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Cleaning Services Bangkok

Location: Asia>>Thailand>>Kamphaeng phet

Looking for cleaning services that will fit both your schedule and budget? Well, our professional cleaning company in Bangkok will meet all your cleaning requirements. We offer customized cleaning services in Bangkok, and these can be; a one time off services, daily, weekly or even monthly cleaning services. We have no fixed cleaning time, and this allows our clients to request services whenever they are in need of them, whether during the day and night. The cleaning services that our professionals offer include; commercial cleaning services, maid services, post-occupation cleaning services, carpet cleaning services and also window cleaning services. For the many years that we have been in operation, we have maintained a clean record of being reliable, affordable and also offering high-quality services. All this has been made possible because of our investment in highly efficient cleaning tools and materials that are both environmentally friendly and also safe to use around pets as well as around small children. We also have enough cleaners that can handle the cleaning of large premises like in large enterprises and industries. To learn more about our company, feel free to visit our website at or call us through our hotline number 06 1539 3019.

Dubai Upholstery Workshop

Location: Asia>>United arab emirates>>State of sharjah

Welcome to Dubai Uphostery Workshop.Dubai Upholstery is specialized to provide all kinds of services related Uphostery. Welcome to Dubai Uphostery Workshop.Dubai Upholstery is specialized to provide all kinds of services related Uphostery.Welcome to Dubai Uphostery Workshop.Dubai Upholstery is specialized to provide all kinds of services related Uphostery.Welcome to Dubai Uphostery Workshop.Dubai Upholstery is specialized to provide all kinds of services related Uphostery.

Location: Asia>>Singapore gives you the choice of profiles from the best maid agents in SingaporeAddress: 161 yishun st 11, Singapore, 760161Phone no: +65 84228324Website: -Maid Agency-AU Pair-Transfer Maid-Best Maid-Net MaidHours of Operation: 24  Hours                                                         

Wind Chimes, Wind Chimes Gift Items

Location: Asia>>India>>Delhi

Buy wind chimes here and check now for exclusive offers & discounts on wind chimes gift items. We have huge collections of handmade wind chimes at best prices. Online shopping for Lawn & Garden from a great selection of Wind Noisemakers & Wind Chimes.For more details:Kriti Creations Pvt. Ltd.Contact UsB-63, Khan Market, New Delhi 110036 Phone: 011-26805788 Email:

Home Movers Malaysia

Location: Asia>>malaysia

Home Movers is a house movers and office movers company in Malaysia. Home Movers have removals and storage throughout Malaysia. We can also provide assistance in storage with our network of warehouses around the country, and offer a professional packing service that will keep your belongings safe during your move.Home Movers in Malaysia ensures smooth moving of house, office with support from local offices in Malaysia.   

Asia Mowers Co.,Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Indonesia>>Sumatera utara

Asia Mowers Co.,Ltd. believe that it is our vision and mission to provide innovative products with best service and price as competitive as possible to enhance our clients business. As a result, customer and consumers worldwide will reward us with leadership sales, profit, and value creation, allowing our people and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.We believe our business is built on relationships with our customers, partners, investors, employees, and with the communities where we live and work. Our brands are everywhere and the commitment to earth friendly, No fumes, no start-up hassles, just the smell of a freshly cut lawn.We will welcome your contacting if there is any chance of cooperation. Here you will be pleased by our better quality, faster delivery date, competitive price, and good service. And here you will find a balance of all! Stop by and visit us today.PRODUCT SERVICE : Tools Lawn Mower Air Compressors Haas Lathes Power Tools Riding Mowers Tow-Behind Mowers Vacuum Cleaning Robots Walk-Behind Mowers Woodworking ToolsFor More information you can visit our official website asia-mowers . com


Location: Asia>>Indonesia>>Jakarta raya

BHINNEKA NUSANTARA. Cleaning Equipment Company since 2011 in Jakarta.Our Brands :- CHEMICALSMILL Chemical, SC Jhonson, Godrej, Unilever, Wings - HouseholdNagata, Lion Star, Green Leaf, Nagoya- TissueTessa, Nice, Livi, SEE-U, Paseo, Toply, JolyOur Product Jonitorial equipment - Dust mop Cotton/Acrylic 60, 80, 100 cm.(Refil ) - Dust mop acrylic /Cotton Complete 60,80,100 cm - Telescopic, 3 M ,6 M , 9 M - Floor squeegee metal 55, 75 cm - Stailess window sponge ( wiper kaca ) 25, 35, 45 cm- Mop holder/ Penjempit kain pel.. - Almunium handel mop. - Jonitor cart. - Wet floor sign. - Singgel bucket. - Double bucket.- Dust Bin 120 ltr, 240 ltr, 660ltr. - Aqua green/ tapas. - Sikat lantai. -  Pad 16,17,20 “ merah, putih, coklat, hitam -  Keset kaki kain . - Tissue kotak, tssue tanpa tulang, tissue pake tulang, tissue toilet.  - Sapu lidi gagang, sapu lidi tanpa gagang. - Sapu nagata - Sapu ijuk. - Tudor sprayer.- Sikat gagang panjang.. - Motor vacuum Wet & Dry - Motor Vaccum Dry - Scrubber Motor Vaccum - mop cotton 350,400 g - Mop cotton Complete 350,400 G - Dust Mop Frame - Window Squegee - Window Washer - Replacement window washer -Pad Holder  154/175 - Scrubing Brush 154/175 - Shampoing Brush 154/175 Asbak Stainless Steel * Asbak Stainless Steel- 23X58- 23 X 60- 23X65- 31X65- 38X80* Asbak Stainless Steel  Persegi 26 X 26* Asbak Stainless Steel Persegi 30 X 30 Menara* Asbak Stainless Steel ½* Asbak Stainless Steel 38 X 60 Lubang samping* Asbak Stainless Steel 38 X 80 Ember Penuh* TS 50 G* TS 60 G* TS 100 G* TS 150 G* TS 60 G +Engsel* TS SINGEL *TS DOUBLE                                           chemical cleaning service / Pembersih yang di gunakan cleaning service  - Bayclin. ( Pemutih ) - Kamper bola. - Kapur barus berwarna- Super kif al in cleaner ( pembersih cemerlang) - Baygon ( anti nyamuk ) - Air freshener. - Karbol wangi. - Prosteck - Pembersih lantai.  - Stainless cleaner. - Sabun cuci tangan ( hand shop strowbery dan apple) - Sabun cuci piring. - Glass cleaner/ pembersih kaca. - Floor cleaner/ pembersih lantai lemon dan appel. - Wax strip.. - Anti sumbat - Anti noda.(Rinso) - VIXAL Pembersih Poncelin

Chenguang Maoyuan Cleaning Product Co.,Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Henan

Chenguang Maoyuan Cleaning Product Co.,Ltd., speciallized  manufacture in Melamine foam,Microfiber fabric towel,Bamboo fiber washcloth etc. a series of cleaning products. We have independent production base in nano-materials to achieve new breakthroughs, to obtain product patents and has successfully developed a number of innovative products.Company philosophy: 1. Open innovation, New life, New product markets.2. Leading innovation, Environmental protection, Healthy lifestyle.  We are the leading enterprise in China in production and research on Cleaning products by virtue of the advantages as follows: 1. Various styles Kinds of shapes and colors,For you choose.As your need Customized. 2. High quality The advanced technology with professional technician,We manufacture the best quality,you can trust us. 3. Better Service As a manufacturer, we enjoy more advantages in delivery time, competitive price and unique design, etc..   Any question, please feel free to E-mail us.Our honor.

VAG International Joint Stock Company

Location: Asia>>Viet nam>>Thanh pho ha noi

VAG is a company that specializes in researching and developing breakthrough consumer products. Our research concentrates on resolving problems related to customer health, the environment and human ecology. VAG gathers exceptional people who focus on improving the quality of living. VAG uses very high standards in a systemized process from research to production. We are import and export professionals. VAG always respects commitments and was very friendly. You need to be careful when cleaning your kitchen utensils. Be very careful when using detergent and be sure to remove all of it from each knife, fork and cup. If you are not removing all of the detergent, you are eating it, every day! With LAUDY you will never need to use a detergent to clean your plates, spoons, glasses etc. LAUDY will sweep away cooking oils with ease and the Earth will be healthier for it. Tons of detergent are dumped into our water supply every day from kitchens of families and restaurants. LAUDY also will be biodegradable and will mix back with mother earth as it's 100% Cellulose. Bathing isn’t just for cleaning your body. With our POEMY you can rejuvenate and forget the worries of your hurried life. POEMY is so soft that it can be described as velvet next to your soft skin. POEMY is a drying towel that will relax you like no spa can. Water is mankind’s extremely valuable resource. Humans can abstain from food for weeks with no problem but without water you’ll be in trouble in a few days. What will happen when we run out of usable water? “Let’s start saving water” is something heard repeatedly over and over. However, somewhere in a public bathroom, maybe at your work or even at your own house water us still running for no good use! PAPAYA LITTLE is an amazing water saving device that was born not only to help fix the water problem of the world but also to help avoid the spread of disease in public areas. VAG also has many other products under development that will bring great benefits for consumers. We are committed to developing our mission over time. VAG welcomes all importers and distributors who are interested in our products. We will reply to your inquiries immediately and are happy to send a sample of our products. Address: 602 CT3-3 Me Tri Ha, Tu Liem Hanoi Vietnam Tel: +84 4 37878368 Fax: + 84 4 37878388

Soobystar Houseware Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

  \ We are a company sepclizing in manufacturing and trading for many years,we can provide you with mop,brush,and dust pan and others relatated to household cleaning,with best quality and lower price.   Address: chezhang road Tel: 86-577-88310269 Fax: 86-577-88320045

EPSCO Envirotech

Location: Asia>>United arab emirates>>State of dubai

  started out in 1995 from very humble beginnings driven by passion, dedication and hard work by all the staff that joined us having a strong belief in quality and value for money. The company was focused on two areas Water and Air that were permanently linked to Quality, Environment, health and Safety. Over the years the company has grown into an International group in twelve countries on three continents specializing in services with Quality, Environment and safety issues are at the forefront of the business.  established a multi national family style of business where everyone gives their best and more and not just working as “Employees”, the customer always comes first along with the magic smiles that can only come from the staff having the culture of family spirit. pioneered the IEQ and Restoration business in the Middle East and achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 in 1998. This enabled the group to develop other markets whilst enhancing our quality and true value for the services we offer. We are members of many International associations in the United States and England since 1997 and underwent all the training available and we became the regional Trainers for Asbestos, Indoor Air Quality, Safety, chemical handling and Disaster, Fire & Flood Restoration in the Middle East. Address: P.O. Box 53301 Dubai, UAE Tel: +971-4-8804670 Fax: +971-4-8804671

Yongkang Liou Industry And Trade Co., Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

We are professional mop manufacturer, with long history and rich experience, produce high quality mops products. Now we have developed a patent mop to meet large quality customers and have won many. We wamly welcome overseas customers to cooperate us, we believe we will boost our profits along. Address: Zhiwei Road, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China[Zip/Postal Tel: 86-579-7589005 Fax: 86-579-7393902

Apna Group

Location: Asia>>India

We are a group of Company into manufacturing of Cashew Processing Machinery which we supply to Africa and other tropical countries, we are also into International Trading of Clothing, Rice, Arts, Crafts, Jute Bags, Garbage bags ets We also supply products to check the density of petroleum. We also provide technology services to various countries. We are also into architecture and design. Address: M 2 Guindy Industrial Estate Guindy Chennai 600032 Tel: 91 - 44 - 22321203 Fax: 91 - 44 - 22321202

Irfan Enterprises

Location: Asia>>Pakistan

We are Pakistani based agents specialized in Textile industry. We have  links to many Textile suppliers in the local market and can provide good quality with competitive prices and timely delivery. Our s uppliers have following main products: Fabrics and Madeup(100% cotton & Blended) in Grey, Bleached, Dyed and Printed form. Gloves, Dusters, Kitchen Towels and Industrial Garments in 100% Cotton. We also deals in Leather g loves.    Address: Ayub Colony No.2, Jhang Road. Faisalabad punjab 38 Tel: 92 - 41 - 2652979 Fax: 92 - 41 - 2652979

Yongkang Liou Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

Yongkang Liou Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, researching, manufacturing and exporting various mops. We have been exporting the mops all over the world through Export&Import company for many years, and our products have got sound reputation by our clients. Now we have a right to export by ourselves, so we can supply our high quality mops with best prices. Address: East Of Huafeng Road No. 67 The 5floors, Yongkang, Tel: 86-579-7589005 Fax: N/A

ibr enterprises

Location: Asia>>Pakistan

Phone# 0092-0432-553641 E-mail:- Dear sir, We are the manufacturer of wire twisted brushes (1:- Baby Bottle Brush, 2:- Gun Bruhses, 3:- Musical Cleaning Brushes,). We want to export these items in different Countries on low prices. We need those parties or importers or agents who import these items in large quantity. Address: Mohalla Nikhas jandar Bazar Tel: 92-0432-553641

anhui haojie plastic & rubber pruducts Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Anhui

Our company is one of the world's premier manufacturer of latex,nitrile gloves.we have 50years history and experience of making latex gloves. We are China Latex Institute Directior Member. Our company mainly produce latex surgical gloves series,disposable latex gloves series,latex household gloves series and nitrile examination gloves series. Address: 170 Daqing Road, Bnegbu, Anhui, China(Zip/Postal:2 Tel: 86-552-4928344 Fax: 86-552-4928126

Chenghong International Corp. Ltd.

Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

we are a manufacturer and exporter of latex household gloves, vinyl gloves and PE gloves. Address: 2260 Tushan Road, Qinya park, Room 201, !9# Buildi, POSTCODE/ZIP: 233000 Tel: 86-552-3969508 Fax: 86-552-2862970


Location: Asia>>China>>Shandong

We can produce all kinds of plastic bags including the t-shirt bag ,flat bags,garbage bags,freezer bags,and so on. we also can supply the bromides such as ,sodium bromide ,patassium bromide,ammonium bromide ,manganese bromide and so on. if you are interested in any ,please let me know. best wishes nomra Address: NO.6 SAN LI ZHUANG ,JING WU ROAD Jinan Shandong Ch Tel: 86 - 0531 - 7906399 Fax: 86 - 0531 - 7906499

Yongkang Liou Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd

Location: Asia>>China>>Zhejiang

Yongkang Liou Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd, is specialized in designing,researching,manufacturing and exporting  various mops.     We have been experting the mops all over the world through Export&Import company for many years,and our products have got sound reputation by our clients.Now we have a right to export by ourselves,so we can supply our high quality mops with best prices. we have develope a new style patented product with  curved bar.Should any interest this item,please email to us.we would like to send the photo and the specification to you. Address: Hardware Techology Industrial Zone Yongkang Zhejia Tel: 86 - 0579 - 7293901 Fax: 86 - 0579 - 7293902

Park Avenue Restaurant | Michael White French Restaurant

supports HTML5 video Virtual Tour Reservations Gift cards Address 100 East 63rd Street @ Park Avenue New York City, NY 10065 Phone: 646.869.2300 Get Map Hours Of Operation Lunch Monday - Friday 12:00pm - 2:30pm Dinner Monday - Thursday 5:30pm - 10:00pm

Swiss Nail Spa

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The Astro Cards

com Google's #1 Astrology Books Get a FREE NATAL CHART when you order your deck of ASTRO Cards!!! Only $24.95 + S H or Call: 949 340-0615 INTL 011 52 661 616-2393 E-MAIL You Always Pay Securely with PayPal This is a fabulous tool for teachers of astrology

SWIFT Networks : Home

Broadband Usage Tips About Us The Company Board of Directors Consumer Code of Practise News Events Careers Contact Us Hotline: +234-1-710-10-10 Click to Call Us For Free Why buy? Check coverage areas Where to buy? How do I renew? Join our online community

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be enough for you to specify the location of ... Read more: Contact information Montenegro, Budva Previor PUT BB 59 Phone: : +382 69-488-67 630007 Russia, Novosibirsk, Shevchenko Street 27a Phone: +7-383-380-6412 Israel, Ramat Gan, st.Zhabotinsky 7 Phone

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RESOURCES | CONTACT US RML - Outsourcing of warehousing and distribution for manufacturers Office:#717-692-8728,717-692-8722 Fax: 717-692-0555 Email: Managing to escape certain death, these brothers take sanctuary in the breitling replica uk to something