Hong kong General Industrial Equipment Companies

Fostar Asia Limited

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

Fostar Asia Limited is a trading company for different equipment spare parts. epecial for forklifts. We have office in mainland China. Address: JIAOJIANG TAIZHOU ZHEJIANG Hong Kong(China) Tel: 86 - 576 - 82881992

T&S Technology System Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

T&S Technology System Company Ltd. was found by a group of professional. We have more than twenty years experience in the field of machining, E&M and electric motor servicing. We are specialized in providing Electrical Motors. The range of motors includes Three Phase Squirrel Motors, Two Speed Motors, Explosion Proof Motors and Single Phase Motors etc. We welcome special project such as customer design shafts and flanges etc. For further information about our company and products, please contact us directly. MS-Aluminum Motors, Y2-Cast Iron Motors Tel: 852-852-26909506 Fax: 852-852-26870463

Wah Kong International Investment Limited

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

Dear Sir' We are specialist in manufacturing high quality electric motors and water pumps with competitive prices in China.Our products have been exported to many European countries and win a high reputation. Plea se look through our website(www.huifeng-motor.com)in order to have better understanding of our produdtion,supervision and q uality control. In view of low production cost in China,would you please consider the possibility of future cooperation bet ween us? welcome you to visit our factory. Best regards. Ye Qiying Deputy General Manager Huifeng Motors Co .,Ltd. Address: Room1114,Manhattan Centre, 8 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwa Tel: 852 - 9168 - 7058 Fax: 852 - 3005 - 4372

Chunlan (Group) Ocean Harvest Development Limited

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

Chunlan Group is one of the 50 largest enterprise groups in China. Chunlan owns 42 independent subsidiary companies, 18 of which are manufacture units. We specialize in producing Air conditioners, Washing machine, Dehumidifiers, Motorcycle, E-bike and Industrial high power battery, etc. Chunlan has been manufacturing air conditioner for more than 30 years. Now we can provide you different kinds of air conditioners ranging from wall split series, window series, cabinet series, portable series, unitary series, dehumidifier series, duct series to central series with BTU from 7000 to 350000. We provide also T3, R407C and R410A special models. Our products are successfully selling in 82 countries in the world and have been awarded by CE, BSI, TUV, CCC, SASO, CB, MEPS, ISO9001, ISO14001 etc. Our business includes exporting the completed unit(CBD), CKD, SKD and OEM. We are now doing the OEM with some famous brands such as WESTPOINT, SANYO, SUPERGENERAL and so on.. Address: 8/F, Fortise Bank Tower , 77-79 Gloucester Rd, Wan Tel: 852 - 2 - 5045333 Fax: 852 - 2 - 9729135

Zenkol Group Limited

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

We, Zenkol Group Limited, are found in Hong Kong, and are one of the most renowned and well-established thermostat manufacturers in the industry which we have technical and innovative manufacturing facilities in the province of Guangdong, Fujian and Nanjing respectively. Our products are mainly developed for various consumer/electrical appliances such as electric stove, fan heater, oven, barbeque grill, waffle baker, electric iron, electric heater, rice cooker, commutator for fluorescent lamp, transformer, laminator, massager, juice blender, hot tray, and various kitchen wares as well as electric motors, e.t.c. We have been in the line of fixed/adjustable thermostats manufacturing for many years, and are claimed to be the pioneer in the industry. Furthermore, we are expecting another production plant to be established in Guangdong in 2-3 year time. Our products have been offered to various electrical appliance and motor manufacturers for more than 20 years which include many prestigious customers in USA and Europe, etc. Monthly production rate exceeds 2.5mil pieces of fixed, and 550K pieces of adjustable thermostats. Product quality has been recognized by ISO9001 and various International Approvals such as VDE/UL/CUL/IEC/CB e.t.c. which was unparalleled in the industry. Having equipped with well-tuned technologies, highly-defined and ample-experienced manufacturing expertise, Zenkol is able to cater various specifications/unique designs provided/required by customers confidently, and our price is claimed highly competitive in accordance with quality provided. Furthermore, your explicit designs and invaluable enquiries are always welcome, and they will definitely be treated with discretionary manner at all times. We truly look forward to launch any open and fair business endeavors with your esteemed company. Thermostat (fixed/adjustable) applicable for electrical/consumer appliances and motor manufacturing Address: Room 1605, 16/F., Olympia Plaza, 255 King's Road, Tel: 85-2-98636116 Fax: 85-2-852 2512 9238


Location: Asia>>Hong kong

We, HONG KONG CHEUNG TAT ELECTRICAL CO LTD, are seeking the buyers for our products listed below: Ref.(J273ES/001): Brushless DC Fan Motors Ref.(J273ES/002): Stepping Motors Ref.(J273ES/003): Shaded Pole Motor s If you are interested in any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us at cheung_tathk@hotmail.com or visit our website http://www.cheungtat.com.hk. Tel: (852) 2575 8682 Fax: (852) 2250 1833 Address: - Hong Kong Hong Kong 852 Hong Kong Tel: 852 - 2575 - 868200 Fax: 852 - 2250 - 183300

Lifa Air Asia Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

LIFA AIR is the world leader in indoor air technologies, equipment and ventilation hygiene solution operating worldwide and having partners in more than 45 countries. We are specialised in methods and technologies to Healthy Buildings, IAQ solutions and ventilation and renovation hygiene. Ventilation cleaning machines and accessories; Vacuum collection machines, filters and accessories; Duct inspection camera system; Duct cleaning brushes. Address: Room 1709, 17/F., Nan Fung Tower, 173 Des Voeux Ro Tel: 852--28507125 Fax: 852--25430747

Main Power Hydraulics Machinery Co.

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

We are an importerer, distributor and stockist of hydraulic components, hose and fitting, industrial hose and coupling, we have a team of technical staff and mechanic servicing team. we have interest to work with any people for further development of our Company. hydraulic hose and fitting. industrial hose and coupling,cleaning equipment and cleaning chemical Address: UNIT , 10-16 WO SHING STREET, FOTAN, N.T., Tel: 852--26903509 Fax: 852--26903505

Ishel Investment Inc.

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

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Hongkong Highshine Industrial&Trade Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

Highshine Industrial & trade Co.,Ltd is an professional manufacturer of Duct Machines, Cold Roll Forming Machines,Welding& cnc cutting machine,power tools & electronics. It consists of three branch companies--Welding machinery plant(Joint Venture ARCWELD China Co.,Ltd); Machine tools plant&electronic product plant, covers an area space more than 6,000 M 2. ? Highshine ???????????? ???????? ??? ???????? ???????????????? ?????????????? DUCT ??????, ???????? ???? ????????? ??????, ????????? ? CNC ??????, ????????????????? ? ???????????. ??? ???????? ? ???? ??? ??????? ????????, Du ????????? ??????????? (?? ARCWELD ????? ???); ?????? ?????? ? ??????????? ??????? ??????, ??????? ???????????? ????? 6000 ?2.As the professional manufacturer of Duct Machinery we not only improved the digital welding&cutting machine, we have also developed the new portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Spiral tube forming Machine, Duct Manufacture Auto-Line, etc to meet customers's new requirments.Highshine Duct Manufacture Auto-Line with the smallest volumes, but the most entire function, the highest autoimmunization and the most stable performance within domestic and foreign market.We also developed low cost economical spiral tube forming machine and Duct Manufacturing Auto-line to meet all our customer’s demands.Our service: All machines will be adjusted to meet user’s satisfaction in our plant.We may train the operators from user’s factory in our plant.We can assemble and adjust the machines in user’s plant.We are providing for free technical support and after-sale service to all our clients all over the world. Address: Office :12117# Modern City Mansion ,Changzhou City Tel: 86-519-88292930 Fax: 86-400-67688001616

Ocean Harvest Development Ltd. (Chunlan Group)

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

Ocean Harvest Development Ltd. is a fully owned overseas subsidiary of the Chunlan (Group) Corporation. Chunlan (Group) Corporation is a diversified, high-tech, internationalized large modern company with an integration of manufacturing, R & D, investment and trade and is one of China's largest 50 enterprise groups. It is listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange since 1994. Besides specializing in manufacturing air conditioners, we also produce washing machine, dehumidifiers, motorcycle, e-bike and industrial high-powered battery, etc. - Why should you choose Chunlan? 1. Your Best Choice: - Chunlan Group is the ONLY Corporation in China specializing in air conditioner manufacturing which has a history of more than 30 years. Our first set was produced in the year of 1973; more than a total of 60,000,000 sets was produced since our establishment. - We have different series of air conditioners ranging from wall split, window, cabinet, portable, unitary, dehumidifier, duct to central series. R22, R407c, R410A refrigerant and also T1 & T3 are provided under international standards. 2. Famous Brand: - Our current market share in China is staying on the top-3 among all the competitors in the country. For overseas business, our happy customers are coming from 128 countries across continents; this contributes us to be a famous global brand name. - Chunlan was chosen as "2005 CCTV - My Favorite Chinese Brand". - Chunlan has set a historical record in China as being the No.1 in market share for air conditioner market in domestic sales for 8 consecutive years from 1997 to 2004. - Chunlan is offering our customers the most extensive varieties of air conditioners than any other suppliers in the highly competitive market. Website: http://www.chunlan.com/en for more information We are looking forward to be your long-term business partner, your support will contribute to our everlasting success! Address: 8/F., Fortis Bank Tower, 77-79 Gloucester Road, Wa Tel: 852 - 9465 - 3635 Fax: 852 - 2882 - 5262

Songgang International Group Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

We are Songgang International Group CO.LTD(HK),selling supercapacitor and other electronic components like motors and generators. We are Songgang International Group CO.LTD(HK). and we sell electronic components including supercapacitors and motors. The main brand of supercapacitor is Boostcap, we also act as agent for NEC and Panasonic supercapacitors. We sell SD-motors, but we also act as agent for Mabuchi motors and some of the reversible motors. For further information, please contact us. E-mail: alvin(at)songgang.com.hk Address: Unit9,22/F,CCT Telecom Building,No.11 Wo Shing Str Tel: 852 - 852 - 26901709 Fax: 852 - 852 - 26902767


Location: Asia>>Hong kong

Manufacturer of 49cc inflatable gas boat with Pump and Oars 2-4 Person Capacity, gas inflatable boat with water cooled engine, inflatable boats with outboard motors, Watersports Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Water sports Equipment, sport inflatable boat with electric and petrol outboard engine, marine inflatable gas boats, as power water aquatic sports gas boat, gas powered inflatable boat, marine diesel engines gas boat, boats with marine gas equipment, gas turbine powered boats, excursion boats, inflatable boats for the transport of persons, gas boat for pleasure or sports, sports inflatable boats for outboard engines, mini chopper, electric halley scooters, trimotor, dirt bike, electric trolley, electric chopper, mini chopper 2 or 4 stroke engine, 4 stroke engine pocket bike, golf cart, anti-tank vehicle, atv, tri-scooter, snow scooter, pocket bike with water cooled, side bike, overhead scooter, 110cc to 125cc 4-stroke dirt bike, electric float water scooter, electric swimming scooter, gasoline boat, OceanFX scooters, sea scooter with board, gas inflatable boat, surf water scooter, electric surf board with thruster, gasoline skateboard, gas xboard, electric scooters, electric mini bikes, gasoline scooters, electric bicycles, electric bikes, surfing scooters, motorized scooters, gas skateboard, gasoline skate board, stand up electric scooters, sit down electric scooters, golf cars, golf electric scooter and gas skate-board from our mills in China since 1998. Innovation, quality and services are our commitment to you. in our website http://xxxxx you may find the most up-dated models. Please feel free to contact us and hold trade talks with us. Address: Room 2001, 20F., Wellborne Comm. Centre, 8 Java Ro Tel: 852-0-25100762 Fax: 852-0-28073287

Mansdi Technology (Hong Kong) Co., LTD

Location: Asia>>Hong kong

We are a global trading company specializing in industrial automation products, mainly including Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Inverters (INV), Sensors (SENS), Encoder, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Operator Interface, Servo System (SERVO), Industrial PC (IPC) and industrial products accessories! We are majoring in the following brands: AB (Allen Bradley), ABB, Emerson, Fisher, Fisher-Rosemount, GE-Fanuc, Foxboro, Honeywell, ITT, Johnson , Mitsubishi, Modicon, NAMCO, Omron, Reliance Electric, Schneider, Siemens, Westinghouse, YASKAWA, YOKOGAWA and so on. Address: ROOM C1D, 6/F, WING HING INDUSTRIAL BUILDING, 14 H Tel: 852 - 9666 - 9759 Fax: 852 - 2110 - 0996

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