Chandigarh Companies

Veecare - Dental Instruments Store

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

We, Veecare are the leading importer and supplier of Dental Instruments. We strive to constantly evolve as the pioneer in dental industry for new innovative dental instruments. We cater to the needs of all branches of dentistry like Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Endodontic, Implantology. Veecare is working with a sole motive to provide the customers with the best quality and a wide range of quality dental instruments. Our products are appreciated globally for their high standard quality. Hospitals, Dental clinics, Medical institutions are some of the establishments, where our instruments find applications and widely used. Being a direct Importer, we are able to pass our margins to our esteemed customers. Customer satisfaction is our prime concern. 

Cue Blocks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

We are an eCommerce digital agency creating conversion focused eCommerce stores for all devices. We provide pixel perfect and elegant designs; crisp and clean code and supplement these with ROI driven marketing services. Brief about services provided: We specialize in eCommerce design, development and marketing. While our team has worked with most of the eCommerce platforms, Magento and Shopify are our platform of choice for eCommerce development. We were one of the firsts to be listed as a Magento 2 Trained agency. Our internet marketing team assists our clients with their paid campaigns, comparison shopping engines/ marketplaces, organic rankings and email marketing campaigns. With our experience of over a decade we understand the complexity and challenges in setting up, growing and marketing an online store.

Magento Mobile Shop

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Magento Mobile Shop is a brand known for its best mobile development services for e-commerce businesses globally. Magento Mobile Shop offers the application development services free of cost with no hidden charges. Mobile apps development on Magento platform for Android and iOS operating system are provided for the businesses who want to come online and who are already online and need their mobile applications now.Magento Mobile Shop mobile app is the best option for both small and large e-commerce businesses. It helps the businesses to make their presence on iOS platform. It is completely compatible with the iPhones and iPads. Its cutting edge interface and user-friendly functions give users the best experience of buying the products online through a mobile app. Magento Mobile app is your own app for your own business to reach every iPhone. This app supports the social login and multi-payment system so that customers don't face any difficulty while paying for the product. Complete Magento functionalities are included in the app. 

Yield 4 Finance

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Yield 4 Finance (P) Ltd. involves the use of our letter of credit and guarantee facilities with numerous institutions. Our letter of credit clients are importers and trading companies worldwide looking to expand their business by leveraging their existing cash flow to its maximum. Whether you are an importer, trader, broker, introducer, or consultant, if you have business that you think might interest us, give us a call or write us an email. We would be very happy to speak with you about your transactions. If we aren't the right address, maybe we can point you in the right direction.For More Info. Visit:

Hometel Chandigarh

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Hotel Hometel is a 4 star premium property located in the heart of Chandigarh city. The hotel offers comfortable and luxurious accommodation choices to guests traveling to the city. Close proximity to industrial centers, commercial centers, Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park and tourist hubs, makes Hometel an ideal staying choice for both business as well as leisure clients. The hotel offers 114 spacious rooms that are designed very tastefully to suit the liking of high profile guests who frequent this hotel. Premium furnishings and state of the art amenities ensure that every need of clients is taken addressed at the earliest.

Benipal Travels

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Benipal Travels, the most trusted name in the field of taxi service in Manimajra. Established in the year 2000 with a goal to provide best in class taxi service in Manimajra, Panchkula & Chandigarh. We also offer online taxi booking, you may also call us at +91 9888021082 to rent a taxi with single phone call, within minutes, a metered, well-appointed air-conditioned taxi will arrive at your doorstep. We promise to give you the best Taxi Service in Manimajra, Panchkula, Chandigarh.  

Vwish Solution

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Vwish Solution is an Outsource Web Design Company India which provides services for web development, SEO, mobile applications, network solutions worldwide. If you are looking to outsource website project to India based IT company then we can work together. Our experienced cross-functional team thinks outside the box that makes our services unique. Vwish solution helps your organization to maximize the business revenue by ensuring that your website fulfills the visitor expectation.


Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Pharmacon LifeScience is a wholesale medicine manufacturer & distributors in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali. We are one of the major Pharma companies in Tricity. Our goal is to provide the best quality services to our customer base of generic, biotechnology and medicine companies with a focus on customer service. We will achieve this by our consistent efforts, experienced and qualified team, and use of modern tools & tactics. Call us for wholesale drug and medicine manufacturer supplies in chandigarh, panchkula and mohali.

RV Industrial Training Center

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

RV Technologies is a leading IT company in chandigarh, India providing the web solutions from years. We also provide the 6 weeks/6 months industrial live project training in PHP, Java, SEO, Online Marketing, Android, Web Designing, . NET, Mobile application, software testing and Linux administration. Visit our website for more details or call us at: 0172-4416590. Get Connected today!

60 Degree

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

60 degree is a leading web design and development company based in Mohali, Chandigarh. Our professional services include product development, mobile applications, web design,  E commerce,  search engine optimization and Internet marketing. We deliver projects to our clients after doing proper testing and do care about the quality of work. We offers internet marketing services for online visibility and effective performance over search engines.

Solitaire Infosys

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

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PCD Pharma Comapnies in Chandigarh

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Third Party Pharma Manufacturers in Chandigarh, Ethical Pharma Companies in Chandigarh, Herbal Pharma Companies in Chandigarh, Contract Pharma Manufacturers in Chandigarh, Monopoly PCD Pharma Franchises in Chandigarh, PCD Pharma Companies in Chandigarh, Pharma Companies in India, Pharma Companies in Baddi, Pharma Companies in Gujarat. Contact us today or visit our online website, we are always happy to help you.

The AppSmiths

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

The AppSmiths is one of the four main business lines of Adreno Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. and since past 8 years, we have been providing excellent web & mobile application solutions to our clients globally. Walking parallel with changing trends, technology, and key drivers of mobile app technologies, The AppSmiths is able to design, develop, and innovate mobile apps solutions for all major platforms like iOS, Android, and HTML5. We, at The Appsmiths, work on the principles of innovation and dedication. We have a team of the best Mobile app developers, Android app developers, iOS & iPad developers, and game developers in India. By developing a commendable understanding of the app development technologies, we’ve been able to turn the ideas into reality for our clients. Over our journey from a start-up to a well-established IT firm, we have crafted B2C as well as B2B apps.

Invictus Lifesciecnes

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Our Pharma manufacturing services includes : Third Party Pharma Manufacturing, PCD Pharma Manudacturing, Ethical Pharma, Herbal Pharma, Contract Pharma Manufacturing, Monopoly PCD Pharma Franchises and more other top pharma services which includes all types of products like : Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Enzymes, Injectables, Ointments and more others. We offer our services with a very affordable cost and having full customer satisfaction. Visit our online website today for more information, we are always glad to help you.  

Deep Ayurvedic Clinic & Panchkarma Centre

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Dr. Baldeep Kour is Co- founder & Medical Director of DEEP AYURVEDA. She did her study from the renowned institute "Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science” Bangalore, in 2005. Dr. Baldeep Kour has started practicing ayurveda in 2006 in mohali and with her hard work, dedication and devotion towards her vision of spreading the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda for the well being of society, she successfully established a full fledged Deep Ayurveda Clinic & Panchkarma Centre in Kharar near Mohali in May 2009. She is a specialist in chronic disease treatment and life style modification. She also takes interest in conducting Yoga & Panchkarma camps. An activist for the cause of Ayurveda, she emphasize mainly on general health as well as Diet and life style alteration to treat any type of disorder. With scientific temperament and meager resources in hand she focused on blending the traditional knowledge with modern science and within a few years of persistent efforts she has successfully developed some very potent ayurvedic formulations & compositions and become best Ayurvedic doctor in Chandigarh. At DEEP AYURVEDA, She is taking care of all assignments related to new formulations, training Programs and treatment related works. She also write articles for various news papers and health magazines of India.

Adreno Technologies

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Adreno Technologies is an India based software development company, providing expert development of softwares. We deliver IT & ITES solutions that excel in high-complexity environments to achieve challenging business objectives. Over the years, we have created several softwares for businesses that have resulted in better customer engagement for our clients. We are the best Offshore software development company India is providing you the software development, technology consulting and software outsourcing services in India.

Aromatic Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Aromatic Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is division of Focus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (one of the leading PCD Pharma Companies in India).PCD in pharma means Propoganda cum Distribution.We are head among leading PCD pharma companies. We offer Pharma Franchise for Marketing in all over in India. We are integrated Franchise Pharmaceutical company looking for Franchise/Business Associates district wise or state wise. Aromatic Pharmaceutical is a leading player in the Franchise business. The founder of the company has a vast experience in the Marketing.Situated in the Chandigarh (India), we established a strong foothold in fiercely competitive market scenario through our unwavering focus on Quality Commitment and Delivery.

Enjoy Trip

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Enjoytrip Pvt Ltd. operates as an online tour and travel company in India. The company provides booking for hotel rooms, cab, travel guides, holiday packages and more. Established in 2010, with its headquarters in Chandigarh and additional offices all over India, the company gives you great deals on hotels in north Goa.Are you a social traveler? Do you travel often? is asking people to enjoy travelling. Visit to know more about the site and their products. Here, you can book a flight, hotel or holiday packages.

Home Works

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Home decoration concepts area unit typically confronted with area and budget challenges. this may be overcome by careful choice of home ornamentation things that increase the practicality of the area and unfold the required magnificence. Get best home decor accessories from home works store on-line and rework your home into an impressive design.Different sorts, designs and appearance for your house will be designed and organized as per your wants. You'll beautify your house historically or in trendy ways in which, what matters is your alternative and style for your dream home. Once yearning for home decorating concepts, it's sensible to begin with a foundation of look then add your own personal concepts thereto. If you are planning to change the look of your home according to the latest tends, then the very first thing is to select right home decorative items. You can select various kinds of designs, style and colors of decorative items from some of the best showrooms of interior decoration in chandigarh at cost effective prices. They also offer a range of items such as wall decor, lamps, kitchen and bathroom items and so many other products to decorate your home. As counted amongst the top home decorators in Chandigarh, we understand the functional and emotional needs of the people, when it comes to their homes.  

Gagan Taxi Service

Location: Asia>>India>>Chandigarh

Gagan Taxi Service is leading taxi provider in Tricity and we will operate with one goal in mind: to pick up where existing taxi companies fall short. Gagan Taxi Service offers quick and efficient transportation. We provide free Pick & Drop Service within Tricity. If you want to explore North India, We have the experienced drivers who can operate in hilly areas very efficiently & Safely. Gagan Taxi Service Offers  20% Off discount on Booking One way Taxi Service. Call us +91 9855900781.

Pediatric Clinic Little Rock AR - Arkansas Pediatric Clinic -

Freeman, MD Anthony (Tony) Johnson, MD Sarah Bone, MD Stacy Sax, MD Jeremy Harwood, MD Tom Freeman, MD Resources Helpful Websites Health Information Forms Contact Directions (501) 664-4117

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Refer A Friend • Sports • Volunteer Guide • Wedding Zone Business Directory Hairdressers HAIR SALONS Address: P.o. Box 157 Glenwood , Al 36034-0157 Phone: 334-335-3413

Westbury on Trym | Property and Building Surveyors | Sitemap

Chartered Surveyor Sitemap Westbury on Trym Building and Property Surveyors Contact a Chartered Surveyor for Westbury on Trym area About: Right Surveyors Westbury on Trym Tel: 0117 21 21 21

Wentworth People Pty Ltd Waverton - Management Training -

business has a rating of 0 this could be because it has not had any votes yet. Wentworth People Pty Ltd Address: Suite 3, Level 1, 100 Bay Rd, Waverton, NSW, 2060 Phone number: (02) 80600892

CASE Audiology

CASE Audiology 809 N. Neil St., Champaign, IL 61820 (located in Champaign Early Childhood Center) Phone: 217-355-1214 or -1254 | Fax: 217-355-1265 Home Mission Statement Purpose Service

Case Campus Center

campus. Reservations for the following campus locations should be directed as noted: Tang Teaching Museum Art Gallery - contact (518)580-8080 Sports Recreation Center - contact (518) 580-5374

Apex Inn Motel In Modesto California

NATIONAL PARK MORE We invite you to browse through our website and contact us for any questions you might have. 209-529-4750 ? Fax: 209 577-8146 2225 Yosemite Blvd ? Modesto, CA 95354 Site by: Rogue Web Apex Inn Motel in Modesto motels, lodging hotels

Contact | Berthel Interfaith Ministries

are listed below. Universal Life Church – International Headquarters 601 Third St. Modesto, CA 98355 Office: 209-527-8111 Fax: 209-527-8116 Email: generalcontact Website: Enter /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Rev. Shawn

HMG Multifamily Programs

program incentives for affordable and market rate residential owners, developers, and design teams. To connect with the appropriate program in your region, contact us toll free at (866) 352-7457

Turtle Creek | Pennsylvania Contractors

make sure this is the right Siding Contractor for you. To get quick free quote or to check this Siding Contractor availability you can contact Bill Fryman directly by phone: (412) 829-1641