Fiber Optical Telecommunications Companies

Sun Telecommunication (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Shanghai

Sun Telecom Taiwan Founded in 1989, As a well known brand in China and Taiwan. we provide total solutions for FTTH FTTx deployment for Telecom operators, ISP, CATV operators and sell our products to more than 80 countries worldwide. We provide:    · Fiber Optic Cables and Cable Management (Cables, Terminal boxes, Enclosures, Fusion splicers, etc) · Fiber Optic Test Equipment (OTDRs, Power meters, Light sources, VFLs, etc) · Media Converters and Transceiver Modules (Ethernet media converters, SFP, GBIC transceivers, etc) · Surveillance and Security Systems (Audio/Video/Data media converters, Camera, DVR, etc) · Fiber Optic Passive Components (Connectors, Adaptors, Patch cords, Coupler/Splitter, WDM, etc) · FTTx FTTH Solutions (Triple-play EPON system, P2MP, etc) · Tools and Tool kits (Polish machine, Microscope, Connector assembly tool kits, etc) · High Power Optic Cable and Connectors (SMA905 connector and Patch cords, etc) Shanghai Sun Telecommunicaton Co.,Ltd. building No.145, Lane 666, Xianing Rd, Jinshang Industrial Park, Jinshang Distric, Shanghai 201506 China Tel:+86-21-60138638Fax:+86-21-60138635-401Skype:tin_suntelecom Yahoo:suntelecom_04whatsapp:+8613816946920line:+8613816946920wechat:+8613816946920  # Fiber optic solutions ProviderTelecom Operator, Broadcast and CATV operator, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Computer Network, fiber to the home, CCTV and survelliance system, security monitoring, mobile base station, Intelegent manufacture, Big Data, Cloud computing, Smart City,Information Data Center (IDC), Oil Gas and Railroad Pipe, FTTH,EPON,GPON, EPON, Fiber Cable Enclosure, Fiber Connector, Fiber Optic Patch cord, PLC splitter, SFP Transceiver, Fiber Fault Locator,Optic Power meter, Optic Light Source, Fusion Splicer, OTDR, WDM, optical media converter optical switch, splicing_machine, Optical testers, fiber optical test equipment, CWDM, DWDM, SFP+, XFP, OLT, ONU

Medfibers Technology Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>China

Medfibers focused on the research, manufacture and marketing of medical fibers and tools. We provide full range of medical fiber products, techniques and application support. 1.Semi-conductor laser fiber(200um,400um,600um,800um,1000um) 2.Holmium laser optical fiber(200um,276um,365um,550um,800um,1000um) 3.KTP laser frequency doubling optical fiber(200um,400um,600um,800um,1000um) 4.YAG optical laser fiber(200um,400um,600um,800um,1000um) 5.Lateral launching fiber(400um,600um,1000um) 6.Diffuser Optical Fibers(diffuse head is30,50,80mm)(400um,600um) 7.Optical fiber detacher and Optical fiber cutter

Shenzhen Teco Optic Co., Ltd

Location: Africa>>Zambia

Business Range:1) Fusion Splicer & Accessories: Fiber Fusion Splicer, Fiber Cleaver,  Fiber Cleaver Blade & Fiber Protective Sleeve2) Fiber Optical Test Equipments: OTDR, Optical Light Source, Optical Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator (VFL), Fiber Identifier 3) Fiber Optic Passive Devices: Fiber Tool Kits, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Fiber Optic Adaptor & Connectors

Tinout Technology Limited

Location: Asia>>China>>Shanghai

TINOUT CFP|SFP+|XFP Corp was established in 2007 as a global leading supplier for fiber optical components with perfect technique & production, abundant technology development capability of photonics products and network items.Dual-fiber modules are used for bidirectional data transmission via two single-mode or multi-mode optical fibers. In these modules are used TOSA (Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly) and ROSA (Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly).  Single-fiber modules are designed for bidirectional data transmission via a single optical fiber. In these modules installs BOSA (Bidirectional Optical Sub-Assembly) optical assembly, which combines transmitter and receiver in one optical port. Transceivers support all protocols used at different data transmission rates: OC-3 STM-1 SDH FE at up to 155 Mbit/s; OC-12 STM-4 SDH at up to 622 Mbit/s;  GBE FC at up to 1.25 Gbit/s;  OC-48 STM-16 SDH GBE FC at up to 2.5 Gbit/s;  GBE FC at up to 4.25 Gbit/s; 10GbE OC-192|STM-64 at 10Gbit/s; 40GbE, STM- 256|OC-768 and OTU3 tri-rate serial signal transport 100GbE,1310nm 4X25G LAN WDM EML and OTU4 tri-rate serial signal transport CWDM|DWDM Active and Passive systems;  transceivers of CFP|SFP|SFP+, XFP|QSFP+ and other form factors;  components and materials for fiber-optic communication networks ;  welding and measuring equipment for optical fibers by leading manufacturers. Depending on wavelength and rate of the transmitted signal in module transmitters, lasers of various types can be installed:  FP (Fabry-Perot) laser; EML (Electroabsorptive Modulated Laser);  VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser); DFB (Distributed Feedback) laser; APD (Avalanche Photo Diode) laser.To carry out the on-line monitoring, DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) function is used. The DDM function allows for real-time control of the following parameters: input signal (RX) power, output signal (TX) power, module temperature parameters. Tinout transceivers are compatible with the equipment of widespread international vendors such as Cisco, HP,Juniper,3com,Extreme,Huawei,Alcatel,Netgear,D-link,Linksys and others, and support the operation of the majority of data transmission protocols. 

SXL Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

Our product includes various fiber-optic patch cord, connector, adaptor, attenuator, coupler, Optical Distribution Box, optical cable slice box, etc. Address: China - Guangdong

Shanghai COmbridge Technology Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

Established in 2001, Shanghai COmbridge Technology Co., Ltd is a company engaged in the development, design, manufacture and sale of optical communication products, including optical distribution frames, passive optical components, optical media converters, outder distribution cabenits, outder cabinets, optical splice closure, and heat exchangers. We have a lot of patents in China, Currently our products have already been applied in telecommunication, broadcasting and public security monitoring fields, power telecom.... Address: 300 West Jiangchang Road, Shanghai, China, POSTCODE/ZIP: 200436 Fax: Mr. Elwin Shu(Foreign Trade Sa

Henan CRE Communications Equuipment Co.,Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Thailand>>Nan

Henan CRE Communications Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a research and development, manufacture and sales of fiber optic test instruments, fiber optic jumper series, high-tech enterprise fiber splicing tools, optical passive devices, fiber optic cable construction and cleaning tools.     The company made a number of technology patents in technology development and applications. The company's products have been widely used in the major domestic carriers, engineering firms, the operation and maintenance... Address: No.85 Nongye Road,Zhengzhou,Henan, POSTCODE/ZIP: 450000 Tel: 86-0371-60151185-604 Fax: 86-0371-60151172

Shine Electro-optical Incoporated

Location: Asia>>China>>Chongqing

Shine Electro Optical Incorporated, known as SHiNEOi, got its reputation by assembling high quality fiber optical jumpers for our worldwide customers. Now we extended our portfolio from single optical jumper assembly to all kinds of fiber optic products, components, as well as precision parts and ceramic products. Moveover, since we understood the importance of technique accumulation early from the beginning, we now are able to provide value-added engineering services. Address: No. 1201Lankung Building, Hengling Industry Zone, , POSTCODE/ZIP: 518131 Tel: 86-755-29467296 Fax: 86-755-23040492


Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

Company Profile 3c-Link is a leading provider of optical modules, components subsystems and  optical passive products for use in optical communications networks. Our products, and those produced by our customers, are used by telecommunications and cable service providers to deploy advanced networks for video, voice and other data services at high data transmission rates and low costs. Our products datarate from 100M bps to 10G bps active products and passive products. along with our nanoscale design, materials, fabrication and... Address: HuaFeng Buliding ,Baoan 25 Block ,Shenzhen,China, POSTCODE/ZIP: 518000 Tel: 86-755-27821691 Fax: 86-755-27821071


Location: N/A

A small oversea trading company. We just do our best for our partners and customers. Bidding projects as a solution provider 1) development of the many kinds of dsp boards and systems for information, communication, control, measurements, security, display 2) installation of the dsp experimental tools related to the subjects: Computer sciences, electronics, telecommunications, software engineerings of an university 3) installation of the excellent optical-fiber faults monitoring system... Address: 61-10 Jung Chon-Dong, POSTCODE/ZIP: 301080 Tel: 82-2-5369242 Fax: 82-2-5369249

Shenzhen Dmax Cable Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

Shenzhen Dmax Cable Co., Ltd was established in 2002 and it is a professional manufacturer for fiber optic cable and accessories/ pigtail /adapter/fiber optic fast connector/ fiber patch cord/ODF.The company now focus on the R&D, production,sales and technology service of fiber optics and fiber lasers. The products are widely used in optical communication, optical sensing, laser machining, medical laser care etc.Dmax has its own production lines, warehouses,offices,reserch laboratories,etc. During past few years, Dmax... Address: The fourth building ,Peng lian Industry park ,liu , POSTCODE/ZIP: 518000 Tel: 86-150-16735914

Al-Abed Trading Co.,

Location: Asia>>Yemen

We are one of the biggest trading company in yemen dealing with telecommunication products, PVC scratch cards, mobile cards, optical fibers, optical accessories, ariel cables, drop down cable, pcm cables etc. Address: Behind Haddah Cinema, Sana, Yemen, POSTCODE/ZIP: 7287 Fax: Mr. Tennyson Pinheiro(Public R

Wuhan Maiwe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Hubei

Wuhan Maiwe Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd is a corporation of highly new technology based upon the field of photoelectron industry. Our business relate to following: fiber optic data communications, fiber optic devices, fiber network integration, industrial automatic control system, monitoring devices, etc. Main products that are developed by our own such as: series of optical fiber data traffic, industrial field bus communication protocol conversion series and interface switchover series, have been widely used and gained good... Address: China - Hubei

Aares Telecom (P) Ltd

Location: Asia>>India>>Delhi

Dear Sir/madam, We are manufacturer and trader of OFC Accessories < splice protection sleeve (SPS) , Ribbon Fiber sleeve (Half round),Joint closure, FDMS, ODF, DDF, OFC Tool Kit, Pigtail, patch cord, JC Box, TSF Kits, JC Tiffin Type, Ceramic Scissor, Fiber stripper, Loose Tube Cutter, Optical fiber Cable, Optical duct, Micro duct, Copular and deals in Splicing Machine, OTDR, Battery, Power meter, Cleaver blade, Electrode, Data Card, DVR, Talk set, Media converters, Spliter, Jointing Kit Raychem, Densons, Compaq and... Address: India - Delhi

Pesonze Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: N/A

Pesonze Technology Co., Ltd. is hightech enterprise, Which specialize in reach and development(R&D), production and marketing of optical fiber communication products such as Video, Data, Audio, and Ethernet transmission products and networking communication products over optical fiber. Pesonze Technology has many Execllent R&D engineers and supervisors for the better running of the company. And Pesonze Technology have cooperating well with Huazhong University of Science and Technology in the field of fiber optic Video,... Address: 6f, Longtianli Industrial Zone, Dashuikeng, Guanla, POSTCODE/ZIP: 518010 Fax: Mrs. Susie(Marketing Departmen

Chengdu Atech Technologies Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Sichuan

Atech Technologies Co., Ltd. focuses on developing and manufacturing optical transceivers, components, modules, and subsystems, which used in the enterprise, access, and metropolitan segments, and many telecommunication service providers are using to deliver video, voice, and data services in Datacom, Telecom and CATV field. Atech also include optical transmitter, optical receivers, optical node, EDFA amplifiers, and the fast response and excellent customer support contribute to clients' full satisfaction. Our products... Address: ChengDu DaShiXiYiJie 19#, POSTCODE/ZIP: 610041 Tel: 86-28-68229286 Fax: 86-28-87046097

FiberStore Inc.

Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

FiberStore designs, manufactures, and sells a broad portfolio of optical communication products, including passive optical network, or PON, subsystems, optical transceivers used in the enterprise, access, and metropolitan segments of the market, as well as other optical components, modules, and subsystems. In particular, FiberStore products include optical subsystems used in fiber-to-the-premise, or FTTP, deployments which many telecommunication service providers are using to deliver video, voice, and data services. The global, vertically-integrated business model and expertise in optical design enables FiberStore to rapidly deliver market-leading, high performance fiber optic components and subsystems. The R&D and engineering teams provide strong innovative capability , who have core technical knowledge ranging from optoelectronic device, optical subassembly, and module design, to product and manufacturing process development expertise. With over 200 employees primarily in Dong Guan and ShenZhen, we can serve the customers and distribution partners around the world fast. What's more, our custom service and wholesale service save customers' time and money, making customers enjoy personalization. Address: 5D Intelligent Tower Fumin Road Futian, Shenzhen,G Tel: 86-0755-83571351 Fax: 86-0755-83269395

Star Optical Hk Co.,Ltd Shenzhen Branch

Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

Founded in 2000,ARROWSTAR INTERNATIOANAL(HK)LTD is specialized in manufacturing optical fiber modules,We focus on topping optical fiber communication products.By working with several famous universities,labs and other high-tech companies,we're able to supply wide range of GBIC/SFP/CWDM/ BIDI/GEPON.As one of top players in this industry,We are top distributor for CISCO, H3C network equipment and HTTH products. On optical transceivers,we provide complete solutions,datarates from 155M to 10G. including 155M/1.25G GBICs, 155M/1.25G SFPs,... Address: ROOM708,kangle building,futian huaqiangbei Tel: 852-2-6164306 Fax: 852-2-6164563

Precis Design Cor.

Location: Asia>>Turkey>>Van

Precis Design Cor. is a professional foreign investment enterprise which engages in design, manufacture and sales of optical thin film products. Established in June, 2002, we produce optical thin films for telecommunication, electro-optical and traditional optical field components. Precis is equipped with more than 14 advanced coating systems utilizing our proprietary Dual Rotary Magnetron (DRM) technology and precise Optical Monitoring System which are designed, developed and manufactured in San Jose, California and... Address: 4th/F, Advanced Building, Chung Nam Intl., Yayuan , POSTCODE/ZIP: 518129 Fax: Mr. Alan Meng(M&S Dept.)

Shenzhen Info-Optic Technology Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>China

Shenzhen Info-Optic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of fiber-optic products located in Shenzhen China.We are always pursuing to offer qualified products our customers all over the world ,such as Fiber Optical Connector,Fiber Optical Patch cord,Fiber Optical Attenuator,Fiber Optical Adapter,Fiber Optical PLC Splitter,MPO,MTP,CWDM and other fiber optic active products.   Address: Room 1001-1005, China Nonferrous Building 6013 She Tel: 86-755-8296008

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