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Executive Board - Technical University of Denmark
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Fiva - Research School of Water Resources
J Water SRT - Aqua 51 (2002) 399-406 - Rasmus Boe-Hansen et. al
Fiva - Research School of Water Resources
Fiva - Research School of Water Resources
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ben and priscilla

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: 45 Hindhede Walk# 02-08, POSTCODE/ZIP: 587978 Tel: 65-85331251

Gitte,S Hair Shop

Location: Europe>>Slovenia>>Kanal

Hair -Nails & beauty fasion salon in denmark Extension and cosmetics treatments are part off our daily work Address: Kanalens kvt.34 albertslund Denmark Tel: 45-43-644436 Fax: 45-43-6444336

Fiberpartner Aps

Location: N/A

Fiberpartner have 25 years experience in raw materials for the textile industry. In cooperation with leading manufacturers in Far East, specially China, we can offer competitive prices and high quality raw materials. With office in China we can ensure logisitcs and quality control prior to shipping. Our website contacts specific and complete technical specifications on-online Through a network of agents we have a local presence in many markets. Try us out and experience a partner who does it the european way. Address: Dampskibsvejen 11 Tel: 45-75-815509 Fax: 45-75-815656

Ecological Carbon diOxide

Location: Europe>>Denmark

Bio Fuel importer with speciality in large logistic solutions for bio fuel to large powerplants, with Denmark as main market , company established in 2009 as a family owned entity with presently 4 employees. Our Company has 30 years experience in large logistic transportation and short sea, and has presently for season 2009-2010 about 270.000 mt world wide wood pellet sourcing available for large wood pellets consumers. We charter our own ships when required for larger overseas suppliers. We have distribution setups in 3... Address: Boserupvej 106, Humlebaek, , Denmark, POSTCODE/ZIP: 3050 Tel: 45-51-323451 Fax: 45-51-323451

Vip-gold Agent

Location: Europe>>Denmark

Vip-gold as an expert in treasury services in major currencies and stocks exchange provides a trading agent to help in the techniques of real time markets and currency investment.Our office also provides consultancy and trading accounts management for big capitals only.Our site is running investment club called: vip-gold hourly trades club.Main activity of this club is to double your units into thousand of dollars by the [13-Bets-Cycle-System], which is turning over your min. $10 investing units into $25,000 in few days or weeks up to the... Address: Kornskyldvej 66-16, Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark Tel: 45-25-126899 Fax: 45-3248-4241


Location: Europe>>Denmark

Global signage manufacturer of architectural sign systems for dynamic signage, company logos, hospital signs and other exterior & interior signs. Address: Klovervej 101, Billund, 7190, Denmark Tel: 45-07219-3000


Location: Europe>>Denmark

Sunglass distributer to fashion, sport and drugstores.Operates primarely in the scandinavian countryes. Address: strandvejen 63 k?e 4600 Denmark Tel: 45-5663-1323 Fax: 45-5663-1323

VERSEN d.o.o.

Location: N/A

1.) Beech ?dry board Length: 2100 mm -- Width: 120 mm -- Thickness: 25 mm, 50 mm Humidity: 10 - 12% Quality: I class Quantity: truck deliveries A) Price: 420 EUR/m3 Parity: EXW Sarajevo, Bosnia B) Price: 500-510 EUR/m3 (dpnd. of destination) Parity: DDU SPAIN Other dimensions and destinations also available ! ____________________________ 2.) Beech ?dry Length: 400 mm Width: 45, 60 mm Thickness: 25 mm Humidity: 10 - 12% Quality: I class Quantity: truck deliveries A)... Address: Drenovski put 43, Bosnia And Herzegowina [BA] Tel: 387-61-869953 Fax: 387-33-717661

Din Helse-Your Health

Location: N/A

We are a distributeur to all the health food stores in Denmark. We also have many private customers, who likes to have the worlds best quality in nature products. We mainly do business with USA, England, South Africa and off course Denmark Address: Marielundvej 32 B, 2., POSTCODE/ZIP: 2730 Tel: 45-44920192 Fax: 45-38761127

Nord|Sport Denmark

Location: Europe>>Denmark

Distributor of marine supply and Kitchen Appliances and Kithenware Primiry market is Scandinavia and Europe. Warehouse sitiuated in Northern Denmark. Address: Rossinisvej 6 Aalborg DK-9203 Denmark Aalborg Denm Tel: 45-98-381006 Fax: 45-98-381009


Location: Europe>>Denmark

We are a Danish importingcompany selling to all bigger shops in Denmark. We are importing electronic, toys, garden eqiutment and close. Please feel free to contact us if you have some speical offers Address: Birkeh?vej 11 Middelfart Denmark 5500 Denmark Tel: 45-75-929310

Evening Star Aps

Location: N/A

Evening Star Limited is a company in Denmark who want contact with companies wishing to sell their product in Denmark but need a Danish contact to carry there products in Denmark.If you have some products which you want to sell in Denmark and want help to sell please contact us.Sincerely,Bjarne Hede JensenEvening Star Aps Address: Erhvervsparken 7, POSTCODE/ZIP: 7800 Tel: 45-0-24674032 Fax: 45-97468944

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Location: Europe>>Denmark

Vi byder velkommen til den danske distributur af Kaspersky Lab software! Address: Kubenhavn K, 1456, Denmark Tel: 45-033119898

Haishan Construction-Machine Co. Ltd

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Blk 497D, Tampines Street 45, # 08-60, POSTCODE/ZIP: 523497 Tel: 65-56315862


Location: N/A

PIMEX APS specialising in import/export of second choice and Overrollings mainly of flat steel products. We are a daughter company of palle iversen a/S - a leading independent steel stockholder in denmark-established in 1975. Pimex is alo sourcing 1st choice steel products for import to Denmark. Address: Toldbodvej 9, POSTCODE/ZIP: 7100 Tel: 45-74-436663 Fax: 45-74-436693

Water for Life Pty ltd

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: po box 45, POSTCODE/ZIP: 5065 Tel: 61-08-84434455

Dansk Haveservice

Location: Europe>>Denmark

it`s a danish import company who wants to make a wholesale in denmark and maybe expand to the rest of northern europe Address: brogade 44, st baekmarksbro DK-7660 Denmark Tel: 45-97-887817 Fax: 45-97-887817

Knox Scientific

Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: 45 blsckadder road, swanview, POSTCODE/ZIP: 6056 Tel: 61-08-92943699

Fari Brady tattoo trading

Location: Europe>>Denmark

we are a tattoo and piercing compagny with many outlets, we do tattoo  piercing permanent make up. and sooncomes tattooremowal i am looking for tattoo needles piercingneedles tattoo remowal laser Address: Graabroedregade 15 Kolding Jylland 6000 Denmark Tel: 45-45-20630538 Fax: 45-45-20630538


Location: N/A

This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet. Address: Smallegade 10, POSTCODE/ZIP: 2000 Tel: 45-38-349449 Fax: 45-38-349448