Underholdningen til dit næste event i København

Underholdning er alfa og omega når du skal holde en firmajulefrokost for dine medarbejdere. Derfor tilbyder vi at stå for en hyggelig omgang mordleg, julekalender leg, en vinsmagning eller noget helt fjerde når du lukker dørene op til din egen firmajulefrokost. 

.. Hvis du er i tvivl omkring hvor du skal holde din firmajulefrokost, eller hvem der skal stå for maden? så er du også mere end velkommen til at kontakte os.

Business Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region hovedstaden
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KodeFolk ApS

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region midtjylland

CodeFolk as an IT companyCodeFolk is an IT company that will make it easy for small to medium sized companies to get professional help with their IT needs. It is our goal to ensure our customers an optimal process and solid support without having to pay a fortune to hire an IT developer. Our programmers help advise before work starts, ensures reliable communication while the work is on, and evaluates the process continuously so that the final product becomes exactly as desired.CodeFolk's IT consultants are all skilled programmers with a broad experience in software development. They develop in many different languages ??and have knowledge of the most used tools and libraries.CodeFolk is also part of a larger franchise, where sister companies work with mixed other <a target="_blank" href="">SEO</a> , AdWords and search engine optimization, and this means that our solutions can be easily complemented by other business aspects than just software development. In this way, you as a customer are secured a more complete solution that combines technology andreturns.

Gulv Kanonen

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region midtjylland

Flooring and floor drainage Copenhagen - Your local flooring company The floor cannon is your local floor company, which offers flooring and floor abrasion throughout Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand. You can by allow us with us to refurbish your floors so that you can in future allow you to invite guests visiting your home.  You can, in principle, sand floors on your own, but of course, you need to be competent and also have access to professional machines, which the fewest individuals have. That's why it would be best for you to hire a professional floor slipper that delivers sanding floors in apartments, villas and many other types of homes.  The floor cannon can generally offer the following services to Zealanders homeowners: • Flooring • Floor abrasion • Wood flooring(lacquering, lacquering, oil treatment, wood flooring)  You can safely leave our hard work to us, as we have many years of experience in the industry and thus fully control what we do. It is your guarantee of doing a good job where there will be no finger to put on the quality.  Flooring Copenhagen - Your flooring in Copenhagen is always just within reach, as you simply have to get an offer for your individual task. You may want to read some of our many customer statements if you are interested in knowing what other customers think about our service. 

Pole dancer

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region midtjylland

Ultimate Man Stripper and Poledance The pure dance strip machine is Mikael Christiansen who is stripper and pole dancer. He is in the top of the pole industry and stripped the profession and has won the Danish Championship in Poland 2014.Rent a stripper - pole dancer that performs throughout Denmark. It is non-binding.Click here:

bogholder kompagniet

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region syddanmark

It must be a matter of course by the bookkeepers.It's a shame that we need to emphasize this, but we act in an industry where it is unfortunately not obvious that the bookkeeper has experience and overview enough to advise the business leader in the future.When we get new customers in the Bookholder Company, we often see that errors or neglected opportunities have cost them over the years.We will revolutionize the bookkeeping industry.In addition to ensuring that the bookkeeping and the various alerts are alright, we will tell you what you are earning your money and we will give you great advice on how to make the most of your money.The most skilled bookkeepers.Our bookkeepers are part of the elite and in order to find and further develop the most talented bookkeepers we have introduced a bookkeeping certification, where the bookkeepers are part of a professional network and partly in continuous quality control.To become part of the academic network, they will pass a test where the pass rate is only 30%Sharp accountants and controllers.As a business leader you often sit as the only decision maker. As a customer in the bookkeeping company, you get sparring with skilled accountants who have a broad academic and experience background. They burn to hear about your business and they have the tools to help you lead your vision.Serious customers.Our clients are business executives who have realized that financial management plays an important role in the success of a company, regardless of the size of the company and the development phase it is in.80% of our customers are smaller companies, where we are the only sparring partner in the economy. Here we can really make a difference and bring value to the company. We have developed a concept for this type of customer, which we call ' The Little Account 'Our controllers are in line to be allowed to pass on their experience to  the major customers . Here you will have your own own accounting team consisting of a controller and an accountant who work together to find the optimal solution for your business. We have a large catalog of certified accountants so we always have a team that specializes in your financial system and often they also have experience from your industry. Visit here:


Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region hovedstaden

FRISOR PII ABOUT FRISOR PII We wish that getting a hairdresser should be a pleasant, comfortable and relaxing experience. Our customers are our guests and we welcome them in our and their common room where they will experience being treated by highly professional and dedicated hairdressers.  ALL CUSTOMERS ARE WELCOMEAt hairdresser Pii we welcome all our customers with a smile and it is important for us that there is room for everyone.All guests, new as well as existing, are offered a consultation every time they visit the salon. During the consultation we ensure that listening to the guest's needs and challenges. There is also a diagnosis of hair and scalp.Visit here :

Rejse Forsinkelse

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region nordjylland

Rejse ForsinkelseWho is provides legal service to airline passengers who have been subjected to delays, cancellations or overbooking. Our mission is to ensure airline passengers the financial compensation they are entitled to under the legislation. is proud to have Denmark's highest payout rate. Our payroll is only 20% and we guarantee that nobody has a higher payout rate than our company. We are your safe choice after a bad experience with an airline. All our employees are specialists in EU law and your rights as airline passengers. Our company has the necessary diligence in relation to Danish and international airlines. We will need all the way in the judicial system if necessary to ensure your right to financial compensation. is your guarantee of a professional treatment of your requirement. We take your case all the way from start to finish; Quick and convenient for you. Our company guarantees both families and business travelers a proper financial compensation without any hassle for you. is your guarantee of the highest payout rate in Denmark.Visit here :

Billig pakke

Location: Europe>>Norway>>Oslo

                                      BILLIGPAKKEAbout Billigpakke.noAt we make it easy and time saving to book and send parcels as fast as possible, whether you are a company or a private customer.Our easy and user-friendly price calculator always gives you the current price on shipments in Denmark and the rest of the world. Our delivery time is usually 1-5 working days for most destinations.Since 2012 we have offered our service with great success, and we continually work on improving our services, user-friendliness and customer support. Our goal is to be the freight service company, where companies and private customers can check prices and order pick up the easiest way possible. And we continue improving these services.If you are already a customer, we hope you are very satisfied with our services.Click here  :

capida dotdk

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region nordjylland

WELCOME TO CAPIDAWe are a Danish webshop specializing in mobile accessories and accessories for tablets , and a lot of exciting gadgets and gift ideas. We have a wide and ever-updated range within all of our product groups, and we constantly try to expand our range, giving our customers every opportunity to find exactly what they are looking for or to find inspiration for your next purchase. In the case of mobile accessories, you will find everything for Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Microsoft and OnePlus, whether it's an iOS or Android device you're in, and our great assortment will definitely have something for your device.Click here :


Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region nordjylland

Flakkebjerg Efterskole is for you who has a project you would like to realize. With us, you will burn for something: To move on in life, to make a difference and help shape the future. And do it with people who burn like you. In a world that is often about what separates us, we focus on Flakkebjerg Preschool on everything that ties us together. In the future of Denmark, we must be able to live and work together across all academic, social and cultural differences. This is what we see in the after school as a strength and challenge that calls on committed people. We use the diversity as a springboard to create curiosity and tolerance and free the creativity.The school's 6 lines offer a way to understand our common world. They form pairs of three basic pillars: Culture, Politics and Natural Sciences. At the cultural stage we have Performance, which works with theater, dance and drama, while Art focuses on visual arts, installations and photographs. The political pillar consists of Global, which immerses itself in politics, culture and democracy while Media understands the world through media, journalism and film. Finally, the natural science pillar consists of Adventuresport, which focuses on health, collaboration and physical performance in nature, while Science is immersed in physics / chemistry, technology and innovation. A wide range of approaches with the common goal: To create a better world, both here at Flakkebjerg Preschool and in the future. Click here :

Politiken Books

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region sjaeland

Politiken Books is a Danish e-bookstore that sells e-books and audiobooks. Since Politiken Books (formerly Riidr) started in 2010, the goal has been to make it easy to buy and read Danish and English e-books and listen to audiobooks no matter where in the world you are.You buy books with a few clicks and you can start reading or listening to your books directly on your mobile, web or tablet. With our newsletters, we inspire thousands of Danes with read tips, news and great deals.Politiken Books is part of JP / Politikens Hus A / S.Welcome!Visit us :

Mynew art

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region nordjylland

The tent master is Denmark's oldest internet shop with awning. The tent master is part of Camping Nordic ApS, which includes Has been agent for Cabby Caravan AB in Denmark, Holland and Belgium for 13 years. The telt master is owned by Christian Jørgensen, who has more than 15 years experience in the sale of awnings.For the sake of costs we have chosen not to have any showrooms, so we always have offers and price guarantee on all our products in Scandinavia.The telt master emphasizes service and good customer advice, which would give you great peace of mind in our dealings with us. We are very much pleased with all our customers and help find the awning that suits your wishes, needs and budget. Visit here :

Det Var Det Min Ven

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region syddanmark

Cleaning company DVDMV ApS - We offer cleaning throughout Greater CopenhagenCompetent cleaning company with extensive experienceAt It Was My Friend, we are primarily focusing on offering you the very best quality cleaning. It is our goal that all our customers must be satisfied with their cleaning solutions. It is equally valid whether they use us once for a comprehensive main cleaning, or whether they make a regular appointment with us where we arrive daily, weekly, every fortnight, or when it suits them. With us, it is always the customer who is at the height of whether it is a big business, or a private customer who must have cleaned his home.Many years of experience and cheap pricesWe have many years of experience in the cleaning industry and know that quality cleaning can change from person to person. Therefore, we make an individual agreement with each of our customers to meet their specific needs. With us there are no standard solutions. We can do exactly what the customer wants.We do the work at cheap prices, so cleaning does not become the biggest item on your budget. That, we believe, is part of our good service. We think that quality cleaning can go hand in hand with low prices. The one in no way excludes the other.Online booking cleaning companyIn order to give our customers the highest degree of flexibility we have made a system so that you can book cleaning via our website. It makes it easy and flexible for you to order cleaning. You can order a single time. It can be a main cleaning or in connection with a move. You can also make a regular appointment with us. When ordering, just specify whether it is cleaning for business or private, how many hours of cleaning you need and where and when to arrive. Then we meet the address and clean.Visit us:


Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region hovedstaden

ABOUT is Denmark's cheapest online store. At our shop you can find everything from the latest design to classic branded products in the area of ??restrooms, fixtures, kitchen sinks, washbasins and baths at low cost. Heat pumps and radiators are also part of our regular range. We have many years of experience in the field of plumbing and are always ready to help you if you have questions or the like, whether it's bathroom, kitchen, heating, accessories or other plumbing spare is open when you have time and you can find thousands of products within plumbing articles from all leading brands as well as designer furniture that help create a beautiful, durable and functional home. At you will find toilets , washbasins and bathtubs for the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and dishes . You are also welcome to visit our sister site Complet Living where you can find everything for your home from Danish and international brands , whether it's a new dining table , lamp , a storage unitor small details to decorate the room. Whether you choose to shop at Complet Plumbing or Complet Living, you are guaranteed a good service. Fast delivery is standard with us and our customer service is always ready to help you and answer your questions.Click here:

Teltme steren

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region sjaeland

The tent master is Denmark's oldest internet shop with awning. The tent master is part of Camping Nordic ApS, which includes Has been agent for Cabby Caravan AB in Denmark, Holland and Belgium for 13 years. The telt master is owned by Christian Jørgensen, who has more than 15 years experience in the sale of awnings. For the sake of costs we have chosen not to have any showrooms, so we always have offers and price guarantee on all our products in Scandinavia. The telt master emphasizes service and good customer advice, which would give you great peace of mind in our dealings with us. We are very much pleased with all our customers and help find the awning that suits your wishes, needs and budget.Click here :

Pakke Denmark

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region sjaeland

About At we are working to make it easy, manageable and time-saving to send packages, whether you are a private person or a company.  Our easy price calculator always gives you a current price of shipping in Denmark and to the rest of the world. Our delivery time is typically between 1-5 business days for most destinations.  Since 2012, we have been offering our service with great success. We continuously work to improve our services, customer support and user-friendliness. Our goal is to be the freight service company where private as well as companies can check prices and order packages as well as document shipments in the easiest and most fastest way. If you are already a customer with us, we hope that you are satisfied with our service. If not, we recommend that you read our Trustpilot reviews where we are Top 1 in the shipping category.  

Welcome to - Huge selection of brand watches

Location: Europe>>Sweden>>Hallands lan

Welcome to - Huge selection of brand watchesWe welcome you to our webshop. Our name says everything, namely, selling designer watches and brand watches to both men and women throughout Scandinavia.  As a customer at you are guaranteed maximum when purchasing your bracelet watch. We were among the first webshops in our industry and have sold watches online since 2007. We are authorized retailers of a wide range of well-known brands, including; Citizen, SEIKO, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, CASIO, NEXO, TRIWA, GANT & Daniel Wellington.  Whichever time you choose to buy with us, we always have free shipping and we will also ship all goods with track & trace number and insurance. And we always offer 31 days of return. We offer top quality customer service, a security because we are an E-branded webshop. You can also follow us at and see what our previous customers like about us.  We at offer price guarantee on all our productsWe want to guarantee all our customers absolute best trade, even at price. So if you find any of our products at a lower price in another store, then we will match this price. You will find more information about price guarantee under terms of trade and "Price Guarantee". 

Bundgaard rejser

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region sjaeland

A language trip is an active holiday that combines a language course with activities and excursions where culture is an important input. A language trip consists of three equally important elements: - Language Course  - Accommodation  - Leisure    Everyone can travel on language regardless of age. As long as you are curious about other cultures and want to improve your language skills, you can go on a language trip - maybe you need the language in connection with your education or a new job, maybe you have traveled a lot in a country without being able to language or you would like to improve your qualifications for the future. Whatever the reason for your language travel, you can take a language course for a short or longer period of time, with few or many lessons and with or without cultural input. Click here :

Box IT

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region sjaeland

OM BOXIT SELF STORAGEBOXIT Self Storage er lune, tørre og sikre depotrum, som vores kunder har adgang til stort set døgnet rundt, alle ugens dage, 365 dage om året. Om lejen af det enkelte depotrum skal være i kortere eller længere tid, er op til den enkelte kunde. Vi ønsker blot, at det skal være nemt og bekvemt. Derfor har vi korte opsigelsesfrister og intet depositum.SELF STORAGESelf storage er et koncept der stammer fra U.S.A. Det er en praktisk, nem og billig løsning for både private og virksomheder der ønsker ekstra plads til opbevaring af deres ejendele.Konceptet er forholdsvist nyt i Danmark men er hurtigt blevet populært og efterspørgslen er stadig voksende.Self storage handler kort sagt om at du lejer dit eget private opbevaringsrum, i en størrelse der er tilpasset dine behov. Du kan opbevare næsten hvad som helst. Dine ting kommer til at står tørt og sikkert, luftfugtigheden er lav, og rumtemperaturen konstant.Self storage områder er altid godt sikret, med indhegning, videoovervågning og en personlig nøgle eller kode, der giver dig adgang til dine ting. Det smarte ved self storage er at du har adgang til dine ting størstedelen af døgnet, du behøver ikke at tage hensyn til personale eller almindelige åbningstider. Du kan komme og gå, hente og bringe som det passer dig.Du kan vælge at benytte self storage for en kort periode, hvis du f.eks. skal flytte, rejse eller lave om, og bare har behov for et sted at opbevare nogle ting i en periode, eller du kan gøre brug af self storage konceptet som en permanent løsning på pladsmangel.Hos BOXIT finder du billige priser på self storage samt tilbehør til opbevaring og flytning.  

Sohu Wallstickers

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region midtjylland

Common to all of our wallstickers is the high quality that we ensure that we exclusively cut them out on our own machines. This means that you are always guaranteed the same high quality when you shop with us. At the same time, we always offer free shipping and delivery in just 1-2 business days, so you can quickly get your new wall sticker and quickly enjoy it.Visit us : 

Murelita Totalentreprise

Location: Europe>>Denmark>>Region hovedstaden

Murelita Totalentreprise er din lokale håndværker, beliggende på Amager. Vi udgører opgaver på hele Amager, København og Nordsjælland. Vi kører også gerne til andre dele af landet for at løse din håndværkeropgave. Vi beskæfter os med murerarbejde, malerarbejde, tømrerarbejde og gulvarbejde. Udover dette, har vi stor erfaring med tagarbejde og bygning af saunaer.Kunne du tænke dig et uforpligtende tilbud på din håndværkeropgave, så kontakt Murelita Totalentreprise idag! 

Belfountain Salamander Festival

Festival Website: Organizer Credit Valley Conservation Phone: (905)-670-1615 Email: Website: https://www

31' Class A Fetch rv rental canada

Premier Freeport Inn Suites 86 Freeport Boulevard NE Calgary, Alberta T3J 5J9 Canada Tel: 403/264-9650 Toll Free Reservations 877-818-0638 Currently there is a free shuttle service from this hotel to the airport. Apart from that, customers are expected

Dromana and Safety Beach accommodation and attractions in the Mornington Peninsula

0590 Seascape on McCrae - 3 Grant Street, Dromana - Tel: (03) 5981 9412 Sea Eagle Beach House - Dale Ave, Safety Beach - Tel: 0400 522 258 Caravan & Holiday Parks Kangerong Holiday Park, 105 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana. Phone (03) 5987 2080 Enjoy your stay

Previous Year's Lineup - The Guild Alive with Culture Arts Festival

Community groups to begin the revitalization of Scarborough. If you are interested in Rotary in Scarborough contact Michael Cooksey 416 616-5391 email: Booth 45. Bassic Creations. Specializes in the art of handmade eco friendly

Lenders Mortgage Insurance Info - Trusted Mortgage Broker

Sessions Office & Postal address Trusted Mortgage Broker L9, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia Phone : 0425 792 903 fOLLOW us Home About First Home Buyer Enquire Online Calculator Info Sessions Blogs Contact 2016 trustedmortgagebroker

First SemanticHealthNet Expert Meeting - RAMIT

Medical Informatics & Statistics, Ghent University 5K3 Universitair ziekenhuis Gent De Pintelaan 185 9000 Gent Belgium tel: +32(9)332.40.67 skype: geert.thienpont Welcome Events News Quality labelling R D projects Welcome Events

Consulate General of Nepal in NSW

Frequently Asked Question PO Box 6128 North Sydney NSW 2059 Office Address Level 1, 9 Napier Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Tel: 61 2 9460 0388 Fax: 61 2 9460 0322 Email: Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9am-3pm [2016-06-22] Consulate

Come work with us | Counterparts IT

243 NS0-157 70-417 70-486 9L0-066 350-050 c2010-652 , Counterparts IT Level 8, 61 York St, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000 Phone: 1300 72 55 92 Email: Web: Links Terms of Use Privacy Policy Terms and

Loan repayments – missed or late can mean a future decline - Trusted Mortgage Broker

Sessions Office & Postal address Trusted Mortgage Broker L9, 440 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia Phone : 0425 792 903 fOLLOW us Home About First Home Buyer Enquire Online Calculator Info Sessions Blogs Contact 2016 trustedmortgagebroker

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