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Gatway TechnoLabs GmbH

Location: Europe>>Germany>>lower saxony

Die Gateway-Gruppe ist ein globaler IT-Service-Dienstleister, Lösungs- und Produktentwickler mit mehr als 1400 hervorragenden Experten um unsere Kunden, in 30 Ländern über 5 Kontinente hinweg, zufriedenzustellen .Wir sind darauf spezialisiert, die Unternehmen unserer Kunden kontinuierlich und vorausschauend mit den neuesten Technologien zu transformieren. Unsere exklusiven Kompetenzzentren (Technologie und Domains) wurden von ICT-Experten mit Hinblick auf die herausforderndsten, technologischen und unternehmerischen Fragen mit dem geringsten Einfluss auf das Geschäft unserer Kunden gegründet.

Pentalog Deutschland Gmbh

Location: Europe>>Germany>>Hesse

Offshore Nearshore IT Outsourcing Firma mit Niederlassungen in Europa und Asien, die low cost IT-Dienstleistungen, IT-Engineering, Softwareentwicklung, Business Intelligence, IT Infrastruktur Management, Beratung und R&D Outsourcing Dienstleistungen anbietet. Address: Unterortsstr. 6-8, Eschborn Tel: +49 6196 5610 191 Fax: +49 6196 5610 199


Location: Europe>>Germany>>Baden-wurttemberg

Paramix has been developing small software applications since 1999, starting in Germany and gradually expanding internationally. Our objective is to minimize the time between software conception and actual implementation. Address: Muehlhof 6, 97922 Lauda Tel: 00499343709151

Ali Slim

Location: Europe>>Germany

Application for a job as Electrical Engineer and for international management work. Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to apply for a job as an Electrical Engineer and for international management work in your company. While and after university in Power Engineering, I have gained international professional experience in different fields of communication and industry. I think that because of my broad experience and solid back ground in production, controlling and managment, I would fill the position very well. I am aquainted with Microsoft Office Package and many other computer software and tuning knowledge. While being a team player I can also work on projects independent. I would be very pleased to talk on the phone how I can make a contribution to the company's success. I am a native speaker of Arabic and besides speaking German and English flunently, I have a basic knowledge of French. Please find further details in my attached CV. My references are available on request. I look forward to hearing from you and can be contacted at 0049-17623455030 at any time for arranging an interview. I am staying in Germany at this moment and my adress is: Taubenstrasse 25- 65197 Wiesbaden Germany Yours sincerely, Ali Slim Tel: 017623455030

mairis p.e.

Location: Europe>>Germany

homs-syria tel:00963-031-8812694 mob:00963-0966532427 personal information *nationality: syrian *date and birth: 4-2-1981 *personal status: single education *bachelor of agricultural engineering from al baath university 2008 *specialization: gardens design *average: good practical experience *i had good experience in th antidotes agrarian trade *i had good experience in doing arboretums *i had good experience in agricultural accountancy skills *language : arabic: native language english :good in reading ;writing; and conversation germany :good computer -some programs of accounting -office 2003 and 2007 -windows programs: full -internet: full my work: in gardens design Tel: 00380445278807 Fax: 00380445278807

Steff's Cyber Store

Location: Europe>>Germany

We are a little consumer electonics store from Hamburg/Germany. We sell: Notebooks, Cell Phones, PDA's, Mp-3 Players and all other related products. We are looking for manufacters and wholesalers who can offer great prices and are payable by Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. IMPORTANT: We sell most of the products on eBay. We are an eBay Powerseller. That is why we do need small quanties. Please do not contact us if you only sell in big wholesale like 100 pices of Notebooks. THANK YOU!   CURRENTLY WE NEED: Mobile Phones: Nokia >>> 8910i, 8910, 68 00, 3650, 7210, 7250, 7650 Notebooks: Dell, Compac and HP >>> ALL MODELS (minimum: Pentium 3 1.5 GHz, 20 GB H ard Disk, 256 MB RAM, DVD/CD, USB 2.0, Firewire) Desktop Computers: Dell, Compac, HP and Siemens >>> ALL MODE LS (minimum: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, 80 GB Hard Disk, 512 MB RAM, DVD/CD, CD Writer, USB 2.0, Firewire) MP-3 Players: Archo s >>> Jukebox Recorder and Jukebox Multimedia PDAs: ALL MODELS APPLE: Powerbooks, Power Mac with G4 prozessor Address: Moenkebergstrasse 16a Hamburg 22016 Germany Tel: 49 - 40 - 4454841 Fax: 49 - 40 - 4454961

Dynamix Promotions GmbH & Co KG

Location: Europe>>Germany

Dynamix Promotion Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of a network and telecommunication equipment. Today Dynamix Promotion is a dynamically developing company. The range of equipment offered by Dynamix Promotion includes not only professional equipment but user as well. Product range is constantly increasing, and at present moment includes: xDSL equipment (IP and ATM concentrators for central offices and peripheral equipment), PowerLine equipment, HomePNA equipment, VoIP equipment, bridges and routers, access servers, switches, active network equipment. Our business is based upon delivering high quality communication solutions to our customers, backed by excellent product support. Dynamix products are specifically engeneered for definite conditions and include broadband ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ modems and Router, HomePNA and Powerline equipment , VoIP (Gateway, Phone) products. modem, router, network, equipment, telecommunication, ADSL, SHDSL, converter, LAN, Ethernet, Firewall, Wireless, VoIP, HomePNA, adapter, media converter, powerline, gateway, USB, muptiplexer Address: Seelhorststr. Tel: 49-5141-940112

Boehm Innovation

Location: Europe>>Germany

Product Description of Putt-Trainer   Putt-Trainer: A worldwide golfing innovat ion A golfing pro has invented a truly sensational training aid. Training with the PUTT-TRAINER is great fun, because almo st every putt is holed, even after just a short training period. The training device can easily be mounted on your own putter in just five seconds, and suddenly you'll be up there putting like one of the greats. Whether you're a novice or a pro, the PUTT-TRAINER will help you to recognize the exact 90 degree putter angle for the perfect line of putt, without taking your eye off the ball and club head. Any misjudgement of the line of putt can be recognized and corrected immediately. The PUTT-TRAINER has a viewfinder with crosshairs, similar to a telescopic sight, making it incredibly easy to aim at the target. Some 50% of all shots are putting shots and as everyone knows, victory or defeat is decided on the green. Even if you only reduce your number of putts by one at every other hole, you will have achieved a sensational result. The PUTT-TRAINER is barely larger than a cell phone, weighs only 54 grams and should have a place in every golfing bag. This high-quality training device would also make a wonderful gift for a partner who enjoys golf. Now you can own what the professionals use. Further information at: www.pu Address: Richard-Wagner-Str.90 Geretsried Bavaria 82538 Ger Tel: 49 - 8171 - 911991 Fax: 49 - 8171 - 911999

Concepta Products c/o Grossklos & Grossklos GbR

Location: Europe>>Germany

We want beginn a new project with help of german Ebay and Teleshopping, we sell in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, parts of Netherlands and France. We observe this market already in the past and find out, how we can sell these items on the fastest way as possible. We have many salesmen which in our order to sell all kind of product very fast and in larger quantities. But we dont can do that without any Support. So, at the moment we look for these support. We need spec ial conditions to begin our project. It would be either contains PAS or PPB or you make a similar suggestion for us. PAY AFTER SELLING (PAS) easy to go! you send us a number of articles seperate by your selve. We sell these for you in 5 Cou ntries. Immediately after the sales we pay you out with T/T Payment or Paypal. The number at articles which we did not sell within 30 days, we send back to you and pay that shipment. That is the simplest way to be opened a branch in other countries at low financial expenditure. PAY PER BILL (PPB) Such another easy way. You send the articles ordered by us, an write o ut a Bill. That invoice amount will be payed within 14 days after receive of the articles per T/T Payment or Paypal. w ere're looking for any kind of products that listing below: - IT Products (internals/periferals) - PC-Screens only TFT/LCD over 15" - Laptops/Notebooks - Electronics (MP3 Player, DVD, VCD, Cameras ...) - Games for PC, PS2, XBOX i n German Language - Music-CD, Sampler, Single, Album - DVD Movies that contains German Language - Empty recortable CD-ROMS, DVD's - CD-Rom Bags - Refillsets for inkjet cardridges - Mobilephones and Telephones (only wireless) - Clothes, Shoes, Underwear (only for Men) - Office Chairs If you want to offer us a couple of products please feel free to tell us. Pls only contact us if you agree one of the both payments above or make a semiliar suggestion for us. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! Address: Goebenstrasse 2 Saarbruecken Saarland D-66117 Germ Tel: 49 - 681 - 9258714 Fax: 49 - 681 - 9358714

Edv Dienstleistungen & Handel

Location: Europe>>Germany

Dear Sirs, we have taken notice of your very special offers and would like to introduce ou rselves as importers of all kinds of trading goods. Presently we're especially interested in importing the following p roducts: Mobile Phones (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung), Notebooks/Laptops, Digital Camcordes/Camera s. We hope to be obliged with your prompt answer as soon as possible for which we say - "thank you in advance". Please send us your catalogue and complete data indicating your price, as well as minimum order and your best payment terms. If your terms are satisfactory, we shall be in a position to give you regular orders. Could you let us have some sam ples of the above products. If there is any charge, please indicate this first. Thank you for your prompt answer. Yours sincerely Alex Schwab Address: Zum Steigeturm 51 Dortmund Germany Tel: 49 - 1212 - 553679478 Fax: 49 - 1212 - 553679478


Location: Europe>>Germany

LTTELECOMMS. We are importers/exporters and brokers of Laptops/Notebooks,mobile phones,Digitals Cameras.Tom Tom Go 700/500/300/920/New Garmin StreetPilot c340 Street Pilot GPS Receive and Entertainment Games. Our int ention is to continually strengthen our market and secure quality merchandise at reasonable prices and supply to buyers at affordable prices. We at UTStarcom Inc. stand by our obligation by offering you an exceptional service to mobile phones w orld wide. With online banking facilities we are able to reply rapidly and efficiently to payment on inspection of goods. To satisfy our increasing customer demands we believe in trading with the ability to turn around effectively and efficiently as possible. At present we are looking to increase our customers and suppliers. If there is any stock you require i n quantity or any stock you can offer us please do not hesitate to contact us. I look forward in hearing from you and hope to build a good trading relationship with you. Address: Bismark Strasse 5b Duisburg Germany Tel: 49 - 15110 - 52143 Fax: 49 - 15110 - 52241

Europa Trading & Recycling Services GmbH

Location: Europe>>Germany

We are specialized in surplus asset management of electronic devices such as telephones, PBX, faxmachines, routers, computers, monitors, DVD players, plasma-, LCD- and CRT TV, ... We offer all kind of disposal options from resale to recycling. We offer also new televisions of pragma digital. Address: 4, Norbertstrasse Solingen 42655 Germany Tel: 49 - 212 - 2601885 Fax: 49 - 212 - 2601886

Harb Corp.

Location: Europe>>Germany>>Berlin

The National Technical Information Service, as part of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration, supports the nation's economic growth and job creation by providing access to information that stimulates innovation and discovery. NTIS accomplishes this mission through two major programs:     * Information collection and dissemination to the public     * Production and other services for federal agencies NTIS' Primary Purpose Assist U.S. industries to accelerate the development of new products and processes as well as helping the U.S. maintain a leading worldwide economic competitive position. NTIS' Responsibilities  &nb sp;  * Facilitate public access to Federal information     * Develop guidelines for federal a gencies to transfer their government information to NTIS     * Develop implementation methods and proce dures to facilitate federal agencies in the smooth transfer of information to NTIS     * Maintain a per manent repository of unclassified scientific, technical, engineering, and business information     * Co llect and disseminate this information worldwide     * Develop new and enhanced methods for expeditious dissemination of information Address: Stettiner str. 13 Berlin GERMANY 13357 Germany Tel: 49 - 168260 - 910 Fax: 49 - 000 - 0000

indafa GmbH

Location: Europe>>Germany

Indafa, located in Frechen, Germany, is a manufacturer of cleaning products for the multimedia and EDP area. Our multi-lingual team is a guarantee for a reliable service. We integrate daily our motto; for a cleaner world; thus satisfying the growing demand of industries and customers. Our products are suitable for all common keyboards, notebooks, desktops, TFT/ LCD and Plasma monitors, faxes, copy machines as well as PDAs and mobile phones. Address: Adam Schall Street, Frechen, , Germany(Zip/Postal: Tel: 49-160-4618100 Fax: 49-2234-3690636


Location: Europe>>Germany

CAD/CAM Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing - software Address: Nadlerstr. 8- 10 88299 Leutkirch[] Tel: +49 7561983 70


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Information Technology/Software/Software packages, data processing Address: Petzvalstr. 38 38104 Braunschweig[] Tel: +49 53123 85 40


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Information Technology/Software/Software packages, data processing Address: Ziegeleistr. 63 30855 Langenhagen[] Tel: +49 51178 05 70


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Information Technology/IT Services/Software consultants Address: Multring 28 100463 69469 Weinheim[] Tel: +49 6201949 50


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Information Technology/Software/Software packages, data processing Address: Landwehrstr. 50 64293 Darmstadt[] Tel: +49 615186 66 00


Location: Europe>>Germany

/Information Technology/Software/Software - business management Address: Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1 18184 Roggentin[] Tel: +49 381252 40 Address, Location and Contact Information

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