Africa Companies George

Location: Africa>>Congo, the democratic republic of the>>Coquilhatville

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BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal

Location: Africa>>South Africa>>Pretoria-witwatersrand-vereeniging

A 45-minute drive from Johannesburg, our luxurious hotel caters to the corporate and conference markets, as well as families and leisure travellers who are looking for a resort that has it all. BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal is one of few child-friendly Vaal River resorts that have struck a perfect balance in offering family enjoyment whilst also fulfilling the business travel market needs.Steeped in history this 91-room hotel, a converted farmhouse from the 1800s, is situated on a bend of the scenic Vaal River. Ideal for company conferences and events, the hotel offers 4 multi-purpose venues and a range of exciting team building activities, with flexibility to suit your needs. 

levitra tabletes Karen

Location: Africa>>Benin>>Departement de la donga

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Marangu Luxury Shuttles

Location: Africa>>Kenya

Marangu shuttle buses offer daily luxury transport services to and from Nairobi City, Jomo kenyatta international airport to Arusha ,Moshi and Marangu. The town along the route is Namanga. Tourist, businesspeople or a family, planning to travel from Kenya to Tanzania or vice versa, this would be the comfortable way to travel.Marangu shuttles offer tourist shuttle bus transfers from Nairobi hotels or Airport to Arusha town and Moshi via Namanga border. Scheduled departures both Morning at 08:00 hrs and afternoon at 14:00 hrs, Same schedule from Arusha to Nairobi. Shuttle bus transfer to Arusha Hotels like Impala Hotel,

Keep your success longtime by ultimate MLM software

Location: Africa>>Nigeria>>lagos

We have the best hands to bring all your imagination in the multi level marketing business. For this reason, we offer you ultimate package MLM software and MMM help software. Both of these package will be spectacular to take success in the network marketing industry. Hence, start this business instantly from ARM MLM website products. However, We offer this MMM script at reasonable price. So, you can easily boost your sales with more potential customers. Sheila

Location: Africa>>Ghana>>Central

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Care Champ

Location: Africa>>South Africa>>The western cape

CareChamp brings you the very best caregivers in Cape Town. Our Champs are certified health care assistants, vetted and insured. We also have nurses in our portfolio to perform medical tasks.We match the best suitable Champ with individual families in need of home care services starting from R37/hour. Expect daily care reports, rate your Champ(s) & leave all the admin to us. Our back office is always available for any questions or needs you might have.

Tandem Create

Location: Africa>>South Africa

We define ourselves by our client’s success. We are a team with one vision, 10 areas of expertise, a million big ideas, and a client track record for return on investment. Our concept-to-shelf positioning has remained steady and intact since inception, in 2005.Tandem Create is a brand house of collective expertise, spanning over 25 years. Our team is comprised of creative professionals that hold accreditation and targeted experience in the field of design and packaging. As a brand collective we focus on niche brand development for incubated, understated and premium brands according to our clients’ requirements.

Sunbird Guesthouse

Location: Africa>>Zimbabwe>>mashonaland east

Sunbird Guesthouse is a spotless, recently refurbished self-contained Harare accommodation aimed at the business and leisure traveler inside a secure, road-enclosed complex in an upmarket, quiet suburb of Harare. Conveniently located within a road enclosure with night guards between the airport and city centre, close to business, transport and tourism hubs and a variety of local restaurants and shops.

Girelle Trading CC

Location: Africa>>South Africa

Girelle Trading is a manufacturer of furniture by design to fit any style of any home or office, we also manufacture wooden doors,moulding and skirtings,We have a variety of swartland products for all your wooden window and wooden door requirements.If you looking for custom products such as a wooden jungle gyms,wooden playhouses for kids,and custom made wooden sculptures and loads more all this offered at affordable prices.

Abacas Electrical Solution CC

Location: Africa>>South Africa>>The western cape

We are experts in a wide variety of solutions, large or small, regardless of whether for commercial, residential or industrial premises. Our master specialists are readily available to repair all of your electrical needs! For more valuable information about the Abacas Electrical Solution CC, electrician in cape town visit the website at

Black Pen Immigration

Location: Africa>>South Africa>>The western cape

 The Ethos of Black Pen's Legal Immigration consultancy is to consistently deliver honest, informed South African immigration solutions through effective communication and comprehensively understanding our client's needs. South African Immigration is often a daunting, inconsistent and frustrating environment filled with various interpretations of the South African immigration act, its regulations and procedures. This has often left many individuals and employers in dire situations in an attempt to navigate through this ever changing environment and establish which South African visa or permit to apply for and how to go about it. This usually results in unnecessary frustration and costs! Finding the right partner to assist you with your immigration needs, be it for the short term, long term or at corporate level, is also never easy.

ka atri notievet Doug

Location: Africa>>Botswana>>Kasane

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Location: Africa>>Zambia>>Copperbelt


Consolidated Minerals Ltd

Location: Africa>>Kenya>>Nairobi

We specialize in Gold and Diamond mining and exportation,we have been in this business since 1996 till date,we have 500kgs of Gold and available in our company's warehouse in bond with the customs of Kenya.Contact me if you are interested via ThanksMorris


Location: Africa

CA Global has positioned itself firmly in the Africa recruitment market with a candidate database of professionals from all walks of life, which enables us to provide our clients with the talent required for their business success. Our consultants, who come from diverse cultural backgrounds, are not only hands-on, proficient and highly knowledgeable, but are also extremely passionate about recruitment and the specific industry they specialise in. With a presence on three continents, CA Global enjoys a truly international corporate footprint, ensuring rapid and efficient delivery throughout its key markets

Insignia Badges

Location: Africa>>South Africa>>Natal

At Insignia all our name badges are locally produced, careful supervision is enforced to maintain quality of all our name badges. All name badges can be customized to suit the client’s name badge needs, whether it be photo’s required on the badge or full colour printing we will help you as best we can achieve a name badge that you and your staff will be more that happy to wear on a daily basis.

Wedding photographer Pretoria

Location: Africa>>South Africa>>Pretoria-witwatersrand-vereeniging

Weddings are beautiful celebrations with family and friends and even though the wedding passes, its memories last forever in our hearts. Wedding photography comes in to play at times like these when you need to capture your precious memories to cherish whenever you want to. And to get the best satisfaction even after years, you need a professional at this, a professional like us, at wedding photography Pretoria. Our basic service entails a single day of coverage complete with many high-resolution captures, all professionally edited. We have an eye for detail and strong understanding of light and colour, a combination that produces magical images that you’ll want to look at again and again. Our wedding photographer Pretoria studio creates bold, dramatic and luminous images that combine fashion and reportage styles, along with something we like to think is unique. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience to be forever captured in photos, we are your best option. So don’t waste your time anymore. Pick your phone up and call us on 012 004 1847 or visit us at for professional wedding photography at the most affordable rates and highest quality.

Wiko Mobile Algérie

Location: Africa>>Algeria>>Alger

Address :   Bir Mourad Rais  Algérie 16300phone:  +213 21 54 40 63Les smartphones Wiko représentent la meilleure offre du marché en termes de rapport qualité/prix. Des appareils équipés des dernières technologies mobiles, proposant toutes les fonctionnalités indispensables et d’autres particulièrement innovantes, à des prix qui demeurent très abordables. En Algérie, une large gamme de dispositifs vous est proposée chez Wiko, elle va du simple mobile au smartphone dernier cri n’ayant rien à envier aux marques les plus connues qui servent souvent de référence en la matière. La marque Wiko s’est fait un nom en France et est en train de commencer à connaître le même succès en Algérie, et pour cause.   

Johannesburg Furniture & Event Hire

Location: Africa>>South Africa>>Pretoria-witwatersrand-vereeniging

Are you looking for the best furniture to host your next birthday party at home? Are you looking for special chairs and tents and marquees to go with the theme you are trying this year? Do you need a planner to guide you through the entire event organization? We provide unique furniture rentals to grace your event and impress your guests. If you value perfection and high quality, then you have come to the right place. We are , a leading furniture hire company that has been in operation for a long time and always works hard to ensure all our clients are 100% satisfied. So for all your party furniture hiring, call us on 087 550 3169 or visit our website for more information.

Swiss Nail Spa

Swiss Nail Spa Swiss Nail Spa Home Welcome Videos Jobs Price List Contact Us Tel: 022-310 64 00 GROUP INFO Press / Journalists Photo Gallery Nail Industry News Safety Sanitation Nail Academy of Geneva Services Promotion News And more… VISIT US AT Cours

Park Avenue Restaurant | Michael White French Restaurant

supports HTML5 video Virtual Tour Reservations Gift cards Address 100 East 63rd Street @ Park Avenue New York City, NY 10065 Phone: 646.869.2300 Get Map Hours Of Operation Lunch Monday - Friday 12:00pm - 2:30pm Dinner Monday - Thursday 5:30pm - 10:00pm

SWIFT Networks : Home

Broadband Usage Tips About Us The Company Board of Directors Consumer Code of Practise News Events Careers Contact Us Hotline: +234-1-710-10-10 Click to Call Us For Free Why buy? Check coverage areas Where to buy? How do I renew? Join our online community

Idaho King The king of Idaho Web site Design from $175.00 includes Domain Name- Join Us-

year Less then the cost of a visit to Jack in the Box. Need help thinking of a name or setting up your account. Call Robert @ 208-371-7757 www. .com .net .org .biz .info .us .be Only $8.95 A Year 1 - Qualities of a Good Domain Name - Read More 2 - Why

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DCT Trailers near The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota in East Bethel, serving the areas of Duluth, St. Cloud an

Sales Dealership Like Central Trailer Sales on Facebook! Check out the Central Trailer Sales google plus page! Map Hours Call Us 763.434.2277 18661 Highway 65 East Bethel , MN 55011 Toggle navigation Home Showroom Showroom All Inventory New Trailers Used

Logistics Warehousing Distribution Services for Central PA - RML

RESOURCES | CONTACT US RML - Outsourcing of warehousing and distribution for manufacturers Office:#717-692-8728,717-692-8722 Fax: 717-692-0555 Email: Managing to escape certain death, these brothers take sanctuary in the breitling replica uk to something

Pipe Freeze Services Nationwide

Pipe Freezing FREE QUOTE ABOUT US Contact us About us Past Clients Privacy Policy Apply For Job RECENT WORK FREE QUOTES Call 1-800-221-3332 or email Industrial Services Locating Leaks fast for over 37+ years. Call 1-800-221-3332 or

Cedar Brook Stables

Home Page Visit Tiffany Services Home Page Visit Tuf Trucks Home Page Visit Fine Cars Home Page For more information: call: 585-254-3310 or toll free 877-tuf-trucks or email: horses@finehorsescom Please enter the "dot" before "com" to complete the email

JM Restaurant Group

COMPANY click here for more information NASSAU STREET SEAFOOD PRODUCE COMPANY 256 NASSAU STREET Princeton, 08542 Get Map Tel: 609.921.0620 View Website Buy Giftcard WITHERSPOON GRILL 57 WITHERSPOON ST PRINCETON, NJ 08542 Get Map Tel: 609.924.6011 Reservations