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Location: Europe>>Poland>>Pomorskie

We are dealing with used computer trough worldwide. We also distributing used and new computer troughout Europe. We are supplying all kind of branded CPU and notebook: IBM, dell, compaq, HP. We also distributing used and new laptops and part's of them. We'd like to buy : a hdd 2,5"-3,5", accesories for notebook and pc, notebook p3,p4,centrino.. etc Address: ul. Starowiejska 17 Gdynia Pomorskie 81-356 Poland Tel: 48-58-6611122 Fax: 48-58-6611122


Location: Europe>>Poland

Our company, Qupse is a well established brand of second hand clothes in one of the main cities in Poland, Gdansk. We have a chain of stores and currently we focus on a wholesale trade development. We offer Grade A and B mixed second hand apparel. Address: Lastadia 35BGdansk, Poland  Tel: 48-58-3462168

PPHU Lekarewicz

Location: N/A

PPHU Jerzy Lekarewicz is family company from Poland. Our target is market of wooden furniture and wooden materianls. We sale wooden stuff, but our speciality is cooperating with big factors and distributors in whole Poland and all over the world. Please contact us if you are interested in polish wood and polish furiniture, and you main value is honesty, solidity and triaditionality of cooperating company. Address: Wroclawska 3 / 2, POSTCODE/ZIP: 59-400 Tel: 48-76-8703584 Fax: 48-76-00000000


Location: N/A

INCANA company is a leader in manufacturing elevation facing in Europe. Products are project trough the best Italians designers and manufactured on factory in Poland! Address: Witosa, POSTCODE/ZIP: 59-330 Tel: 48-76-843 70 80 Fax: 48-76-843 73 17

VAMA International Ltd.

Location: Europe>>Poland

Vacuum packaging machines. PA/PE vacuum plastic pouches. Address: Spichrzowa 29-30/4, Gdansk, Poland, 80-750, Poland Tel: 48-58-3249128 Fax: 48-58-3054581

indpol Violeta Pionk

Location: N/A

Our company is established in 1994 located in Gdynia. At present we supply summer garment to 150 shops in Poland I am looking for new suppliers in Asia who make products high quality best price quick delivery Address: Ul. Tezeusza 5, POSTCODE/ZIP: 81-601 Tel: 48-58-5528085 Fax: 48-58-5528085

Nagrol Sp. z o.o.

Location: N/A

Agribusiness services provider in Poland and agrigoods trading within the European Union. Rapeseed oil / expeller manufacturer. We have started in the trading business in 1992 and crushing / storage handling in 1996. Address: UL. Waly Piastowskie, 1, POSTCODE/ZIP: 80-855 Tel: 48-58-3074012 Fax: 48-58-3074040

J.T. Mebel Sp.z o.o.

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Gdanska 45, POSTCODE/ZIP: 83-300 Tel: 48-58-684-75-25

Chem-Met Sp. z o.o. (ltd)

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Pl. Sw. Malgorzaty 1-2, POSTCODE/ZIP: 58-100 Tel: 48-74-8518076 Fax: 48-74-8518076


Location: Europe>>Poland>>Pomorskie

We are a Polish based company located nearby sea port of Gdansk. We sort used clothes and shoes destined for African and Pakistan markets. We produce 100% summer lightweight used clothes of the highest quality for African market. Address: Pepowo, ul. Gdanska 118, Zukowo, pomorskie, Poland, POSTCODE/ZIP: 83-330 Tel: 48-58-6849143 Fax: 48-58-6849143


Location: N/A

Aniko is a family company producing and operating on markets in Poland and Russia. We specialize in HD and LD-PE products(t-shirt bag on roll , block produce bags , quality garbage bags) specialy for Hypermarkets and supermarkets. We are WWRE selected supplier . As a production and trade company we sell all kind of die cut bags and handle made from LD-PE. Address: Dluga 14, POSTCODE/ZIP: 73-240 Tel: 48 -95-76 89 212 Fax: 48-95-76 89 212

Ra System Rafal Dabkowski

Location: Africa>>Angola>>Bie

We are distibutors of heating oil and diesel and wood and peat briquettes, pellets, etc. mainly in Poland however at the moment we are expanding our main markets and trying to get access to western europan buyers and suppliers. Address: Sobieskiego 5 / 8, POSTCODE/ZIP: 84-230 Tel: 48-58-6766329 Fax: 48-58-6714445

Jim Green Biz ,LLC

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: St, 750, POSTCODE/ZIP: 91203 Tel: 684-684-7131058 Fax: 684-684


Location: Europe>>lithuania

We are Yamaha and Kawasi dealers in Lithuania. We working over 14years. We can offer you brend new goods and all tipe of performance. Address: MOL?T? PL. 47F, VILNIUS, LITHUANIA VILNIUS VILNIUS Tel: 370-684-46452


Location: Europe>>Poland>>Pomorskie

We are able to ship every volume of the cargo all over the world. We offer : potato starch, sugar, flour, ***** Address: Dabka, Gdynia, pomorskie, Poland, POSTCODE/ZIP: 81-155 Tel: 48-58-6650269 Fax: 48-58-6650269

Marek Karolczak Company

Location: Europe>>Poland

Marek Karolczak Company is supplier of computer software / hardware and implementation services in its region. the company has been active on polish it market since 1999. in the beginning the core business was development of software supporting management processes. at present the company also provides know-how expertise, technical support, network infrastructure design, highly customized software solutions, authorized software / hardware supplies. Address: Konopnickiej 25, Wroclaw, Poland Tel: 48-76-451267 Fax: 48-76-451268

piotr blumicz

Location: Europe>>Poland

we sell luxury furnitures.Best design from Poland. Address: dabrowskiego 30a, poznan, 60841, Poland Tel: 48-8434-524

GORBI Fish Products

Location: N/A

We are a trading company, established in 2003 year and has as main activities import-export of fresh, frozen, smoked and marinated fish. We are supplying our clients from, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, etc. We cooperate with big producers in Poland, so we got attractive prices and our products have outstanding quality. We are open for business cooperation with all Companies, so don't hesitate to ask Us for details of our offer. Address: Swietojanska 37 / 7, POSTCODE/ZIP: 81-391 Tel: 48-58-6611121 Fax: 48-58-6611121

Olinax Stable Isotopes

Location: North America>>Bermuda>>Hamilton

Chemical name CASRN Ammonium sulfate-15N2 43086-58-4 Ammonium chloride -15N 39466-62-1 Ammonium-15N nitrate 31432-48-1 Ammonium nitrate-15N 31432-46-9 Ammonium nitrate-15N2 961-07-9 Potassium nitrate -15N 57654-83-8 Sodium nitrate -15N 31432-45-8 Potassium nitrite-15N 7758-09-0 Sodium nitrite -15N 68378-96-1 Calcium nitrate -15N2 10124-37-5 Urea-15N2 2067-80-3 Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate-15N 7722-76-1 Diammonium hydrogenphosphate-15N2 287488-11-3 Ammonia water-15N 13767-16-3 Nitrogen-15N2 29817-79-6 Diethyl... Address: 223 Jackson ST W Hamilton ON L8P4R Canada Tel: 1-888-2229291 Fax: 1-888-8161737


Location: N/A

We are one of the biggest manufactures of silver and amber jewellery in Poland. Working with the best specialists and watching global trends, makes that our jewellery is becoming popular all over the world. Being opened for clients needs we offer products made of the highest quality amber with silver stamp 925, in lots of attractive, not average patterns. Address: Gdanska 32 A, POSTCODE/ZIP: 80-518 Tel: 48-58-3427626 Fax: 48-58-3427626