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Recycling Dienst Limbar

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Year Company was Founded    2007 Description    :    Ab sofort suche Aufträge auch als Subunternehmen suche jeden Job in Berlin Deutschland Europa, auch körperlichen schwer Arbeiten Tel.: 03060977577 Mobil: 01719374577 Entrümpelungen, Wohnung Keller Entrümpelung, Sperrmüllabholungen auch jede Arbeit pro Stunde oder pauschal ab sofort gesucht. Address        :    Entrümpelungen Limbar, Leinziger Str. 47, 10117, Berlin Phone Number    :    0049-152-16865413 Email        : Business Hours    :    24/7 Payment Method    :    Cash Category        :    Entrümpelung | Bauen & Wohnen / Haushaltsauflösung & Entrümpelung | Recyclingunternehmen | Umwelt / Entsorgung | Umwelt / Recycling | Dienstleistungen | Entsorgungen | Entrümpelungsdienstleistungen | Papierrecycling | Papperecycling | Papier Recycling | Pappe Recycling | Immobilien (real estate) | House | Moving | Firmen & Betriebe / Dienstleister | Bauen/Buildung&Living / Entrümpelung/Clearing Out | Umwelt|Entsorgung | Dienstleistung|Entsorgungen | Keywords        :    Entrümpelung Berlin, Keller entrümpelung Berlin, Sperrmüllabholung Berlin, Wohnungsauflösung Berlin, Haushaltsauflösung Berlin URL        :

PROFUND Trade Development Ltd.

Location: Europe>>Germany

The PROFUND Trade Dev. Ltd. connects business contacts world-wide. Our main activities are at present in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. In this case - We look for competent trade partners for the product T-RRP®. We assign exclusive licenses for import and trade in the respective country - world-wide. Substructure Construction & Ground Stabilization: Applications of T-RRP® in need to be frost and high impact resistant for all kind of basements. Correct usage of T-RRP® changes the surface in such a way that, when optimally packed, the ground attains a better strength and density than would be possible from its nature alone. This reaction is caused by continuous changes to the water-binding power of soil particles (colloids). T-RRP® was developed over 35 years ago. T-RRP® has no rival in the market and guarantees to do exactly what it says it will. A number of governmentlevel expert opinions can attest to the environmental sustainability of T-RRP®, alongside the expert opinion from Fresenius, Germanys leading research institute. Ground strengthened with T-RRP® remains enduring firm, saving future maintenance costs and protects the environment by the careful construction procedure. And not only that. After road construction with T-RRP®, almost the impossible occurs: In the first few years, T-RRP® roads actually become firmer, and thus better with each passing year. Improved surface compaction using the T-RRP® treatment results in a significantly higher load bearing capacity than provided by comparable conventional methods. Bearing plate tests on a tank trail constructed using T-RRP® in Germany produced results of 4,000 kg per square metre (820 pounds per square foot): many times over the stipulated requirement for German national-roads. T-RRP® presents no risk to either clients or the construction firms involved. T-RRP® is reliable and has a manufacturers ten year guarantee of effectiveness. This manufacturers guarantee is secured with product liability insurance underwritten by a global insurance group. Address: Konrad-Zuse-Strasse 15 Tel: 49-361-6636621


Location: Europe>>Germany

Their supervisor in the euro zone! An old proverb says: “Confidence is good, Control is better "! This proverb wins each day to meaning and the increasing globalization of the economy makes it necessary to be able to constantly access information in order to examine own decisions and their effects. Over the supervisor of DVLB Businessweb you keep these information comprehensive and nevertheless so compact that you have all important details at any time. Apart from the representation of your enterprise opposite suppliers and customers this offer covers the following activities: Assessment of company value: Within the framework that Assessment of company value examine we Liquitität and the payment history of its prospective customers, the observance of quality condition kind with internal and external Expirations, as well as all substantial economic factors. Controling: Quality control with the distribution to it or the delivery of their goods, of them Documentation and logging should always lie in your interest. Officeservice: We take over all activities of a commercial representation, like consultation, clarification substantial details with purchase and selling, Co-ordination of logistics and legal security in relation to of all supplies and achievements that national authorities. They have thus their own office in the euro zone, with full Function range and modern equipment, all the same in which part of our world its enterprise its Origin and seat have. The costs of this package, being based on over 20 years vocational experience become also you convince. They know itself for a monthly fixed sum of the conversion in the euro zone, transacted by 12500 euro including all taxes or a participation of 2,5% decide. You have full in each case Cost control with convincing achievement. In addition of the basis package the possibility consists to book the following modules, during separate account. Catering: Planning and organization of their Business trips, meetings and presentations in the euro zone. Search after and purchase of necessary raw materials: Aimed after your defaults raw materials are world-wide looked for, met delivery agreements and prepared contractual bases. Search after and purchase of necessary technology: Here and obtains our office, in connection with partners, looks for technical equipment which the stable maintenance of the efficiency of their Enterprise secures. Whether you for the basis package decide or this supplement the advantages of a protection of interests in the euro zone also you will convince! The advantage technical and technical knowledge to access at any time to be able and the possibilities of a network to use be able are to be used surely a good basis for a decision this offer. Trade,Tradeservice,Tradecompany,Tradeagent,Businessservice,Europe,Personalservice, Produktmarketing,Servicemarketing,Costumersupport,Recycling,Raw materials,Metal,Plastic, Copper,Aluminium,Steel,HMS1/2,Used Rails,PET,LDPE,HDPE, Address: Raiffeisenstrasse 4 Tel: 49-4605-189552 Fax: 49-4605-189676

Jungbluth Foerderketten

Location: Europe>>Germany

For more than 50 years the name Jungbluth Foerderketten has stood for expertise and quality in the production of chains and chain wheels. Our products are used in the steel, automobile, mining, wood-working and building material industries, in foodstuff production, recycling plants, powerstations and many other fields of application. We produce a wide range of conveyor chains at our own factory which is certified according to ISO 9001. Our product range is manly focussed on made-to-order chains. Therefore the products are manufactured to your individual requirements. We can supply chains in high/low temperature or corrosion resistant steel. We can offer solutions which reduce chain wear and extend the lifetime of conveyor chains. Furthermore we supply maintenance-optimised chains. Our production programme contains conveyor chains according to DIN, fork chains, block chains, draw bench chains, scraper chains, bush chains, coil transport chains, pusher chains, articulated racks, pinions and many other chain types. Address: Alsfelderstr. 73, Bad Hersfeld City, Other Provi Tel: +49-6621-92940 Fax: +49-6621-929410

Ruped Systems GmbH

Location: Europe>>Germany

Ruped is a producer of analysing and sorting equipment with modernst NIR-camera technology for plastic and paper recycling. The PSU-05 is a NIR-camera based sorting unit for plastic and paper recycling, particularly for the PET-bottle recycling. The RFA-06 is a flake analyser for process optimisation and quality control of the PET-flake production. The online material dedection with a high resolution and very fast NIR-camera system assures a very high yield and purity. Address: Steinfeldstr. 5 Barleben 39179 Germany Tel: 49 - 39203 - 75675 Fax: 49 - 39203 - 75677

Ramko GmbH

Location: Europe>>Germany

Ramko GmbH offers a wide spectrum on custom-designed packaging and labelling solutions aimed at meeting the unique requirements of each and every manufacturer and its clients. We specialize in modern, pro-consumer, environmentally-friendly packaging solutions for retail displays. From the idea, to the design, on up to the completed retail product display, Ramko offers its clients complete project management services, which go well beyond expectations. At the heart of this process, we focus on optimizing the type of packaging and its presentation, as well as, increasing productivity through automation. Furthermore, Ramko strives to lower clients packaging costs by merging the various processes involved or by coordinating the outsourcing of packaging services. With locations in Germany, USA and China, Ramko also guarantees international companies regional service and support. Address: Markdorferstr. 1, Friedrichshafen, , Germany(Zip/P Tel: 49-7544-5098400 Fax: 49-7544-5098462

BA Technik und Vertrieb

Location: Europe>>Germany

We are a german company with professions experiences in industrial supply from Germany and Europe in fields: - Energy - Environment - CNG compressed equipements for vehicles - liquid filling equipments - new or used/reconditioned/overhauled machinaires Address: Postfach 120101, Heidelberg, BW, Germany(Zip/Posta Tel: 49-6221-3893851 Fax: 49-6221-3893856


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/High-pressure cleaning machines Address: Kagrastr. 9 93326 Abensberg[] Tel: +49 9443929 90


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Recycling - machines and installations Address: Deininghauser Weg 81 44577 Castrop-Rauxel[] Tel: +49 230554 88 40


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Carpet cleaning machines Address: Sportplatzstr. 1-3 31 90579 Langenzenn[] Tel: +49 9101993 50


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment Address: Bohnenbergerstr. 6 68219 Mannheim[] Tel: +49 621877 96


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Environmental clean-up - machines and equipment Address: Useriner Str. 4 17235 Neustrelitz[] Tel: +49 398120 32 10


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Water retreatment - equipment and installations Address: Henleinstr. 14 78083 Dauchingen[] Tel: +49 7720954 70


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Vacuum cleaners - industrial Address: Ziegeleiweg 8a 21255 Tostedt[] Tel: +49 418270 75 54


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Water analysis equipment Address: Schleefstr. 12 44287 Dortmund[] Tel: +49 23194 51 07 55


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment Address: Heubergstr. 3 72766 Reutlingen[] Tel: +49 712149 28 68


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Sweeping machines, industrial Address: Am Fasanenhof 4 19061 Schwerin[] Tel: +49 38561 50 10


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Environment - Machines&Equipment/Drainage systems and equipment Address: Im Lettenhorst 28 67105 Schifferstadt[] Tel: +49 6235926 40


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment Address: Industriestr. 2 76275 Ettlingen[] Tel: +49 7243592 30


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment Address: Parkstr. 12 86462 Langweid[] Tel: +49 82129 98 70

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