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Easy Day Services

Location: Europe>>Belgium>>Region of brussels-capital

Easyday offers best Concierge Services such as corporate, real estate and wellness concierge etc in Belgium Belgique Active since 2009 on the enterprise concierge service market, EasyDay has become the intermediary of choice for mid and large sized enterprises in Belgium who would like to offer quality concierge to their employees.Our mission seeks to provide enterprises with the tools that allow them to better use their salarial resources, by offering services to employees that create a motivating work setting, facilitating the everyday and improving the well-being of workers.To attain this goal, EasyDay relies on an integrated and economical online model, already used in more than 50 client enterprises that include a number of internationally reknowned corporations who employ tens of thousands of people.

Expert Vision Group

Location: Europe>>Belgium>>Region of brussels-capital

Construction and renovation company situated in The heart of Europe, Brussels, Belgium. More than 20 years of experience.Experienced personal in construction, finishing, electrical and renovation.You can visit us at for the projects that we have made in Belgium.Visit our site and if you wanna build in Belgium contact us! Ask for an estimate. 

Galerie Fransman

Location: Europe>>Belgium

We exist since 1920. We are family business for over 3 generations. For more detail information, please feel free to contact us. Address: Fransmanstreet 46, Brussels, Brabant, Belgium., POSTCODE/ZIP: 1020 Fax: Ms. Pessemier Nina

Bvba Cuyvers

Location: Europe>>Belgium

We provide service of tracing produxts - manufacturers - wholesalers for our clients. If you are looking for contacts in Western Europe perhaps we can help you. Address: P. Van Henxthovenstraat 1, Mol, Antwper, Belgium, POSTCODE/ZIP: 2400 Fax: Mr. Paul Cuyvers


Location: Europe>>Belgium>>Vlaanderen

We are independent home decorators and are always looking for quality furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Your offer is always welcome. Please, always send catalogue, price list and detailed specifications. Address: Kiekenmarkt 3a, Ieper, West Vlaanderen, Belgium, POSTCODE/ZIP: 8900 Fax: Mr. Frank Vanraes

Sin-Belgium Joint-Veture International Company Limited

Location: Europe>>Belgium

Sin-Belgium Joint-Veture International Company Limited. It is a bridge which support European importers to look for a trustful suppliers in China and import the products of high quality from China, You will be wellcomed to our strong parters in the bright future. Address: Lange St. Annastraat 5, Antwerpen, Antwerp, Belgiu, POSTCODE/ZIP: 2000 Fax: Mr. Changwei Zhou

PHC International

Location: Europe>>Belgium

Fast growing spinoff specialised in state of the art candles. Products-Services-Development. Address: Rue El Motte, 10, Amay, Jehay, Belgium, POSTCODE/ZIP: 4540 Fax: Mr. Christian G.(Sales-Purchas

Bvba Natuursteen Ingels

Location: Europe>>Belgium>>Vlaanderen

New company sinds june 2006 that sell en manufatures monuments, intiror, bathroom, kitchen, stairs en al kinds of products that related with naturel stone. We buy and old company en try to create a new point off view to sell en produce stoneproducts Address: Peperstraat 41, Laarne, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium Fax: Mr. Patrick Ingels

Hugo De Bie

Location: Europe>>Belgium

We mainly deal with roofing, plumbing, etc. Please feel free to contact us! Address: Nindsebaan 14, Keerbergen, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium, POSTCODE/ZIP: 3140 Fax: Mr. Jan-Willem De Bie


Location: Europe>>Belgium

Construction Materials / Roofing materials Since 1977 Ivarex is specialized in roofing materials, insulation products and chimney systems. Importation in Belgium for following international manufacturers: - Quandt - waterproofing membranes - Soprema - Klewa - waterproofing membranes - Vetroasfalto - Viapol - waterproofing membranes - Xtratherm - thermal insulation - Poll - chimney systems Dealer for: Recticel - Velux - Fakro - Rockwool - Monier - Isover Offered services: roof consultancy - project management - roof life cycle profitability Address: Glasstraat 27- 2170 Merksem - Antwerp - Belgium Tel: +32 3 645 27 22 Fax: +32 3 645 09 32


Location: Europe>>Belgium>>Region of brussels-capital

Multiglass Vitrerie, miroiterie, double vitrages, vitrages de sécurité Address: Brussels Tel: +32 2-242-51-56

Interior Sj

Location: Europe>>Belgium

I am looking for the list of insolation companies in Holland and Belgium. My company deliver qualify workenship. Marek Lekszycki Tel: 0048 667 100 600


Location: Europe>>Belgium

We are an enterprise of equitable economy located in Belgium. We want to establish a better sharing and a long term business relationship. If you share the same vision of business don't hesitate to take contact with us. Sell: sandwich panels Buy: original products of the following categories: textiles and accessories non perishable food and beverage natural cosmetics traditional chinese musical instruments handicrafts Address: Avenue Francisco Ferrer 11/5 Tel: 32-484-400 135 Fax: 32-484-+32 4 224 15 10

Airport Nato Flats

Location: Europe>>Belgium

Brussels Business Flats: short term furnished apartments, service as an hotel, privacy as home. Brussels Business Flats, the leader in furnished apartments : the key to a pleasant stay in Brussels. We offer a wide range of flats and apartments in Brussels. furnished business flats, bbf, brussels business flats, brussels business flats, brussels business flats, hotel, apartment, apartment, eurocontrol, aparthotel, european hotel, for rent, real estate, immo, house, bbf, claeys, furnished apartments, nato headquarters, airport, evere, schaarbeek, cinquantenaire park, fully-equipped shopping areas, residential areas, European union, temporary housing, luchthaven Tel: 32-2-702 28 10 Fax: 32-2-702 28 10

Asad.Fida Sprl

Location: Europe>>Belgium

We are a company whose main profile is textiles like Jacquard fabrics  in different widths. We deal in all types of Jacquard, made ups and also printed pc percale from left-over or fresh. Our experience allows us to guarantee the most competitive prices to our customers. We deal with many buyers from USA, Canada, or Europe . If you need further information about our company or our products and prices, don?t hesitate to contact us at the below mentioned address . Address: 52, rue Grisar bruxelles belgium 1070 Belgium Tel: 32 - 2 - 5208255 Fax: 32 - 2 - 5208275


Location: Europe>>Belgium

Within the framework of our activities as salesman of Portland cement 42.5,Urea 46, Sugar Icumsa 45    you can contact us buy e-mail, phone or Fax for an overview of our attractive prices to the point. We offer only when we received the LOI and BCL We are direct mandate of the factory Quality and go od service assuredly!           Kind regards, Address: K Brabant 55 Tel: 32 - 56488965 Fax: 32 - 13 - 454645


Location: Europe>>Belgium

*  Consulting - Projects Management - Real Estate* . Dear Clients , Dear Partne rs . EGEC s.a   is a   Company based in    Luxemburg mandated by Direct Suppliers& nbsp; for  Commodities supplying   ,  General Goods ,  Equipments  , projects etc...   Our  key  activities  are :  Consulting - & Projects Manag ment   We have established progressive business relationships with some international  Companies , Bank s, Financial Institutions and  signed various  contracts  in projects at international  level . EGEC s.a offers Consultancy services  , assistance  in Bank Instruments handling , Buying /Se lling   procedures  , International representations  , General Sourcing etc? EGEC currently offers the following services on an international basis : 1. Heavy Equipment Sales / Drilling Equipment - Construction - P ower  Plants - Refineries - etc. 2. Finance  / Fund Sources for Projects and Transactions.   3. Trading of Products. Sugar -  Cement - Petroleum.   4. Turnkey Projects / Consulting . &nb sp; (See  our web sites for specific details.) :   or  : www.batbenefi The Web Site has recently been improved and  we  would enjoy any feed back of comments or remarks you might have.   We are keen to have a tie-up with companies from all parts of the world for a mutual profit&nb sp; . Please feel free to inform us about all your sourcing inquiries in this part of the Benelux . We also wish your Company  to  give us the same service any  time  it  will be  necessary  . Looking forward for joining hands  to better business development.   -- Thanks and  best regards  from : Mr PAP. Address: 31, Ave. V. Hugo - Luxembourg Luxembourg L1750 Tel: 32 - 496 - 414829 Fax: 33 - 3826 - 714296


Location: Europe>>Belgium

/Mechanical Engineering&Industry - Equipment/Lifts and escalators Address: 18 Godensteenstr 3700 Tongeren[] Tel: +32 12 26 14 37


Location: Europe>>Belgium

/Glass&Construction Materials/Construction Materials/Concrete, ready-mixed Address: Grand Route 260 7530 Gaurain Ramecroix[] Tel: +32 69 25 26 33


Location: Europe>>Belgium

/Glass&Construction Materials/Construction Materials/Concrete, ready-mixed Address: Hermann-Debrouxlaan 42 1160 Brussel[] Tel: +32 26 61 13 97

Hotel Restaurant Ochsen Bad Ragaz

Gesprochene Sprachen Deutsch | Französisch | Englisch | 2017 Hotel Restaurant Ochsen | Bartholoméplatz 4 , 7310 Bad Ragaz , Tel. +41 (0)81 330 79 20 , Datenschutzerklärung Datenschutz Gest tzt auf Artikel 13 der schweizerischen Bundesverfassung


SAXOFON - LOUNGE SOUND - EASY LISTENING - SOUND Service Hotline: 24 Stunden Mobil: +76 512 76 85 Künstlervermittlung - Künstleragentur - Musikagentur Staatlich konzessionierte Künstleragentur & KTV - Mitglied - schweizweite Vermittlung von Künstler HOME

Welcome to Grotto al Capon - Brione- Switzerland

Mousse au Chocolat Google Map Grotto al Capon Vicolo Capone 4 CH-6645 Brione sopra Minusio - Ticino Switzerland Telephone number +41 (0)91 743 45 10 Mobile +41 (0)78 609 63 51 The following credit cards are accepted Opening times From March to October

Aerzte Medika

07 14 F +41 (0)61 903 07 11 // Impressum Eigentümer Aerztemedika AG Hammerstrasse 35 CH-4410 Liestal Tel: +41 (0) 61 903 07 14 Email: info[at] Web: Web Administration Sotek Informatik AG Güterstrasse


DUO - TRIO - FORMATIONEN - ALLE MUSIKSTILE Service Hotline: 24 Stunden Mobil: +76 512 76 85 Künstlervermittlung - Künstleragentur - Musikagentur Staatlich konzessionierte Künstleragentur & KTV - Mitglied - schweizweite Vermittlung von Künstler HOME K

Global Trading of Meat Products | WillTrade Commodities

opportunities. It is through this focus that we have created strong, long lasting relationships with our customers. CONTACT US 1.866.606.6001 CONTACT US Home About Resources FAQS Contact Login Products Poultry Pork Beef Fish International North America

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Monday to Friday. Address: Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization 9 International Drive, Suite 129 Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5 Phone: 613-629-6486 Toll Free: 855-629-6486 Fax: 613-629-6488 Email: ac.otho]ta[ofni Follow Us Check it out! We're on Twitter. Visit

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Monday to Friday. Address: Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization 9 International Drive, Suite 129 Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5 Phone: 613-629-6486 Toll Free: 855-629-6486 Fax: 613-629-6488 Email: ac.otho]ta[ofni Follow Us Check it out! We're on Twitter. Visit - Events - Events 1-877-468-9004 Toll-free in NA, 506-468-9004 Local Home Contact Home News Clubs Events Contact Events The River Gallery will be present at all of the following shows, festivals and events. If you would like to