Anping Mengke Wire Mesh Manufacture Co,Limited

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Welded steel grating is the most popular type among all types of steel grating, also called metal open bar grating. It is also the most widely used type.Welded steel grating is produced through automatically resistance welded. The bearing bars and cross bars are resistance welded under high heat and pressure to form a permanent joint. This technology can not only ensure the rugged structure of welded steel grating, but also can retain a smooth and flat surface, which is easy and free to walk.Welded steel grating can be made of various materials, such as carbon steel bars, aluminum steel bars and stainless steel bars.The bearing bar has two different types according to the surface: smooth bearing bar and serrated bearing bar. Smooth surface steel grating, also called plain steel grating, is more popular than the serrated surface steel grating. But the serrated steel grating have better skid resistance property than the smooth surface.

Deleon's Creation INC

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We are providing high-quality fiberglass repair services and fabrication. In business since 2011 , but with 30 years experience. On-site services and 30 days warranty on the materials we are using. Free consultation for potential or current customers. Call us now - (832) 388-6268 .  Fiberglass Repair, Fiberglass Fabrication, Fiberglass Repair Service, Fiberglass Service , On Site Fiberglass Repair

AoYong Glass Fibre Fabrics Co., Ltd

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AoYong Glass Fibre Fabrics Co., Ltd offer a comprehensive range of durable fiberglass mesh products for China and world market.We manufacture and export Alkali Resistant (AR) Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh,Fiberglass Pavement Mesh and Tapes,Fire Resistant Fiberglass Mesh,Powder Coated Pet Screen,EIFS Construction Mesh Drywall Tapes,Wall Structural Reinforcing Fiberglass Mesh,Fiberglass Screen(Mosquito Control Net,Selvaged Insect Screen,Sun Shade Screen and European Style Portiere,Fiberglass Geotextile Fabrics / Cloth),Fiberglass Mesh for Cement Reinforcement,Fiberglass Geogrid,Fiberglass Fabric for Ducting,Fiberglass Joint Tape,Pleated Mesh Panels.  Visit our product pages for detailed information of our services. We welcome your contact. Fiberglass Mesh Fabric for Ducting of Tunnels, Base Cloth of Air Ventilation in Tunnel and MineC-glass yarn plain weaving fiberglass mesh  is widely used as base ventilatin  fabric used in tunnel and mine, underground or smelting plant after soaked by special technique. Glass fibre mesh fabric for ducting has strong tension, well heat resisting, anticorrosive, resistance to burn, strong adhesive power.Standard Thickness of Glass Fibre Mesh Fabrics of Ducting: 0.28mm.Standard fabric width: 0.915m.Standard weight: 273g/m2.Characteristics:Good heat resistance-Continuous working temperature -70?~230?.Excellent climate resistance,long service life.High insulation resistance-Dielectric constant is 3-3.2, breakdown voltage is 20-50KV/MM.  

Meiya Fibreglass Mesh & Machine Co.

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A pioneer in fiberglass mesh marketing, Meiya started development of fibre glass mesh plant in 1999 and currently delivers fiber glass mesh products and machinery to local Chinese companies and the world. Meiya help with training of staff and installation of machinery for fiberglass mesh production. In just a few years, Meiya has become a reference on the fiberglass mesh manufacture arena.Meiya manufacturing and exporting vinyl coated a/r fiberglass mesh, fiberglass mesh insect screen,fiberglass mesh drywall tape,charcoal fiberglass window screen netting,pool & patio screening,fiberglass mesh sunshade,fiberglass europe-style portiere.Meiya delivers also fiberglass mesh products including fiberglass yarn, AR fiberglass mesh, fiberglass insect screen, ducting, sunshade, fiberglass mesh tape and etc.Our team has developed machinery for yarn drawing and fiberglass mesh weaving with reliable performance. We have constantly improved the quality index of the machine through direct communication with the users of our machines.Customer satisfaction is one of our major concerns; this explains our dedication to direct assistance for our importers and users and maintenance for their machines.Reno Plain and Twilled Weave Fiberglass Patio Screening for Swimming Pool Safety NetFiberglass mesh screen is an ideal heavy shading fabric for larger areas such as screened-in porches, and enclosed pools and patios. The potio netting is designed for applications where durable and extra strength netting is desirable.Fiberglass Mesh for Pool and Patio Safety Net ScreeningMaterial: glass fiberMesh size: 18x16mesh, 18x14mesh, 16x16mesh, 18x18mesh, 20x20mesh, 20x18mesh, 16x14mesh, 14x14meshWeigth: 115g/m2, 120g/m2, 125g/m2, 130g/m2, 150g/m2, 180g/m2Weaving: Plain weaving, and high temperature-fixing. It is well ventilate for sun shade and easy washing, anticorrosive, resistance to burn, stable shape, long service life and feels straight. Fiberglass Enclosure FabricStandard Pool Patio & Porch Insect Screening mesh 18 x 16Width: 0.61m to 2.2m,custom require available at requestStandard length per roll: 25m,30m,30.5m,50m,custom require available at requestColor: Black, gray, gray/white, green, etc.

Kingde Bar Grating Corp

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Kingde Bar Grating Corp was founded in 2003, covers an area of 15 acres, it is a joint venture manufacturing and exporting bar grates flooring, covering, decking and decorative panels.Our bar grating products are made according to Chinese YB4001-1991, YB / T4001-1998 standard production, with British BS4592-1-1995 and American ANSI / NAAMM (MBG531-88) standards and other international standards.The company produces a variety of platform steel grating,standard grating panels,swage locked bar grating,drain covers steel grating,hot rolling steel lattice panels, cold rolled steel grating, steel grating plug, hot-dip galvanized steel grating, steel grating, alloy grating, composite steel grating, composite steel mesh boards, ladders, stainless steel ladder, aluminum stair treads, ditch covers, and all kinds of metal components and structural parts for flooring and decking.Since the creation of enterprises, we have been supplying superior quality, reasonable price and high quality service. We look forward to cooperating with you on the basis of mutual support, mutual benefit, long-term friendly cooperation. Fabricated Mild Steel Grating Decking For Mezzanine FlooringSteel Grates Structure Decking Mezzanine Floor creates space into commercial & industrial environments for a variety of covering Storage, Light Assembly/production, Office, Retail, Plant & Manufacturing Access Walkways. Steel grating / grate, or metal grid mesh is made by stainless or mild steel plates of certain sizes through the processing of grooving, lock-pressure, welding, finishing and other treatment.  Fabricated steel gratings are ideal for use as mezzanine decking since it supports the same loads as comparable solid flooring. More than that, its cost saving openness maximizes the circulation of air, light, heat, water and sound, while promoting cleanliness. Industrial grates mezzanine decking can be actually made from copper, aluminum and other materials, while galvanized steel grating is the mostly used one due to its economic cost and good property.Steel Bar Grate Mezzanine Decking is made of either stainless or mild steel with zinc plating.  Steel grating standards: China: YB/T4001-1998 USA: ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-88) UK: BS4592-1987 Australia: AS1657-1985 Japan: JJS Steel Grate Mezzanine Decking Usually Has the Following Features: 1, Two or more levels;  2, The decking floor can be made as high as 12000mm; 3, The grating deck structure can extremely use limited space; 4, High-density storage style, specially for loosening or small box goods; 5, Mezzanine can come true double level or triple level walkway for storage manually; 6, Medium-duty with loading capacity of 50-300kg/layer and heavy-duty with loading capacity of 300-1000kg/layer; 7, Working with hoisting machine, pallet jack, store manually for small or loosening goods; 8, The metal decks are quick, clean and easy to install; 9. The steel decking can be completely disassembled, all parts can be reused, and their structure, size or location can easily be modified; 9.The wide range of sizes, floor types and construction systems mean the mezzanines can be adapted to meet specific clients needs; 4).They can be complemented with a variety of flooring and shelving systems. Grating Drawing ref attached drawing Popular Steel Bar Decking Products Galvanized Steel Bar Grates Welded Decking    Warehouse Mezzanine Decking Floor Grates with Serrated Anti-Slippery Property  Heavy Duty c Purlin Structural Steel Fabricated Grates for Decking and Shelving System  Typical Steel Grating Sizes for Decking:  Mild steel Fabricated Grating – 285 x 2020mm long Made of mild steel flat bar 65 x 8mm & 50 x 8mm and 8mm thickness chequer plate. Mild Steel Grating – 285 x 2020mm long Flat bar 65 x 8mm & 50 x 8mm and 8mm thk cheq. plate finish: Fabricated finish Mild Steel Grates – 285 x 1370mm long Ms flat bar 65 x 8mm & 50 x 8mm Finish: fabricated finish Grating – 258 x 1380mm long Steel flat bar 65 x 8mm & 8mm thk cheq. plate finish: fabricated finish Grating – 258 x 1050mm long made out of ms flat bar 65 x 8mm & 8mm thk cheq. plate finish: fabricated finish  


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We supply FRP profiles, Fiberglass rebar machine, pultrusion machine for composite profiles, fiberglass rock bolt machine, fiberglass pump rod machine, fiberglass grid machine for gratings, fiberglass pipe machine, fiberglass filament tank machine, fiberglass winding machine and so on.Besides, we also supply steel fan series products, dust removing installations, fan, air vent & air valve series products, FRP molding series, central air conditioning, auto parts, , ventilation fan,FRP biomass pool, anchor bolt, FRP winding dust proof wall and so on.We can also manufacture make-to-order.  

Supreme electoplast ltd

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we are the supereme electroplast industry manufacturers of the materials like Fiberglass Grating, frp grating india,PVC Cable Trays, Motor Guards, FRP Gratings, Motor Fan Cover, FRP Canopies, Electric Motor Cover, Electric Motor Fan Cover,Motor Guards,manufacturer of frp motor cover,FRP Gratings, We are since 23 year in this business and now expanding business more and moreFind more on:<a href="">Fiberglass Grating</a> <a href="">PVC Cable Trays</a><a href="">Fiberglass Grating</a><a href="">frp grating india</a><a href="">Motor Guards</a><a href="">FRP Gratings</a><a href="">Motor Fan Cover</a><a href="">FRP Canopies</a><a href="">Electric Motor Cover</a><a href="">Electric Motor Fan Cover</a><a href="">FRP Motor Cover</a><a href="">manufacturer of frp motor covers</a><a href="">FRP Motor Cover Manufacturer</a><a href="">Fiberglass Motor Cover</a><a href="">Conveyor Egg Belt</a><a href="">Egg Belt Manufacturers</a>

California Fiber, Inc.

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We are importers and distributor of fiberglass products. Our products include fiberglass duct boards, fiberglass duct wrap, fiberglass duct liner and other insulations. Address: Atlantic Ave., San Bruno, California, United State, POSTCODE/ZIP: 94066 Fax: Mr. Alexis Graham

Robust Metal Grating Co., Ltd.

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Robust grating fence is often applied to commercial and high-grade residential areas. To enhance its security, metal bird spikes are often combined with welded grating. Welded steel grating fence around a commercial building Welded grating fence is a rigid and economical choice for fencing system Welded steel grating is often hot-dip galvanized or PVC coated to blend in the environments. Various spacings of bearing bars satisfy your special purposes. Compared with common chain link fence, grating fence has trim appearance and high strength to reject any attacks. Features of grating fence: Easy to install. Hard to get through even with tools. Durability. No or little maintenance. Address: East Development Zone, Anping County, Hebei Provin Tel: 86-318-64645231 Fax: 86-318-64645231

Composite Grating

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Distributor & fabricator of engineered plastics, fiberglass grating & tanks, polymer precast concrete, composite boxcar & trailer scuff/sidewall panels. OEM plastic and metal parts to your specs


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Xinxing Gratings belongs to Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co.,Ltd., which is one of the major drafters of steel gratings industry standard YB/T4001.1-2007.At present, its market share in China is more than 40%.Xinxing gratings have been used to almost all key projects in China. Xinxing gratings is the biggest exporter of gratings in China. More than 30,000 tons of gratings are exported to 38 countries and regions in the world every year, mainly in Asia, America, Europe and Africa. Address: at 19 Fuxing Road, Handan City, Hebei Province, P. Tel: 86-010-59290130 Fax: 86-010-59290155

Avin New Materials Co., Limited

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We, Avin New Materials Co.,ltd, is specilizing in producing and trading fiberglass reinforced plastic manhole cover, water grate, water meter box, frp grating, trench covers, plastic valve box, surface box and so on. We sincerely hope that we can have a chance to know each other, communicate & share some experience in the same products we deal in. And if possible, we hope we will have the opportunity to cooperate. More infomation about us, welcome to visit our website at www. avin-cn. com. Address: China - Hunan

Nantong Jiuding Knitting Garment Co., Ltd.

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SUMEC Yangzhou International Co., Ltd was established in 1985, as the subsidiary company of sumec group, we are specializes in export business. Our main products covers all FRP products(fiberglass reinforcement plastic products), just like FRP pultrusion profiles, FRP moulded gratings and also the pultrusion machines etc. Address: No.125, Daxue Road, POSTCODE/ZIP: 225002 Tel: 86-514-87349829 Fax: 86-514-87342800

Ningbo Longthai Fiberglass Manufacturer

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Ningbo Longthai Fiberglass Manufacturer is one of the sub-ordinary companies under Jiangxi Dahua fiberglass group co., ltd. The present company has strong production experience and a series of product line. We are supply most kinds of fiberglass yarn that raw material of fiberglass production, such as, C-Glass Assembled Rovings, C-Glass Direct Rovings, Glass Filament Yarn, C-Glass Chopped Strand Yarn. Address: #905 ,Tower A,Crown world trade plaze,11 Caihongro, POSTCODE/ZIP: 315040 Tel: 86-574-87867207 Fax: 86-574-87727089

Lijian Composite Materials Co., Ltd

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We Are The Leading Supplier Of Fiberglass Mat, Fiberglass Tissue, Fiberglass Mesh, Fiberglass Filter, Fiberglass Roving, Fiberglass Yarn, Polyester Mat, Compsoite Filter, Composite Mat, Composite Fabric... Address: China - Jiangsu


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Corsa deals with pipe HDPE fiberglass material fishing supplies, Fiberglass grating. Address: 46 Independence Ave, San Fernando, Trinidad, Trini Fax: Mr. Conrad Ramcharan(Purchasin

Junchen FRP Products Co., Ltd

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We are established in 2008, Junchen FRP Grating co., ltd. is design and manufacture a wide range of fiberglass reinforced plastic (frp) gratings and other frp products. Junchen FRP Grating co., ltd. is the earliest company in China to design and produce various grating, FRP grating, grp grating and fiberglass grating and other FRP product. After years of accumulated research and development, Junchen has become a comprehensive modern fiberglass reinforced composite materials company with large production ability depending on her advanced equipment and technology imported from abroad. Junchen frp products have passed many authoritative tests home & abroad, and the relevant functions have reached the world advanced level. excellent quality and customers? satisfaction is mincom?s permanent pursuit. Junchen frp products are widely used in many key-projects home & abroad. friends from all walks of life, are warmly welcome to cooperate with us to benefit each other. Address: #2580 Zhencheng Rd, Ligang TownJiangyin, Jian Tel: 86-0510-86606035 Fax: 86-0510-86606035

Hongyuan Fiberglass Technology Co.,Ltd.

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yingkou hongyuan fiberglass technology co. ltd, a professional company engaged in manufacturing fiberglass filter cloth and filter bag for dust filtertion requirements in different industries. yingkou hongyuan fiberglass technology co. ltd manufactures and designs any style of filter bags to meet your specific request. our experifications to us and review your requirements with you, or you can send your specifications to us and we will be hornered assist in supplying your filter bag specifications. Address: yingkou hongyuan fiberglass Technology Co. Ltd., POSTCODE/ZIP: 115004 Tel: 86-0419-3335-018

Wuqiang Shengbang Fiberglass Screen Co., Ltd

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 Wuqiang Shengbang Fiberglass Co., Ltd. is an professional window screen factory which located in Wuqiang County,Hebei,China. our mainly products is fiberglass insect screen, window screening, fiberglass mesh, glass fibre self-adhesive tape and also supply wire mesh products:Hexagonal wire mesh (chicken wire),galvanized square wire mesh,chain link fence,window insect screen,barbed wire, hardware cloth,steel shovel,steel grating,stainless steel wire mesh etc. used in many industrial areas: construction, rubber, farming sieving,filtering,cement industries pharmaceuticals, automobile industries and more.   Address: zhouwo village, wuqiang county, POSTCODE/ZIP: 053600 Tel: 86-312-3727055 Fax: 86-312-3727055

Shanghai Dofiberone Composites Co

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We are a bigger Composite Materials company, loacted in Shanghai China. Our main exporting products include: Fiberglass (rovingmat, csm, chopped strand) , Grating of fiberglass molded and pultrusion and steel, Flowerpot (planter) of fiberglass, Fiberglass planters, flowerpot, urns, fountainsStair tread of FRP, stair nosingFRP tactile tilesFRP smc / bmc materials and smc / bmc electric meter box, connecting box, distribution box, switchgear cabinet, arrester bracket, cable bracket, motor cover, truck... Address: 11F19, No 101 Nanmatou Rd, Pudong,, POSTCODE/ZIP: 200125 Tel: 86-21-6108 9797 Fax: 86-21-6108 9797