Cleanzing Woking

Carpet Cleaning Woking, offers a wide range of services on fair prices and always do it with no hassle! We do not compromise when it comes to quality! That is why we continue to evolve our services in every aspect.We are big on ecology and climate change, so we always use modern, ecologically friendly detergents. We know your carpet doesn’t need the strongest and toxic mixtures to become clean. Our methods include specialized training on how to remove even the worst stains with weaker detergents. And we always succeed. This is why we consider ourselves one of the best options on the Woking cleaning market right now.

Business Location: Europe>>United kingdom
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Cleanzing Woking

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

Carpet Cleaning Woking, offers a wide range of services on fair prices and always do it with no hassle! We do not compromise when it comes to quality! That is why we continue to evolve our services in every aspect.We are big on ecology and climate change, so we always use modern, ecologically friendly detergents. We know your carpet doesn’t need the strongest and toxic mixtures to become clean. Our methods include specialized training on how to remove even the worst stains with weaker detergents. And we always succeed. This is why we consider ourselves one of the best options on the Woking cleaning market right now.

Builders Woking

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

Builders Services Woking  is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality building services available in the city. We perform every type of home repair imaginable - from painting to plastering, tiling to wallpapering, we do it all and at the very lowest rates. Here is a list of the basic services we provide:Painting and Decoration, Carpentry Services, Plastering and Wall Boarding, Tiling Services, Wallpapering Services, Bathroom Fitting Services. Our dependable builders Woking do spectacular job taking care of all of the woodwork that we provide for your door replacement, lock fitting, and much more.

Gorse Hill

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

  Description: Gorse Hill stands as a fine example of elegant country mansion architecture set in the heart of Surrey. Ideal location for touring the surrounding countryside or a base near the capital. If you're looking for hotels in Woking then getting here is easy – with quick access from the M3 and M25 motorways as well as Heathrow and Gatwick airports by rail.  Address: Hook Heath Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 0QF Phone: 0871 222 4798 Fax: 01483 747 454 Email: Website:  List of Services: Free WiFi Room Service Dry Cleaning Bar Restaurant  Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express  Business Hours: Mon to Sun: Open 24 Hours   

Mark Clover

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

 Clover Care is a professionally family run business specialising in the supply of classic and vintage wedding cars in Guildford, Woking, Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our breathtaking selection of cars includes vintage Rolls Royces, classic Rolls Royces and Daimler Limousines.Wedding Cars, Wedding Car Hire, Wedding ServiceClover Care is a professionally family run business specialising in the supply of classic and vintage wedding cars in Guildford, Woking, Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our breathtaking selection of cars includes vintage Rolls Royces, classic Rolls Royces and Daimler Limousines.Wedding Cars, Wedding Car Hire, Wedding Service    

New Life Prospects

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

New Life Prospects is a private hypnotherapy clinic in Woking providing a range of services including NLP & HypnotherapyTagline : New Life Prospects Hypnotherapy WokingCall Us : 01483 541 327Address : 30a College Road, Woking, Surrey GU22 8BUHours : Monday-Sunday 9am-6pmPayment : Master Card, Credit Card, Paypal, InvoicesService : hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist, hypnosis

Breeze Maintenance

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

Breeze Maintenance offers painter and decorator services in Woking, Guildford and Surrey. We also provide landscaping and garden maintenance. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed, and is carried out by highly skilled painters and decorators.  Breeze Maintenance offers fully insured and guaranteed painter and decorator services in Woking, Guildford & Surrey. Our work is carried out by our highly skilled team who also provide landscaping and garden maintenance.

Wandsworth Electrical

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

Wandsworth Electrical have been manufacturing premium and bespoke light switches and sockets for over 100 years. Everyone of our products are handmade and finished in Britain, by our team of highly skilled technicians from our base in Woking, Surrey. You will find our premium designer light switches in use at many famous places such as Kensington Palace, St Pancras Eurostar, Battersea Power Station, Windsor Castle and the Bank of England. Our team of consultants can offer a bespoke design service, that caters to interior designers who are looking to match a specific colour or finish in a project or require a certain switch or socket configuration . Our vast technical know-how and eye for design is at your disposal allowing you to focus on creating your interior designs. With 7 designer collections, including our Vintage and Retro range, our beautifully hand crafted modern switches and sockets complement our bespoke capability. Together we can create the desired solution for your project, that strikes the perfect balance between technical specification and creative vision. Wandsworth also offer intelligent lighting control systems that can be integrated into the most complex and technology based environments. Our easy to use system gives clients fully automatic or manual control over the most demanding lighting or technology based projects, by using our app you can have a remote controlled light switch. We encourage interior designers to visit our aladdin's cave of electrical accessories where you can see our extensive premium collections and meet one of our in-house experts to discuss your design plan in detail. Alternatively contact us to discuss your project in detail, and we can provide our experience and knowledge to help ensure the best electrical accessories are chosen, we could even arrange for one of our consultants will arrange to meet you on-site or at your office (dependant on location). If you are working on a new project and have a specific finish or socket and switch set up that you wish to include in the design, our bespoke service can ensure your design vision is not compromised. In fact we have a finish guarantee promise that ensures the finish meets your exact requirements, enabling you to offer bespoke light switches and sockets to your clients with confidence. Feel free to send us a sample of the finish you are looking to achieve, and we will be happy to create a sample in return. Taking advantage of our bespoke services allows you to create your own personal signature or trademark that will be used each and every day by your clients or their guests A living recognition of your hard work and creative design, shining through in subtle ways.

Wandsworth Healthcare

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

Wandsworth Healthcare have been manufacturing and installing technologically advanced nurse call systems for over 50 years. Our business is focused on working hand in hand with local health authorities, hospitals and care homes. Constantly developing and improving our nurse call systems, ensuring they’re future proofed for the evolving needs of our clients. Wandsworth Healthcare are a well-established leading UK brand with an impressive track record of nurse call system installation at various hospitals across the country. Whether it is a nurse call system for a large new hospital, or much smaller care home installation, our team of in-house industry experts offer a complete solution for every step of the journey. From the initial concept stage, through to the design and manufacturing, onto installation and beyond through our service maintenance programme. Patients’ needs are the focus of our research and development process, adapting to the strict standards required by all nurse call systems and set out by the Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM). Our manufacturing facilities in Woking, Surrey, have dedicated demonstration suites showcasing the latest advancements of our IP based nurse call system. We work on a daily basis with leading experts from the healthcare sector, paying particular attention to the latest regulations and conditions that enable our systems to integrated into a sterile environment. It is our ability to work closely with our clients, health authorities and 3rd party suppliers that clearly place our innovative solutions at the forefront of the market. Whether you are seeking a bedhead containment solutions, IP based nurse call system, or a disabled person call system, Wandsworth Healthcare have a system for your current and future needs. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, relying on only the very best components available today. Each product is carefully crafted before being signed off by one of our own in-house technicians. As part of the Wandsworth Group, who have been manufacturing premium electrical accessories and components since 1904, you can be assured your products and installation will be handled with care and precision. Wandsworth Healthcare - Continuous innovation in nurse call systems.

It's Handmade

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

It’s Handmade offers a boutique range of beautifully crafted amber anklets and other lovingly created handmade jewellery and children's toys. Specialising in the finest quality baltic amber beads and jewellery, We offer a wide range of amber necklaces, amber anklets and amber bracelets for both children and adults alongside many other beautiful handmade products.The Archway, Send Marsh Road, Send, Woking, Surrey GU23 7DWProducts:amber beads amber jewellery baltic amber beads amber anklet amber necklace amber necklaces baltic amber necklace amber bead necklace amber bracelet amber bracelets

Surrey Chauffeur Travel

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

We are a prominent chauffeur car hire and taxi Hire Company, based in Surrey, offeringtaxi quote Guildford, traveling services in Guildford, Woking, Surrey, London and surrounding areas. Because of our affordable prices, quality service, professionally trained and experienced chauffeurs, use of modern technology and highly maintained cars, we have become a premier airport transfer and taxis hire service provider in Surrey, Guildford, Woking, London and surrounding areas. Not only this, our chauffeur cars and taxis are increasingly becoming popular in Surrey, London and nearby areas for wedding chauffeuring, prom chauffeuring and corporate travel.

Wakeford Fireplaces

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

 Address: 154 Send Road, Send, Woking, Surrey, GU23 7EZEmail: info@wakefordfireplaces.comWebsite: number: 01483 223900 Description: At Wakeford's we take away the worry of choosing and installing the right fireplace for you and your home by only using top quality workshops and manufactures and only using fully trained employed fitters. We always welcome a visit to our Surrey fireplace showroom so pop in to view our range of fireplaces and stoves. Our core service is providing the full package of fireplaces, fires and stove installation from purchase to after care. Contact us today or call 01483 223900. Services: Fireplace Showroom, Fireplace installation, Gas Fire Service and Maintenance, Fireplace Fuel and AccessoriesBusiness hours: Mon: 09.30 - 17.00 Tue: 09.30 - 17.00 Wed: 09.30 - 17.00 Thu: 09.30 - 17.00 Fri: 09.30 - 17.00 Sat: 09.30 - 15.00 Sun:  - Closed 

Start-Rite and Weybridge Driving School

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

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Woking Massage Studio

Location: Europe>>United kingdom

Welcome to Woking Massage Studio,We specialise in Sports Massage, in the prevention and treatment of sports injuries and muscular problems.We treat all kind sof people from office workers with back problems to athlets  that have injuries or that want to perform at their peak or feel good.Some of the conditions that we treat are back, neck and shoulder pain, shin spleens, knee and ankle problems, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, etcPlease visit our website for more information

Shenzhen Leadway Automobile&amp;Automobile Co,.Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Guangdong

esteblished in 1991,shenzhen leadway automoblile&technology co.,ltd is a world-known enterprise responsible for manufacturing and exporting and exporting quality car alarm system, car parking aid system, car window closer and central lock system.after years of hard-woking and continuous efforts by our intelligent employees, the leadway has been prevailing in internatonal market as well as chinese domestic market.awarded with ce&fcc certificate.mouthly production of more than 300,000 sets. [add to my inquiry cart] Address: The 10th industrial area of Yosong Lohua Town Bao' Tel: 85 - 755 - 28158538 Fax: 85 - 755 - 28158468

Anandvan Farm Agro Products

Location: Asia>>Turkey>>Van

We Anandvan Farm Agro Products are into agriculture horticulture agro products and research nursery. We harvest with the hitech machinery and trained staff. we are into organic harvesting. after research of 10 years and woking hard we have come to this stage. our main area is mango , chiku , green chillis , cumin seeds , wheat . Address: prasham,kastruba gandhi road,, POSTCODE/ZIP: 360001 Tel: 91-281-441085 Fax: 91-281-474730

Tengzhou Sanzhong Machinery Manufacture Co,.ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Shandong

Tengzhou Sanzhong machinery manufacture CO.,LTD is a manufacturing and trading company established in 1999 in China. Our factory as a specialized manufacturer and exporter for milling machine in China. Our company is located in Tengzhou Shangdong Province which is the hometown of Mozi who is the famous thinker in China. Our factory covers 10000 square meters. There are so many high quality talents and specilized workers in our factory. We can provide the machine with good quality and reasonable price. Our productions are exported to Europe, Australia, Middle East, Asia and so on. We having been trading milling machine for many years and also enjoy a high reputation as a regular suppliers to all over the world. Our company is special in producing milling machine, drilling and milling machine. In order to ensure our customers to have the newest products, We are always devoting to upgrade and develop our main products according to CE standard. We are obey the principle to satisfy with our customer by actively innovating, perfecting every product, moves customers with good credit, wins customers with high quality. We will perfect our service with higher, faster, newer, stricter woking attitude, and afford our efforts for your success. We sincerely hope to establish business relations with your esteemed corporation. Address: Hanqiao Industrial Park,West Outer Ring RoadTengzh Tel: 86-0632-5698858 Fax: 86-0632-5632228


Location: N/A

Patyville is a small business, looking to get bigger. I am looking more on trade those above. I would like woking between the UK and dr Congo (Africa) so any good product. Don't esitate to let me know I m really going for it. I hope this email will bring me good deals in short future. Address: 38lavington Gardens, Northbaddesley, Southampon, U, POSTCODE/ZIP: SO52 9NR Fax: Mr. Mpatyano Makengo


Location: N/A

We are based in Eastern Europe selling high quality products at best possible prices. At our online shop you will find only genuine top quality products. Our online shop is specially designed for athletes and bodybuilders, both amateurs and professionals, to help them find the best performance enhancing drugs in order to reach their goals. We struggle to offer you all the superior brands of products at very competitive prices in order to keep our customer satisfaction on high standards. In return; we earn confidence & trust of the... Address: Woking st. 23, Chester Chester BJ78KJ United Kingd Tel: 44-778-41118965

Carrier Rentalxpress

Location: N/A

Carrier Rentalxpress is the portable division of carrier air conditioning the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world. Address: Unit 13, Woking Business Park, Albert Drive, Wokin, POSTCODE/ZIP: GU21 5JY Fax: Mr. David Garland(Sales Depart

Jaffar Textile Services

Location: Europe>>Romania>>Arad

Jaffar Textile Services woking in the textile sector since 1985. We are importer all kind of used/new textile machine as Dyeing, Printing, Finishing, Weaving, Spinning, Erection, Dismantale and parts services. We import machinery from U. S. A, Canada, Europe and Asia. Address: A-67 Paradise Home Gulzar-e-hijri, POSTCODE/ZIP: 74080 Tel: 92-300-2049485 Fax: 92-21-8146636

Gain Daily - Women Accessories, Best Deals on Women Accessories

Item) My Credit (0.00) Member Sign In: Forgot Password Sign up Gaindaily (Best deal for Moms, Babies and kids) RSS Feed Facebook Twitter 15 Days Return Cash On Delivery Call Us +91-9350597390

Third Eye Media - GoPro | Contour | Drift

delivery on all orders over €100 . Were sure you will be happy with our service. Contact us at or call 085-7490647 web: facebook: Tags: Camcorders , Contour , Drift

Austin Live Theatre - Central Texas Live Theatre

78722 – east corner of Airport Blvd. and 38 ½ Street. General seating $10. Front/2 nd Row Reserved $20. For reservations, call 512-524-2870 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . www.citytheatreaustin

SJ95 - Secrétaire indépendante

SJ95 - Secrétaire indépendante Secrétaire indépendante Accueil Prestations et tarifs CGV Actualités Avantages Mentions légales SJ95 SECRÉTARIAT 4 rue du réservoir 95430 AUVERS-SUR-OISE Tél. :

May Architects: Contact

May Architects: Contact May Architects Address: 1449 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10128 Phone: 212.534.2850 Fax: 212.534.4929 Email:

Contact : Michaelangelo Photography

Contact : Michaelangelo Photography Home Portraits Fashion and Beauty About Contact Contact phone: 212.524.2800 email:

Trova Medico - dentisti odontoiatri cittadella

odontoiatri Keyword: protesi mediche , deposito libri - agenzie qualità: 3 su 4 Lascia un commento Consiglia attivit D'AMATO GILBERTO Via Roma 33 35013 - CITTADELLA (PD) Tel.: 0495972082

admin, Author at Law Offices of Jay Knispel | Law Offices of

admin, Author at Law Offices of Jay Knispel | Law Offices of Jay Knispel Phone 212.564.2800 Offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn 450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 409 New York , New York 10123 CASE

Booked In (2013)

and the Small Steps Foundation . Back to Program Inquiries All workshops must be booked and paid for in advance. For information about the program or to book for events: Phone (02) 6772 7210

KineSuisse - Berufsverband für Kinesiologie :: Kontakt

Sekretariat Basel KineSuisse Frau Claudia Neukom Frau Gaby Veluzat Leimenstrasse 13 CH-4051 Basel Telefonzeiten : Montag - Donnerstag: 09:00-11:00 Telefon 061 971 75 16 Telefax 061 311 74

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