrich feathers no classified. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question, Address: via, brescia, italia, Italy(Zip/Postal:) Tel: 39-331-8625260 Fax: 39-0000-00000000


Location: Europe>>Italy

Poolkemie offers a complete and versatile line of professional chemical products such as bi-component rubbers and resins that are used in many industrial appliances, applied arts, in building. In particular Poolkemie is leader in formulation of silicone and polyurethane elastomers for flexible mouldsand matrices production and of epoxy resins. Furthermore Poolkemie distribution program includes a line of complementary products used in moulds and matrices production such as release agents , charges, additives and plaster powder. The Poolkemie distribution program is completed by four distinct lines for professional: Line of rubber sheets Line of mono and bi-component adhesives and sealants for several industrial applications Line of bi-component resins for flooring Line of protective and waterproof coatings and special foams for building and tunnelling CORE BUSINESS: Formulation, manufacturing and distribution of rubbers (silicone and polyurethane), resins (polyurethane, epoxy, polyester) and high technology composite materials for advanced applications. Poolkemie products are simple to use, technically innovative and provided with high mechanical characteristics. FOR FURTHER DETAILS, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEB SITE: xxxxx Thanks for your interest! Address: Via Plava, 40, Turin, Itaqly, Italy(Zip/Postal:101 Tel: 39-011-3473370 Fax: 39-011-3913517


Location: Europe>>Italy

Globalchimica, a company with over 50 years of experience in the chemical sector, is involved in the production of new lines of silicone and polyurethane elastomers for the construction of moulds and flexible matrices. The special physical-chemical characteristics of the moulds obtained allow the reproduction of the shape of an original model for an infinite variety of manufactured articles:statues, prefabricated concrete, rosettes, cornices, fountains and garden articles, sanitary fixtures, decorative pottery, giftware, industrial equipment, decorative candles, gaskets, mechanical components, but also soles for footwear, archaeological findings or automotive prototypes. Our products are also used in the field of mechanised tunnelling and in the field of building as waterproofing resins and special paints. Continual research aimed at formulae improvement, the elaboration of specific syntheses and considerable flexibility are the cornerstones of our company. Address: Piazzale BP 12, volpiano, Turin, Italy(Zip/Postal: Tel: 39-011-9951663 Fax: 39-011-9951664


Location: Europe>>Italy

I.P.D. Srl (Industria xxxxx Dietetici) was founded 1996 by Giuseppe Polverini, the owner of the homonymous "Mill Polverini", family of millers at the fourth generation. In years 1985-90,Polverini's family supplied special flours to some companies of Parmalat group and at their leaders' suggestion, he founded in 1996 the I.P.D. Srl Nowdays our company produces a dietetic pasta, FiberPasta, whose manufacturing process was patented; it contains 15% of fibre, more than double of fibre of dark whole-wheat pasta and has the same pleasant taste of durum wheat pasta. The high quantity of fibre is useful for overweight, cholesterol, constipation and diabetes. The Italian Ministry of Health recognized with the Decree nr. 600.12.814 on 10/12/2001 that FiberPasta is "food suitable for people suffering from troubles of glucose metabolism (diabetes)". Address: via mercatale 7, monte san vito, ANCONA / ITALY, I Tel: 0039-071-7489958 Fax: 0039-071-740741


Location: Europe>>Italy

Nails of Eva is the name of a line of artificial nails, decorated or neutral, produced in Italy by a company certified UNI EN ISO 9001-vision2000: Quadro Italy di Buelli Irene This product is consistent with the provisions certified EU force in the European cosmetics. Our target is to produce this product that meets the 100% requirement trend of the market with a high quality standard. These artificial nails: 1. Are resistant 2. no-toxic 3. For easy application came with glue and lime The raw material of this article is best engineering normally used is a compound FDA approved. The pigments used for colouring material neutral inks for decorations and paint protection are water proof-based and therefore not polluted totally recyclable. Address: VIA COLOMBARA DEL BOSCO, CAPRIOLO, LOMBARDIA, Ital Tel: 39-030-7461601 Fax: 39-030-7460550


Location: Europe>>Italy

ATS FAAR S.p.A. From designing the complete QC lab, till the manufacturing of lab instruments, furniture, chemicals & reagents, we explore creativity in quality and service with our clients in more than 50 countries. Customer satisfaction is our target. We communicate in the language of clients, not only in plastic field, but also in engineering of turn-key lab in oil, gas, power plant industry, we are regarded as reliable, profitable and viable broad-range laboratory supplier. With our service, we care for your xxxxx xxxxx Address: Via Camporicco, 1, Vignate, Milan, Italy(Zip/Posta Tel: 0039-02-9593921 Fax: 0039-02-95360686


Location: Europe>>Italy

/Chemicals&Pharmaceuticals/Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives Address: Bianchi Antonio 25124 Brescia (BS)[] Tel: +39 0302 420 583


Location: Europe>>Italy

/Chemicals&Pharmaceuticals/Petroleum fuels and additives Address: Mezzocammino 00127 Roma (Rm)[] Tel: +39 0652 372 798


Location: Europe>>Italy

/Chemicals&Pharmaceuticals/Cleaning and maintenance products, household Address: Guizza Conselvana 35125 Padova (PD)[] Tel: +39 049 680 632


Location: Europe>>Italy

/Chemicals&Pharmaceuticals/Hygiene and toilet products Address: 828, V. Morazzone 21044 CAVARIA CON PREMEZZO[] Tel: +39 0331212 548


Location: Europe>>Italy

/Chemicals&Pharmaceuticals/Petroleum fuels and additives Address: Carrara Porto 84087 Sarno (SA)[] Tel: +39 0815 136 421

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