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Jewelxy Marketplace Pvt. Ltd

Location: Asia>>India>>Guyarat

List your gems and jewelry business free at Explore the latest updates and market trends of Diamond and Jewelry. Top Online Marketplace for Gems and Jewelry B2B, B2C & O2O.Jewelxy Marketplace Pvt. Ltd. ( is a centralised, one stop Online Gems and Jewelry B2B, B2C & O2O Marketplace, which intends to offer businesses a complete solution to promote their quality products and services. Thus, bringing along marvellous opportunities to discover, connect and explore worldwide through a Global Business Networking Platform.  

Skagen SKW2596 – Bão Ð?ng H? Th?i Trang Siêu C?p “Ch?t” Khó Tin

Location: Asia>>Japan>>Kagawa

N?m trong xu hu?ng th?i trang don gi?n mà cu?n hút, d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 dã t?o nên m?t co bão th?i trang siêu c?p “ch?t” khó tin dàng riêng cho phái n?. Thi?t k? d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 là s? k?t h?p d?c dáo gi?a m?t s? tròn màu den cùng dây deo d?ng lu?i màu b?c.Skagen SKW2596 – Bão Ð?ng H? Th?i Trang Siêu C?p “Ch?t” Khó TinV?i phong cách th?i trang d?c dáo thì d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 d? dàng chinh ph?c trái tim phái n?. Kii?u dáng n? tính, phong cách th?i trang hi?n d?i, tr? trung và cá tính thì dây s? là m?t m?u d?ng h? n? dáng d? tr?i nghi?m, là m?t m?u Ð?ng h? th?i trang giá r? t?i tphcm x?ng dáng và phù h?p nh?t. Hình ?nh v? m?u d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596S?c hút m?t s? tròn màu den “gi?n d? mà cu?n hút”:? Thi?t k? m?t s? d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 d?c dáo v?i l?i thi?t k? don gi?n,phong cách gi?n d? v?i tông màu den tinh t?, du?ng kính m?t s? 30 mm nh? nh?n, n? tính v?i ch?t th?i trang vu?t tr?i.M?t thuong hi?u d?ng h? siêu m?ng: Dong ho Daniel Wellington chinh hang ???? M?t s? don gi?n nhung s?c hút th?i trang mà m?t s? t?o ra là vu?t tr?i. M?t s? d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 mang tính hài hòa cao. M?t s? don gi?n mà tinh t? v?i các chi ti?t cu th? nhu:+ 3 kim ch? v?i thi?t k? thon dài màu tr?ng tinh t?;+ V?ch s? cân d?i v?i tông màu tr?ng thon dài cu?n hút;+ Dòng ch? SKAGEN màu tr?ng thay th? v?ch ch? 3 gi? cân d?i.S?c hút t? dây deo:? Dây deo d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 là s? d?c dáo c?a ch?t li?u thép không g? cao c?p, ki?u dáng dây deo d?ng lu?i màu b?c s?c nét và tinh t? vu?t tr?i. Ðu?ng nét c?a dây deo th? hi?n m?t s? tinh t?, ch?t n? tính cùng m?t phong cách sang tr?ng khác bi?t. Hình ?nh trên tay d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596Ð?c di?m ch?t li?u:? Xuyên su?t ni?ng và dây deo là ch?t li?u thép không g? cao c?p du?c dánh bóng. Ð? s?c nét và sáng bóng t? ni?ng và dây deo là vu?t tr?i và ?n tu?ng cho th?y k? thu?t dánh bóng vu?t tr?i.? Ð?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 s? d?ng m?t kính Mineral Crystal. M?t kính này có d? ch?u l?c t?t, kh? nang ch?ng tr?y nhung không tuy?t d?i, m?t kính này d? dàng du?c dánh bóng l?i khi b? tr?y.Thông tin c? th? v? d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596:Thuong Hi?u: Skagen S? Hi?u S?n Ph?m: SKW2596 Xu?t X?: Ðan M?ch Gi?i Tính: N? Kính: Mineral Crystal (Kính C?ng) Máy: Quartz (Pin) B?o Hành Qu?c T?: Vinh Vi?n B?o Hành T?i H?i Tri?u: Ðu?ng Kính M?t S?: 30 mm B? Dày M?t S?: 8 mm Ni?ng: Thép Không G? Dây Ðeo: Thép Không G? Màu M?t S?: Ðen Ch?ng Nu?c: 5 ATM Thông tin tham kh?o mua hàng chính hãngÐ?c di?m d? ch?ng nu?c 5 ATM:? Ð? ch?ng nu?c c?a d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 này là 5 ATM, d? ch?ng nu?c này h? tr? t?t cho vi?c r?a tay, di mua và t?m hoàn thi?n s?c hút cho thi?t k? d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596. Ð? ch?ng nu?c trên th? hi?n s? ti?n ích c?a thi?t k?. h?u d?ng h? Skagen SKW2596 t?i  Ð?a ch? mua d?ng h? uy tín Shop Ð?ng H? H?i Tri?u nhé! Ð?ng H? H?i Tri?u – Quy?n du?c an tâm, hãy d?n v?i H?i Tri?u d? tr?i nghi?m th? gi?i d?ng h? chính hãng v?i ch? d? h?u mãi l?n, c?c ?n tu?ng và cu?n hút.THFDUONG - YHNKiêm 

CCH Fashion Jewelry Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

CCH Fashion Jewelry Co.,Ltd produces and exports jewelry fashion,  925 sterling silver jewelry, which includes earrings, necklace,jewelry ring,  bangle bracelet ,bridal jewelry, etc. It has rich producing and exporting experience,strong R&D power, skilled craftsmanship, strict QC system, good after-sale service. OEM & ODM is available,welcome to inquiry and cooperate with us! 

Tistabene Jewellery

Location: Asia>>India>>Rajasthan is an online portal where you find all types of fashion jewellery across categories, products, arts, collections, design themes, occasions etc. for women, men and kids.Our unique jewellery designs are best interpreted with latest definitions of lifestyle and most sought after elements of latest fashion as well as traditional and everything that associates well with the latest in your wardrobe. 

Jewels lane

Location: Asia>>India>>Delhi

Manufacture, Export & Retail of Fine diamond jewellery. Design & prototype development for Overseas buyers and Jewellery designers. Delivering accurate translations of buyer's ideas and impeccable craftsmanship since last 20 years. Source : and Services - Fine Diamond Jewellery, Rings,Earrings, Necklace, Pendants, Bracelets. Customised Jewellery. Trendy Charm bracelets, on leather & nylon thread bracelets with gold & diamonds.

Suzhou Featop International Trade Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Jiangsu

FEATOP is a designer, marketer and distributor of sports sunglasses and eyewear packing. We are not supplier, but partner. FEATOP brings you a secure and reliable method to save time and maximize your profits/market share, with our full scale custom product and packaging design, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and logistics management services. FEATOP  brings together experience, know-how and a commitment to giving our clients the highest quality products at the most cost-effective prices. Our aim is to meet our customer's satisfaction and make customer to get more profit.  Making customer save time and energe, show the best service.

Waah Waah Enterprises

Location: Asia>>India

The fashion jewelry items are popular particularly during fashion events, wedding celebrations. Jewelry lovers prefer to wear them and for that they can select from a range of options available in the websites that sell these items. The online stores offer these products along with their images, prices making it easier on the part of individuals to invest on them. The designer jewelry items are known for their quality designs, best craftsmanship that includes the use of best stones and metals.Phone No: 919760029221Address:Rampur, UP, IndiaPincode: 244901Email: info@waahwaah.com

Gold N Stone

Location: Asia>>India>>Rajasthan

GoldnStone Inc. is an organization which is deals in gold diamonds jewellery last 70 years. This is globally famous for the trade in precious gemstones and ethnic Jewellery. This organization has become a major player in this trade of gems and Jewellery. In our jewellery collections we offer diamond pendent, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, gems, bangles including free shipping, jewellery with 100% certification and hallmarking with worldwide shipping.

starsgem co.,ltd

Location: Asia

     Srarsgem Co.,Ltd located in the capital of synthetic gemstone Wuzhou ,China,which has ten years experience in manufacturing and sellling high quality gemstone .Starsgem owns a professional Qcdepartment ,which is strict in checking moissanite quality to guarantee each moissanite.Compared with other companies,starsgem’smoissanite are more brilliant.Beside ,starsgem has rich experience in special cutting,which display 8Heart&8Arrows,10Heart &10Arrows ect,and to make moissanite more unique.

Rasav Gems

Location: Asia>>India>>Rajasthan

Welcome to Rasav Gems we are the leading company of gemstone in India. Purchasing of wholesale gemstones online Rasav Gems helps the customers to buy without efforts spending much money at manufacturer company India sell at genuine price.Contact:-G-1-38 Gems & Jewellery Zone, EPIP, Sita Pura Ind. Area, Tonk Road, Jaipur-3020 22 ( Rajasthan ), India+91 

Blinglane Fashion Jewellery

Location: Asia>>India>>Delhi

Blinglane aka BL, an Artificial fashion jewellery online brand website in India with a vision to democratize luxury fashion jewellery & accessories online market for the wonderful women worldwide by offering premium imitation jewellery online & fashion accessories online at affordable prices. We offer free fast shipping & on time prompt delivery with loads of Love & care. COD Available.

Jewelexi- Treasure of Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry

Location: Asia>>India>>Rajasthan

Jewelexi offers the best quality handmade sterling silver jewelry embellished with precious, semi-precious and exotic stones. We have one of the largest collection of Handmade gemstone Jewelry available at wholesale prices. Being based out of Jaipur, gemstone capital of the world we sell Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Online with Free Shipping Worldwide. You can get the premium handmade gemstone jewelry from Jaipur at your doorsteps with a mouse click at wholesale prices. has a vast umbrella of sterling silver jewelry crafted in various styles and is voguish to wear at the LOWEST PRICES with huge WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS!Jewelexi offers the best quality sterling silver jewelry embellished with precious, semi-precious and exotic stones. Check out our in-trend quality jewelry pieces at lowest prices. Our broad umbrella of jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, rings in addition to pendants and necklaces. We wholesale our products to all our clients especially to the wholesale buyers who gain benefit by purchasing our latest high-toned jewelry at the affordable prices. Jewelexi holds an upper hand in delivering the vast variety of designs and ONE OF A KIND sterling silver patterns at unbeatable prices. The embellished stones give each jewelry piece a unique touch that is enough to magnetize the millions of the jewelry lovers.  

Gemsouk Jewellery Private Limited

Location: Asia>>India>>maharashtra

Each Gemsouk product is a masterpiece – created for those who value traditional and refined techniques: the art of the designer creating elements on paper, the skill of the artisan setting each stone carefully, the creativity of the atelier shaping the perfect jewel and the ultimate precision with which each piece is individually manufactured in the Gemsouk workshops in India.It is the passion and artistry of the Gemsouk ateliers that give each product a very special something to complement its functional beauty – a soul.The symbol, the icon of the soul is the gold Gemsouk diamond: a reference to rarity of the worlds most valuable resources.Each of our Jewellery collections are unique and represent various buyer preferences or designer motifs.We invest in technology to bring a seamless and unique customised jewellery shopping experience to create the piece you want!All the Jewellery offered on Gemsouk is certified by Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories and is accompanied by a detailed jewellery certificate report issued individually for each piece.At Gemsouk we offer multiple payment options for orders placed within India andInternationally.

CAD Master 3D Jewelry Studio

Location: Asia>>Armenia>>Gorod yerevan

CADMaster is a jewelry design studio with a professional team of jewelry CAD designers and rendering artists. We provide a wide range of profrssional services: jewelry CAD modeling, rendering, sketching, etc..“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Our designers express their creativity on a piece of paper, turning it into a work of art.

Dhruv Silver

Location: Asia>>India>>Rajasthan

Dhruv Silver is a Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturers and silver bead findings supplier in india in India. we offers online facility for buying sterling silver jewelry at wholesale prices. we provides Rings, Earrings, neckless, bangles and much more in silver jewelry. we also offers silver clasp, silver toggles, silver beads, silver bead findings, silver pave pendant set, silver bead findings at affordable prices.

Queen Contacts

Location: Asia>>Korea, republic of>>Soul-si

We cherish our customer's eye health as the utmost value. We stand by our principle to promise the high quality of our products to ensure your safety and beauty enhancement. Profits are secondary at best objectives of NEM. Quality Assurance - NEM proudly proposes Queencontacts as the world’s best contact lenses store for several reasons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Queen Contacts

Location: Asia>>Korea, republic of>>Soul-si

We cherish our customer's eye health as the utmost value. We stand by our principle to promise the high quality of our products to ensure your safety and beauty enhancement. Profits are secondary at best objectives of NEM. Quality Assurance - NEM proudly proposes Queencontacts as the world’s best contact lenses store for several reasons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Angel Jewels Online

Location: Asia>>India>>Rajasthan

Angel Jewels is a leading online jewellery store in India. We provide various types of Ruby and Gemstone jewellery to our customer such as Gemstone Rings, Rose Quartz Beaded Necklace, Ruby Gemstone rings, Designer Ruby Jewelry, Fine Ruby Designer Curve Ring, Synthetic Aquamarine Silver Pendant and Many More. We have a group of expert designers who designs each and every piece uniquely for our customers. Our product quality is appreciated in world wide. Now you can also buy your jewellery directly from your home.


Location: Asia

Glamulet is one of the world's leading online jewelry retailer sells 100% sterling silver pandora compatible Charms, Bracelet fits any pandora charms, Rings and Necklaces silver and crystal. With cross-continent operations we are able to work closer with our global distributors ensuring that we can provide you with the most comprehensive range of Charms and Bracelet's at excellent prices. 

Shree Nandita

Location: Asia>>India>>Rajasthan

Shreenandita the  Posh Jewelry Boutique store offering mesmerizing necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, and pendants fashioned in gold, diamond, silver, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, kundan-polki, meena, precious stones, and south sea pearl. Buy latest designer jewelry at the best online jewelry store for gold, silver,diamond jewelry, rings, earrings, necklace, bangles, pendants, kundan-meena and Stone jewelry.Shreenandita is providing with best in class ethinic jewelry,Gemstones jewelry .

Swiss Nail Spa

Swiss Nail Spa Swiss Nail Spa Home Welcome Videos Jobs Price List Contact Us Tel: 022-310 64 00 GROUP INFO Press / Journalists Photo Gallery Nail Industry News Safety Sanitation Nail Academy of Geneva Services Promotion News And more… VISIT US AT Cours

Park Avenue Restaurant | Michael White French Restaurant

supports HTML5 video Virtual Tour Reservations Gift cards Address 100 East 63rd Street @ Park Avenue New York City, NY 10065 Phone: 646.869.2300 Get Map Hours Of Operation Lunch Monday - Friday 12:00pm - 2:30pm Dinner Monday - Thursday 5:30pm - 10:00pm

The Astro Cards

com Google's #1 Astrology Books Get a FREE NATAL CHART when you order your deck of ASTRO Cards!!! Only $24.95 + S H or Call: 949 340-0615 INTL 011 52 661 616-2393 E-MAIL You Always Pay Securely with PayPal This is a fabulous tool for teachers of astrology

SWIFT Networks : Home

Broadband Usage Tips About Us The Company Board of Directors Consumer Code of Practise News Events Careers Contact Us Hotline: +234-1-710-10-10 Click to Call Us For Free Why buy? Check coverage areas Where to buy? How do I renew? Join our online community

Idaho King The king of Idaho Web site Design from $175.00 includes Domain Name- Join Us-

year Less then the cost of a visit to Jack in the Box. Need help thinking of a name or setting up your account. Call Robert @ 208-371-7757 www. .com .net .org .biz .info .us .be Only $8.95 A Year 1 - Qualities of a Good Domain Name - Read More 2 - Why


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DCT Trailers near The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota in East Bethel, serving the areas of Duluth, St. Cloud an

Sales Dealership Like Central Trailer Sales on Facebook! Check out the Central Trailer Sales google plus page! Map Hours Call Us 763.434.2277 18661 Highway 65 East Bethel , MN 55011 Toggle navigation Home Showroom Showroom All Inventory New Trailers Used

Inventory Showroom | Central Vermont Motorcycles | Rutland,,, Fax : 802.773.4638 Other Years: Manufacturers Current Arctic-Cat ATV Snowmobile Utility Vehicle Contact Us 360

Logistics Warehousing Distribution Services for Central PA - RML

RESOURCES | CONTACT US RML - Outsourcing of warehousing and distribution for manufacturers Office:#717-692-8728,717-692-8722 Fax: 717-692-0555 Email: Managing to escape certain death, these brothers take sanctuary in the breitling replica uk to something