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Analytical research - Modern Telecommunications CJSC
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Moscow :: MediaCom
Membrapor - Gas Sensors Manufacturer
Membrapor - Gas Sensors Manufacturer
Business Council for Cooperation with India
Aaa Cargo - Alfa Air Agency, Moscow, Russian Federation,
Aaa Cargo - Alfa Air Agency, Moscow, Russian Federation,
Russkiy Mir Cabinet Opens in Buenos Aires
TOA Corporation
International Exhibition Dairy And Meat Industry 2014 Moscow
Embassy of Albania in Moscow, Russia
Animal Care Centre - Mackay


Transmash Holding

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

Welcome to the cjsc transmashholding! Transmashholding is the largest company on the railway machine-building market. We manufacture diesel-locomotive shunters, main-line and electric industrial locomotives, passenger and freight cars, electric train cars, locomotive and marine diesels, car castings and other products. Address: Sadovnicheskaya Nab.,72/2 Tel: 7-495-2216232 Fax: 7-495-2216232

Oriental Technology Mobile Phone manufacturer

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Block A Harvest Building No. 29-35, WingKut Street, POSTCODE/ZIP: hkh Tel: 852-66358948

Yandgaz Group

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

Major Products: MAZUT100 GOST-1058575, MAZUT100 GOST-10585-99, JP54, LPG 50%PROPANE/50% BUTANE MIX, LNG GOST 5542-87, REBCO GOST-51858-2002, REBCO GOST-9965-76, DIESEL GAS GOST-305-82, GASOLINE 87OCTANES, GASOLINE 89OCTANE, GASOLINE 93, FUEL OIL. Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products, Edible Animal and Vegetable Oils, Other Oils of Animal or Vegetable Origin, Other Non-Petroleum Oils, Lube-Oil Additives Address: Prospekt, 29, Offices 401-408 Moscow Moskovskaya o Tel: 7-495-9886049 Fax: 7-495-9886049

Demidovo Plywood Mill

Location: N/A

Demidovo Plywood Mill which has been founded in 1999, nowadays is one of the largest birch big-size plywood producers and sellers in Russia. It is located in Vladimir. The enterprise is located in the region of the favorable ecological environment and modern infrastructure near the major highways, it has its own railroad. Address: 1st Pekhotny Lane, POSTCODE/ZIP: 123182 Tel: 7-495-2582512 Fax: 7-495-2582512


Location: N/A

SOLED was created at 1999 as a small industrial plant, which manufactured polyester textiles. Our product offer is very versatile and is constantly modified, according to the clients needs. As for today the production is focused on the new generation of filling materials-ball fibers (SOREL TM) , spunbond nonwovens and modern thermobonded nonwovens. Our products are used in the production of: furniture (upholstery textiles) , sanitary and medical materials, disposable and medical materials, carriers and washers etc Address: Juzhnaya, 1, POSTCODE/ZIP: 143981 Tel: 7-495-980 97 15 Fax: 7-495-980 97 15

Mandarin Company

Location: Asia>>China>>Heilongjiang

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Room 801, 8 / F Technology Plaza, 29-35 Sha Tsui R Tel: 852-2417 1873


Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Lugar do Cebreiro s / n, POSTCODE/ZIP: 15821 Tel: 34-981-634111 Fax: 34-981-634112

Agency A

Location: Asia>>China>>Chongqing

We are produce original handmade crystal art panels with Swarowski crystal stones. This stones imitate saphirres, topazes, emeralds, rubins, dimonds We are use Swarovski tehnology and panels could be in any style-modern, old style and ets Address: Sharikopodshipnikovskay Str 11 Room 358 Tel: 7-495-7734312 Fax: 7-495-7734312

living plus 24

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: 29-35, Byon-Dong Tel: 82-042-5248466


Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Bugelovo. 29 Tel: 7-495-3653824

Sergey Sargsyan

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

CJSC "Areni" was founded in 2005. It was mainly concentrated on armenian wines and brady and is the exclusive distributor of these products. The production we distributes is widely known among the Russian consumers. Because of the market demand, CJSC "Areni" has expanded its product list including cheap and elite Russian vodka, wine and brandy. Now the company expands its aims and is going to enter the makets of western countries. We can organize delivery of the products you are interested in right from the... Address: Davidkovskaya str., POSTCODE/ZIP: 495095 Tel: 7-495-7715944


Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Poligono De Xaras P46 / 47, POSTCODE/ZIP: 15960 Tel: 34-981-873905 Fax: 34-981-873905

CJSC Poltava Diamond Tools

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>mon

CJSC "Poltava diamond tools" Poltava, Ukraine, 36000 High level of the organisation of production, use of modern technologies allowed CJSC "Poltava diamond tools" to take up a leading position in the countries of CIS and Europe in the manufacture of diamond tools. The range of products produced by CJSC "Poltava diamond tools" includes practically all world known tools made of synthetic diamonds and superhard materials. Tools with trade-mark of CJSC "Poltava diamond tools" has... Address: Krasina 71b, POSTCODE/ZIP: 36000 Tel: 380-532-503811 Fax: 380-532-503811

SPA "Prodvizenie Int."

Location: N/A

We-represantation of international group of the companies on manufactore of advertising production. We are importers on all position. We have offices in Hong konh, shanghi and represant offece in Moscow. In Russia we have a solid client base, aspecially, among medical companies. Address: Parkway Zubovsky, POSTCODE/ZIP: 119 021 Tel: 7-495-201 40 05 Fax: 7-495-201 29 97

Kong Yee Jewellery Co.

Location: Asia>>Sri lanka>>Central

silver jewellery hallmarketed sterling silver Address: Rm 504, Harvest Bldg, 29-35 Wing Kut St.,Central , Tel: 852-23771563 Fax: 852-23771576

Toner&Rakel company

Location: Asia>>Oman

We are Toner & Rakel in Russian Federation The Toner & Rakel company is by all means more than just a trademark or an ordinary corporate name. This is a certificate of thoroughness and variety of our research powers and the manufacturing experience earned by our team. This is a certificate of cutting-edge technology; from production of laser printer supplies to high-quality end products of wide consumer range. Address: 6, Petr Romanov St. Tel: +7-903-0082842 Fax: +7-495-677-66-35

Sunflower (HK) Industry Development Co.,Ltd

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: B3 BLK B 4 / F HARVEST BLDG 29-35 WING KUT Tel: 852-51245124

Integra Outsourcing

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Kaya

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: 35 Pervaya Brestskaya, POSTCODE/ZIP: 125047 Tel: 7-495-2504155

Oriental Technology Holdings Limited

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Room H 38 / F Block A Harvest Building No. 29-35, Tel: 852-66358946


Location: N/A

Russian pharmaceutical company Europa-Biofarm CJSC was founded in 1991. The main activities are production of drugs, food supplements of natural origin, functional oils and cosmetics. In 2005 management system of Europa-Biofarm CJSC was audited and confirmed its conformity to the rules of the international standards ISO 9001:2000. Europa-Biofarm CJSC invites importers and wholesalers for cooperation. Address: Russia - Volgograd